U-19 World Cup final, as it happened: Bangladesh beats India to lift title for first time

Bangladesh scripted a famous win by beating favourite India in the U-19 World Cup final to lift the title for the first time. Here is how it happened.

Updated : Feb 09, 2020 23:24 IST

India takes on Bangladesh for a shot at a fifth World Cup title.
India takes on Bangladesh for a shot at a fifth World Cup title.

India takes on Bangladesh for a shot at a fifth World Cup title.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's higlights of the ICC U-19 World Cup final between India and Bangladesh at Senwes Park, Potchefstroom.


Rakibul, who will go down in history after scoring the winning runs, speaks, "It's an unbelievable experience. We came here with plans and it worked out really well. Whichever team executes their plans better on the day wins, and that happened for us today."

The Bangladesh players are having a lap of honour around the ground acknowledging their supporters.

India fought hard with the ball through Ravi Bishnoi but the rest of the pack faltered when it mattered. It's their only defeat in the tournament and their dominance at this level will not be diminished despite the loss.

Rakibul hits the winning runs! The Bangladesh players come sprinting on to the ground! What a monumental day in Bangladesh's men's cricket! Skipper Akbar Ali the hero as he leads his team to the title with an inspired performance. Emon played his part too with 47 after the bowlers set the second half of the match by restricting India to 177. In all, a deserved win for Bangladesh!

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BAN 169-7 in 42 overs: After a single from Akbar, Rakibul threads one behind point for a boundary. Joyous scenes on the banks. Just two needed for Bangladesh! Dabs one on to the pitch and they have tied the scores. Bangladesh needs 1 runs from 24 balls.

Play resumes with Sushant Mishra to bowl.

REVISED TARGET: Bangladesh needs 7 from 30 balls after the target is revised to 170.

UPDATE: The rain relents and the covers are coming off.

Oh, wait. To add to the drama, the umpires are having a chat about the condition. They decide to bring on the covers and the players are off the field with 15 runs needed. TV picture shows it's a bit heavier than a drizzle. Bangladesh is ahead of the DLS par score, which is 147. What a final this has been.

There is a slight drizzle on at the ground but the umpires deem it's okay to continue.

BAN 162-7 in 40 overs: Jaiswal is brought on. Five off the over, Bangladesh is inching towards its maiden ICC title. Skipper Akbar has been defiant in his approach, grinding the Indian bowlers down with his knock. Need 16 from 60 balls.

BAN 157-7 in 39 overs: Ankolekar is brought on for only his second over. He has been expensive today. 21 runs needed off 66 balls.

BAN 154-7 in 38 overs: Oh, how unlucky for Akash and India. He bowls it full and the ball takes off over the 'keeper's head after hitting the foothole on the pitch to run away for a boundary. 24 needed from 72 balls. Akbar on 34 off 61 balls, Rakibul 2 off 16

150 up for Bangladesh and 28 more required.

BAN 149-7 in 37 overs: Heavy winds are blowing across the ground. The lights are switched on. You can't get a tenser setting than this. Tyagi's quota is done for and India's key wicket-taker from this tournament ends with no scalps today. 

Final over for Tyagi and he nails a wide yorker first up.

BAN 147-7 in 36 overs: Akash Singh on to have a crack at Rakibul. A slip in place for him. He beats the outside edge, inside edge but doesn't manage to get the nick behind. He then follows it up with three wides. 19 wides from India today. 31 needed from 84 balls.

Three maidens on the trot here. Tyagi bowls back-to-back maidens. 20 balls without a run for Bangladesh.

BAN 143-7 in 34 overs: Bishnoi comes on to bowl his last over. Rakibul keeps him out and it's another maiden. Bangladesh camp will breathe a huge sigh of relief. Bishnoi finishes with 10-3-30-4.

BAN 143-7 in 33 overs: Kartik Tyagi comes on. Rakibul Hasan is the new batter. Hands on faces time in both the camps. Akbar plays out a maiden over from Tyagi.

