Australian Open, as it happened: Federer beats Sandgren in five-set thriller

Follow the highlights of the Australian Open quarterfinal match between Roger Federer and Tennys Sandgren.

Roger Federer will face off against Tennys Sandgren in the quarterfinals.   -  GETTY IMAGES

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live blog of Australian Open 2020 quarterfinal match between Roger Federer and Tennys Sandgren. This was Lalith Kalidas bringing you the updates.

Federer vs Sandgren: MATCH REPORT

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Tennys 'Tenacious' Sandgren - an amazing competitor! He has breathed in on the semifinal ticket, almost on the verge of clipping it, with a 3-point lead in the fourth set tiebreaker! But the 'inexplicable' prowess of the 20-time Grand Slam champion prevailed in an epic contest! There is something beyond a scientific measure in 'greatness'!


Federer completes the heist in one of the greatest matches at the Rod Laver Arena!

A match for the ages! 

MATCH POINT ---------Federer 

13:15 (IST): Sandgren refuses to give up, 30-30, with Roger's serve!

Sandgren holds, Federer serving for the match at 5-3.

Fending off 7 match-points! Can you believe it, 7-match points! And Federer is inches away from making a miraculous heist in a 23-year-old career that has seen all kinds of roller-coaster clashes by now!

A game-away from his 15th semi-final at the Australian Open. Not long ago we had Sandgren a point away from his first semi-final here! How the tables have turned. Genius is sometimes inexplicable!

Sandgren slips and slops! Federer, the magician, has woken up and is making Sandgren dance to his tunes! A 5-2 unassailable lead in the decider!

There is a break! And he converts! Federer, the timeless class of this man surges ahead! 4-2 in the decider! And boy, who would have imagined this given the supremacy of Sandgren for over three hours!! Sport of the highest order.

13:05 (IST): Super-slice from from Sandgren! He continues his dream and he is certainly fighting for it!


13:01 (IST): Roger that! Federer has tightened his screws! More clarity in what he wants to do - had to have a massive scare to get his mind set, I guess! 3-2 lead in the final set.

13:00 (IST): And the perennial backhand volley is up on display! Federer finally in his element.

Sandgren would not have hoped it would go on so far! Anyhow serve up yet another excellent game to make it 2-2 in the road to the last-4!



Truly incredible the way Federer looks absolutely distraught but serves up a master-class every time one counts him out!

12:54: High-octane serves the master Swiss! Takes a 2-1 lead in a jiffy!

Sandgren looks pumped up for a fitting-finale! 1-1 in the decider.

12:50 (IST): And now the elegant touch-play and flair is making a mainstream return to Federer's serve (took him over three straight hours!)


12:46 (IST): The momentum has shifted! It clearly has! Sandgren feeling the Melbourne heat now as Federer revels in return! 30-15 up in the American's serve.

What promised to test the physicality of Federer has fittingly gone in to the decider - the fifth set! And despite his resounding performance so far, Sandgren will never know what's in store from the legendary Swiss!

It has not been his best match by a country-mile but Federer has sent a massive statement to Sandgren! No offense to the American who has played high-quality tennis so far, but the wily 38-year-old can never be counted out, not even he was staring down the abyss with four match-points looming on him.

12:39! The Rod Laver Arena erupts! Federer lives on! The champion has levelled the match 2-2! This is what champions are made of - nerves of steel and grit!  

12:39: And Sandgren falls, Federer crisp on the rally and he takes the lead on serve! 9-8!

12:37: Set-point for Federer and Sandgren follows it up with a terrific point, 8-8!

12:36: This is a nerve-wracking duel of the highest quality! A sizzling slice has Sandgren in splits! 7-7!

12:35: 7-6, Sandgren on the lead!

12:34: This does not get any better! Absolute masterpiece from in an epic passing volley from the net Federer! 6-6 and Roger barely lives on!

12:33: 6-5 lead for Sandgren, Federer narrowly clings on.

12:32: And this seems absolutely done and dusted now, 3 match points for Sandgren as he takes a 6-3 lead.

12:31: How did Federer miss that one! A poor forehand! 5-3 lead for Sandgren.

Tie-Break - 3-3, pretty Even-Stevens in the scoreline.

12:29: 2-3, Sandgren is rock-solid on serve throughout the course of the match.

12:28: 2-1, Sandgren trails, follows to serve.

12:28 - 1-1, Sandgren shaky on the forehand.

12:27 - 1-0, Federer falters the volley.

12:26(IST): And a relatively easier serve from Federer takes the match to the tie-break!

12:24(IST): Sangren leads, 6-5. Federer serving once again for survival in the dying moments of the fourth set! Pressure, pressure!

Federer fails to grow on the lead. Sandgren's composure wins him back on serve.

