World Cup 2019: India beats West Indies by 125 runs, stays unbeaten

India vs West Indies LIVE Score, World Cup 2019: Catch live score and updates from the World Cup 2019 match between India and the West Indies at Old Trafford in Manchester on Thursday.

Updated : Jun 27, 2019 22:20 IST

Bumrah's twin strikes rocked Windies' lower middle-order.
Bumrah's twin strikes rocked Windies' lower middle-order.

Bumrah's twin strikes rocked Windies' lower middle-order.

That's a thumping win Kohli and Co. They've dominated the second half with the ball after stuttering with the bat in the first innings. Shami was outstanding with figures of four for 16, while Bumrah returned figures of two for 9. Earlier, Virat Kohli scored yet another fifty and was ably supported by MS, who scored a fifty, and Hardik who played  cameo. India remains unbeaten, and West Indies have been knocked out: third team after South Africa and Afghanistan to exit the quadrennial event. India have leapfrogged New Zealand to the No. 2 spot.


Roach and Thomas holding on but it's just a matter of time. Both leggies operating in tandem. Shami into the attack now. He think he has his man. Replays suggest the ball brushed the glove en route to the fielder. That's OUT!

Chahal's been taken for a six and a boundary by Cottrell. No. 10 is here to have fun? But hang on. It's short lived as he is adjudged lbw soon after. India one wicket away from a thumping win. WI 124/9 after 30 overs.

Chahal continues. Five from it. Hetmyer and Roach at the crease. This should be game, set and match for India? Shami is back into the attack. India going for the kill. Three wickets for Shami: Hetmyer hits it straight to Rahul at backward-point. Sheldon Cottrell, right handed bat, comes to the crease. Two runs and a wicket. WI 114/8 after 29 overs.

DHONI, take a bow . Grabs a one-handed stunner behind the stumps to get rid of Brathwaite. Bumrah with the breakthrough. And another one: two in two for Bumrah. Allen is out lbw first ball. Windies are falling apart and how! Bumrah on a hat-trick. Roach keeps it out. WI 107/7 after 27 overs.

Bumrah to take a crack at the lower middle-order now. Carlos Brathwaite has joined Hetmyer. Three from the over. Chahal, meanwhile, concedes a boundary with Hetmyer hammering one through sweeper-cover. WI 107/5 after 26 overs.

Chahal to continue. GONE! Chahal gets rid of the opposition skipper ; Holder hitting the ball straight to Kedar Jadhav, who completes his second catch of the match. There was an extra-cover in place just for that shot and Holder fell for the trap. WI 98/5 after 24 overs.

Chahal to roll his arm. Eight runs from the over with MS conceding four byes... Kuldeep and Chahal to bowl in tandem. Kuldeep into his seventh. Kuldeep bowling slower and slower through the air, making Holder reach out for the ball. Five off it. WI 97/4 after 23 overs.

GONE ! Kuldeep has picked a wicket at last, snaps up Pooran who is caught trying to up the ante. Holder comes to the crease. Four runs from that over. WI 84/4 after 21 overs.

Kedar Jadhav has been brought into the attack. Pooran has cut that one away for four... to deep backward-point. Good comeback from the Pune all-rounder. Just a single from that over. WI 80/3 after 20 overs.

Hetmyer joins Pooran. Wide but MS has missed a stumping chance. Three wides. Hetmyer has been given out lbw. The batsman reviews straightaway and the replays show a huge inside edge. WI 75/3 after 19 overs.

Pulled away for four by Pooran. Great shot. Round the wicket comes Hardik and gifts a hit-me delivery. Ambris brings up the 50-stand with a single. It came off 65 balls. Edged! and almost taken by Rohit. Pooran would've had his heart in his mouth. He rubs salt in the wound next delivery by clobbering it over mid-wicket for four. GONE! Ambris has been given out lbw. WI 71/3 after 18 overs.

Hardik continues. Ambris gets one away square of the wicket for four. 1,4,1,0,0,0. Pandya has gone for 17 in his four overs so far. Will Vijay Shankar get a chance to roll his arm? Meanwhile, Kuldeep to bowl his fourth over. Four runs from the over. WI 60/2 after 17 overs .

Kuldeep into his third over. The required rate is already over 6. While WI have aggressive batsmen down the order, at what point do they feel the need to accelerate? Leg-slip in place for Ambris. 50 up for Windies. WI 50/2 after 15 overs. West Indies needs 219 runs.

