Harbhajan Singh was a naughty child and he admits he received a lot of scolding from his mother, Avtar Kaur.

As Harbhajan recalls, “Not that she was just busy scolding me all the time. It was only when my pranks because too frequent that she would get angry. At all other times she was just caring for me and supporting me. She hardly followed cricket. All she knew was that I would go out to play and sometimes travel to play. Like all mothers, she prayed for my success.”


Over the years, Avtar Kaur came to follow cricket. “She saw me on TV and slowly developed an interest. She would celebrate the team’s victories and would be far more disappointed than me or the team if we lost. She is my greatest teacher.

"Of course, I give her no reason now to scold me. I have loved her cooking and always took the first train or flight home to go home after a tour. She has made lot of sacrifices for ensuring that I got the best at home. To this day, I insist she makes  methi wali makke ki roti  for me.”