India vs England 2nd Test Day 2 Highlights: ENG 119/3 at stumps as Root leads charge; IND leads by 245 runs

IND vs ENG Highlights, India vs England Test Series: Get the live cricket score streaming, ball by ball commentary updates from India vs England 2nd test Day 2 from Lord's.


Mohammed Shami dismissed England opener Rory Burns for 49.   -  AP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of Day 2 of the second Test between India and England as action unfolds at Lord's Cricket Ground, London.

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A see-saw battle on day two culminates with a stiff comeback from the home side and its hopes hinges once again on that man, Joe Root.  India's hopes for a hefty total was dashed by a Jimmy Anderson masterclass with his 31st fifer in Tests. With 364 on board, India was well and truly on top and with Siraj's early double blow, all seemed at ease for Kohli's men. However, a stern fight from opener Rory Burns and Root meant India slowly waned in the third session as the batters did well to soothe the pressure on the side. Shami's late blow to snap Burns was a fine cushion for India but with Root still out three, day three could go either way and well, we're put in anticipation of an exciting moving day at Lord's. Goodnight folks, join us tomorrow for more action!

ENG 119/3 in 45 overs: STUMPS. A fiery over from Siraj to close play. Bairstow does well to scrape through and Root's charge has once again put the host in good stead at stumps.

ENG 118/3 in 44 Overs: Shami keeps a tight hold on his line and Bairstow does well to wade out of it with a forward press and a watchful leave. Just a few minutes away from the close of play.

ENG 115/3 in 43 overs: Siraj follows a fine line to test Bairstow. A ripper on the fourth stump line pitches in and shapes away from Bairstow and beats him all ends up.

ENG 114/3 in 42 overs: Shami to Burns. OUT! Trapped in front and the umpire raises the finger. Burns goes for the review almost instantly. Replays show three reds and there's the big break for India. Comes from around the stumps and tails the ball in sharply to Burns off the length. A gritty knock comes to an end and Burns misses his half-century by a run. Rory Burns lbw b Mohammed Shami 49 (136b 7x4)

Shami into the attack

ENG 108/2 in 41 overs: Top over from Siraj. He gets a sharp nip-backer to zip in off the length and slides past the inside-face of Root's bat. Touch and go there.

ENG 104/2 in 40 overs: The batters aren't having it easy against Jadeja. He mixes up his deliveries with a slew of tricks. Just three runs come off it and the pair at the middle would want to see off the next 20 minutes or so without a largely uneventful spell.

ENG 101/2 in 39 overs: Siraj dishes in a quick bounder that prompts Burns to jump up. The ball clips the edge and flies to Rahul at gully but falls just short as he takes it on the bounce.

ENG 100/2 in 38 overs: 100 up for England! Jadeja continues to Burns' forward press as he lobs on inches short off silly point. But what a remarkable turnaround for the host once again after two early jolts in the second session.

ENG 98/2 in 37 overs: Siraj resorts to a shorter length and the batters exchange strike frequently with singles. Burns is moving about his work with free-flowing strokes at the moment.

Joe Root becomes 2nd England batsman to score 2000 runs vs India in Tests

Siraj replaces Bumrah

ENG 92/2 in 36 overs: Jadeja varies his pace and follows Burns' bat to attack the stumps. Burns does well to bring the blade down in time against the quicker one and England inches towards 100.

ENG 91/2 in 35 overs: Root finds his touch with a sizzling square cut off Bumrah. In the channel but Root does well to create room and needle it to the fence and the skipper is setting himself for another big innings.

ENG 83/2 in 34 overs: Jadeja steams through his over. Burns presents a neat defense and sees off the tossed up deliveries as Kohli continues to shuffle about for a breakthrough.

Jadeja replaces Ishant

ENG 83/2 in 33 overs: Bumrah maintains a nagging length to keep the batters on their toe. India would want a wicket to keep itself in a good head space ahead of close of play but Root and Burns have given away very little to the seamers.

ENG 78/2 in 32 overs: Burns moves up a notch with a sizzling thump through point. Ishant offers just a hint of width and Burns' long haul at the creases helps him free up just that bit to hit through the zone.

