India vs England 3rd Test HIGHLIGHTS, Day 2: Root century takes ENG to 345-run lead vs IND at stumps

India vs England Highlights: Get live streaming updates, ball by ball commentary updates from India vs England 3rd Test, Day 2 at Headingley.


Joe Root smashes his 23rd Test ton as England dominates India on day 2 at Headingley.   -  Getty Images

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage from Day 2 of the third Test between India and England as action unfurls at Headingley Stadium, Leeds.

Kohli and Co. have been made to feel that a poor day 1 was more than just an odd aberration. Day two had even more in the offing as England's top-order recorded a thumping return to run-making with all four - Hameed, Burns, Malan and especially their skipper Joe Root - going past fifties. The bowlers were left in the wilderness for an eternity as England shifted gears through the second session to milk runs at a rapid rate. Root, in his imperious touch, anchored the tempo perfectly as he posted a record sixth Ton of the year at a whopping strike-rate of above 80.

The aggressive/active Virat Kohli was nowhere in the frame and so did his odd tactics make India's quest for wickets seem even more tough. A struggling Ishant was forced in by Kohli in lengthy spells even as the batsmen made light work of him, furthering his issues with the ball. Only time will tell, if Kohli's men can force them out of a rut and fight with equal verve, for England's drawn the boundaries all over this Test so far. Join us tomorrow as India closes in on its reply with the bat, good night!

ENG 423/8 in 129 overs: STUMPS. England pulls curtains on day 2 with a resounding 345-run lead! Clean domination with the impeccable Root ruling the roost.

ENG 418/8 in 128 overs: Siraj to Curran. OUT! Pull straight to deep midwicket. The perfect bouncer to Curran rises steeply to his shoulder. Curran goes for the hook but finds the fielder at the fence. Siraj's struggling with cramps and we have a brief delay before he resumes bowling.  Sam Curran c sub (MA Agarwal) b Mohammed Siraj 15 (30b 2x4)

ENG 418/7 in 127 overs: Ishant continues to drag away from the right-hander and Overton creams the loose delivery. Short and wide and he rocks back and slashes a fine boundary through point.

Ishant returns

ENG 411/7 in 126 overs: Siraj attempts to angle the ball in but Overton's presenting himself as a nice surprise. The batsmen rotate strike for three runs.

ENG 408/7 in 125 overs: Overton takes a charge. Jadeja floats the ball into the middle-stump and Overton clears his front leg and smokes the ball down the ground for four.

ENG 404/7 in 124 overs: Siraj takes away the width and bowls sharply around the legs to Curran. He does well to wade off Siraj with a neat defense.

Siraj into the attack

ENG 402/7 in 123 overs: Jadeja goes full to Overton and pins him down with that sharp line. He sticks to his line throughout and completes a maiden.

ENG 400/7 in 122 overs: The batsmen begin to poke at everything. Overton finds a streaky edge that zips past the slip cordon for another boundary. India has found quick wickets in the third session, but tad insignificant in the bigger scheme of things.  Bumrah bowls a no-ball and it's 400 for England!

ENG 392/7 in 121 overs: Curran lays low but flakes Jadeja this time and gets another boundary. Jadeja offers a hint of width and Curran rocks back to slice it past backward point for four.

ENG 388/7 in 120 overs: Curran drills Bumrah with a meaty blow through the covers for four. England in no rush to stop the pounding.

ENG 383/7 in 119 overs: Jadeja to Ali. OUT! Straight to Axar at mid-on! Jadeja floats one in and Ali goes for the slog but mistimes. Axar, the sub fielder has an easy time behind the ball down the ground.  Moeen Ali c sub (AR Patel) b Jadeja 8 (18b 1x4)

ENG 383/6 in 118 overs: Bumrah to Root. OUT! Chops back to the stumps! Full and sharp from Bumrah outside the off-stump. Root leans into it but finds the inside edge chopping it straight back to the timber. A magnificent innings comes to an end and once again, he parries England to a commanding position. Joe Root b Bumrah 121 (165b 14x4)

ENG 383/5 in 117 overs: Root finds another boundary even as he's cramped for room by Jadeja. He sits stiff on the crease and paddles it for four. High command.