BAN 143-7 in 32 overs: WICKET! Jaiswal has done it! He dangles the ball outside off and Emon takes the bait chasing after it! Akash Singh takes a sharp catch at cover region! Emon departs for 47 and he can't believe what he has done.

BAN 141-6 in 31 overs: Bishnoi to bowl his 9th over. Emon sneaks a boundary and a single from the over. Just one more over to play out. 37 runs from 114 balls.

BAN 136-6 in 30 overs: Bangladesh needs 42 runs from 120 balls.

Garg now turns to Yashasvi Jaiswal's part-time leg spin. Akbar gets a thick outside edge and the ball runs down to the boundary behind short third man.

There are some dark clouds hovering in the background.

If rain washes out play today, then we will have a reserve day with the match picking up from where its left off. If the reserve day gets washed out, the trophy will be shared between the finalists. On the weather update for Sunday, there is chance of slight thunderstorms in the evening.

BAN 128-6 in 29 overs: Garg rolls the dice by bringing on Bishnoi. He has beaten the outside edge of Emon on four successive deliveries. He goads Emon to get bat on ball. He beats his outside edge for the fifth time. He continues to talk to Emon and the umpire steps in now.

16 wides from India so far. That's a lot while defending a low total. The required runs are now just 50.

BAN 126/6 in 27 overs: Tyagi on from the University end and bowls a tidy over conceding just three runs. Akash Singh is brought back and Emon tonks him for two boundaries. Bangladesh fans are loving this in the bank. 52 runs required for Bangladesh. Emon on 37 off 56, Akbar on 26 off 34.

India has three crucial overs left from Bishnoi. Akash and Tygai have five overs each left and will need to step up to support Bishnoi.

BAN 110-6 in 25 overs: A sense of calmness in the middle for Bangladesh with Emon (26 off 48 balls) back out in the middle alongside his skipper Akbar (23 off 30). Another 68 runs needed in 25 overs.

Emon is back for Bangladesh.

BAN 102-6 in 23 overs: WICKET! It's all happening here. Sushant bowls it short into Avishek and he top edges the ball high in the air which is coolly taken by Tyagi! Avishek departs for five.

Dropped! Bishnoi grasses a sharp chance from Avishek diving forward from the point region. Avishek then adds to Bishnoi's woes by cutting the ball past him for a four. Dropped again! Tilak Verma at first slip drops a sitter off Avishek!

Some good news for Bangladesh. Emon is getting his pads on near the advertising hoardings.

Rohan Gavaskar asks on air as to why Bishnoi was taken off from the end he picked up four wickets and is now made to bowl from the other end.

BAN 97-5 in 22 overs: Bishnoi almost gets a run-out of Avishek! Akbar looks to go after the Indian bowling. He cover drives Bishnoi through the gap for a four. He gets another four by cutting him behind the point region. Expensive over as Bangladesh collects 10 runs from the over.

WICKET! Poor from Sushant, poor from Shamim but brilliant from Jaiswal! Sushant bowls it short outside off and Shamim slices it in the air to the off-side where Jaiswal comes in running to pouch a catch on the dive. Avishek Das is the new batter. Bangladesh fans have their hands on their hips looking at the events unfolding in front of them.

BAN 85-4 in 20 overs: Left-arm spinner Atharva Ankolekar comes on to bowl his first over. He drift the ball down the leg side and the ball runs down to the boundary. The runs requires is less than 100 now. Akbar launches Ankolker over the mid-wicket boundary for a six!

BAN 73-4 in 19 overs: Bishnoi has bowled out six overs now. Shamim and Akbar will have to stitch together a partnership to get Bangladesh out of this whole.

Garg brings on his premier pacer Kartik Tyagi. Shamim Hossain joins Akbar in the middle.

BAN 66-4 in 17 overs: WICKET! Bishnoi gets his fourth! But this wicket is the doing of Jurel! Shahadat drags his front foot out while defending and ends up squirting the ball behind him. The ball rolls along the path of Jurel, who whips the bails off in a flash and runs away in celebration. The third umpire confirms that that batsman is short of his crease. Bishnoi is now the leading wicket-taker in the tournament with 17 wickets.