ENG 74/2 in 31 overs: Testing over from Bumrah. Bumrah angles the ball in sharply and Burns' iffy defense lets the ball nearly chop the stumps. Bumrah follows a similar line with a shorter length and beats through Burns' timid push once again.

ENG 73/2 in 30 overs: 50-run partnership for Burns and Root! The skipper brings it up in style as he slashes Ishant to the point boundary. Kohli's frustrations are slowly back to the fore as England regains its touch again.

Ishant to continue

ENG 67/2 in 29 overs: Drinks. Bumrah does well to cramp Burns for room. He keeps the ball tight and on length outside the off-stump and Burns is put back on a rough spot with edges creeping in again.

Bumrah returns

ENG 64/2 in 28 overs: Drama continues. Ishant draws wide and Root slashes him through point for four. Ishant pushes it further up and Root's drive clips the edge and flies through the vacant second slip. Ishant does even better this time as he induces a genuine outside edge again and it falls inches short of a diving Pant. The tide has shifted quickly in the space of two overs.

ENG 54/2 in 27 overs: 50 up for England. Burns brightens up the crowd with a delightful punch off a overpitched delivery down the ground for four. Siraj pumps two bouncers next but Burns does well to arch back and pummel it through midwicket for a flurry of boundaries.


ENG 42/2 in 26 overs: Visuals of several people having a quick nap. Well, England's lull continues as Burns continues to prod out and about the crease. Ishant tails in a couple to his pads and away but Burns continues to keep a dead bat.

ENG 41/2 in 25 overs: Streaky from Root as he ends up edging as many as four deliveries from Siraj's nip-backers.  To his luck, none of them bounces off the blade to the close-in fielders.

ENG 41/2 in 24 overs: Ishant draws Burns to the drive and beats the outside edge. A bit more expressive all of a sudden is Burns and India could have a whiff of hope with a tight spell here.

Ishant returns

ENG 39/2 in 23 overs: Another review goes to the bin. Siraj hits Root once again on the pads with the ball sliding down leg and he's a bit hesitant to ask for a review this time. Kohli asks Pant as well who does not give a clear piece of his mind. Kohli reluctantly goes for it and is left fuming as the replays show the ball sailing past the leg-stump.

ENG 39/2 in 22 overs: Burns breaks through this time. Short and wide from Shami and Burns hangs back and cuts through the vacant fourth slip region for a boundary.

ENG 35/2 in 21 overs: India loses a review. Siraj concedes a boundary first up in the over to Root who slides the ball to fine leg for four. Siraj angles the ball in and hits the pads, seems to miss the leg-stump on first impression but Siraj pleads to Kohli to go for the review. Replays suggest that the ball has missed the leg-stump by a fair margin.

ENG 29/2 in 20 overs: Shami hits Root's pads but it's a tad too high on his knees. He maintains a wide length outside off to Burns who takes no chance on finding a boundary by easing his arms through the arc.

ENG 28/2 in 19 overs: Siraj returns from over the wicket and hits the deck hard to pin Burns back in his crease. He's worked hard to survive this early barrage and Burns would now want to make the most of it.

ENG 28/2 in 18 overs: Shami errs in his length off the penultimate ball after a fine start and Root cashes in. Strays onto the pads and Root whips it quickly for four through square leg.

ENG 24/2 in 17 overs: Siraj pushes the ball away from Burns outside the off-stump from over the wicket. Three balls later, he comes from around the wicket and beats the blade by a whisker as a fiery delivery hits the deck and sneaks through.

ENG 24/2 in 16 overs: Shami tempts Root into the drive and the England skippers comes forward with a compact forward defense. Shami keeps his line steady throughout but makes subtle variations in his length to draw the false stroke from Root who pokes back with solidity.