12:20(IST): The ball lies in! Just! And Federer takes the lead for a break-point!

Sandgren his clearly not bogged down by the pressure of the big-stage! Going about his task in nonchalant grandeur with absolute on clarity as he is virtually knock the doors of a first-Slam semifinal!

12:15 (IST): Federer hold his nerve! The forehands finally prevail as Sandgren restrains himself to the baseline. 5-5, Federer survives.

This is highly unlikely of Roger to flounder in serve under pressure!

The upset is on! And Federer clutches on barely! Nerve-wracking for the fans!

12:12(IST): This is a stunner! Sandgren reaches Match Point! 

Federer serves to stay alive!

12:07(IST): Sandgren aces his way out! A game away from a massive upset! 5-4 in the fourth as the 100th ranked American is a game away from history!

12:06(IST): Is the master back at work? An amazing drop-shot volley followed by a tweener from Sandgren, only to see it barely go out on Federer's half!

Federer holds as an anxious crowd looks on! 4-4 on the board.

12:02 (IST): Sandgren returns magic! Successive backhands of the highest quality sees the duo battle out another DEUCE.

12:01 (IST): Federer looks supreme on serve, save for the occassional blips on his returns. Sandgren is made to grind this time.

A crucial serve up ahead of Federer. If Sandgren manages to break, it's probable curtains to the Swiss' campaign.

11:59(IST): The unbreakable Sandgren smashes through his serve! Taking the lead in just a minute as he makes it 4-3.

The aces keeping from the American - 19 so far as he puts the crowd to silence.

11:57(IST): He holds on! Federer not yet giving up on this one as he makes it 3-3 in the fourth.

11:55(IST): Federer breaks out of jail! In only ways he could do, Federer approaches the net and blazes a trademark return from a strong forehand off Sandgern. Can he inspire himself with that one?


Sandgren has built himself an insurmountable wall on serve. Federer fails to make the break as the American takes the fifth game easily. His lead bulds to 3-2 in the fourth.

ACES COUNT- Sandgren 18  Federer 3

11:50 (IST): It has been a while since Roger has been tested hard on his serve. He barely clutches on to hold this one. Two-all in the third.

11:49(IST): Unnecessary from Roger, a loose approach to the net has Sandgren rocket the perfect pass.

Sandgren leads 2-1! The upset looms large now. A barrage of excellent forehands and returns is putting Federer off the pedal!

Another rally, and yet another failing backhand from Federer. Sandgren has outclassed the Swiss by stretching him hard across the court.

11:43(IST): Federer holds on, barely! 1-1

A physically weakened Federer is slowly losing the grip on this one. Sandgren a physical powerhouse at the other end - hardly breaks a sweat.

11:40 (IST): Sandgren masters the ace! Takes the lead in the fourth 1-0.

Sandgren is gritty on serve. Federer has not been to go past the American in the last two sets. The elegant competitor will have to roll out his bag of tricks to fend off Sandgren in the fourth set!

11:36 (IST): The fourth set games. Do-or-die for Roger!

DOUBLE-BREAK and Sandgren takes the third!! Federer his thoroughly bogged down by his own poor faltering fore-hand here. Sandgren hardly had to put up an extra-ordinary effort to clinch a remarkable lead here as he goes 2-1 up.

A sixth Deuce, Federer's loose shots has failed him from taking the lead.

11:31 (IST): Ahh! Edgy on either side as the game goes on and on. Sandgren's forehands have a certain flair which has given Federer a stern test.

11:30 (IST): Set-point No.4  for Sandgren. A double-fault from Federer.

11:30 (IST): Federer fails to ace his serve! DEUCE No.4

11:28(IST): STUNNING REPLY! Sandgren leaps to take the set-point with a powerful forehand which was followed up a magnificent return from Federer!

11:26(IST): Federer is not having it easy this time on serve. DEUCE, as Sandgren is inching into a set-point.

It has been a very interesting match so far with the fact that Sandgren has hardly seemed to have overshadowed Federer yet the scoreline has transcended to bear such an overlying effect!

11:23 (IST): Sandgren extends the lead! 5-2 in the third. A game away from moving up on in his first-ever clash against the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

11:21(IST): Commendable to see how Sandgren has build on during the course of the match. Confident in serve and has gone about his match in a rather sly manner.

11:20(IST): Roger storms through his serve, looks much better when he takes the first-strike but that is not enough to pick up the third-set. With Sandgren two games away, Federer will need to make a break soon.

Federer looks visibly displeased with the way he has fared so far in this quarter-final. Remember, he has never lost at this stage before!

11:16(IST): Sandgren eases past Roger in the fifth game. He has been helped with Federer's poor returns, a rare element on display throughout the match. Is an upset brewing?

