The Army’s Gurpreet Singh topped the qualification round among 100 competitors to win the men’s 25M Standard Pistol event at the 60th National Shooting Championship at the Balewadi Sports Complex on Thursday.

Since the event is not in the Olympics programme, the medal winners were straightway determined from the qualification round itself. CISF’s Samaresh Jung, a distinguished winner of the same event in many international meets was pushed to the ninth spot by Kerala’s Thomas George by virtue of his better "inner-ring-hit" record.

The top three positions in the Civilian category was won by Haryana’s Aadeithyaa Joahal, Punjab’s Achal Pratap Grewal and Kerala’s Thomas George.

In the junior men’s final of the 25M Sports Pistol event, Border Security Force’s Pankaj Yadav won the gold medal; he was followed by Punjab’s Anhad Jawanda and Haryana’s Anish.

With a record number of entries (merged) received for the 10m Pistol event for youth, junior and senior men, the competitors will continue to go through with the qualification rounds on Saturday and Sunday. The national championship will conclude on Monday with five finals; 50M Rifle 3 Position for Jr. and Sr. Men and the three group finals of the 10M Pistol.

Result: Final: 25M Standard Pistol: 1. Gurpreet Singh (Army) 577, 2. Mahaveer Singh (Raj) 571, 3. Aadeithyaa Joahal (Har) 566/14x, 4. Achal Pratap Grewal (Pnb) 566/10x, 5. Deepak Sharma (Air India) 565, 6. Ronak Pandit (Mah) 564, 7.Omkar Singh (Navy)563, 8.Thomas George (Ker) 562/11x

Team: Army Marksmanship Unit-AMU (Gurpreet Singh, Neeraj Kumar, Vijay Kumar) 1698, 2. Navy (Omkar Singh, Rajat Kumar Yadav, Yoghesh Singh) 1676, 3. Air Force (Shivam Shukla, Ritu Raj Singh, Ravinder) 1672

Final-Jr. Men: 25Mm Sports Pistol: 1. Pankaj Yadav (BSF) 581, 2.Anhad Jawanda (Pnb) 578, 3. Anish (Har) 577, 4.Gurmeet (Army) 574, 5.Rushiraj Atul Barot (Guj) 571, 6. Shivam Shukla (Air Force) 570, 7. Ankit Yadav (Har) 568 (14x), 8. Samarjit Singh (UK) 568 (11x).