India vs South Africa 1st Test Day 3 Highlights: India lead by 146; Shami picks five-for

South Africa vs India LIVE Score, 1st Test Day 3: Get the live cricket score updates between IND vs SA from the SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium.


Shami dismissed Temba Bavuma to pick his fourth wicket.   -  AP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of day three of the first Test between India and South Africa

84 overs bowled today. India 16/1 in the third innings, lead by 146. We will be back with what promises to be a cracker of a day four. Thanks for joining us tonight. See you.

GONE! Change of bowling works and Jansen gets Agarwal caught behind on the stroke of stumps. Shardul Thakur walks in as nightwatchman. Jansen to Thakur, bowls it wide down leg side. Dot ball. That was a hat-trick ball. Squares up Thakur on the last ball but the batter will still get four for it as the edge flies to the third man fence. That will be stumps.

IND 12/0 in 5 overs: Rabada to Mayank, it's a no-ball. Rabada has struggled with it today. Two off the over.

IND 10/0 in 4 overs: Ngidi to Rahul. Six dots on the trot.

IND 10/0 in 3 overs: Here's Rabada. Four dots later, Mayank guides one past the packed cordon for four. Played with soft hands.

IND 6/0 in 2 overs: Here's Lungi Ngidi. Rahul on strike. He punches one through point for four.

IND 2/0 in 1 over: Rabada to Rahul, single. The first ball's a no-ball. Tidy start - just two from it.


SA 197 all out in 62.3 overs: Maharaj slashes Bumrah and the ball lands straight in the third-man fielder's hands. India has wrapped up South Africa under 200 and has got itself a hefty lead of 130 runs.

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SA 193/9 in 62 overs: Shami to Rabada. OUT! Taken by Pant! FIFER and 200th Test wicket for Mohd. Shami! Rabada for once, pokes at a ball away from his reach and Shami finds the outside-edge once again to land the milestone.

Shami is the third fastest Indian pacer to reach 200 Test wickets behind Kapil Dev (50) and Javagal Srinath (54) in 55 Tests.

SA 193/8 in 61 overs:
Bumrah gets a sharp nip-backer to spring off the pitch and Maharaj cops it flush on the abdomen. He's taken aback with the late jerk off the pitch but follows up with a solid block.

Bumrah replaces Thakur

SA 192/8 in 60 overs: Shami goes short and Maharaj slams him through point for FOUR. Another streaky edge and the ball races off Maharaj's bat to third-man for FOUR. The problems with the tail continues to frustrate India.

SA 184/8 in 59 overs: Rabada continues to chip away and trusts his partner Maharaj to hold his ground. Two runs from the over.

SA 182/8 in 58 overs: Shami continues to fire into the pads. Maharaj fiddles around the stumps and does well to block off the deliveries that seem to tail in.

Shami returns

SA 181/8 in 57 overs: Jansen lunges forward and whips Thakur past mid-wicket for FOUR. South Africa is sneaking away with some crucial runs here. And right on cue, there's a loud shout for an lbw appeal and it's given!  Thakur cuts down on pace and Jansen opens his stance off the last second as the ball slips past the bat to thud into the back pad. Jansen reviews but the ball is crashing into the stumps with umpire's call deemed in on impact. Marco Jansen lbw b Thakur 19 (42b 3x4)

SA 177/7 in 56 overs: Ashwin to Rabada. Slip and short leg in place. Rabada goes aerial and hits one over the bowler's head for six! What a strike. Drinks will be taken as the fielders search for the ball. These two batters have added 33 now. They have found the ball! Couple of dots to finish.

SA 171/7 in 55 overs: Here's Thakur. Jansen on strike. He plays a glorious on drive for four - beautiful shot. Valuable runs for the host.

SA 167/7 in 54 overs: Ashwin. Rabada plays out a draw. Ashwin is rifling through his over at Jadeja's pace.

