Hyderabad Hunters tops table with Awadhe Warriors whitewash

Follow the live updates and the commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Hyderabad Hunters and Awadhe Warriors.

Updated : Jan 07, 2018 22:37 IST

Awadhe Warriors' Kidambi Srikanth has had a mixed PBL campaign so far.
Awadhe Warriors' Kidambi Srikanth has had a mixed PBL campaign so far.

Awadhe Warriors' Kidambi Srikanth has had a mixed PBL campaign so far.

Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Hyderabad Hunters and Awadhe Warriors from Chennai.

Last night we witnessed some sublime badminton, including a 51-shot rally golden point for a match winning point. Click here , to find out more about it.

Here are the matches lined up for tonight's tie.

Tie 1: Men's doubles : M. Kido/Y. Y. Seong vs O. C. Chung/T. C. Man

Tie 2:Men's singles: L. H. Il VS P. Kashyap

Tie 3: Men's singles: B. S. Praneeth vs K. Srikanth (Trump match for Awadhe)

Tie 4: Women's singles: C. Marin vs S. Nehwal (Trump match for Hyderabad)

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: P. Z. Bernadeth/S. Rankireddy vs H. Setiawan/C. Pedersen


Hyderabad Hunters started the evening at the bottom of the standings but end up table toppers.

15-9 Bernadeth with a backhand cross court winner to finish it. Everyone from Hyderabad Hunters rise up in delight. Misery for Awadhe Warriors on the night. This is the most points a winning team could accumulate in a tie and a second such scoreline in PBL season 3.

13-9 Reddy with a 345 kmph smash. Too hot to handle for Setiawan.

12-9 Bernadeth with a push and falls into open court.

11-8 Reddy with a delicate drop of his own, Pedersen stretches to return but fails to do so.

10-8 Reddy's shot lands on the baseline.

9-8 Setiawan's shot goes wide.

8-7 Reddy hits a winner to the baseline. Mid game interval.

7-7 Delicate drop from Setiawan from the baseline. Best shot of the match so far.

7-5 Reddy hits it long this time.

7-4 Reddy hits it against the net.

6-2 Reddy with a wristy shot to put it into space.

5-2 Bernadeth redeems mistake from previous point by passing it into space for winner.

4-1 Reddy with yet another smash.

3-1 Reddy lets Setiawan's shot go long.

2-0 Reddy with a deadly smash.

Second game

15-9 Reddy smashes it for the winner and that's the game! Turning out to be a disastrous evening for Awadhe Warriors.

14-9 Bernadeth failed with a backhand winner to set up game point.

13-9 Setiawan with a cross court winner.

12-7 Bernadeth with superb judgement to let Setiawan's shot go long.

11-7 Setiawan with two unforced errors as he hits it into the net on both the occassions.

9-7 Setiawan's shot lands in space for a winner.

9-6 Pedersen hits it straight at Bernadeth.

8-4 Pedersen returns Reddy's shot from behind her back but fails to keep Bernadeth's smash in play.

7-4 Reddy misses his shot at the net.

6-3 Good defence from Bernadeth is followed by an unforced error from Setiawan as he hits it into the net.

5-3 Pedersen pushes it wide this time.

3-3 Setiawan hits his shot wide.

First game

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: P. Z. Bernadeth/S. Rankireddy vs H. Setiawan/C. Pedersen



15-7 Marin's shot is too fierce for Saina. A little over 20 minutes for Marin to wrap up her Trump match.

14-7 Marin with a sublime drop and its match point!

13-7 Saina's slice goes wide.

12-7 Marin with a forehand smash down the line. 263 kmph smash.

11-6 What a drop from Saina. Coolly done by the Indian.

10-5 Adding to the dominance, Marin gets assistance from the tape of the net too. Her shot trickles over the net.

9-5 Unforced error from Marin, hits the net reaching for that shot.

8-4 Two unforced errors at the net from Saina and we head into the mid game interval.

6-4 Marin lets Saina's shot go and its long.

4-3 What a point from Marin! Slices a forehand winner to Saina's backhand side. 27 shot rally.

2-3 Marin with a delicate drop at the end of a 20 shot rally.