Another good over from Kuldeep. Three singles coming off it, and near dismissal with Pooran misreading a loopy ball. Pandya continues. Three from the over and another near miss with Ambris' inside edge saving a sure shot lbw dismissal. WI 45/2 after 14 overs.

Edged and safe, twice. Ambris has miscued a pull two times in this Pandya over and has survived on both occassions. Front-foot no-ball from Hardik, and it's free-hit time. Pooran only manages to squeeze a single. WI 39/2 after 12 overs.

Leg-spin time. Kuldeep comes into the attack. One slip in place for him. Will they go after him? We will find out soon enough. Three singles and a brace off Kuldeep. WI 34/2 after 11 overs.

Hardik Pandya into the attack. A slip in place for Pooran. Four singles from it. Pandya has drifted on the leg-stump in his first over, something he would want to look into over the course of his spell. WI 29/2 at the end of the first Powerplay.

Shami into his fifth over. Pace, swing and bounce: Shami so far in this spell. Four singles from the over. What this spell has done is it has compelled the duo to not go look for the expansive shots upfront. It's not a big target though and Windies will still fancy their chances. WI 25/2 after 9 overs.

Bumrah continues. Four byes . That beat the bat, Dhoni and raced away to the fence. Three dots to end the over. Five from it. WI 21/2 after 8 overs.

SHOT! Hope gets the first boundary of the run chase - square of the wicket past Vijay Shankar for a much-needed boundary. Bowled' em! Shami, you beauty. Knocks over Hope next ball. Lovely inswinger does the trick. Nicholas Pooran in next. WI 16/2 after 7 overs.

Bumrah into his third. Just two off the over - comprised an edge off Hope that didn't carry to Virat in the slips. He's consistently beating the batsmen, is Bumrah. WI 12/1 after 6 overs.

Both Shami and Bumrah haven't given the batsmen any room to exploit, so far. There's the wicket. Gayle has mistimed a pull and Kedar completes a simple chance. Short of a length ball does the trick. Gayle goes for a 19-ball 6. Shai Hope in at 3. WI 10/1 after 5 overs.

Bumrah into his second over. Two dots and single so far. Ambris scampers across for a quick single. Dot to finish the fourth. Just two from it. WI 9/0 after 4 overs.

WOW. Jaffa from Shami. Got the ball to jag back in sharply and the ball misses the edge of Ambris's bat. Three dots to start the over. Good over that - only two singles. WI 7/0 after 3 overs.

Bumrah from the other end. Ambris opens his account with a single. Gayle happy to shoulder arms to the deliveries angled away from him. There you go: Bumrah slips in the yorker and a stifled appeal for lbw. But that was going down leg. Another dot to end the over. WI 5/0 after 2 overs.

Gayle and Ambris begin the run chase. Shami with the new ball. Three dots followed by an inside edge for four. Not the most convincing fashion but Gayle will take that. A dot to end the first over. WI 4/0 after 1 over.


Last 5 overs, India took 49 runs with 16 coming off the last over. Dhoni, who once again struggled to get going early in the innings, teed off in the latter half to bring up his fifty. He was ably guided by Hardik's cameo. But the highlight was, of course, Kohli who was out for 72. For West Indies, Roach picked three while Cottrell and Holder snapped two each. West Indies needs 269 to win.


Oshane Thomas to bowl the final over. MS clobbers a six first ball. Turns down a single next ball. Hits the fourth delivery to long-on for four. Brings up his 50. WHAM! MS ends on a high. Ends the over with a maximum. 16 off the last over.

GONE! Hardik combusts for 46 off 38 balls. Shami in next. Another one bites the dust. Shami is caught behind and Cottrell brings out his 'salute' celebration for the second time in the over. Kuldeep Yadav the next man in. Cottrell: 10-0-50-2.

Cottrell into his ninth over. Nine from it including a Hardik boundary. Meanwhile, the two have added 58 for the sixth wicket. Thomas into his sixth. Dhoni gets a life, again. Pandya ends the over with a boundary to deep extra-cover. IND 249/5 after 48 overs.

Brathwaite continues. FINALLY! Dhoni gets a boundary - his first of the match; slaps it to the long-off fence. His first scoring shot in 16 overs. Some sense of urgency from M.S. - about time. IND 229/5 after 46 overs.

Six overs to go. Cottrell continues. Dhoni still dealing in ones and twos. Not able to find the gaps. Another good over for the West Indies - only four off it. IND 219/5 after 45 overs.