SA 167/7 in 53 overs: Siraj drops one in the slot and Rabada casually lofts him over mid-off for FOUR. Siraj fends short and Rabada pulls it down to fine leg for a single.

SA 162/7 in 52 overs: Ashwin's rushing through his overs. Minimal assistance from the pitch and he latches onto his next best suit.

SA 160/7 in 51 overs: Siraj replaces Shami. Streaky from Rabada. A hard slashes at the ball and it races just over the slip cordon for FOUR.

SA 154/7 in 50 overs: Ashwin pushes Jansen to the back-foot from around the wicket. Jansen aims to sweep and nearly beats the square leg fielder. A good stop from Mayank denies him four runs.


SA 153/7 in 49 overs: Shami continues to nibble at the outer-half of the bat. He draws Jansen forward to the drive and the ball flies off the edge past gully for FOUR.

SA 149/7 in 48 overs: Ashwin operates from around the wicket to Rabada. He slides the ball in and invites Rabada forward. Rabada moves into the ball and nudges them about the circle with ease.

SA 148/7 in 47 overs: Bavuma gets to his fifty with a delicate flick to mid-wicket for FOUR. And he falls soon after! Beauty from Shami as he induces the false stroke from Bavuma. A lapse right after the milestone. Shami tucks it full right outside the off-stump, forcing Bavuma to have a tick and gets the outside-edge. Pant gloves his 100th Test dismissal - becomes the fastest Indian to the feat as Shami has his 199th scalp in Test cricket. Temba Bavuma c †Pant b Mohammed Shami 52 (103b 10x4)

IND vs SA: Pant breaks Dhoni's record, becomes fastest Indian keeper to reach 100 Test dismissals  

SA 140/6 in 46 overs: Ash runs through the over as he cramps Jansen with a couple of sliders. Jansen holds his guard and Ashwin finishes with a maiden.

SA 140/6 in 45 overs: Shami begins with a wide bouncer skidding away from Jansen. He flicks the nip-backer that follows for a couple of runs.  Shami continues to keep a tight line against Bavuma who continues to employ a solid defence.

SA 137/6 in 44 overs: Debutant Jansen and Bavuma find a couple of singles as Ashwin loops the ball in anticipation of turn. Not much happening for Ash at the moment on this surface.

Ashwin into the attack

SA 133/6 in 43 overs: Shami to Mulder. OUT! Edged and gone! Excellent from Shami as he follows up a quick bumper with a fuller delivery, outside the off-stump. Mulder easily draws himself to it and wafts his bat at it. The ball clips the outside-edge and flies low to Pant who completes a clean catch. Wiaan Mulder c †Pant b Mohammed Shami 12 (33b 2x4)

Shami replaces Shardul

IND 129/5 in 43 overs: Siraj maintains the line around the off-stump and Mulder responds with a solid defence. Siraj strays to the pads off the last ball and Mulder flicks it to fine leg for a single.

IND 128/5 in 41 overs:  A flurry of boundaries for Bavuma. Thakur drops short and Bavuma creams him through point for FOUR  before a gorgeous on-drive races to the fence. Thakur draws forward and gets an outside-edge that skims to third-man for another FOUR.

IND 116/5 in 40 overs: Siraj tails the ball which keeps dangerously low. Mulder manages to hold the blade down just in time to save his pads. Siraj overpitches a touch and Mulder drives him crisply through cover for FOUR.

Siraj from the opposite end

IND 111/5 in 39 overs: Thakur begins with a fuller length to Bavuma. He brings one in sharply after a couple of leaves from the batter and Bavuma gets a sharp inside-edge that lobs onto short leg.  Another no ball from Thakur and Bavuma drives the last delivery down to mid-off.

Shardul Thakur continues

We're back for the final session.

Siraj to bowl the final over before tea. Mulder on strike. Maiden to wrap up the session.  That one goes to India - four wickets for the visitor. Bumrah, Shami and Siraj were relentless up front, especially Shami. Bavuma and de Kock denied India for a while before Thakur had de Kock chopping on 17 mins before tea. South Africa 109/5 at tea.

