Dean Jones: 'India walked into a storm at Lord’s'

Shastri and Kohli have got a big job to bring the guys back in, says the former Australia batsman.

Dean Jones along with Star Sports CEO, Gautam Thakar, in Mumbai on Monday.   -  Special Arrangement

Former Australian batsman Dean Jones is quite familiar with cricket in India. He has closely followed the team’s trials, tribulations and setbacks in the first two Tests against England.

The 57-year-old Australian’s response after India was shot out for 107 and 130 in the Lord’s Test was akin to what most English commentators felt.

“The Indians got done in by the conditions, I think.

Molehills become mountains

“Sometimes you can over-analyse your technique. Molehills become mountains. You think too much about it. They have got to regroup now and come back. Unfortunately, the Indians walked into a storm. And they just could not get out of it. But I expect them to bounce back,” said Jones at the Star Sports studio here on Monday.

Asked how India would respond after being 0-2 down in the five-Test series and with its openers and other batsmen in dismal form, Jones said the coach and captain have their task cut out.

“As a coach, it’s really difficult to bring back the confidence. Ravi (Shastri) and Virat (Kohli) have got a big job to bring the guys back in.

“The only way to do is hard work. And that’s net practice after net practice... play a thousand balls in the nets, regroup and regain the confidence... work on your defence, and think of your game plan when the ball is swinging.”

Too good a team

Jones was quite sympathetic towards Dinesh Karthik. “I think DK is an outstanding player. But again, if you don’t score enough runs or take wickets, the game will sort you out. He’ll come back. I’m expecting the Indian team to bounce back.”

Looking at India’s tour of Australia later this year, Jones said: “I would like India compared to ours at the moment. I just personally feel that the Indian batsmen will belt Australia in Australia... there is no David Warner and Steve Smith and who’s going to make the runs against India. I’m expecting (Ravichandran) Ashwin to run though us.”