First international delivery faced in five years, courtesy Mohammed Siraj.   -  GETTY IMAGES


ENG 24/2 in 15 overs: Siraj to Sibley. OUT! Sibley holes out to short midwicket again! This is just shoddy from the England opener as he finds another ordinary delivery to fall into. Siraj draws wide down the leg-side and the ball stops for a moment on the pitch and Sibley couldn't resist a push at it. He lobs it straight to Rahul and India gets on the board instantly after the break. Hameed, the new man. Siraj cleans him up first ball. Straight through his defense and Hameed's comeback after five years ends in a first-ball duck! What a snorter to begin the third session. Dom Sibley c Rahul b Mohammed Siraj 11 (44b 1x4); Haseeb Hameed b Mohammed Siraj 0 (1b)

Siraj to continue

Third session begins....


It's tea. Another excellent session for England, although India still retains the edge in this contest.

Plenty of play and misses, but no wicket to show for it. A couple of edges fell short of the slip fielders.

Join us, for the post-tea session, in about 15 minutes.

ENG 23/0 in 14 overs: Shami's first ball of his next over is an excellent one; just seams away a bit after pitching. Doesn't take the edge. A similar delivery next up; slightly straighter; turned away to leg.

And then a loud appeal for caught behind! In the corridor outside the off-stump; Sibley has a poke at it. Did it take the edge? No.

ENG 20/0 in 13 overs: Burns shapes to pull the the first delivery from Siraj, but misses it. Then he gets a similar delivery and he does play the pull; doesn't time it, and the ball is the air for a while as it travels to the mid-on region, in the gap between mid-on and midwicket. Two runs are taken.

Siraj replaces Bumrah.

ENG 18/0 in 12 overs: And he's in business straightaway! Beats the bat of Sibley. In the channel, on off-stump. He gets the ball to move away sharply after pitching, on the third ball.

Sibley punches off the back-foot to pick up two runs through extra cover.

Mohammed Shami into the attack now.

ENG 16/0 in 11 overs: Cheer from the crowd as Sibley steers a short delivery outside off-stump from Ishant to third man for a single. It's the first run in more than two overs.

ENG 15/0 in 10 overs: A stifled appeal from Bumrah after he gets a delivery to pitch on a good length and the ball goes through Burns and hits his thigh pad. Another maiden over.

ENG 15/0 in 9 overs: Once again a delivery from Ishant that moves in sharply. Sibley gets an inside edge on it. And a similar delivery to finish the over; it's defended well.

ENG 15/0 in 8 overs: Bumrah produces an edge! But it falls a yard or two short of the gully fielder. Short of a length, on off-stump, the ball takes the shoulder of the bat of Dom Sibley.

And then again! But it falls short again. Sibley picks up a single next ball.

ENG 14/0 in 7 overs: Burns picks up his first boundary. Ishant errs; sprays it down the leg side, and Burns just helps it on its way past the diving wicketkeeper for a four.

ENG 10/0 in 6 overs: Burns gets another on his pads, and he nicely tucks it to the vacant fine-leg region to pick up three runs. And some excitement from Bumrah and India's close-in fielders as he bowls an excellent delivery to Sibley, but it doesn't produce a wicket. Short of a length, pitches on off-stump, shapes away just slightly.

Then another. This time it's a fuller delivery. Sibley drives at it and misses it.

ENG 7/0 in 5 overs: A maiden over from Ishant. The deliveries are left alone by Sibley. One of them is a full, inswinging delivery, and Sibley duly defends it. He was probably ready for it. The last delivery of the over is similar; it's defended.

ENG 7/0 in 4 overs: Burns gets a gift on his pads from Bumrah, and he flicks the ball away. But itgoes straight to the fielder at midwicket. No run.

A maiden over, as Burns leaves the deliveries alone outside the off-stump.

ENG 7/0 in 3 overs: A single is picked up off the first ball of Ishant's second over, as Burns tucks the ball to fine leg. Sharp swing for Ishant, on the third delivery; Sibley gets an inside edge on to his pads as he shapes to defend it. If the ball hadn't touched the bat, it would have been shout for lbw.

Sibley gets another delivery that swings into him and this time he's ready for it. He plays a nice on-drive for four. The first four of England's innings.