SA 109/5 in 37 overs: Here's Thakur with Bavuma on strike. That's a maiden - first for Thakur this innings.

SA 109/5 in 36 overs: Siraj continues. Three slips in place. Bavuma took a single first ball. Mulder on strike. Just one from it.

SA 108/5 in 35 overs: GONE! Shardul Thakur back into the attack and strikes first ball - Qdk chops on. Bumrah is back on the field. Mulder comes to the crease and is greeted with a short ball, which he pulls handsomely for four. Four slips for Mulder. Wicket and a four in that over.

SA 104/4 in 34 overs: Siraj is back into the attack. He is bowling to de Kock. Huge appeal for lbw against Bavuma. Not given by the umpire. India review. It was a fuller around off, nipped back in to beat the inside edge. The replays suggest the ball is going over the stumps. India have lost a review.

SA 103/4 in 33 overs: Shami. de Kock on strike. Two slips in place for the left-hander. Three dots later, de Kock collects a single. Two dots to finish.

SA 102/4 in 32 overs: Ashwin to de Kock, single and with it the 100 comes up for the host. Bavuma on strike. Single for Bavuma.  Just one more off the last two balls.

SA 99/4 in 31 overs: Shami continuing his stranglehold over the batters - Four dots later, de Kock collects a single. Meanwhile, Bumrah still being attended to by the physio. He is back on his feet, just checking if he is ready to bowl. Just a single off that Shami over.

SA 98/4 in 30 overs: Ashwin to Bavuma with slip and leg slip in place. Ashwin bowls a short ball and Bavuma slaps it away to the deep midwicket fence. Dot to finish.

SA 94/4 in 29 overs: Shami back into the attack. de Kock collects a couple. Shami once again giving nice work over to Bavuma.  Off the third ball, Bavuma defends a length ball with soft hands but the ball spins back towards the stumps. Bavuma tries to kick it away but misses - fortunately for him, the ball doesn't go on to hit the stumps. Four off the over in the end.

SA 90/4 in 28 overs: Ashwin to de Kock, who brings up the fifty stand with a couple first ball. Next ball, de Kock launches Ashwin over long-on for six. Qdk stamping his authority on that occassion. Nine from the over.

SA 81/4 in 27 overs: Thakur. Bavuma creams a drive through extra cover for four. Next ball, the outside edge flies off Bavuma's bat and races away to the third-man fence. The following delivery is a no-ball. And another no-ball. Dot to finish. Nine from the over.

SA 71/4 in 26 overs: Ashwin continues. de Kock on strike. He is beaten on the first ball, went for the cut and missed a length ball outside off. Five dots later, Ashwin bowls a half-tracker and de Kock happily pulls it away for four.

SA 67/4 in 25 overs: Thakur is back. de Kock on strike. Just one off the over.

SA 66/4 in 24 overs: Ashwin to Bavuma, single off the first ball. Slip and short leg for de Kock. The left-hander takes a single off the fifth ball. Dot to finish.

SA 64/4 in 23 overs: Good over from Siraj. Just two off the last ball. Meanwhile, Bumrah seems to be loosening up near the dug-out - still a bit gingerly.

SA 62/4 in 22 overs: Time for spin. Ashwin into the attack. Just a single off the first ball for de Kock.


SA 61/4 in 21 overs: Here's Siraj again. Bavuma on strike. FOUR! Bavuma offers full face of the bat as he drives it to the right of mid-off for four.

SA 57/4 in 20 overs: Thakur to de Kock, who greets the all-rounder with two back-to-back fours. The first through deep backward point and the second, an on drive for four. Another no-ball called by the third-umpire, second of the over. 10 from it.