BAN 64-3 in 15 overs: The umpire warns Saxena for running down the pitch to appeal. Three fielders around the batsman now and Bishnoi is getting the ball to turn big off the pitch. He poses the biggest threat for Bangladesh.

WICKET! It's that man again! Bishnoi bring it back in to Hridoy and he is caught on the crease! The umpire suggests the ball would have gone on to hit the leg stump! He departs for 0. Bangladesh skipper Akbar Ali is the new batsman.

How did that miss the off stump?! Akash with a peach! He swings it in to Shahadat, who goes for the drive and misses. The ball somehow manages to miss the off-stump! Maiden from Akash Singh. The Indians have their tails up here with two new batters at the crease.

BAN 62-2 in 13 overs: Just as the wicket fell, Emon hit the floor holding his hamstring. He receives treatment from his physio. Hridoy is the batter in at No. 4. Double blow for Bangladesh... Emon walks off the field holding the back of his leg.

WICKET! 'The wizard strikes' says Ian Bishop! Bishnoi with another wrong 'un and Mahmudul chops it on to his stumps! 15th wicket for Bishnoi in this tournament.

BAN 59-1 in 12 overs: Sushant is back into the attack after a maiden over from Bishnoi. A short leg in place for Mahmudul. Sushant is having an off day... He bowls a full toss outside off and Mahmudul slashes him behind point for a four.

BAN 55-1 in 10 overs: Mahmudul shakes off the pain by cover driving Akash for a four!

Some words exchanged between Akash to Emon after a well-directed bouncer. The Indians are not happy with Emon after he had something to say to Bishnoi earlier. Mahmudul goes down in pain after being hit in the box by Akash.

Mahmudul Hasan Joy is the new batsman. The centurion from the match against New Zealand.

India turns to Ravi Bishnoi and Tamim slog sweeps him into the banks for a six! Fifty for Bangladesh in the ninth over. WICKET! Bishnoi goes for the wrong one and Tamim goes for the slog sweep again. This time he ends up holing out to long-on where Tyagi completes the catch! Can India turn this around?

BAN 44-9 in 8 overs: Glorious from Emon! He follows up a text-book cover drive off Tyagi for a four with a slashing boundary off Akash which races to the boundary behind point.

STAT: India had scored just 3 boundaries in its first 16 overs. Bangladesh has four fours in the first six overs.

BAN 33-0 in 6 overs: Change in bowling for India. Akash Singh replaces Sushant. He too strays on to the leg side and Emon lofts him over the leg side circle for a four. He scored that boundary with a broken bat. Change of bats for him now.

BAN 29-0 in 5 overs: Emon is standing a long way out of his crease to Tyagi. Just two runs from the over.

BAN 27-0 in 4 overs: Costly stuff from Sushant. He bowls his second beamer of his innings and the ball goes behind for a four. The umpire gives the bowler his first warning.

BAN 20-3 in 3 overs: Better from Tyagi in his second over. He tests the Bangladesh openers by varying his lengths. An LBW appeal to the end the over with the ball going down the leg stump.

BAN 18-0 in 2 overs: Sushant Mishra goes short first up before mixing it up with good length deliveries. He ends the over the full ball which Emon crunches through the offside for a four.

BAN 13-0 in 1 over: Tyagi wastes no time is looking for the an inswinging yorker to the left-handed Emon. But he misses his line and is down the leg side. He bowls on middle and leg, and Emon clips it away to the mid-wicket region to run three. Tanzid times the ball to the offside for a four of his first ball! Ends the over by clipping the ball to the mid-wicket boundary. What a start to their chase.

Right then. Kartik Tyagi has the new ball. Parvez Hossain Emon and Tanzid Hasan are out in the middle. Can they knock these runs off?


Until then, have a few laughs by watching the Chennaiyin FC duo of Edwin Vanspaul and Dhanpal Ganesh spill dressing room secrets and talk about their footballing journey.


