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This was a better show from Thailand. The girls in red defended and defended well. Coming from a 13-0 carnage, their resistance in the second half reflected their ability to elevate their game. The result doesn't do justice to their showing today. Sweden, on the other hand, will comfortably walk away with 3 points and the knockout berth in the bag. That's all for this game today. There's more action coming up with the United States back in the fixtures today. The US Soccer team meets Chile today. Join us for the game in an hour. Time for breather, meanwhile.

90'+6' Elin Rubensson makes no mistake with that penalty.
She calmly firing into the bottom-left corner.

My heart broke looking at coach Nualphan Lamsam's celebration. This means so much to the team.

90'+1' GOAAAAL.
Thailand has a consolation and the red sections of the Stade de Nice are going wild! Captain Sung-Ngoen was sent clear on the right and she ran all the way from her own half before finishing past Hedvig Lindahl.


Sweden makes it 4-0! It finally gets its goal in the second half, with Hurtig powering a header into the top corner of the net, after a good ball into the box by Eriksson. The winger raced into the penalty area completely unmarked and couldn't miss from there.

Sweden has had just eight shots towards goal in the second half, it had 20 in the opening half, which shows how well the Thailand defence has performed since the break.

73' There is still plenty of time left on the clock to see some more goals here, but Sweden hasn't tested Boonsing in the Thailand goal since the opening couple of minutes of the second half.

71' This is a much better performance by Thailand compared to its opening game against the USA, there are a few positives it can take from this match, keeping Sweden at bay so far in the second half. In the first half, Thailand had already conceded two goals in this duration from the opening whistle.

It's been a slow game so far. Sweden hasn't managed to compound the damage in significant terms. Is that goal difference achievable today?

We had a halftime substitution from Sweden. Janogy has come in. We know what she's capable of. Remember her late goal in Sweden's last game? Will she be able to effect a similar blow today?

58' Stoppage in play here as Hurtig is down on the pitch after the ball smacks her in the face. The referee stops play due to it being a head injury.It has not been Hurtig's day today.

Earlier in the game, Taneekarn Dangda was shown a yellow card, after Hurtig was caught late. The Sweden winger had to receive some medical treatment. This yellow card means that she will miss the final group game due to suspension.

It almost feels like Sweden is playing against the US in this game, such is the focus of the game.

Thailand is yet to test Lindahl in the Sweden goal, who has hardly allowed Thailand any possession of the ball andi t will be looking to extend its lead even further in the second half, closing the goal difference gap on the United States.

This is no even contest. Terribly one-sided game so far. Thailand has tried to fight back but hasn't managed to get onto the right side of the pitch to make any significant moves to change how the score line looks.

It's been all Sweden in this first half and it leads 3-0 at the break, with Sembrant breaking the deadlock after just five minutes to ease any Swedish nerves. Asliani doubled its lead shortly after, before Rolfo made it three late on. Sweden could and should be further ahead, with numerous chances to score, including a couple of Asliani, who has been heavily involved in attack so far. Thailand has sat back and tried to soak up the pressure as it just can't get out of their own half at times.

42' GOOOAAALLL! Sweden gets another, it's 3-0! Rolfo with a fine strike from the edge of the box after Thailand fails to clear the danger. Boonsing manages to get a hand to the ball, but she can't stop it from flying into the top corner of the net.

It's a rather subdued day for me on the blog. The entire newsroom is busy watching the India vs Pakistan clash. Rain interrupted the game for a while but the boys are back. There's been an interesting contest going on between Mohammad Amir and Virat Kohli , a battle that both sides have drawn some gains from. Amir had the last laugh though. Follow all the updates from this marquee clash right here with my colleague Ayan there to take you through all the action LIVE.

You have to give it to the Thai supporters. They're cheering their girls on. Yes, there are disappointments that come your way in a tournament like this but this is always heartening to see, when the crowd rallies behind you during and despite a low.

The Thai men's team lost to India in the 2019 AFC Asian Cup and sacked its coach the very next morning. Interestingly, Thailand lost to India again earlier this month at the King's Cup and ended up sacking its (caretaker) coach again. Tough luck. This feels a lot like a Defense Against the Dark Arts job, if you ask me.

My colleague Shyam threw an interesting fact at me as we discussed Thailand's dismal opening in the first two games this World Cup, but this is about the men's team.

(SWEDEN) SCORES! It's two comfortable goals for the girls in yellow. Asliani with the second goal from close range at the near post. Hurtig had the first chance, powering a header towards the top corner, that Boonsing manages to push away, but the ball doesn't go out of play and Asliani picks it up on the touchline and then fires it past the Thailand keeper.

It's all Sweden at the moment, it is camped inside the Thailand final third, who is struggling to get a touch on the ball. It could be a long afternoon for the Thailand players.

It's been a Sweden-dominated first half so far.

Sweden leads 1-0! The perfect start to the game and that's fastest goal of the tournament so far. It was awarded a free-kick deep inside the Thailand half and Rubensson whipped a lovely ball into the penalty area, with Sembrant getting to the ball first and powering the ball into the back of the net.

I just realised that the hashtag for today reads like a very common Indian name. Swetha! Tag all your friends on social media, folks! Golden opportunities like this seldom come by. [I apologise for the poor joke. High on coffee, low on sleep].

Welcome back to action from the Women's World Cup! Sweden takes on a battered Thailand. In case you missed that powerful performance from the US that saw the girls beat Thailand 13-0, here's a recap, as it happened.

Can Thailand effect an upset today? We will have to wait and watch. Personally, I'd love for this game to see a comeback of sorts from the Chabakaew.

Starting XIs:

Sweden: Hedvig Lindahl, Magdalena Eriksson, Nilla Fischer, Hanna Glas, Linda Sembrant, Anna Anvegârd, Lina Hurtig, Fridolina Rolfö, Elin Rubensson, Kosovare Asllani, Caroline Seger

Thailand: Waraporn Boonsing, Natthakarn Chinwong, Sunisa Srangthaisong, Ainon Phancha, Pitsamai Sornsai, Pikul Khueanpet, Silawan Intamee, Rattikan Thongsombut, Taneekarn Dangda, Kanjana Sungngoen, Miranda Nild