SA 47/4 in 19 overs: Siraj to Bavuma. A couple to the right-hander off the second ball. A no-ball from Siraj, confirmed by the third-umpire. Follows it up with three dots. Three from the over.

SA 44/4 in 18 overs: Shardul Thakur into the attack, over the wicket. Starts with a big no-ball. Bavuma is on strike. Single to end the over.

UPDATE FROM BCCI: Jasprit Bumrah has suffered a right ankle sprain while bowling in the first innings. The medical team is monitoring him at the moment. Shreyas Iyer is on the field as his substitute.

SA 42/4 in 17 overs: Bavuma gets off the mark with a boundary - little overpitched from Siraj and Bavuma puts it away, welcome runs for the Proteas. Another boundary - pleasing on-drive for four. Single to end the over. Nine from it.

SA 33/4 in 16 overs: Shami around the wicket to de Kock. Six dots. Both batters have been shackled by some disciplined, skillful bowling. Runs have dried up.

SA 33/4 in 15 overs: Siraj to de Kock. Another maiden. Some serious heat from the Indian quicks.

SA 32/4 in 14 overs: Shami giving Bavuma a good working over. Peppering him with short balls but Bavuma up to the task so far. Another maiden for Shami. That's his third maiden in five overs.

SA 32/4 in 13 overs: Siraj. van der Dussen on strike. Dussen gets a couple off the third ball. And he has holed out! Nothing shot that really - lazy push at that ball and Rahane, at gully, takes a sharp catch. SA have lost three within half an hour of the second session. Quinton de Kock is nearly out first ball! Rahul the culprit at slip. Regulation chance goes begging.

SA 30/3 in 12 overs: Shami. Markram on strike. GONE! Shami gets Markram with a peach! The stumps in disarray. Squared Markram up in defence and the ball hit the top of off stump. That ball seamed away late. Bavuma is the new batter. Dot to finish.

Bumrah is in the dug-out, getting treatment on his ankle.

SA 30/2 in 11 overs: Bumrah continues. van der Dussen on strike. Replays suggest there was no edge off Markram's bat in the previous over. The ball brushed the thigh pad. Meanwhile, Bumrah seems to have twisted his ankle on the follow through! He is down and the physio is out. That looks nasty on the replay. Bumrah's off for some treatment. Siraj bowls the final ball. Dot to finish.

SA 30/2 in 10 overs: Dropped! Shami squared up Markram and the edge to the right of Pant, who couldn't latch on to the ball. Back of a length ball that straightened on off stump.  Pant dived in front of Pujara at first slip. The ball bounced off Pant's glove, hit Pujara on the ribs and rolled down. Maiden over.

SA 30/2 in 9 overs: Bumrah. van der Dussen on strike. Maiden from Bumrah. Signs of variable bounce in that over. Indian bowlers will try and hit the deck hard.

SA 30/2 in 8 overs: GONE! Shami cleans up Petersen! He goes for 15. Petersen has chopped on, loose drive from the batter and he pays the price. Rassie van der Dussen at No.4. Markram gets one away to deep mid-wicket for four. Good length ball on middle and these are easy pickings for Markram.

Welcome back for the post-lunch session.

SA 21/1 in 7 overs: LUNCH | South Africa heads to the break after a scrumptious cover drive from Petersen. Bumrah nips the ball back in sharply but Petersen gets on top of the bounce and waltzes it through cover for FOUR.

SA 16/1 in 6 overs: Shami hits the deck hard and straightens the ball to Markram who steps out to see off the skiddy lengths. Shami maintains the line and starts off with a maiden.

Shami replaces Siraj

SA 15/1 in 5 overs: Bumrah continues to fire deliveries into the channel outside the off-stump. Makram employs neat leaves before presenting a dead bat to balls that angle in. 

SA 14/1 in 4 overs: Siraj overpitches once again and Markram whips it through point for FOUR. Siraj's yet to gain control over his lengths in this new-ball spell.

