World Cup Quiz 1987, 1992, 1996

Take our quiz to see how much you remember from the fourth, fifth and sixth editions of the Cricket World Cup.

Pakistan celebrates its 1992 World Cup victory against England. | Getty Images

1. The 1987 edition saw the first time an Indian umpire adjudicated a World Cup final, when Australia played England. Who was this umpire?

2. Who was the surprise wicketkeeper for Pakistan in its semifinal match against Australia? He even stumped top-scorer David Boon off the bowling of Saleem Malik.

3. Which ground in India hosted the first match of the 1987 World Cup? It was one of the most memorable matches, the winning margin being just one run.

4. Who became the second father-son pair to play at the World Cup when the son made his World Cup debut at the 1992 edition?

5. The 1992 World Cup saw many firsts including the first ever day-night game in World Cup history. Which two teams were competing?

6. The India-Sri Lanka match at the 1992 World Cup in Mackay was severely marred by rain and was scheduled as a 20-over match. Even that was not possible though, and the match ended with just two balls being bowled. To quicken up matters, who did India send as a pinch-hitting opener in this match?

7. While Kapil Dev did not get to face a ball against Sri Lanka, he actually opened in another game as well in the 1992 World Cup and scored 10 off 16 balls. Who was the opponent in this match held at Hamilton?

8. While the 1987 World Cup final is famous for the ill-fated reverse sweep played by Mike Gatting, the 1992 World Cup final also saw a batsman fall to a reverse sweep. Who was the batsman involved this time?

9. Who among the following became the first US-born cricketer to play in a World Cup in 1996?

10. Sachin Tendulkar was the highest run-scorer at the 1996 World Cup with 523 runs and he won two man of the match awards in the process. In which of the following venues did he not win the award?

11. In a surprise inclusion, an Australian cricketer who was a substitute during the match against Kenya at Visakhapatnam in 1996 was drafted into the broadcaster’s commentary team as the original commentators had failed to arrive on time. Who?

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