Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery is looking forward to working with Carlo Ancelotti next season and has revealed the Italian already attempted to sign him during his time in charge of Chelsea.

Ancelotti will replace Pep Guardiola at the Allianz Arena at the end of the 2015-16 campaign and Ribery has heard nothing but good things about the 56-year-old.

"Ancelotti already wanted to sign me in 2009 when he was with Chelsea. That means he likes me as a player and that is obviously great," Ribery told Sport Bild.

"I think Ancelotti is a great coach and human being. Communication will not be an issue because he speaks French after his time with PSG. I have heard a lot of good things about him.

"We have already met, but we have not had extensive talks yet. But I always hear that he is very close to his players. This type of coach suits me."

Ribery initially enjoyed a close relationship with Guardiola as well, but the Frenchman has admitted his ongoing injury problems have changed things.

"Everything was great when Pep first joined Bayern," he added.

"But then I started picking up injuries early in 2014. I hardly played last season and was not often part of the team. It is only logical that we speak less regularly. It is completely different when you are out there on the pitch with the coach each day.

"Pep is also sad about it. It was hard for all of us. We don't have any problems or anything, but we would have been closer without my injuries."