SA 10/1 in 3 overs: Bumrah attempts to attack the off-stump and Petersen does well to cover the line and defend. Bumrah drops his length a couple of yards and Petersen easily shuffles and puts the ball to the mid-wicket fence for FOUR.

SA 6/1 in 2 overs: Siraj slides a bowl down leg and Markram easily tucks it away through mid-wicket for FOUR.

Siraj into the attack

SA 2/1 in 1 over: Bumrah to Elgar. OUT! There goes the SA captain! An absolute crackerjack from Bumrah induces the early edge, pouched safely by Pant. He slides the ball into the good length, with the ball tailing in sharply with some serious late movement. Elgar's late to react and aims to get the bat down off the last second. The ball crashes past the outside-edge and Pant slips low to his left to take a fine catch. India's seamers could be as menacing as their counterparts on this surface.  Dean Elgar c †Pant b Bumrah 1 (2b)

Back for the Proteas innings. Dean Elgar and Aiden Markram are at the crease. Jasprit Bumrah with the new ball.

A nightmarish morning for India. Kohli and Co. would have hoped to get themselves to a hefty total in the 400-zone before putting South Africa on the hook. Instead, a rejuvenated Ngidi and Rabada made up for their passive intent on Day 1 with a sensational hour of bowling. Rahul and Rahane failed to pick up on their overnight scores while the lower middle-order crumbled to poor strokes. Given the pace trio it possesses, India will bank on its chances to land an equal if not greater blow to the South Africans.

IND 327 all out in 105.3 overs: Jansen to Bumrah. OUT! There's a wrap for the Indian innings! Jansen drops short outside off and Bumrah guides it straight to Mulder at third slip. Jasprit Bumrah c Mulder b Jansen 14 (17b 2x4)

IND 327/9 in 105 overs: Siraj holds his ground neatly with a firm defence. Mulder attacks the stumps before attempting draw Siraj forward.

Mulder into the attack

IND 327/9 in 104 overs: Boom says Bumrah! Jansen fends short from over the wicket and Bumrah hooks the ball well to square leg for FOUR. A tinge of gorgeous flourish follows as he lofts a fuller delivery from Jansen over mid-off for another FOUR.

Jansen replaces Rabada

IND 319/9 in 103 overs: Ngidi drags the ball short and Bumrah manages to clear the mid-wicket fielder with a rash pull for three runs. Ngidi pushes one into the slot and Siraj whacks him hard through cover for FOUR.

IND 312/9 in 102 overs: Bumrah gives a sighter at all three stumps but pushes Rabada through extra cover for two runs before finding another single. Siraj hangs around by a thread as Rabada nearly knocks him out with a fiery bouncer.

IND 308/9 in 101 overs: Ngidi to Shami. OUT! Wicket No. 6 for Ngidi! Another delivery short of good length outside Shami's reach and this time he gets a thickish outside-edge that has de Kock back in business once again.  Mohammed Shami c †de Kock b Ngidi 8 (9b 2x4)


IND 304/8 in 100 overs: Rabada to Thakur. OUT! Another one for de Kock! Thakur slams Rabada for a blistering boundary over point, dismissing the short delivery outside off with a hard swing at it. Rabada deftly pushes the ball forward and draws the outside-edge with Thakur's bat hanging well out from his front leg. Easy for de Kock and South Africa continues to steamroll the Indians.  Shardul Thakur c †de Kock b Rabada 4 (8b 1x4)

IND 300/7 in 99 overs: Ngidi to Pant. OUT! FIFER FOR NGIDI! Ngidi pumps the ball into Pant's thighs. The ball thuds into the inside-edge and lobs up van der Dussen at short leg. Third Test fifer for Ngidi and what a scorching morning has it been for the host!  Rishabh Pant c van der Dussen b Ngidi 8 (13b 1x4)

