Pro Kabaddi, As it Happened: Haryana beats Bengal 36-33, UP wins 35-30 against Pune

Catch the live scores, commentary, squad, highlights, updates and match analysis from the Delhi leg of Pro Kabaddi League season seven at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex.

Updated : Aug 26, 2019 23:13 IST , New Delhi

Both UP Yoddha and Puneri Paltan have only three wins in the tournament so far and their 'defender-skippers' will be raring to get the victory today.
Both UP Yoddha and Puneri Paltan have only three wins in the tournament so far and their 'defender-skippers' will be raring to get the victory today.

Both UP Yoddha and Puneri Paltan have only three wins in the tournament so far and their 'defender-skippers' will be raring to get the victory today.


That's it for today from my side! Thanks for tuning in.

MATCH REPORT| PKL 2019: Vikash, Vinay shine in Haryana win; Shrikant 'Super-10' floors Pune

Four raiders, one from each team that played today, claimed a Super 10 on day 3 of the Delhi leg. Maninder Singh, Shrikant Jadhav and Manjeet breached the 15-point mark, while Vikas Kandola ended up with 11 points.

Earlier today, the Haryana Steelers beat the Bengal Warriors 36-33 in match 60 of PKL 2019 and now UP Yoddha has beaten Puneri Paltan 35-30 in the second match of the evening in Delhi.


35 - 30: Manjeet and Shrikant Jadhav have 16 and 15 raid points respectively today. Incredible stuff!! And Sumit completes his HIGH-5. Shrikant evades Amit Kumar on final time this match. A string of empty raids completes the match.

33 - 29: Surjeet Singh's miserable day continues. Shrikant Jadhav with three more raid points in two raids. Manjeet gets one back for his side but definitely Puneri Paltan is done and dusted in this game. UP Yoddha's bench is already celebrating!

30 - 28: AND IT'S AN ALL-OUT!! Will Pune make the miraculous comeback here??!! Manjeet has single-handedly turned the game. He gets the better of Nitesh Kumar and Amit, UP's last two men on the mat, and gets four points for his side. It's anybody's game from here.

30 - 24: Pune quickly closing the gap here!!  Manjeet and Balasaheb Jadhav, Pune's best raider and defender today, get a raid and tackle point respectively. 

30 - 22: It's still an eight-point lead for the UP Yoddha! Pankaj Mohite had failed with a raid attempt but his teammate Manjeet succeeded somehow in the next raid. UP is happy to play out empty raids here. TIME-OUT TAKEN BY ANUP KUMAR!

29 - 21: Shubham Shinde puts in a successful tackle on the dangerous Shrikant Jadhav during a do-or-die raid. We have another TIME-OUT here. Five minutes left in this game.

29 - 20: SUPER 10 FOR MANJEET!! A thoroughly deserved one for the Puneri Paltan raider. He took out Ashu Singh with a toe touch. Surender Gill had failed in a do-or-die raid previously. Balasaheb Jadhav had claimed yet another tackle point.

29 - 18: UP Yoddha is running away with this game! Puneri Paltan has looked rusty entire match. Manjeet with a successful raid first and then an unsuccessful one in a matter of few seconds. TIME-OUT TAKEN HERE!!

28 - 17: SUPER 10 FOR SHRIKANT JADHAV!!! This man is on fire today! REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL FOR PUNERI PALTAN! UP Yoddha's Shrikant had got the better of both Surjeet Singh and Shubham Shinde, the last two men on the mat for Puneri Paltan. Pune challenged the referee's decision and the final decision didn't go its way as well. AND IT'S AN ALL-OUT!

24 - 17: Surender Gill goes in to raid for UP Yoddha and he claims two successive raid points in back-to-back raids. Brilliant stuff!! Puneri Paltan down to two men now!

20 - 17: Four straight points for the UP Yoddha!! And that includes a SUPER TACKLE! Puneri Paltan was down to three men on the mat and Amit Kumar came in with a double thigh hold on Mohsen Maghsoudlou. Shubham Shinde then sends Shrikant Jadhav to the bench with a successful tackle. Amit Kumar gets the do-or-die raid right for Pune next.

20 - 13: Surender Gill goes out of bounds without a touch and a Puneri Paltan defender follows him into the lobby. One point for each team. Pankaj Mohite and Manjeet head to the bench after impressive tackles from Nitesh Kumar and Sumit respectively. The seven-point difference is back now.

UP Yoddha 17 - 12 Puneri Paltan: Manjeet gets a bonus point for the Puneri Paltan. Shrikant Jadhav takes out Surjeet Singh next and restores the seven-point lead for the UP Yoddha. In the next raid, Manjeet gets a bonus and a touch point on Sumit to reduce his team's deficit.


And the last 20 minutes of the game begin!

