PKL 2019: Dabang Delhi sneaks past Telugu Titans, Bengal Warriors crushes UP Yoddha - As it happened

Tune in for live updates from season seven of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL 2019) as UP Yoddha begins its campaign against Bengal Warriors, while home side Telugu Titans takes on Dabang Delhi.

Updated : Jul 24, 2019 23:33 IST

Siddharth Desai will look to bounce back after two disappointing outings when Telugu Titans takes on Dabang Delhi in the PK 2019 on Wednesday.
Siddharth Desai will look to bounce back after two disappointing outings when Telugu Titans takes on Dabang Delhi in the PK 2019 on Wednesday.

Siddharth Desai will look to bounce back after two disappointing outings when Telugu Titans takes on Dabang Delhi in the PK 2019 on Wednesday.


That's it from our side, folks. Here's the match report of the day's games. We have only one game on Thursday and that's Dabang Delhi vs Tamil Thalaivas. We will be back with live coverage of that game.

You can find our full Pro Kabaddi coverage here . Until tomorrow, then. Adios!


40' Wait, what just happened? All Naveen had to do was remain in the opposition half for 30 seconds, but he came back to his court with 3 seconds left and the Titans have another raid opportunity. Suraj comes on, but Ravinder Pahal plays it smart as he pushes Suraj back to the mid-line and Dabang Delhi sneak away a one-point win. It's a third successive loss for Telugu Titans.

39' Joginder comes to Delhi's rescue! He takes out Armaan and Dabang Delhi leads 34-32 with less than 30 seconds left! This one's going down to the wire!

39' Vishal Bharadwaj strikes, gets rid of Ranjit and with less than a minute to go, it's only one point that separates the two teams!

38' Point number SEVENTEEN for Suraj and it's a two-point game now!

38' Amit Kumar errs and has to go back to the bench and it's another point for Naveen. Dabang Delhi leads 33-30.

36' Suraj Desai eliminates Vijay with a toe-touch and that's his 15th point of the game! And guess what? That's exactly how many points Siddharth had scored in his debut game.

36' Naveen keeps 'em coming! Can you believe that he hasn't been tackled even once this evening? He's scored 13 points from 16 raids! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

35' TAKEN OUT! The Hawk strikes once again and it's the big man Siddharth who's taken out. Ravinder gets a strong  ankle hold and Siddharth has no way out. Dabang Delhi leads 31-28.

34' SUPER TACKLE! Joginder Narwal makes a fantastic tackle on Farhad and ensures his side remains in the tie. Dabang Delhi leads 29-28.

32' SUPER SURAJ WITH A SUPER RAID! He makes his way past half of the Dabang Delhi defence and picks up FOUR massive points for his side! The Titans now lead 28-26. He now has a spectacular 14 raid points to his name!

Fun fact: Siddharth Desai had scored a Super 10 on his PKL debut and Suraj has just done the same!

31' Suraj gets the better of Ravinder Pahal and he brings up his first Super 10! Telugu Titans trail 24-25.

29' Ranjit brings Dabang Delhi right back into the tie! He evades C Arun's tackle and gets the bonus too as his side leads 24-22 with just over 10 minutes to go.

28' Wily move this from Suraj. Ravinder goes for the ankle hold, but Suraj slips way and the Dabang Delhi captain has to leave the court.

Oh and I completely forgot, Naveen brought up his Super 10 with his previous raid.

26' Naveen gets rid of Suraj Desai and Titans are down to one man, again! Siddharth Desai comes back in to raid, but he's taken out and it's an ALL OUT! Joginder Narwal claims the point and the scores are level at 21-21. What an intense match this is turning out to be!

25' Titans are now down to one man! Aakash Arsul, in unsportsmanlike manner, tugs at Naveen's jersey and is sent off. It's a one-point game and Titans lead 18-17.

23' Naveen gets rid of Arun and Titans are down to two men! Oh wait, as I type this Siddharth has out-muscled his way past Anil Kumar and has got a bonus point too!

22' Drama! Ranjit swears he has a touch on Abozar, but the Titans captain reviews it. The TV umpire, though, rules in Ranjit's favour and Abozar is on the bench. Scores level at 14-14.

20' Naveen bags a point in the very last second of the first half and Dabang Delhi heads into the break with a slender one-point lead at 13-12. There's no better way to say this, but Siddharth + Suraj Desai = Naveen Kumar.

News just coming in, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli will be on air on the PKL 2019's Panga of the week show on the 27th of July!  Will we see him on the mat? Hmmm that would be quite spectacle!

18' SUPER TACKLE! Amit Kumar does extremely well to stay patient and pounces on Meraj Sheykh to win two points.