IND 296/6 in 98 overs: Rabada to Ashwin. OUT! There goes another! Rabada drops the ball short and draws the leading edge from Ashwin as he aims a sheepish flick. The ball lobs up straight to Maharaj at short cover. South Africa is chipping away now! Ravichandran Ashwin c Maharaj b Rabada 4 (5b 1x4)

IND 291/5 in 97 overs: Ngidi to Rahane. OUT! Edged and GONE!  Rahane's given it away. Ngidi gets the ball to nip back in ever so slightly from the length and Rahane attempts for a late cut with minimal room on offer. The ball springs up an extra bit and gets the outside edge before de Kock pouches another.  Ajinkya Rahane c †de Kock b Ngidi 48 (102b 9x4)

IND 291/4 in 96 overs: Another no ball from Rabada. He follows it up with a fiery delivery angled at Pant's off-stump. Pant gets a thick outside-edge that skims past third slip down to third for FOUR.

IND 286/4 in 95 overs: Streaky from Rahane. Ngidi gets the ball to sway from Rahane, pushing his bat forward from his body. The ball clips the outside edge and flies through a vacant gully region for FOUR. Rahane gets off strike with a quick single. Ngidi finds some swing as he gets the ball to tail into Pant who flicks it to mid-wicket for two runs.

IND 278/4 in 94 overs: Rabada to Rahul. OUT! There's the early breakthrough for SA! Rabada oversteps twice in the over but keeps the fire up throughout. He bumps one in quickly with the ball slanting into Rahul's ribs. He shuffles to tuck it fine but the ball clips the blade and flies straight to de Kock who makes no mistake. Rabada is pumped up, some early reward for good aggressive bowling! KL Rahul c †de Kock b Rabada 123 (260b 17x4 1x6)

IND 276/3 in 93 overs: A couple of singles for Rahane and Rahul as Ngidi pumps the ball short before cramping Rahane on the back-foot. He still manages to slice the ball square and forces the point fielder to scamper to stop a boundary.

IND 274/3 in 92 overs: Rabada slides the ball into Rahane who easily puts it past mid-on for a single.Rahul leaves a couple of deliveries that zip off the length outside the off-stump with three slips and a gully in place.

Rabada from the opposite end

IND 273/3 in 91 overs: Sharp bowling from Ngidi to begin proceedings. He pushes the ball in hard at Rahane's stumps. Rahane exuding confidence with his movement to the ball. He defends confidently before tucking the last ball to square leg for a single.

Lungi Ngidi to resume.

Back to Action! Out walk the Proteas, followed by KL Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane who are on 122* and 40* respectively.

1:00pm IST: The sun's beating down at SuperSport Park today. KL Rahul and Rahane will hope to make merry in favourable conditions and push on a big first innings total against the Proteas. We're 30 minutes away from the start of Day 3.


Persistent rain washed out day two at Centurion. Intermittent showers through the morning and afternoon ensured there was no possibility of play - REPORT

Playing XIs

India 11: KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Ravichandran Ashwin, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj

South Africa 11: Dean Elgar(c), Aiden Markram, Keegan Petersen, Rassie van der Dussen, Temba Bavuma, Quinton de Kock(w), Wiaan Mulder, Marco Jansen, Keshav Maharaj, Kagiso Rabada, Lungi Ngidi

Toss: India wins toss, opts to bat


: We will bat first. Runs on the board playing away home has been our strength. The pitch tends to quicken up here on Day 2-3. Our success away from home started from the series we played here last time. Very challenging place to play. South African unit always strong and they know the conditions. The prep has been wonderful. Quite lucky to get the centre-wicket practice. Siraj, Shami, Bumrah, Ashwin and Thakur is the all-rounder.

Elgar: Nice and relaxed and looking forward to what is going to be a brilliant Test series. We had a good week's camp in Johannesburg. We are prepared as best as we could. Debutant in Marco Jansen. Tall left-arm bowler. Mulder as all-rounder. Kesh is our spinner. KG, Lungi and Marco are the pacers


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