It won’t be long before the ongoing COVID-19 crisis gives way to smiles again, says India defender Sandesh Jhingan.

“But for that, we need to be responsible, not indulge in any kind of hara-kiri or stupidity. These are difficult times - it’s the time to show our character as a nation. We need to stick to directives from authorities and cooperate. Stick together as a team,” Sandesh, who is currently at home in Chandigarh, said in an interaction with .

“History will tell you that sports have always been the unifying factor. And history will repeat itself again,” he said.

“I can imagine the buzz at packed stadiums, the passion, the support of the fans when things get back to normal. Everyone will again go out and shout for their heroes, their teams. That’s the beauty and power of sports,” he added.

So, what has Sandesh been up to amidst the lockdown? Besides working out in the gym – has a gym at home – he has been “writing, and spending quality time with family.”

Not time to complain

“This is not the time to complain or enjoy outdoors by socialising. Wellness of family, neighbours, friends and the entire society is much more important than going out for dinner, or catching a movie. Isn’t it?” he said, outlining the value of spending time at home.

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The Indian team was due to play a World Cup qualifier contest against Qatar on March 26 in Bhubaneswar, but due to the pandemic, it’s been postponed indefinitely. Jhingan chose to look at the bright side.

“I had promised coach and medical staff that I would be ready for the home match against Qatar. I pushed myself for that, knew no limits. But now I have gained more time to regain the strength of my knee. Of course, there was no way this match could have been played. But it will be soon. And that will be quite a spectacle.”