National Billiards and Snooker: Advani, Sitwala, Parikh, Kothari in knockout round

Twenty-three-time world Champion Pankaj Advani beat Venkatesham of RSPB to enter the knockout round at Manisha-Vascon National Billiards and Snooker Championship.

Pankaj Advani

Pankaj Advani beat Venkatesham of RSPB to enter the knockout round of Manisha-Vascon National Billiards and Snooker Championship.   -  Getty Images

Twenty three time World Champion Pankaj Advani continued with his winning spree ousting Venkatesham of RSPB to enter the knockout round at Manisha- Vascon National Billiards and Snooker Championship here.

Advani beat Venkatesham 3-0(150(119)-69(69), 150(62)- 30, 150(140)-40).

Former Asian Billiards Champion Dhruv Sitwala of Petrol Sports Promotion Board scraped past B. Jagdesh of Tamil Nadu 3-1 to enter the knockout round.

The tournament is organized by BSAM and played at P.Y.C. Hindu Gymkhana Billiards room.

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Sitwala started with a setback after losing first frame with a huge margin of 40-152 points.

However, Sitwala did not let Jagdesh take control of the game and won the second frame 151-107 which included a break of 88 points.

He won the third and fourth frame with a comfortable margin of 151-70 and 152-78 wherein the last frame witnessed a break of 99 points.

PSPB’s Sourav Kothari defeated Gujarat’s Partthiv Jhaveri in straight sets 3-0.

The first and the third frame included breaks of 110 and 115 respectively.


Group League round: Senior Billiards: Group A: S. Srikrishna(PSPB) bt Loukik P. (RSPB) 3-1(150(100)-111 (59), 150(94)-61, 106(78)-150(63), 150-118);

Group A: Amit Sharma(Del) bt V. Susheel(AP) 3-1(152- 111, 147-150, 150-110, 152-85)

Group B: Dhvaj Haria(PSPB) bt I. H. Manudev(KTK) 3-0(150(75)-89, 150(52,52)-71, 150(57,58)- 60)

Group C: Ankit Kariwala(WB) bt Atit Shah(Ker)3-0(151- 62, 151(61)-124, 151-92)

Group C: Dhruv Sitwala(PSPB) bt B. Jagdesh(TN) 3-1(40-152, 151(88)-107(60), 151(54)-70, 152(99)- 78)

Group D: Sourav Kothari(PSPB) bt Parthiv Jhaveri(Guj) 3-0(151(110)-09, 150(55)-81, 155(115)-36)

Group D: Bhuwaneshwar D. (TN) bt Kan Kan Shamsi (UP) 3-2(136-150, 150-110, 88-152(52), 150-115, 150(50)-148)

Group E: Siddharth Parikh(RSPB) bt Shahbaz Khan(RSPB) 3-0(151 -85, 152(87)-75(69), 150(150)-02);

Group F: Rohan Jambusariya(Mah) bt Manmeet Singh(RSPB) 3-1(150(77)-137, 53-150(78), 150(86,64)-34, 150(86,58)-83)

Group F: Manan Chandra(PSPB) bt Subrat Das(Odisha) 3-0(152 (124)-13, 150(97)-23, 151(71)-101);

Group G: B. Bhaskar(KTK) bt Arun Agarwal(Mah) 3-2(112 -151, 116-151, 150-79, 151-15, 151-17);

Group H: Rupesh Shah(PSPB) bt Rafath Habib(RSPB) 3-0 (152-19, 151(96)-63, 151(91)-40);

Group H: Kunal Agarwal(Odisha) bt Siddharth Patni(MP) 3-1(121-150(53), 152-78, 151-135, 150(67)-120).

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