GT vs SRH Highlights, IPL 2022: Umran fifer in vain as Gujarat Titans beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by five wickets

SRH vs GT Live Score, Tata IPL 2022: Get the live score updates from the match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Gujarat Titans at the Wankhede Stadium.

Updated : Apr 27, 2022 23:55 IST , Mumbai

Umran Malik celebrates a wicket.
Umran Malik celebrates a wicket.

Umran Malik celebrates a wicket.

Welcome to the highlights of the IPL 2022 match between GT and SRH at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. This is Santadeep Dey , bringing you all the action as it unfolds at the venue.




Umran Malik, Player of the Match: I always bowled fast but I've been trying to bowl better lines and lengths. The idea was to attack the stumps and it's worked well for me.

Hardik Pandya: I keep joking in the dressing room that God is telling us 'You guys are good, I'll help you'. It's happening so often that I fear we may run out of luck in the knockout games. We keep a very chilled atmosphere and everyone is stepping up. We're ensuring that the players are backed well. It's a long tournament and I don't want to get too excited early.

Kane Williamson:  It was a fantastic game of cricket that ebbed and flowed throughout. Could have gone either way. A great learning for us. Credit to Gujarat as they played outstandingly well. We'll take positives out of this game. Umran has been bowling beautifully.


GT 199/5 in 20 overs: Tewatia picks the length and carts it over the rope! Pressure on Jansen straightaway. Rashid smacks away to glory... MAXIMUM straight down the ground. Rashid clobbers this 75m away. Six again! This is crazy. SIIIIIXXX... RASHID AND TEWATIA HAVE TAKEN GUJARAT HOME! Rashid, who didn't have a good day with the ball or on the field, reverses it all with the bat. 25 has come off the final over! Umran's is the sixth fifer in a losing cause.

GT 174/5 in 19 overs: Tewatia clears the ring at mid-off. Four. Tewatia launches one into the Mumbai night sky. Six. It's not all over until this man is at the crease. He has done this many times over. 22 to get off the final over.

GT 161/5 in 18 overs: Jansen's superb stop in the deep stops Gujarat to get their noses into the contest. The signature Rashid flick comes out. It's a six. Just sails over Jansen at long-on.

GT 149/5 in 17 overs: Natarajan concedes a boundary over extra cover off the first ball. The umpire has adjudged Tewatia lbw. Looked to be going down leg. Tewatia goes upstairs. It had pitched outside leg. GT retains its review and, more importantly, Tewatia survives.

GT 140/5 in 16 overs: Abhishek has a shy at the sticks at the non-striker's end. Miller would have found himself quite a few metres away if it had made contact. UMRAN MALIK, YOU BEAUTY! 148KPH! The middle stump crashes onto the track. Miller walks. Abhinav is in. AND ABHINAV FOLLOWS MILLER BACK INTO THE HUT!!! Just sneaks past the outside edge and onto the stumps. He is now second on the Purple Cap leaderboard with 15 wickets from eight matches. This is now the best bowling figures in IPL 2022.

GT 135/3 in 15 overs: Dropped! Miller muscles one right back at the bowler but Bhuvneshwar's spilt it. Adds insult to injury with a slice to point. It will be the strategic timeout.

GT 127/3 in 14 overs: Umran goes over the wicket and BAM! A 152.8 kph toe-crusher makes a mess of the woodwork. Saha's got to go. Tewatia uses the pace on the ball to ramp one to the rope.

GT 121/2 in 13 overs: Saha fires one to deep midwicket again. Will he score a 100 tonight? Markram covers a lot of ground to stop the ball from running down the straighter boundary.

GT 109/2 in 12 overs: Jansen fires one wide off the tramline. Saha bludgeons Jansen straight down the ground. Four more. For a moment you would have thought an opportunity has presented, but it was not to be as Saha drives one past the fielder at mid-on.

GT 96/2 in 11 overs: Saha gets to his ninth IPL fifty off 28 balls. Almost dragged on... Miller heaves a sigh of relief.

