Over The 'Net

If Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf team up to play mixed doubles at Roland Garros, will they win?

Yes 70%

"The greatest women's player ever, and the greatest men's player; put them together and what do you get? Victory." "Mixed doubles usually doesn't have a strong field, so my money would be on Andre and Steffi." "Their games complement each other: Andre has a great return, and Steffi has a great serve." "As a married couple, they should have better communication than other teams." "As Martina Navratilova has demonstrated in recent years, a great player can return from a layoff and win in doubles."

No 30%

"They'd win a couple of rounds, but the top teams would beat them." "Steffi has been out of action for three years. She'd be too rusty." "Just thinking that they could play Martina Navratilova and Leander Paes (among other top teams) makes me think they'd have no chance." "Husbands and wives don't make good doubles team." "Steffi wouldn't have the drive." "They're baseliners."