Hello and welcome to Sportstar 's LIVE blog of the Pro Kabaddi League match between Tamil Thalaivas and Bengaluru Bulls, and Haryana Steelers and U Mumba.

32-42 Siddarth Desai wraps up the win for U Mumba with 15 raid points! Five points for U Mumba, none for Haryana Steelers, who have now lost four consecutive home matches.

32-41 Two point raid from Monu Goyat. 15 points on the night for Goyat.

29-40 Rohit Baliyan with an empty raid.

27-40 Siddarth Desai gets the last man out and gets 50 PKL raid points — the fastest to do so in the league's history.

27-37 Vikas Kandola is tackled down from the right corner.

27-36 Siddarth Desai bulldozes his way through two defenders and gets two crucial points for U Mumba.

27-34 Surinder sweeps Monu Goyat's legs and is tackled down.

27-33 Rohit Baliyan plays it safe with an empty raid.

27-33 Are Haryana still in this/ Monu Goyat gets a successful raid point.

26-33 Another super tackle by Haryana! Abhishek is tackled to the lobbies. Just about five minutes to go.

24-33 Monu gets a bonus point.

23-33 Siddarth is tackled down by the two remaining Haryana defenders.

21-33 Successful raid from Monu Goyat. And a time out is called.

20-33 Abhishek gets two raid points on the run.

20-30 Siddarth Desai is tackled down to the lobbies. But he reviews the decision.

The tables have once again turned on Haryana Steelers. U Mumba once again on top.

19-30 The revived Fazel Atrachali gets his tackle spot on from the right corner for U Mumba.

19-29 And he straight away gets his 11th raid point.

Siddarth Desai is revived.

19-28 What a tackle! What a point from U Mumba! Vinod and Surinder combine to take down Monu Goyat! Super tackle points!

19-25 Monu Goyat escapes Dharmaraj's ankle grab and crosses the line.

Parveen comes in for Bhuvaneshwar for Haryana.

18-25 Haryana's Sunil tackles down Rohit Baliyan from the right corner.

17-25 Kuldeep Singh tackles Abhishek from the left corner. Haryana's Naveen is revived.

16-25 Monu Goyat is tackled down on the left corner.

16-24 Monu Goyat with a successful raid and the home crowd comes alive again.

15-24 Siddarth Desai's superb run ends and is sent to the bench with a tackle.

Second half

13-24 Empty raid from Abhishek Singh to end the half. Siddarth Desai's raiding form gives U Mumba a sizable lead going into the break.

13-23 Unsuccessful raid from Vikas Kandola.

13-22 Siddarth Desai with another successful raid that's 10 points in the evening for him.

13-21 Empty raid from Naveen.

13-19 Stunning from Siddarth Desai! A six-point raid where he takes out four defenders. And that's the all-out on Haryana Steelers.

13-13 Surinder with an error with time on Naveen's raid.

12-13 Error from Monu Goyat in defence as he goes for a tackle on Abhishek. He fails in his efforts.

12-12 Vikas Kandola goes for the bonus but he is stopped on his run with an ankle grab before being tackled.

12-11 Sachin Shingade goes for the tackle but fails to hold on to Rohit Balyan.

12-10 Siddarth with another point for U Mumba on his raid, his fifth of the night.

12-9 Monu Goyat with two raid points.

10-8 Vikas Kandola swims his way to the mid-point line and in the process he takes out two U Mumba defenders. He also manages a bonus point.

7-8 U Mumba's star raider Siddarth Desai puts them in the lead.

7-5 Abhsishek Singh is unsuccessful on his raid.

5-4 Monu Goyat with a touch on the run. Successful raid for the Steelers.

2-3 Naveen opens his account for the evening with a successful raid.

1-3 Abhishek Singh send two defenders to the bench on his raid.

1-1 Monu Goyat levels the scores for Haryana Steelers.

Next up: Haryana Steelers vs U Mumba

44-35 And that is how it ends. It has been Bengaluru Bulls all the way as the Thalaivas never saw things going its way. Kashi and Sehrawat, both, had a terrific night with Sehrawat getting 14/14 raids right.