GT 91/2 in 10 overs: After Hardik greets Umran with a four, the latter bangs it short. Hardik, in an effort to pull this in front of square, miscues. The third man, stationed too straight, takes an excellent catch. Miller gets on the scorecard with a four straightaway.

GT 81/1 n 9 overs: Top shot from Saha. After four singles, Saha opens his arms to club one through cover.

GT 73/1 in 8 overs: Umran starts with a straight 143kph delivery. Saha bottom-edges one while attempting a pull shot next to pick up a single. Umran does the Brett Lee celebration as he cleans Gill up! Ouch... Hardik has been struck on the shoulder blade off the very first ball. In reply, Hardik clears the rope utilising the pace on a 151kph scorcher.

GT 68/0 in 7 overs: Spin has been introduced. Gill shimmies down and calmly dispatches one over wide long-on. The umpire points to his watch which means it will be the strategic timeout.

GT 59/0 in 6 overs: The fifty-run partnership comes up. This is GT's best opening partnership this season by quite some distance, the previous best being 32. Saha rides on the bounce to slam one through the square leg zone again, bringing up his 200th four in the IPL.

GT 47/0 in 5 overs: Jansen to bowl from the other end. Saha doesn't fret, striking it cleanly over the ring fielder at mid off.

GT 40/0 in 4 overs: Natarajan goes full on middle and leg and Gill has worked this past midwicket for four. Saha goes inside out over extra cover now. Four. GT is up and running at 10 RPO.

GT 31/0 in 3 overs: Saha slap-bats a shorter delivery through backward square leg. Four more... Glanced down short fine now. Saha is in the mood tonight.

GT 20/0 in 2 overs: Two back-to-back slot balls from Jansen have been flicked to deep backward square leg. The first one went for four, the second for six. Jansen strays down leg now as things keep going from bad to worse in this over for the young South African. Five wides.

GT 2/0 in 1 over: There is a bit of movement on offer. Saha gets off the mark with a plink to mid-on. Gill gets a single off the last ball.

Gill and Saha to open for Gujarat. Bhuvneshwar to get things rolling for Hyderabad.


SRH 195/6 in 20 overs: Jansen welcomes Ferguson with a six. Shashank, now, gets stuck into Ferguson and slams a six. Make that 12 off 2 as Shashank scoops the fifth ball over fine leg. SIX more! 25 off the over! Shashank unbeaten on 25 off 6. What a finish.

SRH 170/6 in 19 overs: Sundar, in an effort to steal a legbye, runs towards the other end but an alert Joseph is quick to see the Zings light up with a direct hit. Shashank is off the mark straightaway with a boundary. Nine off the over.

SRH 161/5 in 18 overs: Markram falls to the slower ball as well. A miscue lands safely in Miller's hands. Six runs come off the over.

SRH 155/4 in 17 overs: Pooran holes out to Gill at long-on. Shami gets another. Markram does some damage control with a six at deep midwicket. Gets to his fifty in turn as well.

SRH 145/3 in 16 overs: Joseph's slower one does him in. Abhishek has chopped this onto the sticks. Strategic timeout. Pooran walks in.

SRH 140/2 in 15 overs: Abhishek pierces the gap at cover. There is a bit of turn but the batter was unperturbed. Markram now! Shells one through midwicket. One bounce and into the boundary boards.

SRH 127/2 in 14 overs: Just short of Shankar at deep square. A decent effort from the all-rounder but it dips and grows on him before running away to the fence. Six! Markram heaves one over midwicket.

SRH 115/2 in 13 overs: Dayal keeps things tight in this over. Only three runs off it.

SRH 112/2 in 12 overs: Rashid who? Abhishek picks the length early and hits it long and hard to welcome the Afghan spinner back into the attack. And just like that Abhishek gets to his second IPL fifty with a maximum down deep midwicket!

SRH 96/2 in 11 overs: Markram bludgeons Joseph into the stands at midwicket. Six. 12 runs come off that over.

SRH 84/2 in 10 overs: Ferguson errs in line and length... hits the deck hard and it has been signaled a wide. Another wide. Strays down leg now.

