Facebook to live stream all 2019 La Liga matches in India

All 380 matches of the 2019 Spanish La Liga will be shown live on Facebook.

La Liga had a 2.7 billion viewership last season across the world, according to Jose Antonio Cachaza, Managing Director of La Liga India.   -  Getty Images

Facebook Sports will beam live all the 380 matches in the 2019 Spanish La Liga which also has a huge fan following in India, according to Jose Antonio Cachaza, MD of La Liga India.

“The Indian fans can now catch the best football action in the world live and exclusive free of cost from their mobile devices, tv screens and computer services on Facebook Watch,” Mr. Antonio said.

“Importantly, La Liga will continue to offer leading tv broadcast technology to fans across the world with state of the art cameras operative at 11 different La Liga Stadia and eight of them will offer 360 Degree replays,” the top official said even while mentioning that the League had a 2.7 billion viewership last season across the world.

“Our partnership with Facebook has been a fruitful one and we are thrilled to continue working with them to take La Liga, which was rated the best league seven years in a row by the UEFA rankings, to more Indians in all parts of the nation,” Mr. Antonio said.

“We have been doing constant research in terms of following for La Liga in India. Well, with cricket occupying 90 per cent of the space on tv, it is great that football continues to be the second most popular sport on tv here,” he said.

“We are also focusing a lot on social media given the fact that India has a following of 3.7 millions on FB for La Liga,” the top official said.

“With the introduction of regional languages like Hindi and Tamil, we are hoping to take the viewership to the next level ,” he concluded.

Mr. Gary Udhwani Motiram, Delegate India, briefed about the various aspects of the La Liga which makes it one of the most viewed sporting events in the world.

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