Lodha reforms: Updates from SC

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* AG asks SC to hold order on committee of administrators for the BCCI by two weeks, says govt mulling law to bring more autonomy to sports bodies.

* SC allows Centre, some State cricket associations to suggest names for the Committee of Administrators to run the BCCI.

* SC alows BCCI to select three names among office-bearers not disqualified by Lodha reforms to represent it at ICC meet in February.

* No persons suggested by SC amicus as BCCI administrators who r above 70 of age will be considered in deference of Lodha reforms.

* Attorney General says Centre is proposing to bring law/executive order to bring autonomy to sports bodies.

* SC will not re-open #BCCI order. Court says: 'Once we pen an order, it is clear as day that it will be implemented'.

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