Cottrell back into the attack. Hardik starts by collecting a couple. Two singles to end the over. Dhoni is 21 off 41 balls, at a strike-rate of 51.22. Brathwaite into his second. Dhoni takes a single and gives the strike to Pandya, who plays a flat-batted shot for four. 10 off the over. IND 214/5 after 44 overs.

Carlos Brathwaite has been brought into the attack. Boundary at last for India, off Hardik's bat. The all-rounder pierces the gap in the deep to perfection. Brathwaite bowls two back-to-back wides. 200 up for India. IND 200/5 after 42 overs.

Allen bowls out. Two from his last over. His figures today: 10-0-52-0. Holder into his last over. Only one run from the over. Skipper bowls out: 10-2-33-2. IND 187/5 after 41 overs.

What a shot. Kohli brings out the wristy flick to scythe it through the on-side for four. GONE! Kohli departs next ball. This is a huge wicket, and it's Holder who gets the breakthrough. Hardik gets off the mark with a boundary . IND 184/5 after 39 overs.

Holder back into the attack. Three singles from it. India need a move on, sometime soon. Last five over, they've been going at 4.5 runs an over. Allen continues. Dhoni clearly struggling to get going. Only two singles from the over. IND 176/4 after 38 overs.

Allen into his eighth over. A misfield allows Dhoni a couple. Follows it up with a quick double. And a single to end the over. Dhoni will retain strike. Five runs off it. IND 171/4 after 36 overs.

Kohli starts the 35th with a brace and ends it with a brace. Four from Roach's last over. Its been a brilliant spell of bowling. 10-0-36-3 for the right-armer. IND 166/4 after 35 overs.

Oh, dear. Shai Hope fumbles not once, but twice behind the stumps to give MS a life. He would've been stumped by a huge margin. Kohli, meanwhile, is batting on a different surface: a deft cut shot for four. IND 162/4 after 34 overs.

How will Dhoni go about his innings today? He's 7 off 9 balls. Wouldn't want to put undue pressure on Virat. Two runs from the 33rd. Five dots separating two singles at the start and end of the over. IND 154/4 after 33 overs.

Fabian Allen back into the attack. Pressure building on India? Only two runs from the over with 24 coming off the last five for the loss of one wicket. IND 152/4 after 32 overs.

150 up for India. Dhoni brings it up with a single off Roach. Only two runs off that over. Roach's figures so far: three for 30. IND 150/4 after 31 overs.

M.S. Dhoni comes to the crease. Gets off the mark with a single off Thomas. Good shot from Maahi. Puts a wide delivery away for four. The point fielder had no chance. Eight from the over. IND 148/4 after 30 overs .

SHOT! Kedar gets his first boundary courtesy with a majestic pull stroke for four. GONE! Third wicket for Roach. Loud appeal for caught-behind, not given. Windies review and ultra-edge shows faint nick. Kedar departs. IND 140/4 after 29 overs.

Thomas brought back into the attack. Kohli greets him with a fabulous hit through the covers for four. Moves to 49. Gets to his 50 with a single. That's his fourth WC fifty in a row. A brace for Kedar to finish the over. IND 135/3 after 28 overs.

Roach back into the attack. Snaps up Shankar with his first ball. Kedar Jadhav joins Kohli. Successful over for Roach and the Windies: three runs and a wicket. IND 128/3 after 27 overs.

Cottrell continues. Errs in line: bowls on the leg-stump and Kohli dispatches it to fine-leg for his fifth boundary. A brace to finish the 26th. IND 126/2 after 26 overs.

Cottrell into his fifth over. Brilliant from Sheldon. Only one off it. Holder continues. A quick single from Kohli takes him to 20,000 international runs. He's now the fastest to get to the feat, overtaking Lara and Sachin. Shankar wraps up the over with a wristy flick for four. IND 118/2 after 25 overs.

Holder to continue. Shankar shows his prowess with an expert cover-drive. The Tamil Nadu batsman ends the over with another boundary, this time a faint tickle to fine-leg. Eight from the over. IND 112/2 after 23 overs .

Cottrell returns into the attack. 100 up for India with that single by Shankar. Short ball. Kohli has pulled that one away, nearly a six...  top-edge and runs away for a boundary. But he'll take the four runs. Six off the over. IND 104/2 after 22 overs.

Holder into his fifth. GONE! Bowled'em. Those dots up front created the pressure and KL's been done in for a 64-ball 48. Yet another start for the Karnataka batsman, yet again he fails to make the most of it. Vijay Shankar at the crease. IND 98/2 after 21 overs.