Stick with us , as we will soon be back with a Goyat-Atrachalli mega-clash.

44-35 A super tackle by the Tamil Thalaivas, but again, that comes when the game has already slipped out from the side's hands. A thing we are getting to see happen again and again with this side this season. Just the lone victory to show for this time.

Kashiling Adake, who did not have a good last season, has shown what he is capable of this time around.

42-31 A do-or-die raid from Athul, which at first seemed to be converting into an easy point, goes in vain. The Bulls is just too good for the Thalaivas here.

41-31 Thalaivas with a super tackle here. Chillar does the damage, but a little too late?

41-29 Adake taking all of his time. Returns with no points.

41-29 Pawan Sehrawat raids, and manages to take two points home. That's been the story of the night.

38-28 Bengaluru raiders all in for slow raids now with six minutes remaining on the clock.

36-28 Athul gets rid of the right corner, Jasmer Singh Gulia.

A 10-point deficit here. Sehrawat and Adake have done most of the damage.

Ajay Thakur, out, injured. Timeout called by the coach.

36-26 Ajay Thakur, more or less the lone fighter for the Tamil Thalaivas, in some sort of discomfort here to add to the Thalaivas' woes. A stretcher being brought in for him.

34-25 Bad work by Mahendra there. All the Bulls needs to do now is defend. He tries to grab Athul from the front but he fights his way out.

33-25 Athul with a quick raid as he gets the right corner. Quick points are what the Thalaivas need now to stay alive.

32-24 Not sure what Ajay Thakur was up to but he walked right upto Jasmer Gulia. That's like a free point to Bulls.

31-24 Jasmer Gulia has been shown a Green card.

30-24 Ajay Thakur with an empty raid. The Thalaivas must get working now.

30-24 Athul, the culprit as he uses his elbow as Kashi raids. Shown the Green card.

30-23 Athul MS with an exceptional effort as he fights his way to the line.

29-20 Kashi, the man of the day, raiding again. But, unfortunately, he gives in too easy to Gopu. That's the first 'all out' inflicted on the Bulls today.

27-16 Ajay Thakur seems to be the only one from the Thalaivas' squad giving in all that he has. A point there.

Kashiling Adake has contributed 10 of the 25 points that Bulls has.

25-14 That's it for the first half. A healthy 11-point lead for the Bulls, with Pawan Sehrawat pocketing the last point.

24-14 Warning to Mahender Singh as he is shown a Green card.

24-12 Ajay Thakur still looking for the left corner. Gets the cover defender instead.

24-10 Pawan Sehrawat means business here. A strong backhold sees Sukesh Hegde down.

22-10 Ajay Thakur meanwhile does his job and gets the left corner.

21-7 Sukesh is the raider. Adake does a fine job as he gets a strong hold . One point to Bengaluru.

20-7 Bengaluru Bulls clearly taking it away. That's the second All- Out now.

15-6 Rohit Kumar doesn't need to do much here. Pawan and Adake doing the job.

14-3 Tamil Thalaivas leaking more points. Pawan Sehrawat with a super raid again. What a show of class! 4 points.

9-3 Sukesh Hegde having a good day here. Gets rid of Mahender Singh.

6-2 That's the end of Ajay Thakur. He is tackled successfully by the Bengaluru defenders on the left.

4-2 Bonus point from Ajay Thakur for Thalaivas.

4-1 What a poor start from Thalaivas' defence here. Four defenders go for Kashiling Adake but he manages to reach the mid point line.

0-1 Sukesh Hegde gets a successful raid to start things off for Thalaivas.

Here are the teams

Bengaluru Bulls: Rohit Kumar, Ashish Sangwan, Mahendar Singh, Kashiling Adake, Pawan Sehrawat, Jasmer Gulia, Sandeep

Subs: Anand, Gyung Tae Kim, Jawahar Vivek, Sumit Hegde, Raju Lal

Tamil Thalaivas: Surjeet Singh, C. Arun, Ajay Thakur, Amit Hooda, Manjeet Chillar, Sukesh Hegde, Sunil

Subs; Athul MS, D Gopu, Jasvir Singh, Victor Obiero, Darshan J