CSK vs KKR Highlights: Jadeja's 8-ball 22 hands Chennai Super Kings thrilling win

KKR vs CSK 2021 Live Score, IPL 2021 Match 38: Follow the live IPL score updates between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight riders from Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi.


Ravindra Jadeja's cameo powered CSK to a thrilling win over KKR.   -  SPORTZPICS

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the IPL 2021 match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight riders from Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi.

What a win. We will let you catch your breath! With 26 needed off 12, Ravindra Jadeja took the attack to Prasidh Krishna in the penultimate over, collecting 21 off ihs bowling, including two sixes and two fours. But with four needed off the last over, CSK lost Curran to Narine and then Jadeja, off the penultimate ball. However, Chahar slapped the final ball towards midwicket for a single and sealed CSK's win, carrying them to the top of the points table once again! What a contest. This was game 1 of tonight's double-header. The next one is underway, with MI facing RCB. That promises to be a cracker too. Until next time, take care and good night.


Narine gets a wicket first ball. Curran holes out! Shardul Thakur walks out to bat. The batsmen didn't cross, so Thakur will take strike. Dot ball. 4 off 4. Thakur runs three off the next ball. Scores are level! Dot ball. 1 off 2. Jadeja has been given out lbw! He reviews. What a match! It's three reds and Jadeja departs! 1 off 1 with a new batsman on strike. Chahar in focus now. He does it! Gets a single and CSK have won a thriller!

Can Jaddu and Curran see CSK home? Prasidh Krishna to bowl the 19th. Starts by conceding a single. Another single. Singles won't hurt KKR. What a turnaround this has been. CSK was cruising at one point but KKR bowlers have pulled things back admirably. Meanwhile, Jadeja has tonked one over backward square for six! And another one! Jadeja, you beauty! This one sails over long-on for another six. Four more. Brilliant.He has squirted this through backward point for four. Now Jadeja goes over point for four! What an assault. He has raced to 22 off 6. CSK need 4 in 6 balls.

Gone! Raina run out and KKR are right back in this! Bowled him! Varun cleans up Dhoni with a googly. Huge moment in the match. KKR on top? CSK still have Curran, Thakur and Chahar. Jadeja and Curran at the crease. 26 needed off 12. Five runs from that Varun over and two wickets!

Super Kings need 40 runs in 24 balls. Lockie Ferguson concedes a free hit. Beamer at Raina, must've slipped out of the hand. Raina can only collect a single off the free hit. It's all happening here. Russell saves a boundary and then limps off the ground. Next ball, Ali holes out. KKR fighting back. Dhoni in next. Raina gets a couple off the last ball. Nine from that over. Super Kings need 31 runs in 18 balls.

Dre Russ was off the field, but is back on now. Meanwhile, Venkatesh Iyer is rolling his arm. Two singles and a brace off the first three balls. A streaky single off the last ball. The gamble to bowl Iyer has paid off - he goes for just 5! CSK 132/3 in 16 Overs.

Raina is in next. Starts with a boundary first ball. Collects a couple next ball. A single off the next ball gets Mo Ali on strike. A single to end the over. CSK 127/3 in 15 Overs. Super Kings need 45 runs in 30 balls.


Rayudu collects a four off Narine before being cleaned up by the wily spinner. Super Kings need 53 runs in 34 balls.

Excellent from Varun. Just three off his third over. CSK still in the driver's seat. KKR need to keep chipping away. CSK 115/2 in 14 Overs.

Russell continues. Moeen Ali has played the short ball well so far. Knows he will be targeted with it and has been up to the task so far. The heat and the humidity seems to be getting to Russell. 6 from that over. CSK 112/2 in 13 Overs.

Super Kings need 71 runs in 54 balls. Prasidh Krishna is back. He gets a much-needed breakthrough! Faf departs thanks to a brilliant catch by Lockie. Rayudu in next. 5 runs and a wicket from that over. CSK 106/2 in 12 Overs.

Moeen Ali is in exquisite touch. Russell offers width and Moeen slaps it through covers for four. Russell goes short, down the leg side and du Plessis goes for the pull, and gets an edge. Karthik can't stop it and Chennai get four more. Meanwhile, the 100 comes up. CSK 101/1 in 11 Overs.

Chennai Super Kings need 94 runs in 66 balls. Ferguson is back. Misses the yorker by an inch and Moeen hits it wide of mid-on for four. Follows it up with a majestic pull for six. 11 from it. CSK 89/1 in 10 Overs.

Whoa. Gaikwad gives Russell a taste of his medicine - first-ball six off Russell. What a strike. Russell has his revenge next ball! Gaikwad is out caught. Moeen Ali is in next. Russell targets him with a short ball first up. Moeen went for the pull but missed. CSK 78/1 in 9 Overs.