ENG 2/0 in 2 overs: Burns continues to be careful, as expected in Bumrah's first over. After leaving the first three deliveries alone, he gets one on his pads and he picks up a leg-bye.

Bumrah smiles as his excellent delivery in the corridor nearly produces an edge. Dom Sibley could only press forward and hope that the ball went past him without touching the bat. That's what happens.

ENG 1/0 in 1 over: Ishant Sharma with the ball for India. Rory Burns defends the first three deliveries, bowled on a length around off-stump, safely.

Then he edges one to second to second slip! Did the ball shape away slightly after pitching? Burns has a poke at it, and the ball lands just centimetres short of Rohit.

Roy taps another short-of-a-length ball to the leg side and picks up a single. Keeps strike for the next over.


An excellent comeback with the ball from England today, led by James Anderson. It's the 31st five-wicket haul of his career.

He started India's slide by dismissing Rahane on his first delivery of the day. He also dismissed Ishant Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah.

Right, can England make a match of it with the bat? We'll find out soon.

IND 364 in 126.1 overs: Jadeja decides to pull a short delivery from Mark Wood and is too late on the stroke. The ball balloons up and is caught by the fielder at mid-on.

Jadeja departs for 40. India has been bowled out for 364.

Ravindra Jadeja c Mark Wood 40 (120b, 4x3)

IND 364/9 in 126 overs: DROPPED! Anderson could have had his fifth! Short, wide, Jadeja plays the cut, and the ball travels quickly to Rory Burns at gully. The ball bursts through his hands and a run is taken.

And he has his fifth! Anderson bowls in the channel, Bumrah edges behind. India nine down now.

IND 363/8 in 125 overs: Jasprit Bumrah is the new batsman. He gets on strike after Jadeja picks up a single through point. Bumrah defends the two deliveries he faces carefully.

IND 362/8 in 124 overs: A loud appeal for lbw, and given! It's a full length delivery, pitches outside the off-stump but moves into the batsman after pitching. Ishant tries to defend it but perhaps was surprised by the fact that it came into him.

He takes the review. No problems there, and Ishant walks back after an entertaining little knock.

Ishant Sharma lbw b Anderson 8 (23b)

IND 361/7 in 123 overs: Now Jadeja decides to attack. He drives Robinson on the up and the ball falls in no-man's land in the deep past the fielder at extra cover.

Now when the throw from the fielder hits the stumps, the batsman is already in. Jadeja plays a delivery to leg and Ishant and Jadeja scamper for two runs. Ishant, at the non-strikers' end had reached when the ball hit the stumps.

And now Jadeja is nearly run out! He drops the ball on the leg side once again and runs a single. Ishant was far away from the crease when the throw from the fielder misses the stumps.

IND 355/7 in 122 overs: DROPPED! by Jos Buttler, who flew to his left to complete an acrobatic, one-handed catch. It was a short delivery from Wood, and the tall Ishant shuffles across to the off-side and awkwardly tries to fend the ball off to the leg-side. The edge is taken and Buttler dives; Ishant survives.

And then he's nearly dismissed again! This time, a near run out. A similar delivery from Wood, Ishant drops the ball to the leg-side and takes off for an ill-advised run. The short leg fielder throws the ball quickly and Ishant is out of the camera frame when the ball passes the stumps. Doesn't hit the stumps. It's Haseeb Hameed.

Change of strategy from Ishant; he gives himself room and plays a lofted stroke to collect a boundary through extra cover. Doesn't time it.

Jadeja attempts to attack the England bowlers after India lost Rahul, Rahane and Pant in the first session on day 2.   -  Action Images via Reuters

Mark Wood back into the attack, to bowl his 24th over.

IND 351/7 in 121 overs: Robinson gets the first two deliveries to angle across Jadeja from over the wicket. Left alone safely outside the off-stump by Jadeja. He gets a similar delivery, not as wide, and he defends it well.

Then he comes down the track to manufacture some runs, but plays it straight to mid-on. And the last one is an overpitched delivery outside off-stump, dug out by Jadeja. No run in the over.