What an opportunity for Bangladesh to beat India and claim its first World title. Will the batters back up the bowling effort to chase down 178? We will be back with the chase in 20 minutes.

Other than Jaiswal, no other Indian batsmen looked like troubling Bangladesh today. The run-rate hardly crept past 4 runs-an-over during the innings.

WICKET! India is all-out for 177. Sakib takes the final wicket as Sushant skies a catch to the third man boundary where Shoriful takes a superb diving catch. Superb bowling effort from the young Tigers.

Ian Bishop on air suggests Indian middle-order batsmen's lack of batting experience in the tournament has cost them in this innings.

IND 174-9 in 47 overs: Maiden over from Rakibul Hasan in his comeback over.

STAT: India has not been bowled out in its last U-19 ODIs.

India has lost 6 wickets for 16 runs in the space of last 32 deliveries.

WICKET! Tyagi is caught down the leg side! Excellent catch by Akbar. Everything is going Bangladesh's way in the last 30 minutes. Akash Singh is the no. 11 batsman for India.

WICKET! Avishek is back on and he gets Atharva to chop the ball on to his stumps. There goes India's last batting hope. Atharva goes for 3. Kartik Tyagi and Sushant Mishra are the batsmen in the middle.

IND 170-7 in 44 overs: WICKET! Another run-out... Shoriful yorks Atharva which he digs out. The batsmen set off for a single but Shoriful gets to the ball and underarms the ball on to the stumps to catch Bishnoi short of his crease. Wild celebrations in the Bangladesh supporters camp.

Ravi Bishnoi is the new batter in at no. 8. Bishnoi and Atharva put on a crucial 61-run stand for the 7th wicket against Australia in the quarterfinal. The partnership dug India out of a hole and set India up for the win with the ball. Can they do something similar here?

WICKET! Not what India needed. A run-out and Jurel has to walk back. Jurel nudges the ball to cover and sets off. Atharva takes a few steps before he decides against the run. Both batsmen go for the same end and it appears Atharva has won the race by the barest of margins.

IND 168-5 in 42 overs: Jurel negotiates the hat-trick ball from Shoriful. A short ball and Jurel pulls it to the mid-wicket boundary for a four. Shoriful yorks Atharva with an inswinging yorker but the umpire turns down the appeals.

Atharva Ankolekar is the new batsman. India lost three big wickets in the last 10 overs while scoring 49 runs.

Now that Jaiswal is dismissed, please stay with me on the blog.

IND: 156-5 in 40 overs: WICKET! He is dismissed next ball! Short ball from Shoriful and Jaiswal top edges in the air to the mid-wicket fielder! A huge wicket for Bangladesh! Jaiswal departs for 88 off 121 balls. WICKET! A full toss from Shoriful and Siddesh Veer plays all around it. The ball strikes him on the pads and the umpire puts his finger up. What an over from Shoriful!

The battle between Shoriful and Jaiswal is top-notch since ball one of this final. Shoriful with an inch-perfect yorker and Jaiswal watches it all the way to keep it out. Shoriful follows it up with a wide down leg side which Jaiswal tucks it behind for a four. 400 runs in the tournament for Jaiswal!

Although, I don't want you guys to leave this blog please turn to your nearest TV set or mobile device and watch this lad, Jaiswal, go about with the bat. He is defying his young age with a chanceless knock in a World Cup final.

150 up for India in the 39th over. Jaiswal slashes Avishek over the cover fielder for a four.

IND 146-3 in 38 overs: Jaiswal (80 off 114 balls) is closing in on another 100 but runs aren't coming easily at the other end. Jurel is batting on 12 off 23 balls.

IND 135-3 in 36 overs: Yet again Rakibul drifts wide and full, and Jaiswal quickly dispatches through the covers for his sixth four of his innings. Seven runs from the over.

