World Cup Quiz 1975, 1979, 1983

Take our World Cup Quiz for a test of how much you remember from the first three editions of the tournament.

The ICC Cricket World Cup will be held from May 13 - July 14 in England and Wales. | GETTY IMAGES

1. The East African team at the 1975 World Cup comprised four countries. Which of the following was not one of the four?

2. In the final between Australia and West Indies, a crowd invasion took place during Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson’s memorable 41-run stand. Lillee and Thomson continued running between the wickets despite the invasion. While the umpires awarded Australia four runs after everything settled down, how many did Lillee reckon the two of them ran in a famous quote?

3. In the Australia-West Indies final in 1975, how many run-outs were effected by the West Indies during Australia’s run chase?

4. Dennis Amiss, the first-ever World Cup centurion, had a quite a few notable records to his credit. Which of the following is not true among his achievements?

5. Canada defeated Bermuda in the semifinals of the 1979 ICC World Cup qualifier tournament. But it only played the final against Sri Lanka two weeks later. Why was there such a delay?

6. Another one from the qualifiers: Sri Lanka did not win only one game in the group stages of the 1979 qualifying tournament. Against which team was that?

7. Only two centuries were scored in the 1979 World Cup. Viv Richards famously scored one in the final. Gordon Greenidge was the other. Against whom did he score his hundred?

8. Which ground became the first outside England to host a World Cup match when it hosted Pakistan and Sri Lanka in 1983?

9. Who became the first English bowler to take five wickets in an ODI against Sri Lanka at Taunton? This cricketer later became a respected sports journalist as well.

10. Which Australian scored a match-winning hundred to help his team defeat India by 162 runs in a group game at Trent Bridge?

11. Which cricketer, who shares his name with a popular modern-day cricketer, was one of Pakistan’s pace bowlers at the 1983 World Cup? He even coached the Chinese cricket team later in life.

12. Only four cricketers have taken two five-wicket hauls in the same World Cup – Gary Gilmour, Vasbert Drakes and Shahid Afridi are three. Who is the fourth in this list due to his exploits at the 1983 World Cup?

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