ENG 378/5 in 116 overs: England leads by 300! Kohli's men are staring down the barrel here and Root's not going to stop this misery any time soon. Bumrah attempts to fire one into his pads, but Root's supreme touch makes light work of the probing delivery.

Bumrah replaces Shami

ENG 375/5 in 115 overs: Top class from Joe! Jadeja goes full but Root goes the extra mile with a deft reverse-sweep to stump the backward point fielder. Another boundary for the skip!

ENG 368/5 in 114 overs: A hint of late movement for Shami as he keeps poking at Ali's off-stump. Shami flakes one outside off and Ali unleashes a languid cut through point for four.

Root completes 500 runs in the series!

ENG 361/5 in 113 overs: Jadeja into his 11th over. Root's cramped for room as Jaddu bowls flat and into the pads. Root gets a single after blocking a few straight deliveries. Ali escapes first-up as Jadeja zips through his defence and nearly clips the top of off.

ENG 360/5 in 112 overs: Shami to Buttler. OUT! Flicks one straight to square leg! Superb stuff from Shami. He beats the edge outside off first-up and tucks the ball in sharply to follow up. Buttler is forced to nudge it away and holes out to the close-in fielder.  Jos Buttler c I Sharma b Mohammed Shami 7 (12b 1x4)

ENG 355/4 in 111 overs: Jadeja wafts the ball in and lures Buttler forward for a tentative stroke. He's caught in two minds about a single but rushes back to the crease.

ENG 353/4 in 110 overs: Shami beats Root's bat with another fine delivery in the channel outside off. Seems like Root's feeling the fatigue settle in as he enforces a shaky push.

ENG 352/4 in 109 overs: Buttler keeps Jadeja at bay with a neat defence. Jadeja keeps it short and tempts Buttler for the pull, but he keeps his anchor down.

ENG 350/4 in 108 overs: Shami to Bairstow. OUT! Terrific catch from Kohli in slips. Shami induces the edge off the drive from Bairstow and Kohli skims low in the slips and completes a fine grab. The nagging length of Shami does it again. Shami nearly gets Buttler as the inside-edge off the forward defence falls straight to the short square leg's feet. Jonny Bairstow c Kohli b Mohammed Shami 29 (43b 4x4 1x6)

Shami returns

ENG 349/3 in 107 overs: Bairstow raises the heat! Jadeja goes full and Bairstow wallops him over the long on stands for a huge six. Misery, misery....

ENG 337/3 in 106 overs: Ishant up on pace a bit and pins Bairstow to the crease with a couple of probing deliveries. Bairstow continues to push forward and takes a single off the last delivery to retain strike,

ENG 336/3 in 105 overs: Jadeja darts through as Bairstow employs a dead-bat approach against the leftie.

ENG 335/3 in 104 overs: Rooooooot gets to his 23rd Test hundred! Third in three Tests as his home crowd soars in jubilation.  This is some serious run from the English skipper as India's shunned by he rate at which it has come - the strike rate a shade above 80!

Most Test 100s vs India: 8 - Joe Root*, Ricky Ponting, Garry Sobers, Steve Smith, Vivian Richards

ENG 329/3 in 103 overs: Another quiet over as Bairstow is challenged around the stumps. Neat bowling but there's little to poke through the defences for Jadeja.

ENG 328/3 in 102 overs: Lead crosses 250! Ishant's certainly carrying a niggle. He runs in gingerly and Root piles on the misery with another boundary. Kohli's absolutely flummoxed and looks certainly out of sorts with his tactics.

Ishant replaces Siraj

ENG 321/3 in 101 overs: Bairstow joins the party! Jadeja drills the ball to near yorker length but Bairstow grinds it down through long-on for a boundary. Jadeja instantly varies his length and goes wide. Bairstow takes a huge leap forward and aces a perfect drive through square for another four. England's milking the bowlers at the moment.