Shrikant Jadhav has filled in well for both Monu Goyat and Rishank Devadiga today. On the contrary, Girish Ernak has had a terrible game so far. The Puneri Paltan raiders need to start racking up the raid points for their side in order to overcome the seven-point deficit and beat UP Yoddha. Otherwise, UP will run away with this game.


16 - 9: Ashu Singh comes back from the bench to apply a successful thigh hold on Puneri Paltan's Pankaj Mohite. His UP Yoddha teammates assist him well to complete the tackle. Seven-point lead for the UP Yoddha now.

15 - 9: Amit Kumar gets the do-or-die raid right with a toe touch on Ashu Singh. The big man Balasaheb Jadhav gets the better of Surender Gill in the very next raid, which was yet another do-or-die.

14 - 8: Manjeet gets a successful running hand touch on Ashu Singh and Shrikant Jadhav returns the favour on Girish Ernak. Sumit sends Manjeet to the bench next up and Amit Kumar successfully tackles Mohsen Maghsoudlou. Six-point lead for UP Yoddha. Puneri Paltan just hanging in here.

12 - 6: AND IT'S THE FIRST ALL-OUT OF THE MATCH!! Shrikant Jadhav is having a very good game here. It was, however, a super tackle opportunity for Pune and a do-or-die raid for UP. But Shrikant got the better of both Girish Maruti Ernak and Shubham Shinde during a crucial moment of the match.

8 - 6: Pune down to two men! UP Yoddha's Shrikant Jadhav took out both Balasaheb Jadhav and Manjeet in the same raid. Pankaj Mohite gets a bonus for the Puneri Paltan.

5 - 3: UP Yoddha bags a two-point lead now. Manjeet got a bonus for Pune, while Shrikant and Surender keep getting the touch points. Hadi Tajik and Sagar Krishna have gone to the bench for Puneri Paltan.

UP Yoddha 2 - 2 Puneri Paltan: A tight start to the game. Two raid points for each side. Surender Gill and Shrikant Jadhav with the points for the UP Yoddha and Pankaj Mohite and Manjeet have got the points for the Puneri Paltan.


And the second match of the evening begins!

Monu Goyat, Rishank Devadiga and Nitin Tomar won't be part of this game. So this match might not be a raider-heavy one like the previous game. The defenders might do better now.


UP Yoddha lost 27-36 to home team Dabang Delhi yesterday, while Puneri Paltan had beaten defending champion Bengaluru Bulls 31-23 in its last game in Chennai. UP and Pune are at the 10th and 11th positions respectively on the points table. Both teams desperately need a win to keep their hopes of making the PKL 2019 playoffs alive.




Now it's time to move on to the second game of the evening. The match is between the UP Yoddha and the Puneri Paltan. Both teams are struggling at the bottom of the PKL 2019 points table.

AND IT'S FULL-TIME!! Haryana Steelers 36 - 33 Bengal Warriors.

36 - 33: Maninder Singh puts in two successive fast raids, which fetch his side two points. But that definitely won't be enough with less than a minute to go here. Vikas Kandola is happy to kill time now with no do-or-die raids around for the Haryana Steelers.

36 - 31: REVIEW SUCCESSFUL!! Haryana gets it right!! Two points for Haryana Steelers and one for the Bengal Warriors. Vinay had gone in for the do-or-die raid and he had stepped out into the lobby before getting a touch. Jeeva Kumar went in for a tackle and Prapanjan joined him as both of them make their way to the bench.

34 - 30: Mohammad Nabibakhsh was successfully tackled by none other than Haryana skipper Dharmaraj Cheralathan first. Then, Maninder Singh got a quick raid point for Bengal after getting a running hand touch on Vikas Kale.

33 - 29: Vinay and Vikas Kandola keep racking up the raid points for the Haryana Steelers. Rinku Narwal and especially Baldev Singh have had days to forget. Prapanjan gets a raid point for the Bengal Warriors, thanks to a shirt pull from Ravi Kumar. ANOTHER TIME-OUT!

31 - 28: SUPER TACKLE!!! Dharmaraj Cheralathan had initiated the tackle and Ravi Kumar assisted him effectively to send Maninder Singh to the bench. Mohammad Nabibakhsh had earlier reduced the Haryana Steelers to two men after a do-or-die raid for the Bengal Warriors.

29 - 27: K Selvamani is unable to escape Jeeva Kumar's ankle hold in a do-or-die raid. Just a two-point lead for Haryana Steelers against Bengal Warriors now. AND IT'S A TIME-OUT! Jeeva had taken out the dangerous Vikas Kandola earlier.

28 - 24: Prapanjan gets away from Dharmaraj Cheralathan's hold. And Rinku Narwal gets a tackle point to reduce Haryana's lead to four. It's still a very close game. Raiders from both teams have been having a great time today. The defenders have to make the difference from here on.