Chakravarthy is back. Five singles from it. CSK openers doing it nice and easy at the moment. KKR need a wicket and fast! CSK 68/0 in 8 Overs.

Narine to continue. Imperious from Gaikwad - pulls it over long-on for six. Good running between the wickets by these two. 11 off the over. KKR 63/0 in 7 Overs.


Final over of the powerplay. Ferguson to bowl it. An overpitched delivery and it is drilled through covers by Faf! Dismissive from Faf - hits it over the bowler's head for four. The 50-run partnership is up. 10 from it. CSK 52/0 in 6 Overs.

Narine now. Over the wicket. Gaikwad collects a brace first ball before lifting the next ball over mid-off for four. Terrific batsmanship. He follows it up with a maximum over long-off. 14 from it. CSK 42/0 in 5 Overs.

Chakravarthy into the attack. No slip in place. Du Plessis has just collected two back-to-back boundaries - he drives through extra cover before cutting through covers. 10 from that over. CSK 28/0 in 4 Overs.

Four. Du Plessis finds the gap between mid-wicket and mid-on and collects four off Prasidh. Shot. Du Plessis takes a couple of steps down the pitch and launches this over the bowler's head for four. Nine from the over. CSK 18/0 in 3 Overs.

Ferguson from the other end. The ball's coming on nicely as Gaikwad drives through cover for a couple. Good over. 4 from it. CSK 9/0 in 2 Overs.

Ruturaj Gaikwad takes strike. Prasidh Krishna with the new ball. Shot. Excellent timing from Gaikwad - straight off the middle between point and cover-point for four. Good first over. 5 from that. CSK 5/0 in 1 Over.


KKR have finished well. 171 is a good total on this pitch. Dinesh Karthik's delightful cameo played a big part in KKR getting to 171. This will take some chasing from Chennai, especially against a potent KKR attack. Back shortly.


Hazlewood to wrap up the innings. Starts with a wide. Rana takes a single next ball. Karthik back on strike. Karthik takes a couple thanks to a misfield from Thakur. Karthik gets another boundary! Four to third-man, not where he intended it to go but he will take it. Umpires checking for bump ball. Replays confirm there is a clear spike as the ball passes DK's bat. He is out caught behind. 26 off just 11 balls. A review for caught behind against Narine but replays confirm there is no edge. Rana gets a boundary off the last ball.

SHOT! Karthik's first scoring shot is a six off Curran. This time, the ball runs off the edge for four, wide of short third. Another boundary to end the over... 19 from that Curran over and Karthik is playing a lovely cameo here. Curran today : 4-0-56-0. KKR 158/5 in 19 Overs

Chahar bowling out now. Rana gets a couple of boundaries, much needed one would say. 12 runs off the over. 4-0-32-0 : Deepak's numbers today. KKR 139/5 in 18 Overs.

Thakur with his fourth. Keeps it out of Russell's hitting arc, slower ball, wide outside off and Russell can only dig it away for a single. Rana collects a tight double next ball. GONE! Russell has been cleaned up! It's a length ball, around off stump, Russell tried to smoke it over mid-wicket, got an inside edge onto the stumps. Dinesh Karthik in next. Very good over from Shardul - his spell today: 4-1-20-2. KKR 127/5 in 17 Overs.

Chahar into his third. Well bowled! Bowls a brilliant yorker to keep Russell quiet. He could only jam his bat to the ground. Russell takes a single next ball. Rana is struggling to time the ball. Chahar ends with a dot. KKR 121/4 in 16 Overs.

Sam Curran to kickstart proceedings after the break. Russell puts this one away towards fine leg for four. Curran then goes wide, short and Russell slaps it over point for four more. And a meaty six over long-on to end the over. 14 off the over. KKR 118/4 in 15 Overs.


Here comes Hazlewood with his third over. Hazlewood vs Russell! But for now, Rana has cleared midwicket comfortably for his first six of the match. 11 off this over, good one for KKR. KKR 104/4 in 14 Overs.

Jadeja to bowl out. Gone! Tripathi is clean bowled. Andre Russell is in next. Can he provide the much-needed thrust to this innings? Four runs and a wicket from that over. Jaddu: 1 for 21. KKR 93/4 in 13 Overs.

Thakur into his third over. Tripathi begins by taking a single and getting off strike. Rana picks a couple off the next ball. Rana runs the next ball down to third man for a single. Tripathi gets a single to deep backward square. Just five off that over. KKR 89/3 in 12 Overs.

Jadeja into his third over. Six singles off it. After that rapid Powerplay start, CSK have managed to pull things back with timely strikes. KKR 84/3 in 11 Overs.

Hazlewood is back into the attack. Gets Morgan out first ball! Du Plessis at long-on takes a good catch. Nitish Rana is in next. Meanwhile, Tripathi continues to fid the gaps - short, wide and cut away nicely for four. 8 off the over. KKR 78/3 in 10 Overs.