SRH 76/2 in 9 overs: Up, up and away! Abhishek gets down on one knee and pumps a loose ball from Rashid over long-on. Four singles come off the remainder of the over.

SRH 66/2 in 8 overs: Markram punches one through cover. Ferguson concedes a boundary off his second delivery.

SRH 59/2 in 7 overs: Rashid comes into the attack. Abhishek and Markram continue to keep the scoreboard ticking without taking any undue risks. Time for the strategic timeout.

SRH 53/2 in 6 overs: FOUR! Joseph replaces Dayal and is greeted with a boundary. He goes full and wide outside off and Abhishek languidly drives over extra cover and to the boundary. FOUR! Cracking shot! Full again outside off and this is driven along the ground and between point and cover by Abhishek. Joseph continues bowling it full, but this is slightly closer to off stump and beats Abhishek's attempted cover drive this time. Short of a length this time and Abhishek guides the ball behind point for a single. That was some serious pace too at 150 kmph. Good length ball, angling into Markram and he defends back to the bowler. Dot to end.

SRH 44/2 in 5 overs: Another jaffa from Shami. He gets the ball to jag back in to Tripathi from a length outside off and beats Tripathi's outside edge. SIX! Tripathi steps out and hammers this over covers for a maximum. FOUR! Charges down again next ball and slices this over the infield to collect four more at deep point. FOUR! Shami darts in a half-volley but Tripathi is up to the task and drives this through the covers to make it 14 runs from the last three balls. Good riposte by Shami as he gets the ball to move into Tripathi and raps him on the pads. LBW appeal turned down but Hardik goes up for the review. No bat involved and the ball is hitting top of leg stump and Shami has the last laugh.OUT! Rahul Tripathi lbw b Mohammed Shami 16(10b 2x4 1x6).

SRH 30/1 in 4 overs: Dayal starts with a bouncer to Abhishek. Tripathi steps down the wicket but is cramped trying to pull. Dropped but tough chance. Tripathi sliced this full delivery outside off and Rashid jumped up and got his fingertips to it at point but spilt it. Tough chance however as the ball was tearing through the air. Two singles and a dot to end the over.

SRH 26/1 in 3 overs: Shami gets his first delivery to hold its line. Four! The next one is an inswinger, angling into Williamson's pads. He has flicked it to deep square leg. A ripper from Shami sneaks through the gap between bat and pad to get rid of the opposition skipper. Tripathi comes to the crease.

SRH 22/0 in 2 overs: Dayal to share the new ball. He is getting the ball to shape away from the left-handed batter on strike. Abhishek, offered a bit of room outside the off-stump, rocks back to cut this through the point region for four. Four more... Lofted through cover on this occasion.

SRH 11/0 in 1 over: An absolute jaffa of a delivery asks tough questions of Abhishek first up. An upright seam that just flies past the off stump. Five wides... A bit of late swing sees the ball race past the 'keeper and down to the rope. Shami bowls the hard length again and it has just missed the outside edge. Five wides... Again! Strays down leg side and Saha fails to get his gloves to this one as well. Williamson inside edges the first delivery he faces onto his pads.

Umpires Navdeep Singh and Chris Gaffaney make their way to the middle. Abhishek and Williamson to open. Shami has the new ball in hand.


Sunrisers Hyderabad: Abhishek Sharma, Kane Williamson (c), Rahul Tripathi, Aiden Markram, Nicholas Pooran (wk), Shashank Singh, Washington Sundar, Marco Jansen, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umran Malik, T Natarajan

Gujarat Titans: Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shubman Gill, Hardik Pandya (c), Abhinav Manohar, David Miller, Rahul Tewatia, Rashid Khan, Alzarri Joseph, Lockie Ferguson, Yash Dayal, Mohammed Shami


Kane Williamson:  The surfaces have been pretty good throughout.  Washington Sundar comes in for Jagadeesha Suchith.  He has recovered fairly quickly and is a big player for our team.

Hardik Pandya: We are gonna bowl first. We are not sure how the wicket is gonna play. There might be something in it for the bowlers initially. With our batting line-up it's better that we know exactly how much we are chasing. No changes.  I will take it a bit easy. We have seven options in the bowling and if required, I will bowl.


