Shooting: SAI justifies termination of coaching contracts

The NRAI president Raninder Singh had earlier raised objection to the denial of contracts for five shooting coaches.

SAI insisted that the "extreme reaction" of NRAI to the sanction letters was "completely illogical".   -  AFP

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) on Tuesday justified the termination of contracts to five shooting coaches even as the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) raised strong objections.”

The NRAI president Raninder Singh had written to the SAI, which took exception to the tone of the letter.

In a hard-hitting response, SAI Special Director General Onkar Kedia reminded the NRAI, “SAI held discussions with NRAI on the panel of 29 coaches which was submitted for appointment for the training of Indian shooters. You would recall that SAI had detailed discussions with officials of NRAI, including you, to finalise the list. You may recall that one such meeting was held on a holiday at your request, thereby proving the commitment of SAI towards ensuring full support for training of shooters.”

The shooters who were not given the contracts were : Shreayan Kapoor (not  a qualified coach. Not having any Coaching Certificate); Amar Jung (no personal achievements as coach); Jitender Beniwal (no personal achievement as coach); M. S Bhangale (dd not attend the interview) and Neelanjana Ghoshal (she has not done coaching Course / does not have coaching License).

The SAI, meanwhile, confirmed the appointment of four coaches: Mansher Singh (Chief Coach -  Senior Shotgun), Ved Prakash (Chief Coach- Senior Pistol), Monali  Manohar Ghore (Pistol Coach) and Vishavdev Singh Sidhu (Junior Shotgun Coach).

SAI insisted that the “extreme reaction (of NRAI) to the sanction letters issued on August 27 and September 7, 2018, which is a legal requirement in the process of releasing Government funds,” was “completely illogical and not supported by any facts.”

As the SAI reminded Raninder, “the decision of SAI was conveyed to the NRAI on July 26, 2018, which was duly acknowledged by your office. The only issue raised by you at that time was with regard to Mr. Mansher Singh. This issue has already been resolved. It is, therefore, quite surprising that you raise these issues six weeks later without any reference to the consultations, discussions and correspondence that has been held with SAI on this issue.”

Kedia concluded on a strong note, “While SAI fully stands by its policy of supporting the autonomy of Federations in the spirit of the Olympic charter, you may like to ensure that your correspondence with SAI is civil and based on facts.”

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