ENG 313/3 in 100 overs: Root moves from strength to strength! Siraj's first delivery prompts Root to stay back in his crease and cut easily past Rohit in slips for four. He ends the over in a similar fashion as he pummels Siraj down the ground for a gorgeous drive.

ENG 303/3 in 99 overs: Another quick over from Jadeja. He continues to draw Bairstow forward. Bairstow does well to set low and nudge the ball off the surface.

ENG 302/3 in 98 overs: Siraj continues to steam in and surprise the batters. Bairstow is convincingly beaten twice as he goes wafting outside the off-stump. Siraj follows the bat and pushes the ball in sharply off the length to whiff past the edge.

ENG 301/3 in 97 overs: Jadeja slackens his pace and forces Bairstow to push forward. A push lobs rebounds from Pujara at silly point to Pant and there's a stifled appeal for a catch.

The umpires go up for a replay and finds that the ball touches the grass before lobbing away from Pujara's shin.

ENG 300/3 in 96 overs: 300 up for England! Siraj strays a bit towards the pads and Root continues to build towards another ton.

ENG 298/3 in 95 overs: Jadeja keeps a tight line on return, drifting the ball into Root's pads. Root prods forward and maintains a solid block, maiden for Jaddu.

Jadeja into the attack

Third session begins. Bairstow joins skipper Root.


A wicket at long last for India, at the fag end of the second session. Root is still there, and he looks good for another century.

India needs a miracle to escape from here, as the lead is now 220 runs. England still has seven wickets in the bag.

It was an excellent partnership between Root and Malan. Both batsmen played excellent strokes for fours and rotated the strike well. Both batsmen are strong square of the wicket, and many of the runs scored were in that area, in the arc between third man and cover.

Join us, for the post-tea session, in about 20 minutes.

ENG 298/3 in 94 overs: Siraj continues.

Root gets a short of a length delivery, outside the off-stump, he defends it. He gets a similar delivery next up and he flicks it to midwicket. Root gets a full delivery on his legs and he clips it to square leg for a single.

Has the strategy to bowl short to Root been abandoned?

Malan gets a good length ball outside the off-stump. Malan is so confident that he doesn't reach the pitch of the ball and just plays the drive from his crease and makes no mistake. Middle of the bat. The ball races to the extra cover boundary.

A full delivery next up, down the leg side. Malan attempts the flick, and misses as the ball is collected by the keeper down the leg side. And India has taken a review. Did it hit the bat?

It has! The snickometer shows a spike as the ball passes the bat. A wicket for India, right at the stroke of tea.

Dawid Malan c Pant b Siraj 70 (128b)

ENG 293/2 in 93 overs: A shout for lbw from the wicketkeeper and the bowler. It will miss the leg stump. It's a full delivery on leg-stump. Root picks up a leg-bye.

Malan defends or drives or pats the delivery back to the bowler or flicks to midwicket. For no run. A shout for lbw again, on the final ball; Malan goes on the front foot to smother the ball and it hits his pads. Perhaps the impact was outside the line of the off-stump.

Jadeja back into the attack.

ENG 292/2 in 92 overs: Siraj bowls short of a length, the ball going across the left-hander. Malan waits for the ball to come to him, then steers it fine to third man. The fielder at third man has likely been placed exactly for this stroke; Jadeja picks up the ball as it comes directly to him and restricts the batsmen to one.

Root gets a short delivery; it's pulled away to square leg for four runs. Completely in control of that stroke. Then he pulls again, the ball goes finer, and Root picks up a single.

Outside the leg stump. Malan leaves it alone. The final delivery is on a good length, outside the off-stump, it's defended to cover.

ENG 285/2 in 91 overs: Ishant bowls short to Root. It's pulled to fine leg for a single. It's followed up by a short delivery on leg-stump; Malan gets away from it as it flies to the keeper.

A short of a length delivery on off-stump. Malan defends.

Then a similar delivery, slightly fuller, and it's pushed to mid-on for a single. Root plays the pull shot to the short ball and picks up another single. Ishant bowls down leg; the ball is left alone by Malan.

ENG 282/2 in 90 overs: Siraj bowls short to Malan; it's pulled to fine leg for a single. The bowlers switches to around the wicket for Root; bowls short again. Left alone. Is India trying out its short-ball strategy? Looks like it.

