Mo Farah sets his sights on scaling marathon challenge

Mo Farah has moved from track to the half marathon and this year to the marathon.

Mo Farah is a 10,000 metres and 5,000 metres winner across two Olympics.   -  Kamesh Srinivasan

Having won the distance double of 10,000 metres and 5,000 metres in successive Olympics (in London and Rio), and gold medals in the World Championship, Mo Farah is among the greatest athletes of his generation.

Farah, who had dedicated his two gold medals to his twin daughters in London in 2012, is now seeking fresh challenges. He moved to the half-marathon, and this year, to the marathon.

By winning the Chicago marathon earlier this month with a European record time of 2 hours 5 minutes and 11 seconds, the 35-year-old Somalia-born-Briton was able to flash all over again the famous ‘Mobot’.

"I do see the races, and it all looks easy", said Farah, as he explained about the lack of fresh challenge over the terrain he has so well conquered.

The marathon is the ultimate challenge, and Farah is 'enjoying it' at the moment, and tends to dismiss the possibilities of returning to the 10,000 and 5,000 metres for the Tokyo Olympics.

"I have been there and done it. There is no challenge any more", he recalled the feeling that drove him from track to road, to face fresh challenges and make life more interesting.

With a small build and a stout heart, Farah moves around the world on nimble feet that is powered by invisible resources of energy.

"I took a break to go to the road, and get my time down. That changed everything. I am not sure whether I miss the track", said Farah, quite pleased to have the competitive juice flowing in his veins, on a different format of running.

More than anything, the marathon allows more time for Farah to spend with his family.

His mantra for young athletes aspiring to make a mark is inimitably simple.

He says, “Anything is possible in life. Work hard and keep the faith. That has been my philosophy.”


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