Manu Bhaker tops shooting national selections trials

Commonwealth Games gold medallist Manu Bakher topped both the junior and women categories in the national selection trails in Tughlakabad.

Manu Bhaker beat Anjali Choudhary 36-29 in the junior women’s final.   -  Getty Images

Manu Bhaker was in irresistible form in women’s 25-metre sports pistol as she swept the top positions in both the women’s and junior sections in the shooting National selection trials at the Dr. Karni Singh Range, Tughlakabad, on Monday.

The 16-year-old shot an outstanding final in the women’s event as she aggregated 41 points, which included four rounds of perfect 5 and four rounds of 4 in the 50-shot climax.

Bhaker, who had qualified in the second place with 585, two points behind Rahi Sarnobat, beat Chinki Yadav by nine points. Asian Games gold medallist Rahi settled for the third place, ahead of Pushpanjali Rana, Annu Raj Singh, Gauri Sheoran, Shreya Gawande and Anuradha.

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In the junior women’s final, Manu did not have a perfect round in the final, yet beat Anjali Choudhary 36-29.

In air rifle, Divyansh Singh panwar was in roaring form as he topped the men’s and youth men’s sections, and took the third place in the junior event.

Divyansh shot 252.2 in the men’s final to beat World Cup bronze medallist Ravi Kumar by 1.5 point.

Paarth Makhija who had topped qualification among youth men with 628.9, went on to top the final by beating Yash Vardhan by 0.1 point.


10m air rifle:

Men: 1. Divyansh Singh Panwar 252.2 (628.8); 2. Ravi Kumar 250.7
(626.8); 3. Yash Vardhan 229.4 (627.0).

Junior men: 1. Paarth Makhija 250.7 (628.9); 2. Yash Vardhan 250.6
(627.0); 3. Divyansh Singh Panwar 229.0 (628.8).

Youth men: 1. Divjaynsh Singh Panwar 251.1 (628.8); 2. Yash Vardhan
250.3 (627.0); 3. Paarth Makhija 228.7 (628.9).

25m sports pistol:

Women: 1. Manu Bhaker 41 (585); 2. Chinki Yadav 32 (578); 3. Rahi
Sarnobat 28 (587).

Junior women: 1. Manu Bhaker 36 (585); 2. Anjali Choudhary 29 (570);
3. Abhidnya Patil 21 (566).


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