Short again, pulled by Root to fine leg. He wasn't in full control as he played that one. The ball is in the air for a while but it goes above the fielder's head and the fine leg fielder is too deep for a catch.

Malan gets one on his legs and clips it away for a single. Root plays a late cut for another single.

ENG 278/2 in 89 overs: Ishant bowls in the corridor. Short of a length. Left alone by Root. He bowls one on to Root's pads; it's flicked away to square leg for a single.

He switches to around the wicket for Malan. Bowls full, on off-stump. Malan opens the face of the bat as he defends the delivery; the ball travels to point and the batsmen take a single.

Root flicks again to pick up a single. Malan drives to deep cover from his crease to pick up a single. The lead is now 200.

ENG 274/2 in 88 overs: Siraj starts off with a full delivery to Root; it's driven to cover. Then, plays with soft hands as he allows the ball to come to him - it's a dab to third man for a single.

Siraj continues to bowl from over the wicket to Malan. It's a short of a length delivery angling across the left-hander. Defended. Then, slightly fuller, and straighter. Defended again. Then fuller delivery, on middle stump, it's flicked expertly by Malan through midwicket for four runs. Bisects mid-on and midwicket well. Malan moves to 60.

Siraj bowls a short of a length delivery outside leg-stump to finish his over. Malan swivels for a pull but pulls out of the stroke eventually.

Ajinkya Rahane has a word with Siraj as he hands the ball the fast bowler. Siraj will bowl his 14th over.

ENG 269/2 in 87 overs: Starts off with a no-ball. The first two deliveries are left alone by Malan. They're followed up by a short of a length delivery outside the off-stump that is dealt with well by Malan as he plays the late cut - again - for a four through third man.

A short of a length delivery again, slightly straighter. And it's defended from the crease by Malan.

Ishant switches to over the wicket for Root, who defends off the front foot. It's another no-ball. Ishant bowls full, on off-stump. It's driven by Root, but the ball takes the inside half of the bat and trickles down to mid-on. Fuller still, driven again, to mid-on.

Ishant bowls one on to Root's pads, it's clipped away to midwicket for three runs.

Ishant Sharma back into the attack.

ENG 259/2 in 86 overs: Edged! And falls short of the diving Rishabh Pant. It's a short of a length delivery from Shami; Malan tries to guide it to third man. It takes the edge of his bat but Pant's dive to his left isn't enough to complete the catch as the ball falls centimetres ahead of him.

Then a similar delivery, but this time, Malan was in full control as he guided it to third man. It's a half-century for him. Root drives through the off-side and pick up a single, and then Malan clips one off his legs to pick up another single. It brings up the 100 partnership. The last delivery is driven off the front foot by Root for no run.

ENG 256/2 in 85 overs: Another delivery ripe for punishment by Root, and it's duly punished as well. Root gets a short and wide delivery from Bumrah; it's nicely steered away off the back foot for another four. Loud cries of 'Rooot' as well as he played that shot.

Root shoulders arms to a good length delivery angling in, outside the off-stump. He drives the last two deliveries of the over for no run.

ENG 252/2 in 84 overs: A good length delivery from Shami, outside the off-stump. Malan plays it really late; the ball had passed him by as he steered it away to third man for a boundary.

A short delivery from Shami. It's cracked off the backfoot for another boundary, this time through point. An excellent, confident stroke from Malan, who is now just one away from his half-century. 250 up for England as well.

The last three deliveries from Shami - on a good length, angling into the left-hander - are defended.

ENG 243/2 in 83 overs: Malan and Root take quick singles.

An excellent delivery to test the in-form Root from Bumrah. It's in the corridor; on a good length. It's a no-ball; Bumrah has bowled quite a few this series. Root plays a trademark dab to collect a single off the fourth delivery.

Bumrah bowls a short one to Malan, it's left alone.

ENG 239/2 in 82 overs: Root gets to his half-century with a nice punch off the back-foot for a boundary through extra cover. It's a short of a length delivery from Shami, outside the off-stump; Root goes on to his back-foot and punches it well. Lovely stroke.

