Pranks, Pokemon and Pope - Top innovative deal announcements by football clubs

Frank de Boer was metaphorically announced as the Pope of South London by Crystal Palace, while Sevilla "Kidnapped" Jesus Navas for his transfer from Manchester City.

Frank de Boer's announcement was made with a video showing three smokes going up the chimney. However, the Dutchman's stint lasted five games.   -  Getty Images

Bundesliga club Borussia Monchengladbach was trending across social media when it changed its official Twitter name to "A German Team" ahead of its Champions League match against Celtic in 2016. It was a cheeky reply to an advert outside a Glasgow pub which read "Showing all Games : Celtic v Borussia Mun Mone  Meunch A German Team".

Ever since, official pages of football clubs had to up their social media game, most importantly with announcing football deals. Puma Football's Twitter page has recently posted a curious video reporting on "Big Cat Spotted" instead of a boring official statement about its £650 million kit deal with Manchester City's City Football Group.


Here are some innovative announcements made by football clubs in recent times.

Lorenzo Pellegrini to AS Roma - What better way to announce than a game of FIFA?


Oscar Gobern to Yoevil Town - Swipe Right, and It's a match!


Frank de Boer as Crystal Palace manager - The New Pope of South London (for five games).


Jesus Navas to Sevilla - Innovative yes, but isn't kidnapping a crime in Spain?


Arthur to Barcelona - Presenting, your weekly dose of nightmares.


Marcel de Jong, David Edgar to Vancouver Whitecaps - Pokemon Go might not be the most popular game right now, but full marks for execution.


Santi Cazorla to Villarreal - A magical entry for the midfield wizard.


Bruno Viana's deal made permanent by SC Braga - The Portuguese club knows how to leverage nostalgia.


John Terry to Aston Villa - Pretty sure that a whatsapp group chat with John Terry will be nothing like this.


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