Hyderabad reaches PBL 3 final with 3-0 win over Delhi

Follow the live updates and the commentary of the semifinal of the Premier Badminton League match between Hyderabad Hunters and Delhi Dashers.

Updated : Jan 13, 2018 18:46 IST

Carolina Marin will face off against Delhi's Sung ji Hyun in a trump match for Hyderabad.
Carolina Marin will face off against Delhi's Sung ji Hyun in a trump match for Hyderabad.

Carolina Marin will face off against Delhi's Sung ji Hyun in a trump match for Hyderabad.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Hyderabad Hunters and Delhi Dashers. We now move onto the first semifinals of the season which is taking place in Hyderabad. 

Hyderabad Hunters emerged the top ranked side at the end of the league stage while Delhi Dashers sneaked in towards the end to finish third ahead of Bengaluru Blasters.


The Hunters warmed up for the semifinals with a crushing win over Bengaluru at home. Here's the report from our reporter.

The Dashers qualified for the last four with a comprehensive win over North Eastern Warriors. Here's the match report from our reporter.

These two sides met earlier in the league stages in New Delhi where the home side blanked the visiting side 5-0. Here's the report from that night.

Here are the matches lined up for tonight's semifinal:

Match 1: Mixed doubles : S. Rankireddy/P. Z. Bernadeth vs A. Ponnappa/V. Ivanov

Match 2: Men's singles: B. S. Praneeth vs T. Houwei (Trump match for Delhi Dashers)

Match 3: Women's singles: C. Marin vs S. J. Hyun (Trump match for Hyderabad Hunters)

Match 4: Men's doubles: M. Kido/Y. Y. Seong vs V. Ivanov/I. Sozonov

Match 5: Men's singles: L. H. Ilvs R. M. V. Gurusaidutt




The tie has been decided too, with Marin winning this trump match and giving Hyderabad Hunters an unassailable 3-0 lead.

9-15 A smash down the line from Marin to send Hyderabad into its first PBL final.

9-14 Marin is looking to get this done and dusted soon, but catches the net with her backhand.

8-14 Marin's backhand cross court is wide, to the right of Sung.

7-14 A match point for Marin

7-13 Sung cannot pick up a dipping overhead shot from Marin, only hits the net.

7-12 Sung was aggressive throughout the rally and a smash down the line secures the point.

6-12 A cross court drop from Marin after having dragged Sung to her left.

6-11 A rocket of a smash from Sung and Marin can only get her racquet to it, doesn't return.

5-11 This time Marin's lob is long.

4-11 Marin shows her class by winning a point that she had to defend really well for. Sung's series of smashes kept coming back from all angles and the shuttle finally drops just inside the baseline.

4-10 Marin returns the favour with a drop of her own, disguised it well too.

4-9 Sung redeems herself and catches Marin by surprise with a drop.

3-9 Sung catches the net with her backhand.

3-8 Another backhand unforced error from Sung. Marin has a five-point lead at the break.

3-7 Sung had been trying to stay in the point and the moment she tried to pull the trigger, pulls her backhand wide.

3-6 A cross court smash from Marin. Sung was stranded in the middle of the court.

3-5 A service error from Marin.

2-5 Sung's lob is wide, to the right of Marin.

1-4 Marin with a simply unreturnable drop! Sung's visibly unable to cope with Marin's all-round game.

1-3 Smashed! Marin with an overhead cross-court smash, to the right of Sung.

1-2 Marin watches the shuttle drop over the baseline.

1-1 Singh can't return a smash from Marin, drags the shuttle under the net.

1-0 Marin with an unforced error, catches the net with her forehand.

Third game

15-10 Sung puts it wide and that's the game for Marin. We move to the decider now. Marin is riding her momentum and the crowd support.

13-10 Marin puts it wide while attempting a shot down the line.

13-9 Cross court drop shot from Marin.

12-9 Sung doesn't waste her good position this time. She hits a smash straight at Marin, forcing Marin onto her knees.

12-8 What an unbelievable point from Marin as she recovers well in defence before passing it beyond Sung into the open court. 24 shot rally.

11-8 A 325 kmph smash from Marin was enough to force Sung's return wide.

10-8 Marin's shot goes wide, good call from Sung.

10-7 Good play at the net from Marin as she lobs it into the back court. Well placed shot.

9-7 Sung misses her shot as Marin hits a smash straight at her.

8-7 Marin again hits it into the net.

8-6 Marin makes no mistake this time as she hits a 337 kmph smash down the line. Another big roar from Marin as she takes a narrow lead at the break.

7-6 Another unforced error from Marin, hitting into the net.

7-5 Unforced error from Marin as she hits it into the net.

7-4 Sung returns the favour to Marin with poor judgement to leave a shot to the back court.

6-4 Poor judgement from Marin going for a wide shot before she pushes her shot wide.

5-3 Marin goes for a cross court smash but it goes wide.

5-2 Superb point from Sung makes Marin run around with a couple of smashes.

5-1 Good pick up by Sung but she out does it with an unforced error going for a smash, hits the net.

