Goodwin's complaint

FORMER Zimbabwe batsman Murray Goodwin said black cricketers in his country are getting a "free ride" into its Test team without having to perform as well as white players. Goodwin, who played 19 Tests for Zimbabwe before quitting international cricket three years ago, said the country's equalisation selection policy was unfair and it meant his country will continue to struggle.

"It sounds really racist but in actual fact it's the truth and that's a sad state of affairs because these guys don't have to perform as well as the European guys to get a game," he said. "You've got guys getting promoted because of performance and other guys getting promoted because of their colour. It's hard because when you're playing in a team and you've got these guys getting a free ride — it's not their fault at all — the selection (policy) is a bit of an issue. Everyone's trying to play in a team and you can't begrudge that... but you're just wary of how they select you and on what grounds."

There are five black players in the Zimbabwean squad in Australia for a two-Test tour. Goodwin, now based in Western Australia, scored 1,414 runs at an average of 42 for Zimbabwe. Goodwin plays for Western Australia State in Australia's domestic competition and English county side Sussex, which he led to its first county championship in September 2003.