IND 351/7 in 120 overs: Jadeja comes down the track to Anderson but defends the back-of-a-length delivery on the off-side. Is it a sign that he wants to attack? He gets a delivery on his legs and duly tucks it to square leg to take a single on the fifth delivery.

Ishant gets a full delivery which he plays straight to mid-on. One run from the over.

IND 350/7 in 119 overs: Ishant shuffles across to the off-side and flicks the ball to leg, the ball is in the air for a while, but falls short of the square leg fielder. And another typical stroke from Ishant; he comes across the off-side and the ball takes the outside edge and trickles away to backward point. Two runs taken. It brings up the 350 for India.

He shuffles across once again on the last ball of the over; the ball is tucked to fine leg but no run is taken. Jadeja has the strike for the next over.

IND 348/7 in 118 overs: Anderson comes on to bowl his 26th over. Another quick single. Ishant defends on the off-side and takes off, he dives to make it to the non-strikers' end as Moeen's throw misses the stumps.

Jadeja comes down the track to Anderson on the last delivery; it's a short of a length delivery, and Jadeja can only defend it awkwardly. No run.

IND 347/7 in 117 overs: Ishant gets his bat down on the full delivery from Robinson and plays it safely. The second delivery is a touch fuller, on leg-stump; Ishant awkwardly defends it.

Then he gets a full delivery outside off and he steers it gully where the fielder dives to his left to prevent runs. And a near run-out! Ishant taps the ball on the off-side and takes off for a single; the fielder throws it to the strikers' end, and would Jadeja have been run out? Looked like it.


Today's morning session is the first session that has gone England's way. It's the second time this series that Rahane was dismissed quickly, and the spotlight would be on India's middle order which hasn't shone brightly in recent matches.

Rahane scored an excellent century in Melbourne last year, but in the last 12 months, he averages 26.47 with the bat. Kohli, in the last 12 months, averages 29.08, and Pujara averages 25.11.


Join us for the post-lunch session, in about 35 minutes.

A first fair share for the host as India lost the plot from the start with K. L. Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane falling in the first two overs of the day. Rishabh Pant joined forces with Jadeja to wield a short revival before Pant departed off a poor stroke. India would yet stand fairly content with its performance and would back itself to post enough on the board.

Jadeja would perhaps come with an aggressive approach straight up in the second session and another 30-odd runs could end England's hopes of a win at Lord's.

IND 346/7 in 116 overs: LUNCH. Jadeja leads India to the break after smacking a quick bumper from Wood down the leg-side for four.

IND 340/7 in 115 overs: Ali tries to dislodge Ishant with a wobbled seam delivery that hits the length and straightens. Ishant does well to cover ground and press low to meet the ball as we near the lunch break.

IND 339/7 in 114 overs: Wood continues to hit the deck hard. Jadeja uses Wood's pace and works a single to the leg-side. Ishant then pushes forward and sees off a couple of deliveries.

IND 338/7 in 113 overs: With Ishant at the other end, Jadeja's options have taken a hit. He keeps a couple of deliveries from Ali out before taking the single and Ishant does well to defend against Ali's fuller balls.

IND 337/7 in 112 overs: Wood cranks up his pace once again but Jadeja deftly defends and sneaks in a single off the final ball to retain strike.

IND 336/7 in 111 overs: Ali to Shami. OUT! Straight to short mid-wicket! Ali cuts his pace and Shami attempts to turn the ball through mid-on but clips the edge straight to Burns. The Indian innings is slowly tapering off now.  Mohammed Shami c Burns b Ali 0 (2b)

IND 331/6 in 110 overs: Wood to Pant. OUT! Edged and gone! Wood's extra zip finally gets him a reward. Pant fails to get on top of the extra bounce and a sheepish attempt to cut the ball curtails another fine start from him. England can now smell a fine chance to roll India over in this session.  Rishabh Pant c †Buttler b Wood 37 (58b 5x4 )

IND 325/5 in 109 overs: Sharp turn for Ali as he loops the ball full and inward towards the middle-stump. Jadeja attempts to go for the slog and misses it completely and the ball skims past Buttler to Root at slips.