IND 124-3 in 34 overs: Jaiswal showing why is he is the key wicket for Bangladesh! A bad delivery from Rakibul and he climbs all over it by crashing the ball into the cover region for a four. Jaiswal on 69 (106 balls), Jurel on 2 (7 balls)

IND 114-3 in 32 overs: WICKET! Rakibul add a wicket to his bowling figures, it's his 12th wicket of this tournament. He removes the Indian skipper Garg! The ball holds on the pitch and Garg follows through with his drive and ends up spooning a catch to cover! Another finger on the lip celebration. Dhruv Jurel is the new batsman. Jaiswal batting on 61 (99 balls) is key for India.

Rakibul Hasan, 5-0-12-0, is back into the attack.

IND 107-2 in 30 overs: Skipper Priyam Garg walks in at No. 4. 44 runs in between overs 20 and 30.

IND 103-2 in 29 overs: WICKET! Oh dear. Tilak has given it away just as he tells Jaiswal not to do the same. Sakib bowls it short and wide, and Tilak slaps it straight down into the hands of Shoriful at deep extra-cover boundary. He departs for 38. Shoriful puts the ball in the pocket, dusts it off and puts his finger on his lip.

Jaiswal mows Sakib over the mid-wicket boundary to bring up the 100 for India! Tilak walks down to Jaiswal after the six and seems to suggest him to not to get carried away.

Fifty for Jaiswal off 89 balls! A raised fist by the youngster before acknowledging the applause. Under pressure from the start, this has been a tremendous knock.

IND 91-1 in 27 overs: Shamim is back into the attack and he errs in line. Tilak punishes him by sweeping him fine behind the 'keeper for a four. Eight runs from the over.

IND 80-1 in 25 overs: Little width from Avishek and Tilak throws his bat at it, slicing the ball in the air behind point. One bounce and into the boundary. Jaiswal on 44 (79 balls), Tilak on 28 (54 balls).

IND 74-1 in 24 overs: Tilak is beginning to get bogged down now. His strike rate is less than 45 after facing 52 balls. Towhid Hridoy begins well conceding just 5 runs from his opening two overs.

IND 66-1 in 21 overs: Shoriful is back on the field and is on to bowl his fourth over. He has resumed his battle with Jaiswall. Shoriful feigns a throw back at Jaiswal, who ducks away for cover. Shoriful stares right into him and Jaiswal smiles in return.

Just five boundaries in the innings though.

IND 63-1 in 20 overs: Jaiswal and Tilak have looked untroubled in the 10-overs phase, collecting 40 runs in the process. The pair has negotiated Rakibul and have looked to unsettle Shamim. Jaiswal on 37 (62 balls), Tilak on 18 (41 balls).

Fifty run-partnership up between the pair in 70 balls.

IND 57-1 in 17 overs: Jaiswal goes after Shamim, slog-sweeping him to the leg side boundary! Fifty up for India. Tilak steps out and smacks the ball along the ground to the cover boundary. 11 runs from the over.

IND 38-1 in 14 overs: Bangladesh's leading wicket-taker in the tournament Rakibul Hasan comes on. The left-arm spinner has the lowest economy in the World Cup. Players will have drinks. A steady 29-run partnership for India to steady itself in the final.

Unusual set up from Tilak. He taps the bat behind his legs and looks back to see the bat as it goes up before turning to face the bowler. JP Duminy on air says Quinton de Kock, too, follows a similar method to set himself up.

IND 30-1 in 12 overs: Spin introduced in the 12th over in the form of Shamim Hossain. Two runs from the over.

IND 23-1 in 10 overs: Brilliant from Sakib, his figures read 5-2-9-0. He tested the Indian openers and has applied pressure which played a part in Saxena's dismissal.

STAT: Other than Jaiswal and Saxena, no other Indian batter has batted more than twice in this tournament.

Ouch. Tilak sets off for a quick single and makes it but the throw hits him right on the knee! He is rolling on the floor in pain and the physio is out to check on him. After some strapping to his knee, Tilak is back on his feet.

IND 15-1 in 8 overs: Sakib digs it in short and Jaiswal pulls it hard to the square leg boundary. That is the first boundary of the final.