Three more runs from the over. A flick produces two runs, and then Root gets an inside edge as he tries to defend a short of a length delivery, and gets one.

Shami into the attack.

ENG 230/2 in 81 overs: He starts off with a full toss, bowling from around the wicket. Outside the off-stump. It's defended by Malan. Two slips and a gully in place for Bumrah.

The second ball is left alone outside the off-stump. It's short of a length, in the corridor. Bumrah fires in a full ball on middle stump; it's flicked away to midwicket for no run.

Short and wide, and the ball is cut hard by Malan to cover for no run. The fifth delivery is an excellent one: it's left alone by Malan, the ball narrowly evades the off-stump en route to Pant.

The last ball is cracked to the extra cover boundary by Malan. He got some width and the ball wasn't too full but enough to play the drive; Malan took full toll.

Bumrah back into the attack, to bowl his 21st over. The new ball has been taken. Can India get a few wickets with the new ball?

ENG 226/2 in 80 overs: Siraj's short of a length delivery from over the wicket - angling across the left-hander - is steered away to third man for a single. Root is back on strike; he defends a good length ball for no run.

Slightly shorter, outside the off-stump. Root opens the face of the bat to steer it away to third man for two runs. Siraj goes fuller. Defended off the front foot.

Full delivery, quite wide, Root reaches out to it and drives it. Three runs, including an overthrow.

ENG 221/2 in 79 overs: Jadeja quickly goes through his over again. He bowls full to get the batsman driving. Two singles taken, then Root seizes on a full delivery on off-stump; he plays a nice slog-sweep for a four through deep midwicket.

Six from the over.

ENG 215/2 in 78 overs: Root solidly defends off the backfoot again as Siraj delivers a short of a length delivery on off-stump. Slightly straighter, and it's clipped off his legs for a single.

Siraj switches to around the wicket for Malan. Good length, defended off the front foot by Malan. Then slightly shorter, similar delivery, defended again with a loud call of 'no' by Malan. Then again. Defended from the crease.

Short delivery from Siraj for a change. It's pulled hard to midwicket. No run.

ENG 214/2 in 77 overs: A slip, a short leg and a short mid on in place for Jadeja.

Bowls full again to get the batsman driving. Malan drives the deliveries, but no harm done. The fourth ball was a half-tracker; it's cracked away off the back-foot for a four through point by Malan.

Last delivery: pitches on a good length; defended off the front foot for no run.

ENG 210/2 in 76 overs: He bowls short of a length, defended. Then goes slightly wider, Malan shoulders arms to him. It's followed up by an excellent delivery: accurate, sharp, it pitches on a good length and narrowly evades the edge of Malan's bat as it goes through to the keeper.

The fourth ball isn't as accurate. It's turned away off the hops for a single.

Siraj switches to over the wicket to Root. Good length, on off-stump: defended off the back-foot. Then Siraj goes slightly wider in his crease as he delivers the ball: it's angled into Root, who solidly defends off his crease again.

Siraj back into the attack.

ENG 209/2 in 75 overs: Full delivery to Malan from Jadeja. Malan goes for the drive, but misses it and the wicketkeeper misses the ball too. Four byes.

A tight single on the fourth ball. It's a full ball; driven straight to mid-off and the batsmen scamper through.

Jadeja bowls full again for the most part in his 12th over.

ENG 204/2 in 74 overs: Short and wide, and cries of 'Rooot' as he Root steers the ball through cover off the back foot for a boundary. Moves to 33. 200 up for England as well.

It's followed up by a slightly fuller ball; in the corridor. Left alone. Slightly straighter; Root had closed the face of the bat as he tried to turn it to leg when the ball hit the edge of the bat and trickled down to cover for two runs.

Full and wide, it's driven crisply to cover. The fielder dives to stop the ball. No run. Last ball: defended solidly.

ENG 198/2 in 73 overs: Jadeja quickly goes through his over. He bowls full for the most part. The fourth delivery (a good length delivery) is punched off the back-foot for a quick single.