16' Delhi back in the lead! It's Ravinder Pahal again as he takes Siddharth off his feet and pummels him to the ground. Dabang Delhi leads 10-9.

14' Telugu Titans captain Abozar Mighani makes a rare error and the scores are level at 9-9.

14' Naveen Kumar has been Dabang Delhi's player of the evening so far. He entices Vishal into an ankle hold and gets a touch on him to get another raid point. Naveen has scored six of his side's 8 points so far!

13' C. Ranjit has to leave as Siddharth gets a running hand touch on him and Dabang Delhi are reduced to three men! An All Out in the offing?

10' It's Suraj again! He muscles his way past Vishal Mane and picks up his fifth point of the game. Titans lead 7-6.

Did you know? This is the first time the two Desai brothers, Suraj and Siddharth, are representing the same PKL team.

8' One Desai on the bench and the other gets the points! Suraj gets two points, a bonus and a touch point, and also brings his brother back onto the mat.

7' The Hawk strikes! He waits and he waits and he waits and finally swoops in with a massive tackle. He dives at Siddharth's ankles and the raider has nowhere to go. Dabang Delhi leads 5-4.

5' It's been a very interesting opening 5 minutes here. The Desai brothers have got the points for Telugu Titans, while Naveen Kumar has bagged three points for Dabang Delhi.

3' Siddharth gets his first point of the game, but he appears to have taken a hit to the head in the process. He locks horns with Vishal Mane, but manages to get across the line and the two are getting some treatment now. It's all level at 3-3.

1' It's not Siddharth, it's his brother Suraj Desai who goes in for a first raid and he gets a point! The crowd goes absolutely bonkers and the home side Telugu Titans lead 1-0.

That brings us to the end of the first game. Stay tuned as we have another massive fixture coming up when Telugu Titans takes on Dabang Delhi.

40' That seals a dominating win for Bengal Warriors. Nabibakhsh and Maninder shine, and the defence does phenomenally well, as the Warriors post a massive 48-17 win over UP Yoddha.

38' SUPER 10 FOR NABIBAKHSH! He gets a running hand touch on Ashu Singh to earn his 10th raid point and lest you forget, this is the Iranian's debut PKL game! Way to announce your arrival, eh?

Confused as to what these terms such as Super Raid and All Out mean? Fret not, we've got you covered - PKL 2019: All the Pro Kabaddi terms rules explained

37' ALL OUT! And guess who the raider is? Nabibakhsh! I was just writing about how good he's been and he's just won his side four crucial points with a superb All Out tackle. Warriors now have an unassailable 28-point lead at 45-17.

It's also interesting to note how well Nabibakhsh has recovered after that initial gaffe. He's thrown in a couple of massive raids and now has seven points to his name

34' Two points to Raninder! The muscular raider just can't be stopped tonight and that's his NINTH point of the game! Warriors lead 40-17.

32' It takes four men to tackle him and after a tense few seconds, Prapanjan is finally tackled.

30' Where is Monu? On the bench! He's struggled to make an impact and is once again taken out courtesy of a strong tackle from Rinku Narwal. Bengal Warriors lead 37-16.

28' This just isn't working for Sachin. He tries to be clever and just like the previous instance, it backfires as Maninder gets an easy touch off him and gets the point.

26' ALL OUT AGAIN! Nabibakhsh does oh so very well to register his first PKL Super Raid, and he's thrilled to say the least! The following raid sees Surender taken out by the Warriors defence and the side has now raced to a commanding 33-13 lead.

24' That is some stunning play from Prapanjan here. He's just about to finish his raid but notices Sachin running behind him and goes for a dubki and gets two big points! Warriors lead 27-11.

22' ALL OUT! That's the second time Bengal Warriors have inflicted an All Out and the side now has a massive 22-10 lead.

21' Nabibakhsh gets his first points! He turns and ducks and dives to get past Maghsoudlou and Sachin and UP is now down to one man!

20' That's a superb chain tackle from the Bengal Warriors and it marks the side's ninth point in the last five minutes! At the halfway mark, Warriors lead 17-9.

19' Prapanjan gets his man! He'd been targetting Narender for a while now and finally gets him out with a smart toe-touch.

17' Monu has to head to the bench now! He tries to catch Maninder with tan ankle hold, but the latter is too strong and eases his way out of the hold. And as I type this, Shrikant has just stepped into the lobby and gifted the Warriors an easy point. Warriors lead 14-8.

16' Monu heads into his sixth raid of the game, but it is another empty raid. He's managed only one point so far and UP Yoddha trails 8-11.

