Dhanalakshmi’s scorching run makes her the best

Mariya, Anees break records in the 79th National inter-university athletics championships.

Bharathidasan's S. Dhanalakshmi (extreme right) who broke the women's 200m meet record in the 79th National inter-university athletics championships at Moodbidri, Mangaluru on Wednesday.   -  Sojan Philip

After messing up her finish in the 100m a couple of days ago, Bharathidasan’s S. Dhanalakshmi was desperate to take the 200m gold in the 79th National inter-university athletics championships at the Swaraj Stadium here on Wednesday.

She had a great start and ran the race of her life, finishing in 23.24s, the ninth fastest time in Asia this year and the country’s third best this season. It also broke international V.K. Vismaya’s meet record set last year.

“She is a great talent, we have taken her in our academy,” Frenchman Antony Yaich, the head coach at the JSW’s Belgaum-based Inspire Institute of Sport told Sportstar.

Dhanalakshmi, from Trichy, was a kho-kho player earlier and took up athletics seriously nearly two years ago. Her stunning show won the 20-year-old the best athlete award in the women’s section while Mumbai triple jumper Jay Shah won the honour in the men’s category.

There was a big surprise in the men’s 200m too with Mahatma Gandhi’s Muhammed Ajmal shocking host Mangalore’s national star and meet record holder Elakkiya Dasan, clocking 21.01seconds.

Bengaluru Jain University's Mariya Jaison who broke the women's pole vault record   -  Sojan Philip


Meanwhile, Calicut’s Muhammed Anees was close to his personal best as he broke the men’s long jump record with a 7.79m effort while Bengaluru Jain’s Mariya Jaison raised her own women’s pole vault record by 15 cms to 3.80m, taking the gold after a close fight with Madras’ E. Baranica who also rose to the same height.

The host Mangalore won the overall and the men’s and women’s team titles.

The results

Men: 200m: 1. Muhammad Ajmal (MG, Ktm) 21.01s, 2. Elakkiya Dasan (Mangalore)  21.18, 3. Gurvinder Singh (GNDU 21.38.

Half marathon: 1. Anil Kumar (Mangalore) 1.08:23.79s, 2. Ravindra Kumar (Panjab) 1:08:24.80, 3. Kushmesh Kumar (Mangalore) 1:08:49.45.

3000m steeple chase: 1. Bibin George (Calicut) 9:17.85s, 2. M. Ravi Kumar (Bharathiar) 9:17.90, 3. Lilake Dinkar (SPU, Pune) 9.20.65.

Long jump: 1. Y. Muhammed Anees (Calicut) 7.79m MR, OR 7.74; 2. T.V. Akhil (MG, Ktm) 7.54, 3. Nirmal Sabu (Kerala) 7.52.

High jump: 1. J. Aadarsh Ram (Karunya ITS, Cbe) 2.14m, 2. Manu Francis (MG, Ktm) 2.11, 3. S. Veeramani (Bharathidasan) 2.08.

Hammer throw: 1. Pradeep Kumar (MGS, Bikaner) 63.11m, 2. Gurkirat Singh (GNDU, Amr.) 62.48m, 3. Sumit (MDU, Rohtak) 61.54m.

4x100m relay: 1. Calicut (40.88s), 2. Mahatma Gandhi, Ktm (41.04), 3. Bharathidasan (41.51).

4x400m: 1. Mangalore (Mujamila, Jeevan, Mijo Chacko, Rohan Kumar) 3:12.24s, 2. Maharishi Dayanand (3:13.72), 3. Panjab (3:13.74).

Women: 200m: 1. S. Dhanalakshmi (Bharthidasan, Trcy) 23.24s MR, OR; 2. N.S. Simi (MG, Ktm) 23.60 BR; 3. V. Revathi (Madurai Kamaraj) 23.66 BR.

Half marathon: 1. Nikita Raut (RTM, Nag.) 1:19:39.38s, 2. Renu (CRS, Har.)  1:21:07.90, 3. Divyanka Chaud (Panjab) 1:22:57.30.

3000m steeple chase: 1. Sheetal Bhagat (Mangalore) 10.34.53s, 2. Jyothi Chouhan (Mangalore) 10.35.32, 3. Komal Jagdale (SPU, Pune) 10.38.45.

Pole vault: 1. Mariya Jaison (Jain) 3.80m MR, OR 3.65; 2. E. Baranica (Madras) 3.80, 3. Divya  Mohan (MG, Ktm) 3.35m.

Hammer throw: 1. K.M. Ritu Dhiman (Mangalore) 61.93m MR, OR 58.41; 2. Ranju Devi (Punjabi) 52.06, 3. Vedpathak Surabhi (Savithribai Phule, Pune) 50.52.

4x100m relay: 1. Mahatma Gandhi, Ktm (N.S. Simi, K.S. Akhila, Akhina Babu, S.S. Sneha) 46.31s MR, OR 46.48; 2. Mangalore (47.62), 3. Madras (47.96).

4x400m relay: 1. Calicut (Shaharbana, Shruthi Raj, Abitha Mary Manuel, Jisna Mathew) 3:38.08s MR, OR 3:40.12; 2. Mahatma Gandhi, Ktm (3:40.04) BR; 3. Mangalore (3:45.86).

Overall championship: Mangalore University (188 pts). Team championships: Men: 1. Mangalore (110 pts), 2. Mahatma Gandhi, Ktm (47), 3. Calicut (36). Women: 1. Mangalore (78 pts), 2. Mahatma Gandhi, Ktm (74), 3. Calicut (33).

Individual championships: Men: Jay Shah Pradeep (Mumbai). Women: S. Dhanalakshmi (Bharathidasan).

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