4-1 Sung with a forehand smash down the line.

3-0 Marin makes a pick up at the net which somehow lands inside. Sung can't believe it.

2-0 Sung hits it into the net and Marin is pumped up.

Second game

12-15 Marin lets it go and Sung's shot has landed inside the back court. That's the opening game for Sung and she gives a slimmer of a lifeline for Delhi. This is the first time Marin has lost a game in the entire season of PBL-3.

12-14 Sung with an unforced error at the net.

11-14 Terrific rally ends with Marin hitting a forehand winner to Sung's backhand side down the line.

10-14 Long from Marin again and that's the game point for Sung.

10-13 Cross court drop from Marin attacking the net.

9-13 Stunning cross court shot by Sung after pushing Marin to the side of the court.

9-12 Challenge from Sung after her shot is called long. Its well out.

8-12 Marin's forehand goes long, well judged by Sung.

7-11 Marin with a drop shot and she lets out a scream to pump herself up!

6-11 Marin sends it wide again.

6-10 Unforced error from Sung as she slices it into the net.

5-10 Long from Marin again.

5-9 A forehand winner from Sung into the back court.

5-8 A long rally ends with Sung hitting a forehand unforced error into the net. 26 shot rally.

4-8 Another unforced error from Marin at the net and that's the interval.

4-7 Marin opens up the court with a fierce shot at Sung before hitting home a winner.

3-7 Marin not finding her length here as she hits it long this time.

3-6 Marin's shot is wide again.

3-4 Marin with a psuh from the net into the line and its called out. Marin challenges it and the cal will remain.

3-3 Sung hits an unforced error again into the net.

2-3 Marin hits it long.

2-2 Sung hits it into the net.

0-1 Marin sends her shot wide.

Another trump match coming our way as Marin takes on World no. 4 Sung ji Hyun. If Marin wins this match, Hyderabad could book its place in the final. Bad omen for Delhi ahead of this match as Marin is undefeated so far in the ongoing season.

Their head to head record currently stands at 3-3.

The Spaniard Marin told Sportstar ahead of the semifinal that she still has to continue raising the bar. Here's the interview from the Hunters' captain.

Match 3: Women's singles: C. Marin vs S. J. Hyun (Trump match for Hyderabad Hunters)



15-8 Houwei send his shot wide and that's match for Praneeth. Praneeth wins against the Trump.

14-8 Praneeth with a good defence in that rally before Houwei makes an unforced error at the met. Match point for Praneeth.

11-8 Good judgement this time from Praneeth as Houwei struggled with finding his length.

10-8 Praneeth again makes a leave from Houwei's shot but its called in. Praneeth challenges it and its unsuccessful.

10-7 Houwei's lob at the net goes long, well judged by the Indian.

9-7 Praneeth's return is into the net.

8-6 Good defence by Houwei before he makes a cute drop shot over the net.

8-5 Another unforced error from Houwei as his smash is low and into the net. Mid game interval. Houwei is in danger of losing his trump match.

7-5 Unforced error from Houwei as his lob is into the net.

6-5 Praneeth's backhand flick is into the net.

6-4 Houwei follows that error with a booming smash!

6-3 Poor judgement from Houwei again as Praneeth's forehand shot is called in.

5-3 Praneeth's return from Houwei's smash goes wide.

4-2 Houwei's lob from the net goes long now.

3-2 Praneeth puts it wide from the net.

2-1 Better from Houwei as he hits a smash down the line and Praneeth's pick up goes wide.

1-0 WHAT A POINT FROM PRANEETH! What a rally to start the second game. Praneeth makes a drop at the net and is called in. Houwei makes a challenge and is unsuccessful as it catches the line.

Second game

15-9 Good call from Praneeth as he lets Houwei's shot go long. A statement making start from Praneeth to win the first game against the trump. Praneeth is riding the wave of his hometown support.

14-9 Praneeth with a smash into open court at the net. Game point.

13-9 No mistake from Praneeth as he makes a cross court smash to Houwei's backhand.

12-9 Praneeth goes long.

12-8 Houwei with a deceptive drop shot and Praneeth can't get the return this time.

12-7 Houwei with another smash.

12-6 Houwei with a smash down the line.

11-4 Praneeth makes another unforced error as he hits it into the net.

10-4 Houwei's shot is called long as Praneeth lets it go. Houwei makes his second challenge of the game and he gets it right this time.

10-3 Praneeth with another smahs with a short lift and Houwei can only hit it into the net.

9-3 Praneeth was superb with his pick up in defence again before a 413 kmph cross court smash.

8-3 Praneeth has stormed into a five-point lead at the break. He hits a smash down the line which is called in.

7-3 Praneeth with a short lift smash!

6-3 Praneeth with a good cross court smash.

5-3 Praneeth does well with his pick up before Houwei hits his smash into the net.

4-3 Houwei goes for a no look backhand flick but its into the net.

3-3 Praneeth with a big smash but he hits it right into the middle of the net.

3-2 Good push from Houwei at the net into the back court.