IND 324/5 in 108 overs: Jadeja continues to play with fine restraint. He waits for the ball like Rahul, late on it and makes the most of a delivery that Curran gently takes away from his arc. Jadeja follows and opens the face of the bat and sneaks in three runs.

IND 319/5 in 107 overs: Ali flights the ball in towards the off-stump and the batters move back and forth to churn out a couple of singles with no turn on offer yet.

Moeen Ali is back

IND 316/5 in 106 overs: Curran toils hard to maintain a tight length outside the off-stump. Jadeja pins back in his crease and jumps over the deliveries and pushes them off the pitch.

IND 316/5 in 105 overs: Pant flashes hard through extra cover and Wood gets a firm thumping first-up.  Pant's shifting gears here and the locks have unchained a bit on the scoring rate.

IND 308/5 in 104 overs: Curran continues to spray deliveries all over and the left-handed pair rotate strike freely for the first time in the session.


IND 303/5 in 103 overs: Wood comes from around the wicket and drills the ball in to Jadeja who presents a dead-batted defence to keep him at bay. Just a solitary run and the players head to drinks.

IND 302/5 in 102 overs: Curran's inconsistent run continues. The left-armer aims to draw some swing but fails to induce one to keep Jadeja on the backfoot. The ball strays down leg and Jadeja wafts it away for a boundary at long last as India crosses 300.

Curran replaces Anderson

IND 298/5 in 101 overs: Wood continues to zip through and beats Pant twice in the over. A huge test for both batters as a wicket would drastically expose the tail here.

Wood into the attack

IND 298/5 in 100 overs: Jadeja presents a dead bat close to his body to stay away from Anderson's probing line of attack. He continues to keep the bat out of the equation and maintains a good old fashion leave.

IND 298/5 in 99 overs: Pant attempts to shift the pressure onto Robinson. He sets out on a slog over mid-off and clears the fielder to find two runs.

IND 296/5 in 98 overs: Anderson angles the ball away from Jadeja who is content leaving the balls with a watchful eye. Anderson keeps his line going with utmost precision.

IND 296/5 in 97 overs: Successive boundaries for Pant as he breaks the shackles. Robinson goes short outside off and Pant does well to rock back and pull over midwicket for four. Robinson bowls another of a similar length and Pant dismisses it once again through the square leg fence.

IND 288/5 in 96 overs: Anderson discards swing and hits the deck hard against Pant. Pant wades out of a couple of them before advancing down for a slog. A thick outside edge then results in a streaky boundary over gully.

IND 283/5 in 95 overs: Robinson maintains his line in the channel outside off as Jadeja targets to tuck them away out of trouble. He lands in an awkward position as he attempts to play a horizontal push. Robinson's quicker one zips through and beats him convincingly and we have a third maiden on the bounce. How long before either of them go for a big stroke?

Test record since 2020

Rahane - Matches: 13 | Runs: 541 | Avg: 25.76

Pujara - Matches: 13 | Runs: 552 | Avg: 25.09

Kohli - Matches: 10 | Runs: 387 | Avg: 24.18

IND 283/5 in 94 overs:
Anderson keeps Pant on his toes as he varies his length. Pant's fidgety style gets the better off him as Anderson beats his bat twice in the over. Another maiden sneaked in.

IND 283/5 in 93 overs: Robinson brings the ball into Jadeja who attempts to play it as late as possible. The extra zip induces a couple of inside-edges but Jadeja maintains his stance outside the crease.

IND 282/5 in 92 overs: Anderson to Rahane. OUT! Edged and taken! What a start for England! Dream delivery from Jimmy to begin as hits the fifth stump line and shapes the ball away from Rahane. His poor run continues as he goes for a hard push at the ball and the edge easily carries to the slips. Ajinkya Rahane c Root b Anderson 1 (23b)

Anderson from the other end

IND 282/4 in 91 overs: Robinson to Rahul. OUT! WHAT A JOLT! Full and in the slot but Rahul smashes it straight to the cover fielder. Rahul fails to start afresh and attempts to build on right from where he stopped yesterday. The drive hangs in the air for a moment and a classic knock comes to a wry end. Rishabh Pant is the new man. Pant begins with a delightful stroke down the ground that nutmegs Robinson and races to the boundary.  KL Rahul c Sibley b Robinson 129 (250b 12x4 1x6)

Robinson to start.