To Malan, he switches to over the wicket and the ball pitches on a good length and turns sharply in. Awkwardly negotiated by Malan. Then he gets a similar delivery and defends.

ENG 197/2 in 72 overs: Ishant bowls short of a length, punched away to cover for no run by Root. Then goes fuller, it's driven off the front foot to cover.

The third ball is a bit straighter, on a similar length. It's on-driven for no run. Root leaves alone the next delivery outside the off-stump; it's a good length delivery in the corridor. Similar delivery, on off-stump, defended.

Short and wide, perfect delivery for Root to play his trademark cut. He does it, to cheers of 'Rooot', but there's a fielder stationed at deep point. A single only.

ENG 196/2 in 71 overs: Jadeja bowls full for the first half of the over. Defended or turned away to leg for no run.

Fourth ball: Jadeja bowls a low full toss; Root takes full toll. It's crisply clipped away through square leg for four. And another! This time it's a short delivery; Root goes deep in his crease and uses his wrists to steer the ball through the gap between mid-on and midwicket.

The final delivery of the over is turned away off his legs for a single.

ENG 187/2 in 70 overs: Ishant Sharma to bowl the second over of the post-lunch session.

He starts off with a short of a length delivery outside off-stump, it's gently steered off the front-foot by Root to cover for a single. Malan gets one on his hips and he turns it away to fine leg for a single. A good length delivery is defended, and then a short of a length delivery (on a similar line) is punched off the back-foot to point for no run.

Nicely defended from the crease when Ishant straightens his line slightly. A fuller delivery outside off-stump; it's driven through the gap between extra cover and mid-off by Root. Three runs.

ENG 182/2 in 69 overs: Jadeja starts off with an overpitched delivery on off-stump to Malan; it's driven back to the bowler. Malan gets a shorter delivery outside off-stump, turning into him; opens the face of the bat and defends on the off-side.

Takes a strike down the wicket and defends, before trying to drive off a similar delivery but inside edging on to his pads. Steers one to point off the back-foot, and then turns one off his legs to square leg. No run.

Jadeja to start the proceedings for India.

The post-lunch session was when it all unravelled for India on Day One. Can India restore parity in the post-lunch session today?


Ishant Sharma needs one wicket to surpass Zaheer Khan and become the second-highest wicket-taker among Indian fast bowlers. He is currently tied with Zaheer at 311 wickets.

But he's looked a little off-colour so far in this innings so far. A bit wayward, lacking the sharpness and the discipline to trouble England's batsmen.

What will lift India's spirits is the fact that there is some assistance for spinners on this pitch. If the ball lands on a patch of rough, the ball could turn sharply. Haseeb Hameed's dismissal - although not suggestive of a spicy pitch - will boost India's morale.

The last time India played here, in 2002, spinners accounted for 11 of the 20 English wickets to fall. Anil Kumble took seven wickets and Harbhajan Singh took four.


ENG 182/2 in 68 overs: England moves into Lunch with a 104-run lead! A commanding position for the host as India is forced to toil hard in its quest for quick breakthroughs.

Shami returns

ENG 174/2 in 67 overs: Root gets busy and finds easy runs off Jadeja at the stroke of Lunch. Four more runs to the board.

ENG 170/2 in 66 overs: Bumrah attempts another yorker and nearly gets through to Malan's pads. The southpaw reacts swiftly to nudge the ball. He gets in a mix-up after guiding the ball to the off-side. Root isn't interested in the single but Malan prompts him to make the late run. Bumrah sends another probing yorker to Root who blunts it to the ground on the full.

ENG 169/2 in 65 overs: Root off the mark as Jadeja bowls outside off. A gentle push to open his account before Malan offers the strike back to him with another single. Jadeja darts one flat into Root who then slides it behind square to add two more runs.

Yes, he's back home.   -  Getty Images


ENG 164/2 in 64 overs: Bumrah continues to work around Malan, pushing the ball in sharply off the length to hit him on the abdomen. Bumrah then puts Malan on a spot with a slew of good bouncers. Meanwhile, there's a odd moment after Siraj costs a bizarre overthrow boundary. Bumrah is displeased and gives an angry gesture to Siraj.