Allen to bowl his fifth. Four singles off the over, before Rahul plays a paddle sweep to move to 48. The left-armer's been expensive thus far. IND 97/1 after 20 overs.

Another good over from Holder. Only two runs from it. Kohli tucked a length ball behind square on the on-side for a quick brace. IND 89/1 after 19 overs.

Allen into his fourth over. Rahul greets him with a cut shot for four. That's the fifty stand between Rahul and Kohli. 10 off the over. Three singles off the last three deliveries. IND 87/1 after 18 overs.

Holder to continue. He's yet to concede a run. 13 dots so far... what a way to break the streak: Rahul times a drive to long-on to perfection; four more. A single to end the over. IND 77/1 after 17 overs.

Allen into his third over. Two dots followed by a streaky four for Rahul and a single. Five off the over. Drinks on the field. IND 72-1 after 16 overs. Kohli's now 16 short of becoming the fastest batsman to 20,000 international runs.

Fabian Allen continues. Three singles and a brace from that over. KL and VK look untroubled at the moment. Another maiden for Holder. Two back-to-back. IND 67/1 after 15 overs.

Jason Holder to roll his arm now. Good start. A maiden from the Windies skipper. IND 62/1 after 13 overs.

Fabian Allen into the attack. Left-arm spin for the first time. A slip in place. Kohli puts one away for four - he must've had his heart in his mouth for a moment, Kohli. Got out playing a similar shot against Afghanistan. This time gets a four. IND 62/1 after 12 overs.

Thomas' spell continues. FOUR! Kohli guides India past the 50-run mark with a boundary off a pacy delivery. Short and wide, and Thomas pays the price. Rahul, now, carves one through deep extra cover. IND 56/1 after 11 overs.

Roach into his fifth. Starts by straying on Kohli's pads and these are easy pickings for the Indian skipper, who gets three for his effort. Good comeback - five dots. IND 47/1 after 10 overs.

Thomas into his second over. Rahul takes a brace off a delivery that strays on his pads. Follows it up with another double. And two more... Six from it. IND 44/1 after 9 overs.

Roach continues. Rahul looking in good touch - second time he has played that shot today; drives one straight down the ground to collect three. Too full from Roach there. IND 38/1 after 8 overs.

Virat Kohli joins KL. Oshane Thomas into the attack. Just two off the first five but bowls a pacy back of a length delivery at 140kph,what else? there's room on offer and Kohli's off the mark with a brilliant cut shot for four. IND 35/1 after 7 overs.

SUBLIME! That's the word for Rohit. Roach drops short and the Mumbaikar swivels a pull over deep square-leg for six. KL joins the fun, brings out a delightful on-drive to a pitched up delivery. GONE! Big wicket. Rohit has been given out caught behind.IND 29/1 after 6 overs.

FOUR! Rohit gets going: plays a cracking cut shot to collect his first boundary off Cottrell's bowling. Eight runs coming off it. IND 17/0 after 5 overs.

Kemar Roach continues. Just two singles from that over. Both openers cautious upfront. That has been India's approach throughout and it has paid dividends. IND 9/0 after 4 overs.

Cottrell to continue. Pacy, short delivery from Sheldon; Rohit tries to go for the cut shot and misses. Good bowling from both seamers: pace, movement and good bounce. Forcing the batsmen to play on the front foot. End the over. IND 7/0 after 3 overs.

Kemar Roach to share the new ball. West Indies has been hugely successful in the bowling Powerplay - fielding first: Four innings, 11 wickets. Just one from the over. IND 5/0 after 2 overs.

Rohit and KL to open. Sheldon Cottrell with the new ball. Straightaway angling the ball into the right-hander. KL off the mark with a three. Sharma opens his account with a single. IND 4/0 after 1 over.

Two teams march out to the ground for their respective national anthems. First up, India followed by the West Indies. We are done with the formalities. Now to cricket!


TOSS UPDATE | Virat Kohli has won the toss and India will bat first.

India (Playing XI): Lokesh Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli(c), Vijay Shankar, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Mohammed Shami, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

West Indies (Playing XI): Chris Gayle, Sunil Ambris, Shai Hope(w), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Jason Holder(c), Carlos Brathwaite, Fabian Allen, Kemar Roach, Sheldon Cottrell, Oshane Thomas

PITCH REPORT | "The pitch has a few scratches on it because of the bowlers' followthrough. It looks a good enough surface. The slower balls and the cutters worked in that contest against New Zealand. It might spin off the footmarks. With the sun out, not a cloud in the sky, whoever wins the toss, will want to bat first," reckons Ian Bishop.