Day 2 is here! KL Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane walk out to the middle as Joe Root's mark their positions.


3:15PM IST: Overcast conditions persist before the start but we'll keep our fingers crossed for a dry spell today.

3:00PM IST: The skipper must be happy about how things are placed ahead of day two.

Virat Kohli warms up ahead of the second day's play at Lord's.   -  AP



2:41PM IST: Live visuals show a very animated chat from Ravi Shastri with his men on the field. India will have a massive chance to seize and maintain a commanding position in the Test today.

2:25PM IST: An hour and about from resumption with KL back at the crease. What a day it was for the Indian opener at Lord's on Thursday!


Numbers game

  • Most Test hundreds by an Opener in SENA since 2000 (for non-SENA player): Chris Gayle - 6, KL Rahul - 3, Virender Sehwag - 3
  • KL Rahul became just the third Indian opener to score a hundred at Lord's after Vinoo Mankad (1952) and Ravi Shastri (1990).
  • Least runs scored in the last 10 Test innings (in the top-order) -  106: Jeet Raval, 108: Cheteshwar Pujara*
  • Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul registered India's first 100-plus opening partnership in England since 2007.

Day 1 Review

A spectacle of the highest-order was on display at the iconic Lord's on Thursday with India suiting itself to a fine start courtesy the sheer brilliance of KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma against the English seamers. The slope and the conditions were toppled and the home side skipper was left tattered as the Indian openers bid their eye in slowly before Rohit in particular unleashed his repertoire of strokes on the menacing Wood and a waning Curran in the second session.

India strode far ahead by then and Rohit who looked at his absolute best, was poised for the elusive overseas ton before a corker of equal verve and brilliance from the old fox Anderson cast his downfall at 83. Rahul, who maintained a monk-like approach at the other end, shifted gears almost instantly to wear down the bowlers.

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Pujara's dismal showing continued and skipper Kohli worked hard to get his runs by which time Rahul had essayed a master-class on the off-side to carve out a stupendous hundred to etch his name in the famous Honours Board. Kohli's dismissal at the stoke of stumps meant England had a pint to rejoice.


With Rahul continuing his gritty balance between attack and defence, India is well placed to go past 350. Joe Root's lack of intent and bizarre bowling changes cost the side on day 1 and England will be wary of it as it hits the field on Friday.


Rohit Sharma: "At no given point, it looked like he (Rahul) was confused or thinking too much. He was very clear with his plans, and when you trust your plans, it works. I thought today was his day, and he made it count. Once you play and get the feel of the pitch and conditions, then maybe you can try and play some shots.We respect the conditions here, and it's also important to go out and implement plans. That is something we as a batting group have done reasonably well -- right from Australia tour to today."

India's KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma at Lord's Cricket Ground on Day 1 of the second test against England   -  Action Images via Reuters

Ollie Robinson: “We planned to bowl a fourth or fifth stump line (to Kohli). Back of a length. Luckily, the plan worked. We toiled hard today against the batters, and credit to them, they played well. Getting him was huge and will give us momentum in the morning.”

Our correspondents Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya and Vijay Lokapally preview the second Test match between England and India, take a quick look at cricketing action around the world and discuss their Tokyo Olympics experience.


Playing XIs

India XI:  Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (wk), R Jadeja,  Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

England XI: Rory Burns, Dom Sibley, Haseeb Hameed, Moeen Ali, Joe Root (c), Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler (wk), Sam Curran, Ollie Robinson, Mark Wood, James Anderson


The second Test between India and England will be shown LIVE on SONY SIX and SONY TEN 4 channels and streamed online on Sony LIV and Jio TV from 3.30 pm IST.