Sandgren will surely be looking to stretch Federer from here, make the maestro play hard to win each point. A lead in the third means Federer will have to grind another five-setter to make his 15th semi-final at Melbourne Park.

11:15 (IST): And Roger breezes through his serve, 3-1 in the third.

11:13 (IST): Federer is back on court after a medical time-out.


Meanwhile, on Margaret Court Arena, Nick Kyrgios after a tempestuous dual against Rafael Nadal in the fourth round - prepares for his mixed doubles contest alongside Amanda Anisimova in the second-round.

JUST IN: Federer does not look comfortable on court (a possible strain). He has called in for the trainer and is seen leaving the court as Sandgren is growing on this matchup.

11:04 (IST): Federer fails to make the break! Sandgren raises his game in a stunning display of serve and volley; picking up five straight points and holds the serve. Sandgren leads 3-0 in the third.

Not very pleasant for Federer! And Sandgren equals a terrific backhand! Deuce

11:01(IST): Oh my! Federer hurling out some (ahem), colorful language. The chair umpire gives a warning to Federer for code-violation.

10:50 (IST): One of the longest rallies of the match, I presume, and Federer holds his nerve. 3 break points for Roger. Surely, will need to make the break to stay in contention in the third.

10:57 (IST): Sandgren breaks the Federer serve! Early in the third set, the American can surely build on this lead. Federer's erratic strokes continuing to hurt him.

10:56 (IST): Sandgren receives a break-point. A crucial point early in to the third set.

As many as 11 aces from Sandgren in comparison to Federer's two. Shocking to say the least.

10:54: Sandgren is growing in stature, Federer's unforced error count on the rise. As much as he would like to dismiss it in the happenings of a normal day on court, this might just come to hurt the maestro in the middle. Sandgren leads 1-0 in the third set.

10:50: Sandgren has snatched it! The American has taken the second comfortable. 1-1 after the second as Sandgren takes the set 6-2.

Sandgren goes up on Federer's serve, match-point for the American in the second!

1 hours in to the match, there is some development on court. The chair-umpire makes a call, before the ball lands in Federer's half. The Swiss makes the claim and the umpire obliges to replay the point.

The 28-year-old's composure and balance makes him a likeable prospect. Holds serve once again as he closes on snapping the set. 5-2, Sandgren leads.

Sandgren is definitely living upto the expectations of both - the crowd and Federer. His ranking (World No.100) is an absolute disguise. A win here will also see him make amends to that - with a rise to a career-best 35. Can he upset the mighty Roger?

Like I have mentioned earlier, Sandgren has undermined Federer's approach game. He falls deep of the baseline on the latter's serve and Roger casually sneaks in the slices.

10:39 (IST): Sandgren protects his lead, as he moves to a 4-1 lead in the second set.

10:36 (IST): Storms through his serve, 40-0, Sandgren looks confident now on serve as Federer fails to time his strokes at the other end.

10:35 (IST): Unmoved at the baseline! Federer stands and delivers a sublime return to take the game! Roger trails 3-1

Federer has struggled on the groundstrokes in the second set thus far. Sandgren meanwhile, has recognised the weakness and gelled his game along.

10:31 (IST): Sandgren has built on his first break! A 3-0 lead in the second.

"Come on, Roger!" - repeated chants from the crowd as the World No.3 hardly resembles his personal best. Obviously, the age is not on his side. But Federer's game is never fathomed on those lines.

The American makes the break! Federer's lull partially continues as Sandgren goes 2-0 up in the second.

Surprising to see Sandgren limit himself deep past the baseline even in a rally. Undermining Federer's net play?

10:27 (IST): Classical! Sandgren gives back an excellent wide return to go 30-0 up!

10:25 (IST): Sandgren grunts and scrapes through by holding his serve. Federer's bounces back to his side off the net, a breather for the American! Sandgren up 1-0

10:24 (IST): Roger is in his element. Disguises the drop shot and Sandgren fails to run in to make the touch! DEUCE

10:23 (IST): Excellent serve followed by a sizziling return from Roger - in all trademark nonchalance! 30-40

Sandgren has been tight on serve but has failed to sustain his game even as Federer is yet to return to his best. He will be hoping to make quick inroads in the second.

10:20 (IST): Federer stretches Sandgren. Breezes past him to take the first set in just 34 minutes! 6-3

The precise serves have not been marred one bit. Compact, precise and enough to keep Sandgren at bay.

The grace remains but Federer fails to his strokes on numerous occasions off late. It does not seem to faze the man but with a potential semi-final encounter against Djokovic looming, he will hope to raise the bar soon.

Well, well Roger!


10:13 (IST): Federer looks unbreakable in serve. Takes a comfortable lead here in the first set. 5-2

10:12(IST): There are streaks of brilliance in patches from Sandgren. Another passing shot which shuns past Federer.