Tilak's U19 World Cup so far: 46, DNB, DNB, 2, DNB. A high pressure situation to walk in to with the little to no hit he has had in the last few matches.

Meanwhile, Shoriful is off the field.

IND 9-1 in 7 overs: WICKET! The pressure pays off! Avishek invites the drive by bowling one wide and Saxena takes the bait! He goes for a wild slash and only ends up finding the hands of Hasan Joy at point! Bangladesh players are ecstatic! Saxena departs for a 17-ball 2. Tilak Varma is the new batsman.

Right-arm medium pacer Avishek Das comes on to bowl.

IND 8-0 in 6 overs: Sakib had just two maidens 31 overs in the tournament. He nearly had three maidens in three overs in this final but his last delivery of the over is signalled wide.

IND 4-0 in 4 overs: Another maiden from Sakib with Jaiswal watchful with the deliveries outside off-stump. Sakib is moving the ball well while generating pace of late 120kmph.

IND 4-0 in 3 overs: Jaiswal clips Shoriful off his hips for the first run of the match. Saxena, too, is off the mark.

IND 0-0 in 2 overs: Sakib has a shy at the stumps which whizzes past Saxena's head who had to take evasive action. Sakib, too, has a word with the batter and umpire has to step in again. Fiery start here. A second maiden on the trot.

Tanzim Hasan Sakib will share the new ball. Alan Wilkins on air says he is a slippery customer with the ball who is at the batsman at all times.

IND 0-0 in 1 over: Shoriful with a stare down and a few words to Jaiswal after beating his outside edge. The umpire has a word with the bowler after he has another exchange with the batsman. A maiden to start the final! Superb start from Shoriful.

Left-arm pacer Shoriful Islam has the new ball.

The in-form Indian openers Jaiswal and Saxena are marching out to the middle. Can they pick up from where they left off in the semifinal?

Teams are out in the middle for the national anthem. Bangladesh first followed by India.

Priyam Garg: Yeah, I am confident. We have a good middle-order batsmen and are confident too. We are unchanged.

Akbar Ali: We are going to bowl first. There was rain last night, we are playing three seamers and we believe there is something in this wicket, hope we can exploit the conditions. It feels very special, it's a long journey for us. We have been working very hard for the last two years. We had a goal to play the final and we are here. She (PM of Bangladesh) is very kind, texted us and wished good luck.


India unchanged in the final. One change for Bangladesh. Avishek Das is in for Hasan Murad.

TOSS: Bangladesh wins toss, India to bat first.

If you are an English cricket fan, your heart may skip a beat here watching this. *if you know, you know* Go well in the warm-ups, Bangladesh.


If rain washes out play today, then we will have a reserve day with the match picking up from where its left off. If the reserve day gets washed out, the trophy will be shared between the finalists. On the weather update for Sunday, there is chance of slight thunderstorms in the evening.

India has steam-rolled every opposition in its path. There are some serious stars in the making in the tournament in the form of Jaiswal, Tyagi and Bishnoi. Here's the lowdown on the Class of 2020

India appears to be the runaway favourite for the final or will see a new champion in Bangladesh? Have your say.



Defending champion India is overwhelming favourite to win a record fifth U-19 World Cup title here on Sunday but a tough fight is expected from first-timer Bangladesh in an all-Asian final.

If the India squad for the 2018 edition had the likes of Prithvi Shaw and Shubman Gill, who have expectedly gone on to play for the senior team, the exploits of opener Yashasvi Jaiswal, spinner Ravi Bishnoi and pacer Kartik Tyagi in the current edition have made them overnight stars.

Bangladesh, too, has reaped the benefits of meticulous planning since its quarterfinal loss at the 2018 edition.


Though the Priyam Garg-led Indian side got the better of it in the tri-series in England and Asia Cup last year, Bangladesh has always come up with a fight and fielding coach Sharma expects it would be no different on Sunday. Read the full preview here .


Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the India U-19 versus Bangladesh U-19 World Cup 2020 final match at Senwes Park, Potchefstroom.

The match will be streamed live on Hotstar.

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