14' It's a do-or-die raid and there's not much Surinder can do as the Warriors defence completely closes in on him. He was the last Yoddha man on the mat and that's  an ALL OUT ! Warriors now have a four-point lead at 11-7.

12' What a terrible/silly tackle! Amit tugs at Maninder's jersey and is sent off. UP Yoddha are now down to two men! Warriors lead 7-6.

11' Back on equal terms! Prapanjan pockets a point and its 6-each!

9' There's another one! Nitesh gets Maninder out this time and UP Yoddha leads 6-4.

7' One hundred and forty-eighth point for Nitesh ! He has Prapanjan trapped with a strong ankle lock and the UP Yoddha captain is two points short of becoming the youngest to reach 150 points!

5' Monu gets his first point of the season, but Maninder outdoes him as he bags two points on his next raid! Maninder gets rid of Surender and Narender and Warriors trail 2-4.

This photo is 10 days old, but for those wondering, this is what Nabibakhsh (in red) looks like.


3' That's not how we would have wanted to begin his PKL career! Nabibakhsh goes for his first raid but it comes to a tame end as he loses balance and falls into the lobby! OOPS! UP Yoddha leads 3-0.

2' First points on the board! Prapanjan is tackled, sensationally, by Amit and UP has its first point of the game.

1' Both teams put in empty raids to begin.


7:30pm: GAME ON!

7:28pm: Some worrying news for the Warriors - Rishank Devadiga will play no role in the tie and has not even been named on the bench. The onus will now be on Monu and Shrikant.

7:27pm: UP Yoddha starting 7: Monu Goyat, Narender, Amit, Surender Singh, Shrikant Jadhav, Nitesh Kumar and Sachin Kumar.

7:26pm: Bengal Warriors starting 7: Prapanjan, Maninder Sigh, Naveen Narwal, Jeeva Kumar, Baldev Singh, Rinku Narwal and Mohammad Nabibakhsh.

7:25pm: Alright guys, the game's less than 5 minutes away! Here's some last-minute reading for you'll - Sportstar's full PKL 2019 coverage

Oh and here's an interesting bit of information, Bengal Warriors roped in BC Ramesh as its head coach this year. Does the name ring a bell? Well it should, for he played a crucial role in the Bengaluru Bulls coaching unit that led the team to the title last year.

7:15pm: While he will spearhead his side's defence, Bengal Warriors will turn to Jeeva Kumar to handle its defence | Revamped Bengal Warriors pins hopes on Jeeva Kumar

7:10pm: Nitesh Kumar was rewarded for his phenomenal campaign last year and was made the captain of UP Yoddha this season. The youngster, all 22 years of age, will be the youngest captain in PKL 2019. Did he make it to our pick of the top-7 players to watch out for? Seven stars to look out for in PKL season seven

7:05pm: Nabibakhsh became PKL 2019's most expensive foreign buy at Rs. 77.5 lakh. But who were the other expensive signings? All answers here - Top buys across categories | And of course, here are the top-5 overall signings (hint: they're all Indians!) - Top five buys  

7:00pm: So a quick Google search will not tell you much about Nabibakhsh, except for the fact that he was part of the Iranian kabaddi team that defeated India in the semifinals of the 2018 Asian Games. But he made a name for himself and ensured the Indian masses would remember his name courtesy of the stunning performance he put up at the Indian 7 vs World 7 All Star game last week | PKL 2019 All Stars clash: Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh shines as World 7 secures last-gasp win over Indian 7

6:55pm: Led by the mighty Maninder Singh, Bengal Warriors will be keen to ditch its under-achiever tag this season. The Warriors' best finish had come in 2017, when the team settled for the third place and the side will be looking to improve that this season. Having spent a massive Rs. 77.5 lakh to sign Iranian all-rounder Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, the side will eye a change of fortunes this year.  Season preview - Warriors to bank on Nabibakhsh to reverse fortunes?

6:50pm: UP Yoddha looks a serious title contender this year. Boasting a three-prong raiding department consisting of Monu Goyat, Rishank Devadiga and Shrikanth Jadhav, the team should have no trouble in keeping the scoreboard ticking. The defence and team will be led by captain Nitesh Kumar , who became the first defender to score 100 points in a PKL season last year. Season preview - PKL 2019: Attack the best form of defence; UP Yoddha out to "raid" its way to title

Hey guys and welcome back to our Pro Kabaddi League (PKL 2019) live blog. After a day's break, the league resumes today with a tantalising clash between UP Yoddha and Bengal Warriors. UP comes into the season seven on the back of its most successful season ever, having made it to the Eliminator last year, while Bengal Warriors are raring to show off their new signing Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh.

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