UPDATE: Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been declared fit to play and is available for selection in today's match.

It has been more than a decade since Gayle scored a hundred against India in ODIs; he will be hungry for one at Old Trafford on Thursday| Where do you bowl to Chris Gayle?

Madan Lal, who was Kapil Dev’s trump card in the World Cup final against West Indies in 1983, feels Mohammed Shami should be picked over Bhuvneshwar Kumar for the Old Trafford rubber|  Shami is a top class bowler, says Madan Lal

Wondering whether it will rain in Manchester today? Fret not, we've you covered. Follow our live weather updates here| Weather Updates from Manchester, Old Trafford

Eyeing a semifinal spot, Virat Kohli's men will gain confidence from their World Cup record against the Windies| India vs West Indies head-to-head and match facts

Ahead of the World Cup match against West Indies at Old Trafford, Virat Kohli and Co. took to the indoor nets to fine-tune skills| Kohli, Vijay Shankar polish strokeplay at nets

The ‘Universe Boss’ isn’t finished yet. Chris Gayle, who had earlier hinted at retiring from international cricket once the World Cup concludes, sprang a surprise, both for the media and his skipper Jason Holder at Old Trafford here on Wednesday| Gayle to retire after series against India in August

Virat Kohli’s men are in a good space, having defeated rivals ranging from the established to the minnows; the Windies, on the other hand, will be hoping to spring a surprise when the two teams meet in Manchester on Thursday.

Match Preview by K.C. Vijaya Kumar:

In Manchester where its denizens dote on football, like it is in the rest of England, and are acrimoniously split between two clubs carrying the town’s name as prefix — United and City, the ICC World Cup has been at best, a pleasant distraction. Even the tabloids slot cricket from page 12 in the sports supplement while newsprint is largely devoted to the women’s football World Cup.

The hype around cricket here at Old Trafford has largely been restricted to the sub-continental diaspora and the sheer interest that Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have collectively displayed. In to this theatre of local indifference and the immigrant’s love for a British game, India and the  West Indies  will step in for Thursday’s clash.

Virat Kohli’s men are in a good space, having defeated rivals ranging from the established to the minnows. Even though the skirmish against Afghanistan busted nerves at Southampton’s Hampshire Bowl, India, like all efficient units, had the last laugh. Currently placed third on the table, the Men in Blue seem set to finish in the top four but the team management refused to think too far ahead.

Points Table

Taking it one contest at a time and considering the joust featuring the men from the Caribbean Islands, as another essential incremental step, is the prevailing mantra. Surely, a triumph against Jason Holder’s men will strengthen the lone foot that has already sneaked past the semifinal’s door.

The lone lingering question was about Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s fitness but the medium-pacer seems to have recovered from his hamstring strain. On a bright Wednesday, the seamer bowled on the practice pitch and did exaggerated jumps while physio Patrick Farhart observed. The final word will be known at the toss but after Mohammed Shami's hat-trick against Afghanistan, the think-tank may be tempted to rest Bhuvneshwar.

The West Indies, meanwhile, has lost the momentum it gained from the opening win over Pakistan. Subsequently it lost four and the defeats to Bangladesh and New Zealand have been soul-sapping. If Holder and company tuck into the venue’s history, they might draw some inspiration. The great West Indian captain Clive Lloyd played for close to two decades with the home county Lancashire and his was a magnetic presence.

Fixtures and Results

Holder has explosive batsmen in his arsenal, be it a Chris Gayle or a Carlos Brathwaite and is equally bolstered with the fresh quotient of Shai Hope, Shimron Hetmyer and Nicholas Pooran. The bowling too, relying on pace and bounce, has had its moments but beyond Sheldon Cottrell’s cute salute after bagging a wicket or pouching a catch, nothing else lingers. Still, this is a team that can test the very best and additionally familiarity breeds awareness.

Thanks to the Indian Premier League and the notes being exchanged, quite a few West Indian players are aware of the strengths and the rare chinks of this Indian team. There is respect too. When Chris Gayle was asked about M.S. Dhoni’s circumspect approach against Gulbadin Naib’s men, the great opener quipped: “I didn't watch the game. So I cannot comment on the legend.”

The stage is set, the sun is out and by Thursday evening, there will be some clarity on semifinal berths.

The match will be streamed live on Hotstar .

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the World Cup 2019 match between India and the West Indies at Old Trafford in Manchester.


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