Gujarat Titans opt to bowl


"There is not much grass. The pitch is very hard. The last five games here have been won by the team batting first. It's very dry and maybe it's an advantage to bat upfront. Try and get some total on the board because chasing is proving to be very difficult as the tournament wears on," reckons Matthew Hayden.


Sunrisers Hyderabad: Abhishek Sharma, Kane Williamson (c), Rahul Tripathi, Aiden Markram, Nicholas Pooran (wk), Shashank Singh, Washington Sundar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Marco Jansen, Umran Malik, T Natarajan

Gujarat Titans: Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shubman Gill, Hardik Pandya (c), David Miller, Rahul Tewatia, Abhinav Manohar, Rashid Khan, Alzarri Joseph, Lockie Ferguson, Mohammed Shami, Yash Dayal


Wicketkeepers: Wriddhiman Saha, Nicholas Pooran

Batters: Abhishek Sharma, Rahul Tripathi, Kane Williamson

All-rounders: Aiden Markram, Hardik Pandya (c)

Bowlers:Rashid Khan (vc) , Mohammed Shami, T Natarajan, Lockie Ferguson

Team Composition: GT 5:6 SRH Credits Left: 0.5


It will be Power Play at the Wankhede Stadium on Wednesday. The power hitters of Gujarat Titans will face-off against the powerful pace attack of Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Tata-IPL.  

GT has dished out a refreshing brand of cricket under Hardik Pandya who has turned out the surprise packet as a captain with his smart moves. Hardik, himself a force as a pace bowling all-rounder, understands the dynamics of Twenty20 cricket where an over of poor cricket can cost you the match. 

The levels of intensity need to be high throughout. A slip and the fall can be steep.

GT has the graceful opener Shubhman Gill who can guide the team deep into the innings. He times the ball through the gaps.

And the Gujarat side has an explosive bunch of ball strikers with Hardik, David Miller, Rahul Tewatia and Abhinav Manohar. Asking rate doesn’t matter.  

And the genuinely quick Lockie Ferguson and the skilful Mohammed Shami form a threatening pace pair. And versatile leg-spinner Rashid Khan will be up against his old team SRH. He would want to prove a point.

Kane Williamson leads an SRH team that can sting with its pace attack.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Marco Jansen, Umran Malik and T. Natarajan, with their pace, two-way movement and left-arm right-arm angles can demolish line-ups.

And SRH has the batting with Williamson, Abhishek Sharma, Rahul Tripathi, Nicholas Pooran and Aiden Markram adding weight to the line-up. The duel promises to be intriguing in nature.

- S. Dinakar


This is the second time these two sides will meet each other. Last time the two teams met, Sunrisers Hyderabad won by eight wickets.


G ujarat Titans: Hardik Pandya (c), Rashid Khan, Shubman Gill, Mohammed Shami, Rahmanullah Gurbaz (wk), Lockie Ferguson, Abhinav Manohar, Rahul Tewatia, Noor Ahmed, Sai Kishore, Vijay Shankar, Jayant Yadav, Dominic Drakes, Darshan Nalkande, Yash Dayal, Alzarri Joseph, Pradeep Sangwan, David Miller, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Matthew Wade (wk), Varun Aaron, B Sai Sudharshan

Sunrisers Hyderabad : Abhishek Sharma, Kane Williamson (c), Rahul Tripathi, Aiden Markram, Nicholas Pooran (wk), Shashank Singh, Jagadeesha Suchith, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Marco Jansen, Umran Malik, T Natarajan, Sean Abbott, Ravikumar Samarth, Washington Sundar, Shreyas Gopal, Glenn Phillips, Vishnu Vinod, Priyam Garg, Kartik Tyagi, Romario Shepherd, Fazalhaq Farooqi, Abdul Samad, Saurabh Dubey


All IPL 2022 matches will be broadcast on Star Sports 1 , Star Sports 1 HD , Star Sports 3 , and Star Sports 3 HD channels in India. Disney+ Hotstar is the official streaming partner.

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