3-1 A good, long rally ends with Tian Houwei's smash down the line being called out. He challenges it and he gets it wrong.

First game

Next up is the singles match between India's Sai Praneeth and China's Tian Houwei. A good chance for Delhi to race ahead with a win in its Trump match.

Match 2: Men's singles: B. S. Praneeth vs T. Houwei (Trump match for Delhi Dashers)



10-15 Pia with an unforced error as her service hits into the net. That gives Delhi the match and first points on the board. Good comeback from Ashwini and Ivanov after falling a game behind and going up against the home support. Ashwini was superb in the second game and the third game, taking control of the match for Delhi.

9-14 Superb return from Ashwini at the net from Rankireddy's smash  MATCH POINT.

9-13 Ashwini with a good pass from the back court but Pia can't get it over the net with her return.

9-11 Ivanov hits his shot into the net.

7-10 Pia gives a lot of airlift for Ivanov to hit a leaping smash!

7-8 Good cross court shot from Pia and Ivanov can't reach well to keep it in.

6-8 Ashwini with a wild smash as her shot goes wide.

5-8 Unlucky for Pia as Ivanov's lob at the net creeps over the tape. Mid game interval now.

5-6 Ivanov makes a couple of errors, both from the back court, to let Hyderabad back into the game.

3-6 Ivanov's smash had too much power as Pia can only hit it against her own side of the net.

2-5 No, she is gold. She pounces on a loose return from Rankireddy to smash a forehand winner.

2-4 Jinxed her there probably as she hits an unforced error into the net.

1-3 Ashwini on a roll here as she hits a smash down the middle.

1-2 Ashwini once again goes for a winner to the back court but its long.

0-2 Another forehand to the back court and is called in. Rankireddy challenges it but the call will remain.

0-1 First point for Ashwini as she hits a forehand winner.

Third game

10-15 Another winner from Ivanov and that's the game for Delhi. We now move into the decider.

9-14 Pia hits it down the middle for that point.

8-13 Unforced error as Pia hits her return into the net.

8-11 God smash by Ashwini down the middle.

8-10 Pia with a good pass at the net and Ivanov sprawls to return but is unable to.

7-10 Ivanov's body smash at Pia is to powerful for a god return.

7-9 Rankireddy hits a cross court shot wide.

7-8 Good rally as Hyderabad changes defence into attack with Rankireddy smashing home the point. 24 shot rally.

6-8 A powerful smash from Ivanov and that's the lead at the break for Delhi.

6-7 Good work from Ashwini at he net, pounces at a loose return to smash it home.

6-6 Rankireddy hits it into the net this time.

6-5 Another smash from Rankireddy at Ashwini and she makes an unforced error.

5-4 Big leaping smash from Rankireddy at Ashwini's body. 367 kmph smash and she can only force it into the net.

4-4 Ashwini follows up Ivanov's smash with another smash to win that point.

4-3 Poor service from Pia.

3-2 Ivanov with a cross court but good defence from Pia this time as her shot lands in.

2-2 Good defence from Rankireddy as his backhand lob over Ashwini's head lands on the baseline.

1-1 Pia with a cross court drop shot at the net.

0-1 Ivanov with a big smash and Pia could only return it wide.

Second game

15-13 Pia wins the game for Hyderabad with a cross court smash! A superb to and fro game to kick things off here.

14-13 Ashwini keeps them in the game with a 337 kmph smash.

14-12 Pia's shot is called in and Ivanov challenges it. Unsuccessful challenge as its well in.

13-12 Rankireddy's return is poor and Ivanov makes him pay for the mistake with a cross court return.

13-11 Rankireddy hits his shot into the net.

13-8 Ivanov mishits his return from the net, sends it wide.

11-8 Ashwini's smash is read well by Pia and she manages to keep it in with a winner.

9-8 Ivanov's third unforced error at the net gives Hyderabad the lead.

8-8 Another unforced error from Ivanov at the net.

7-8 Ivanov passes his shot into the net.

6-8 Rankireddy hits his smash into the net. That's the mid game interval.

6-6 Ashwini again places it into the net.

5-6 Ashwini hits her shot into the net.

4-6 Rankireddy reaches a height of 9.66 ft to hit the smash into the middle.

3-6 Poor return from Ashwini from the back court and Pia pounces on it but the latter sends it long. Good leave by Ivanov.

3-4 Ivanov did well with Rankireddy's first smash but no chance with the second successive smash. Big roar from the home crowd.

1-4 Misdirected over the head shot from Pia from the net, hits it into the net.

1-2 Rankireddy hits his smash into the net.

1-1 Ashwini makes amends with a smash to he baseline.

1-0 Aswhini send it wide from service.

First game

The Delhi pair got the better of the Hyderabad duo 15-11, 15-12 the last time these four met.

We start first with the mixed doubles action. The players are out warming up. This match could set the tone for the night.

Match 1: Mixed doubles : S. Rankireddy/P. Z. Bernadeth vs A. Ponnappa/V. Ivanov

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