27 - 22: SUPER 10 FOR MANINDER SINGH!!! The Bengal Warriors captain has taken out Vikas Kale and Chand Singh in back-to-back raids. We've witnessed some phenomenal raiding today. On the other hand, Vinay keeps getting those one-point raids going for Haryana Steelers.

25 - 20: SUPER 10 FOR VIKAS KANDOLA!! Rinku Narwal made a big mistake here. Vikas wrongfooted him very easily. Vinay is complementing him very well by being Haryana's effective secondary raider. Mohammad Nabibakhsh also got his first raid point of the evening.

22 - 18: ALL-OUT!!! Vikas Kandola went in for the surrender raid! And Mohammad Nabibakhsh couldn't deny the inevitable. Four-point lead for the Haryana Steelers here.

Haryana Steelers 19 - 18 Bengal Warriors: A point each for both sides! Prapanjan was going in for a do-or-die raid and Dharmaraj Cheralathan successfully took him out but another Haryana defender had gone out of bounds before the tackle.


And the second-half is underway!

It's been a very eventful first 20 minutes. There has been only three tackle points so far, two for Bengal and one for Haryana. There have been a few records created as well. Maninder Singh became the second fastest after Pardeep Narwal to reach 600 raid points in PKL history. Vikas Kandola also crossed 300 PKL career points, while Vikas Kale is playing in his 50th PKL match. We have an exciting last 20 minutes ahead now.

AND IT'S HALF-TIME! Haryana Steelers 18 - 17 Bengal Warriors.

18 - 17: Vikas Kandola you beauty!!! He gets the better of both Baldev Singh and Viraj Vishnu. Now, Haryana Steelers lead again! SNd Bengal Warriors has been reduced to just two on the mat.

16 - 17: Vikas Kandola keeps getting the big defenders! This time it's Rinku Narwal. Maninder had failed in a do-or-die raid after Vikas Kale got the first tackle point for the Haryana Steelers.

14 - 16: Maninder Singh with yet another successful raid! Vikas Kale came in with a silly tackle. And Vikas Kandola does the 'Dubki' on the experienced Jeeva Kumar to reduce the deficit.

13 - 15: Vikas Kandola sends Rinku Narwal to the bench first. Maninder returned the favour on Sunil. Next up, Vinay gets two points! Baldev Singh and Viraj Vishnu were the defenders at fault!

10 - 14: ALL-OUT!!! Bengal Warriors complete the formalities! Prashanth Kumar Rai had actually denied the expected by evading Baldev Singh after Haryana Steelers had only one man on the mat. The very next raid, Maninder got the better of Sunil and Jeeva Kumar applied a successful double thigh hold on Prashanth.

8 - 10: Maninder and Prapanjan got two consecutive raid points for the Bengal Warriors. Prashanth Kumar Rai pulled one back for the Haryana Steelers.

7 - 8: ANOTHER SUPER RAID!!! Prapanjan gets four for Bengal!!!! Ravi Kumar got an ankle hold on him. The agile raider was trying hard to escape it. When three others joined the tackle attempt, Prapanjan powered past them to reduce Haryana to three men.

6 - 4: Maninder got a bonus to take his side to three points. Vikas Kandola then jumped past Mohammad Nabibakhsh brilliantly to restore his side's three-point lead!! Maninder got the better of Vikash Kale next up.

5 - 2: SUPER RAID!!! It's Vinay and not Vikas Kandola. Viraj Vishnu, Jeeva Kumar and Rinku Narwal are the players out! Jeeva went in for the initial tackle and the other two joined him. But Vinay overpowered all three to go past the midline. In the previous raid, Maninder had sent Vikas Kale to the bench.

2 - 1: And Vikas Kandola does it once again! It was a do-or-die raid and the Haryana raider got the bonus first and then took out right-cover Viraj Vishnu on the retreat.

Haryana Steelers 0 - 1 Bengal Warriors: Maninder gets the first point of the game! He executes a perfect running hand touch on Prashanth Kumar Rai. Haryana Steelers is a raider short now.


And the match is underway!

Bengal Warriors skipper Maninder Singh has won the toss and chosen court. Haryana Steelers will raid first.

It's going to be a clash involving some of the best raiders in the sport. Vikas Kandola, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Maninder Singh, K Prapanjan and Mohammad Nabibakhsh will be looking forward to entertain the audience in the capital.

The players are coming in now!


Bengal Warriors beat the Patna Pirates 35-26 in its last encounter on 22nd August in Chennai. Meanwhile, in Haryana Steelers' last match, the side overcame U Mumbai 30-27 in another close Chennai leg game. Both teams are close to the top right now and they will be looking to bag a win today in order to strengthen their place in the fight for playoff spots.





The match will be available for live streaming on Hotstar and will also be available on Star Network's live broadcast.

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