Jadeja to Tripathi. KKR starts off with two singles. Tripathi sweeps one for another single. Six from the over. KKR 70/2 in 9 Overs.

Thakur continues. After conceding four runs off the first three deliveries, he concedes a boundary to Tripathi, square of the wicket. Nine from the over. KKR 64/2 in 8 Overs.

Jadeja into the attack. He starts around the wicket, with a slip in place. Morgan is off the mark with a single. Morgan brings out the reverse-sweep and collects a couple. Five from the over. KKR 55/2 in 7 Overs.

Iyer is out caught behind off Shardul Thakur. He reviews. UltraEdge shows a clear spike and Iyer has to depart. Morgan is the new man in. He is in desperate need of runs. What an over. A wicket maiden. KKR 50/2 in 6 Overs.

Four more... Iyer beats short third with a dab for four off Hazlewood's bowling. Shot. Iyer is in some form! He ramps this over the wicketkeeper for four more to third man. CSK will not be pleased with their Powerplay effort. 10 from the over. KKR 50/1 in 5 Overs.

Four more... to Tripathi this time, beats Josh Hazlewood at mid-off for four. Curran will be disappointed with that effort. KKR getting a move on. It's all happening here ... Curran gets Tripathi caught behind but it's called no-ball for height. Free-hit is lofted inside out over cover for six by Tripathi. 14 runs off the over. KKR 40/1 in 4 Overs.

Dropped. Iyer gets a reprieve. Du Plessis drops a tough chance off Chahar's bowling. Faf is going off, seems to have hurt his fingers trying to catch the ball. Gowtham in as substitute. Tripathi hurries down the pitch for a quick single, a direct hit at the non-striker's end and he was a goner! Shot. Iyer chops one down to a vacant third-man region for four. 7 from it. KKR 26/1 in 3 Overs.

Rahul Tripathi joins Iyer. Sam Curran to share the new ball. Starts with a wide first up. There's a slip and a wide-ish gully for Tripathi, who collects a single right of cover-point. No swing so far for Curran or Chahar. Shot. Tripathi dances down the pitch, Curran goes short and Tripathi still manages to pull it to deep mid-wicket for four. KKR 19/1 in 2 Overs.

Deepak Chahar with the new ball. Gill on strike. Two slips in place. Gill off the mark with an easy single. Slips remain for Iyer, who drives to sweeper cover for a single. Shot. Gill dances down the pitch and hammers it past mid-off for his first four of the match. One slip has been taken out. And another boundary ... this time through short extra - beautiful striking from Gill. Gill has been given out lbw. He reviews straightaway. No bat involved. Wickets missing. Gill survives. Oh dear! Gill is run-out next ball. A terrible mix-up between Iyer and Gill , Rayudu fires a direct-hit from short mid-wicket and Gill's gone. KKR 10/1 in 1 Over.

Out come the umpires. MS Dhoni is marching out with his troops. The KKR openers are in readiness too.

TOSS UPDATE: Eoin Morgan has won the toss and KKR will bat first.

Chennai Super Kings (Playing 11): Ruturaj Gaikwad, Faf du Plessis, Moeen Ali, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Sam Curran, Shardul Thakur, Deepak Chahar, Josh Hazlewood

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing 11): Shubman Gill, Venkatesh Iyer, Rahul Tripathi, Eoin Morgan(c), Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w), Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Lockie Ferguson, Varun Chakaravarthy, Prasidh Krishna


Team CSK: Ruturaj Gaikwad, Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Ravindra Jadeja, MS Dhoni(w/c), Sam Curran, Dwayne Bravo, Shardul Thakur, Deepak Chahar, Imran Tahir, Robin Uthappa, Cheteshwar Pujara, Karn Sharma, Moeen Ali, Jason Behrendorff, Krishnappa Gowtham, Lungi Ngidi, Mitchell Santner, Ravisrinivasan Sai Kishore, Hari Nishanth, N Jagadeesan, KM Asif, Harishankar Reddy, Bhagath Varma

Team KKR
: Shubman Gill, Venkatesh Iyer, Andre Russell, Nitish Rana, Rahul Tripathi, Eoin Morgan(c), Dinesh Karthik(w), Sunil Narine, Lockie Ferguson, Varun Chakravarthy, Prasidh Krishna, Harbhajan Singh, Shakib Al Hasan, Tim Southee, Ben Cutting, Karun Nair, Pawan Negi, Kuldeep Yadav, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Sheldon Jackson, Sandeep Warrier, Tim Seifert, Rinku Singh, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Vaibhav Arora

When: Sunday, September 26, 2021 

What time does the IPL 2021 Match between Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders start?

The IPL 2021 match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders begins at 3:30 PM IST.


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