1-3 Saina's shot is called in, Marin challenges it. And its unsuccessful.

0-2 Saina with a stunning shot for that point. She just swatted it to the baseline and with precision.

Second game

15-5 And its as easy as that. Saina's return from serve goes long. Marin takes the first game.

13-5 And its Sindhu this time with the unforced error.

12-5 Marin goes long this time.

12-4 Saina's shot goes long again.

10-4 Marin wins a 21-hot rally. She finishes it off with a pass from the net which hits Saina on the side of her face and goes out. Ouch.

9-3 Reprieve for Saina as Marin makes an error at the net.

9-2 Saina's shot goes too long.

8-2 Marin with another smash low to Saina's backhand. Mid game interval.

7-2 Marin truns her defence into attack to win that point. She wins it with a hard hitting smash.

5-2 Marin with a push to the baseline.

3-1 Marin with a forehand winner from behind her. Simply stunning. No chance for Saina to retrieve that.

1-1 Marin with a cross court smash.

0-1 Great start for Saina as she hits a shot straight at Marin.

First game

Carolina Marin and Saina Nehwal walk out to the court to loud cheers. Shame the Tie is already over before these two start battle.

Tie 4: Women's singles: C. Marin vs S. Nehwal (Trump match for Hyderabad)



15-9 Sai Praneeth watches Srikanth's shot go long and that's the match and the Tie for Hyderabad Hunters! A big win for Sai Praneeth! Its only the third match on the night and Hyderabad Hunters has clinched the Tie.

14-9 Praneeth hits his shot against the net.

14-9 Srikanth should have had that point, hits his smash right into the tape of the net. Praneeth raises his fist up knowing he could not lose from here. Or could he?

13-9 Unforced error from Srikanth this time, hits it into the net.

12-9 Praneeth hits his shot against the net.

12-8 A 355 kmph smash from Srikanth down the line.

12-7 Praneeth lets Srikanth's shot land inside the baseline.

12-5 Fast exchange from both the players before Srikanth hits his shot wide.

11-5 Praneeth's shot goes wide.

11-4 Srikanth hits it into the net now.

10-4 Praneeth hits his shot into the net.

10-3 That's more of the Srikanth we know. A 362 kmph smash down the line.

10-2 Srikanth's shot is called in and Praneeth once again challenges it. This time he gets his challenge wrong.

10-1 Srikanth makes the challenge this time and the call will remain. No luck for Srikanth.

9-1 Praneeth challenges a decision and gets it overturned.

8-1 Exchange at the net ends in Praneeth hitting his pass into the net.

8-0 Praneeth's lob falls in and he takes a huge lead into the break, A first 8-0 scoreline from PBL 3.

7-0 Unforced error from Srikanth at the net as his shot hits the net.

5-0 A superb smash down the line from Praneeth, right in the corner.

4-0 Srikanth misjudges that Praneeth shot as it lands in.

3-0 Too long from Srikanth.

Second game

15-10: Too long from Srikanth! First game in the bag for Praneeth.

13-10: Power and precision from Praneeth is too much for Srikanth to handle.

12-10: Srikanth clawing back into the game.

12-9: That's more like it! Srikanth doesn't make the same mistake twice, his cross-court smash is accurate this time.

12-8: Very wide from Srikanth! Terrible accuracy in his cross-court smash.

10-8: Superb point from Praneeth! His drop lures Srikanth to the net and his return is put away with ease by Praneeth.

9-8: Error from Srikanth sees Praneeth in the lead.

8-8: Srikanth's smash just goes wide! Game on for Praneeth.

6-8: Srikanth's deft drop helps him establish a 2-point lead at the mid-game break.

6-7: Srikanth back on top as his smash forces Praneeth to only find the net.

6-6: Sai Praneeth levels scores with a sublime cross-court smash.

5-5: Srikanth restores parity with a back-hand cross-court shot.

4-5: Another jump smash from Srikanth deceives Praneeth.

3-5: Srikanth goes for the same shot, but misses the mark by a hair's whisker.

3-4: Srikanth hits the line, claws back into the game.

2-3: And Srikanth redeems himself with a jump smash!