Sandgren has not woken up yet to become the livewire he can be on court. Big-match pressure or is it the man on the other side of the court who has done the trick. Federer has given minimal chances for the American to build on.

10:09 (IST): Oh oh! A double-fault from Sandgren, Federer receives the breakpoint lead and he converts it! Federer takes the lead now, 4-2.

10:05 (IST): Federer keeps his serve strong and simple, leaving very little space for Sandgren to sneak through. Federer leads 3-2.

10:02 (IST): Sandgren cracks a sensational cross-court return. Narrowly holds his serve. 2-2

10:00 (IST): Federer dominates! Sandgren cheekily dug the pass after approaching the net but Federer runs in and strokes a masterful passing shot. 0-40 Three break points for Roger.

09:58(IST): Easy for Roger. Keeps the serve wide and passes eloquently after approaching the net. Federer leads 2-1

09:56 (IST): An amazing volley there. Brilliant net-play from the American has he earns the winner.  1-1 | 15-15

09:54 (IST): Sandgren does not crumble. Holds up well with his serve to make up and and win the game. 1-1

09:52 (IST): Sandgren flounders in serve. Federer up with two-breakpoints. 15-40

The unforced errors has crept into Federer's game more often than not in the tournament so far. He will look to make amends quick as the Slam approaches its fag end.

09:50 (IST): Federer holds his serve. 1-0

09:48 (IST): Sandgren fails to convert a break point for the first time in the tournament. Deuce.

09:40 (IST): At the toss, Federer opts to serve before posing for a customary photograph alongside the net-line with Sandgren.



09:37 (IST): Enter America's Tennys Sandgren followed by world no.3 Roger Federer at the Rod Laver Arena.

A exciting evening beckons one and all at the Rod Laver Arena. With Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic narrow the parallels in a probable semi-final contest. Will we witness an upset? Will Sandgren drain a timeless Roger? Will Milos Raonic's rocket-serves upset seven-time champion Djokovic? Stay tuned to find out as we move along with the action!


Tournament thus far:


Federer – Round 1 – v S.Johnson – 6-3, 6-2, 6-3

Round 2 – v Krajinovic – 6-1, 6-4, 6-1

Round 3 - v Millman – 4-6, 7-6(2), 4-6, 6-4, 7-6(8)

Round 4 – v Fucsovics – 4-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2


Sandgren - Round 1 – v Trungeliti – 6-1, 6-4, 7-5

Round 2 – v Berretini 7-6(5), 6-4, 4-6, 2-6, 7-5

Round 3 - v Querrey– 6-4, 6-4, 6-4

Round 4 – v Fognini – 7-6(5), 7-5, 7-6(2), 6-4



Numbers Game


Australian Open final eight’s record at the quarter-finals (W-L)

Roger Federer – 15* (14-0)

Rafael Nadal – 12* (6-5)

Novak Djokovic – 11* (7-3)

Milos Raonic – 5* (1-3)

Stan Wawrinka - 5* (3-1)

Tennys Sandgren – 2* (0-1)

Dominic Thiem – 1*

Alexander Zverev - 1*


Federer post his four-setter against Fucsovics, was asked about his 28-year-old American opponent.

I wonder why he’s not ranked higher, to be honest. Every time I see him play, I feel like he plays really well. He’s got a lot of stuff in his game that he’s deserving of being higher [ranked]”.


On the other side, Sandgren hopes to live a dream and also improve on his 5-2(W-L) record against the Top-20 in his second quarter-final at the Australian Open.

It would be incredibly special to be able to play [Roger] at least once in my career. To play him on a big stage like the quarters of a Slam would be a ton of fun, really.”


Just In: Ash Barty soars into her first Australian Open semi-final, beating World No.7 Petra Kvitova in straight sets: 7-6(6), 6-2.


09:25 (IST) In an early afternoon start for the first time in the Australian Open this year, Swiss maestro Roger Federer gears up to fend off a ‘Tennys’ challenge!

Yes, the 20-time Grand Slam champion – after successive late-night match-ups in “frosty” Melbourne – hopes to make hay while the sun shines! As the balls slowed up under cold temperatures in his previous round matches, the World No.3 was handed ‘clay-court’ feels when he stretched past his opponents. The Swiss, in his 15th quarter-final appearance at the Australian Open is up against No. 100 Tennys Sandgren in a contest which could test Federer’s physicality and space on-court.

The big man from Tennessee, Sandgren who made the quarter-finals here in 2018, will hope to go one up and aim to take advantage of an erratic Federer who has not been at his sublime best. Federer will have his task cut out as he hopes to fend off Sandgren in their first meeting ever.