Bumrah replaces Siraj

ENG 159/2 in 63 overs: Jadeja to Hameed. OUT! Bowled him with a ripper! He loops one in on the length and the ball wafts past Hameed's front foot defence. He plays down the wrong line and Jadeja gets his first wicket of the series and it comes at the right time for the dejected Indians.  Haseeb Hameed b Jadeja 68 (195b, 12x4)

Jadeja into the attack

ENG 157/1 in 62 overs: Malan's in the zone! Siraj goes a shade full and Malan leans into the cover drive with grace. The surface continues to deny India's seamers any help and Kohli's thinking hat has taken a backseat once again.

ENG 153/1 in 61 overs: Bumrah continues to hit the deck hard and extend his short-ball setup to Hameed. Is a surprise yorker around the corner? Hameed continues to maintain a delicate touch over the bat as he leans forward to block a fuller delivery.

ENG 153/1 in 60 overs: Siraj on the pads again and the ball brush Malan's thighs before trickling to the boundary. Kohli's frown gets deeper by the minute as England moves past 150 with ease.

ENG 149/1 in 59 overs: Bumrah hits Hameed flush on the helmet and we have a delay. He has a smile on his face almost instantly and returns to take guard. Bumrah tails one in to hit the pads but the ball is sliding down leg. Hameed regains composure and tucks away the remaining deliveries.

ENG 149/1 in 58 overs: Malan cuts and finds two exquisite boundaries. Siraj draws wide and pays the price for it as Malan easily rocks back and slashes him through gully twice.

Siraj replaces Shami

ENG 141/1 in 57 overs: Bumrah with a bouncer barrage. He gets the ball to spring up sharply as Hameed ducks with a shady technique. The bat continues to hang high in the air and Bumrah could well be kept in the loop after seeing that.

ENG 141/1 in 56 overs: Shami continues to bowl in the channel outside off. Malan restrains from the drive this time. Shami gets another maiden.

ENG 141/1 in 55 overs: Bumrah fires in a seething yorker but Hameed is on top of it in a flash. He does well to get the bat down in time and prevents a sure shot wicket. An hour down on the clock and the players break for Drinks.

ENG 141/1 in 54 overs: Shami sends in a sharp bouncer, prompting Hameed to dip low with his bat hanging in the air. Malan gets on strike and Shami instantly beats the edge with a fine tempter outside the off-stump. Malan aims for a full-bloodied drive but misses.

ENG 140/1 in 53 overs: Bumrah brings the ball in sharply to Malan who does fell to get behind the line of the ball. Bumrah whips one in and Malan does it well to see it past the off-stump. Bumrah's trying a bit too much already. He ends up offering width to the left-hander who leans into the drive and creams a boundary through covers.

ENG 136/1 in 52 overs: Shami continues to mix his length to Hameed. He keeps his cool and fends them off and Malan's still off strike on his return.

ENG 136/1 in 51 overs: Bumrah zips the ball in sharply to Hameed. Solid technique from the right-hander as he bends low on the crease and offers a dead-bat.

Bumrah replaces Ishant

ENG 135/1 in 50 overs: Shami to Burns. OUT! Cleans him up with a beauty! Shami gets his ploy on point. He begins with a couple of deliveries away from Burns' arc and bring the ball in off the length sharply. The ball beats his defence and kisses the top of off and India has its first, finally! Rory Burns b Mohammed Shami 61 (153b 6x4 1x6)

ENG 135/0 in 49 overs: Much better from Ishant this time. He brings the ball into Hameed for the first time today and beats the outside edge rightaway.

ENG 133/0 in 48 overs: Shami continues to eye the offstump but Burns is solid as ever. He fends off the length deliveries with ease.

ENG 133/0 in 47 overs: Runs come to flow for Burns as Ishant errs in line once again. Another delivery rushes to the pads and Burns easily flicks it to midwicket to find three runs.

ENG 130/0 in 46 overs: Shami tucks one in and Hameed promptly places it to the boundary through midwicket. All too easy at the moment for the batters and the irregular lines from the bowlers add to India's woes.