1-3: Srikanth off target again.

1-2: Error from Srikanth

1-1: Both players off target in their first two exchanges.

1-0: Too long from Praneeth

First game

Tie 3: Men's singles: B. S. Praneeth vs K. Srikanth (Trump match for Awadhe)



15-14 Lee and Kashyap exchange drop shots at the net and Lee prevails. Kashyap throws his racquet onto the ground in frustration. Kashyap had no right to make that comeback but he somehow made a match out of it in the end.

14-14 What a point and what a comeback from Kashyap! Its a golden point for the match! Kashyap finishes off the rally with a forehand winner on the baseline.

14-13 Yet another unforced error from Lee as he hits the net. Kashyap playing the waiting game here.

14-12 Another unforced error from Lee. Passes it against the net.

14-11 Lee with another unforced error, hits it into the net. 25 shot rally.

14-10 Lee's shot goes long this time.

14-9 Lee's lob goes wide.

14-8 Lee with a smash down the line.

13-8 Lucky for Kashyap as his shot trickles over the net.

13-7 Kashyap hits his smash into the net. A wasted opportunity.

12-7 Kashyap did well in defence but Lee was on hand to tap it in to an open court.

11-7 Lee judges a Kashyap lob to go long but it falls inside the line.

11-6 Kashyap with a smash down the line. 350 kmph smash.

11-5 Lee set himself up for another cross court smash before finishing it off without making any mistake.

9-5 Kashyap with his own cross court winner. Been a while since we have seen that.

9-4 Lee's shot goes wide. 28 shot rally.

9-3 Lee goes for his favourite shot again, Kashyap dives to reach for it but is unsuccessful in keeping it in play.

8-3 Lee with yet another cross court smash and Kashyap has no answer to it.

6-3 Kashyap with a forehand winner down the line but Lee challenges it. Its bang on the line, unsuccessful challenge from Lee.

6-2 Lee with another stunning cross court smash, changing the angle of his racquet at the last moment.

5-2 Lee with an unforced error, hits it into the net going for the overhead smash.

5-2 A superb cross court smash from Lee, placed to perfection.

4-1 Kashyap's return from the baseline hits the net.

3-0 A smash down the line from Lee ad its out of Kashyap's reach.

2-0 Kashyap's overhead smash goes wide.

Third game

15-9 Lee wraps that up in style. The 37-year-old with a forehand winner. We move to the decider. 

14-7 Lee with a cross court smash. Game point.

13-7 Kashyap with an unforced error, hits the net.

12-7 Great drop shot by Kashyap at the net.

12-6 Unlucky for Kashyap as Lee's return dips low after hitting the tape.

9-6 Kashyap's jabbed return goes wide.

8-6 Kashyap has come back fighting after the break, Lee misses his smash and hits it into the net.

8-3 Kashyap's return goes wide and that's the mid game break.

6-3 Lee dominates that rally before finding an open court to hit the winner.

5-2 Kashyap with a smash down the line.

5-1 Lee with a shot at the body of Kashyap and the latter can't return it.

3-1 Another unforced error from Kashyap at the net.

2-1 Kashyap with a cross court winner to Lee's backhand.

2-0 Kashyap with an unforced error at the net.

Second game

13-15 Lee's shot goes wide again and that's the game for Kashyap.

13-14 Game point for Kashyap as Lee's return goes wide.

13-13 Kashyap with an unforced error, hits it into the net.

11-13 Makes amends, sets himself up at the net before a 352 kmph smash.

11-12 Kashyap misses a great opportunity, hits his shot into the net.

10-12 Superb defence from both the players in a 46 shot rally. Both reached well to get cross shot smashes in play before Lee made an unforced error at the net.

10-11 Lee with another cross court smash.

9-11 Kashyap dived well to return once, but Lee goes to the other side with the returning shot.

8-11 Lee with a forehand winner, out of Kashyap's reach.

7-11 Exchange at the net before Kashyap passes it into open court.

7-10 Kashyap with another big smash. 324 kmph smash. No chance for Lee.

6-9 Smash from Kashyap to Lee's backhand. Lee's return goes wide.