ENG 126/0 in 45 overs: Burns having it easy at the moment. Ishant strays to the pads once again and Burns plays it front of square this time. A wristy flick from the birthday boy fetches him his first boundary of the day.

ENG 121/0 in 44 overs: Shami begins with a sharp attack on Burns' offstump. He hits the length and tails the ball in sharply. Burns is solid with his movement at the moment. He leans forward and blocks with a neat blade.

Shami from the other end

ENG 121/0 in 43 overs: Ishant begins with a poor delivery down leg to Burns who tucks it fine for a single. Kohli continues to employ Ishant who's seemingly struggling with his line. Ishant bowls well outside the offstump to Hameed who lets it move past his guard.

Day 2 begins! Ishant Sharma into the attack against Burns and Hameed.


3:26PM IST: Conditions are overcast and cold as we near the start. The Indians have walked out to the field.

3:06PM IST: Ten days after the Lord's debacle, here we are..

Skipper Root all smiles ahead of the day's play.   -  Getty Images


2:33PM IST: Here's a look at some numbers from the Test.

  • Virat Kohli completes 50 innings without a century - his longest drought for the milestone in his career.
  • James Anderson is one wicket away from 400 Test wickets at home.
  • India registered its ninth lowest Test score and the third-lowest after electing to bat first.
  • Jasprit Bumrah needs five wickets to become the fastest Indian pacer to pick 100 Test wickets.
  • Ishant Sharma needs 1 wicket to become India's second leading pacer in Test history. He will go past Zaheer Khan's tally of 311 wickets.
  • Haseeb Hameed and Rory Burns' unbeaten partnership is now the highest opening stand for England since the retirement of Alastair Cook.
  • India's 3,4,5 batting averages: 26.09 (2020), 27.80* (2021)

2:15PM IST:
A sad news comes in from England as its former Test captain, Ted Dexter passes away at the age of 86 in Wolverhampton. RIP, Ted. Former England Test captain Ted Dexter dies aged 86

Day 1 Review

There's something compelling about sport that forces one to stay grounded despite epoch-making highs. India's epic heist at Lord's was indeed a tale of great heroics, however, if Kohli's men thought they'd have it easy at a venue where it remained untested for 19 years, they'd got it all wrong.

A stunning comeback from the home side steered by a sizzling bowling performance after losing the toss was later backed up with a solid opening partnership. Anderson's riveting masterclass - shunning Rahul, Pujara and Kohli - displayed the grit with which England had approached the Test after stooping at Lord's.


India's batters were on tenterhooks except Rohit who fell into a rut after losing partners at a constant rate. Skipper Kohli's century drought extended to 50 innings and it's perhaps time for the modern great to analyse the chinks in his batting. With a paltry total up front, Kohli would have hoped his seamers to return a blow of similar proportions. 

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However, a determined pair of Burns and Hameed were all set to blunt the new ball before raising the scoring rate at a decent pace.  The surface did little to assist India's pacers and Kohli, the aggressor, naturally took a backseat.

Come Thursday, Root's men are all set to bat India out of the Test as move in with 10 wickets in hand alongside a comfortable lead to set the tone. Can India bounce back and pull certain rabbits out of the hat to script a return. Stay tuned!

In this episode of Matchpoint Paradox, Shayan Acharya, Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya and Vijay Lokapally recap India's Lord's win, the question of how much aggression is good aggression and all the other news from the world of cricket.

2:00PM IST: #OTD in 2012 - Leading from the front with an unbeaten 111, Unmukt Chand joined Virat Kohli and Mohammad Kaif when his Indian side won the U19 World Cup, beating Australia by six wickets in the final.




India XI:  Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (wk), R Jadeja, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

England XI: Rory Burns, Haseeb Hameed, Dawid Malan, Joe Root (c), Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler (wk), Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Ollie Robinson, Craig Overton, James Anderson


The third Test between India and England will be shown LIVE on SONY SIX and SONY TEN 4 channels and streamed online on Sony LIV and Jio TV from 3.30 pm IST.