6-8 Superb cross court smash from Lee. Well placed.

4-8 A four point lead for Kashyap at the break.

4-7 Good, long rally ends with Lee going for a cross court shot which goes wide. 34 shot rally.

4-6 Lee's overhead smash hits the net.

4-5 Kashyap's shot finds the net.

3-5 Good defence by Kashyap before he smashes one down the line.

2-4 Misjudgement from Kashyap as Lee's shot falls inside the baseline.

1-3 Kashyap sets himself up with one smash before finishing it off with another at the net.

1-1 Kashyap's return lands wide.

First game

Tie 2:Men's singles: L. H. Il VS P. Kashyap



15-11 Tang hits it into the net and that's the match for Hyderabad Hunters. What a match to kick things off as what should be a great Tie tonight.

14-11 Seong was going for more of his powerful smashes but ends up smashing it into the net.

14-9 Outstanding defence from both teams but there is a mix up between Chung and Tang and they fail to return. Match point for Hyderabad.

13-8 Kido with a smash down the middle as Hyderabad inches closer to opening the scoreline in its favour.

12-7 Chung with another unforced error at the net.

11-7 Chung was quick at the net, gets a little help with a trickle over the tape.

11-6 Tang's shot goes wide.

10-6 Kido's smash is too powerful for Chung to return. Carolina Marin likes that.

8-6 Hyderabad takes the lead into the mid game interval after a smash down the middle from Seong.

7-6 Chung's return hits the net after a 380 kmph smash from Seong.

5-6 Incredible stuff from Chung, he made three returns while being down on his knees but unfortunately for him his shot went wide. Boy, you gotta love doubles action.

4-6 Kido's return goes wide. Just.

4-5 Seong with a stunning pass at the net into open space.

3-4 Misjudgement from Kido as Tang's shot is placed perfectly.

2-2 Tang hits it wide this time.

1-2 Tang with a winner down the middle.

1-1 Wow. Superb defence from both these sides but Kido finishes it off with a powerful smash.

Third game

15-5 Chung's defencive shot goes wide and its all square here. What a comeback from Hyderabad Hunters! While for Awadhe things seemed to unravel in the second game. Moving onto the decider here.

14-5 Seong redeems it with a smash. Game point.

13-4 Superb rally again. Seong could have had that point after doing all the hard work but he probably took it a little too easy there and ends up fluffing his shot.

13-2 Seong with a cross-court winner into open court.

11-2 Superb drop by Seong at the net, he is bossing it out it in the middle.

9-2 Another shot goes wide.

8-2 Kido smashes it and Awadhe's return goes wide. Its the mid game interval.

7-2 A huge smash from Seong down the middle. 371 kmph winner.

5-2 Tang's shot goes long.

2-1 A 34 shot rally ends with a smash from Seong.

Second game

14-15 Tang wins the game for Awadhe Warriors! What a start to the Tie.

14-14 STUNNING! Simply stunnig badminton from both sides. A 43 shot rally witnessed some breath taking attack and defence on show before an unforced error at the net.

13-14 Seong with a superb lob which Chung fails to keep in play.

12-14 Lifeline for Hyderabad ad Chung's shot hits the net. Two game points.

10-14 Kido hits his shot into the net. Four game points for Awadhe.

10-13 Superb from Chung at the net.

10-12 Kido's backhand lob goes wide.

10-10 Seong with an unforced error, misses his shot at the net.

10-8 Seong's forehand leaping smash has too much pace for Tang to return.

8-7 Hyderabad takes a slender lead into the break.

7-7 Tang with a superbly paced smash.

6-6 Unforced error from Kido at the net.

6-5 Superb smash by Kido and Hyderabad take the lead now.

4-5 Tang redeems with a forehand winner.

4-4 Unforced error at the net by Tang.

3-3 Superb attacking display from Awadhe pair, wins points with series of smashes.

3-2 A 350 kmph smash from Seong.

1-1 A 29 shot rally ends with a delicate drop shot from Awadhe.

1-0 Unforced error at the net gives first points for Hyderabad.

First game

Tie 1: Men's doubles : M. Kido/Y. Y. Seong vs O. C. Chung/T. C. Man


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