Hong Kong SS: Sindhu loses to Tai Ying

In a repeat of last year's Hong Kong Superseries final, P.V. Sindhu lost to World No 1 Tai Tzu Ying 21-18, 21-18 to settle for the silver medal.

India's P.V. Sindhu in action against Ratchanok Intanon in the semifinal.   -  AFP


So, Tai Tzu Ying defends her title successfully. She beats India's P.V. Sindhu 21-18, 21-18. The World No.1 wins it in style.

21-18 Ying is the Hong Kong Open Super Series champion. She smashes it in style and Sindhu cannot take clean.

20-17 Sindhu saves one match point.

20-16 Sindhu does well to recover and takes a good drop shot but cannot control her speed as the shuttle goes out down the line. Match point for Ying.

19-16 Three points for the Indian. A smash and a couple of unforced errors by Ying.

19-13 Sindhu hits out down the line, goes for a challenge and loses it. Ying is two points away from the title.

18-13 A smash from Sindhu gets her the serve.

17-12 Sindhu hits wide and out down the line. The Indian is losing it now.

15-12 Sindhu can only find the net after being stretched forward to take a drop shot.

14-12 Ying gets the lead again.

12-12 This game is going neck to neck as both players aren't in a mood to relent.

11-11 That was another treat to the eyes. Smashes and drop shots and the rally ends when Sindhu goes for an unsuccessful challenge for Ying's shot, that she missed.

9-11 Sindhu opens up a two-point advantage. Takes a breather as P. Gopichand sends down a volley of instructions.

8-10 Another smash that came down quickly and Ying couldn't get the elevation right to send it above the net.

8-9 Sindhu smashes her way to a lead.

7-8 Ying takes a challenge and is unsucessful. She hits it way out on the side line, to her right.

7-7 Sindhu gets on level terms again.

6-6 A powerful smash by Sindhu and players are matching shot to shot, point to point. Top class badminton.

5-5 Ying seemed to be in command with good returns but a backhand error gives Sindhu the point.

4-4 Sindhu draws level. Amidst the shouts of Sindhu, Sindhuuuu, she sends a tracer bullet to Ying's right and the opponent had no answers.

4-2 Sindhu prevails in a long rally. That was masterclass from both the players and Ying hits the net to give Sindhu the serve.

3-1 A powerful jump smash from Ying and she extends her lead. Sindhu cannot reach for the shot.

2-1 Sindhu misjudges and misses an easy shot and the shuttle lands well inside.

1-0 Ying again takes the lead. Sindhu's wayward shot doesn't help her cause.

Shouts of India, Indiaaa!!

Second game begins


21-18 A challenge saves Ying and gives her the first game. A marginal call as her forehand winner just hits the edge of the line. A good challenge and Ying is 1-0 up in the final.

Sindhu enjoys the maximum support.

20-18 Game point for Ying.

19-18 Ying smashes it straight to Sindhu, who could only take it on her body. Sindhu shows her frustration by smashing the racquet on the court.

18-18 Three straight points by Sindhu to draw level. Ying with a powerful smash and cannot keep it on line.

18-16 A cross court shot by Sindhu was well taken by Ying but even before the Taiwanese could realise, Sindhu was with through with her forehand and it was out of Ying's reach.

17-15 Back-to-back points for Sindu and she reduces the lead.

17-13 Sindhu's backhand is almost well executed but the shuttle lands way beyond the line.

16-13 That was a ferocious smash by Sindhu. Made Ying stretch to her right but she cannot reach.

15-11 What a rally! In excess of 20 shots but Sindhu fails to reach Ying's smash on her left.

14-11 Sindhu cannot reach a high shot by Ying and fails to connect.

13-11 A neat cross court winner by Sindhu reduces the deficit.

Both the players are visibly tensed.

10-7 Sindhu tries a delicate drop but cannot get it beyond the net and loses the point.

8-7 Sindhu smashes it way behind Ying, who is on her knees in the follow through of her previous shot, and wins the point.

7-6 The Indian draws close. Ying cannot get her shot in control and ends up hitting way away.

7-5 Sindhu gets consecutive points, a winner and an unforced error by Ying.

7-3 Sindhu gets a point. A good forehand winner.

7-2 Sindhu cannot get it beyond the net after taking Ying's forehand clean. Ying is having a big lead now.

5-2 Ying with a smash and Sindhu cannot take it clean.

4-2 Ying goes for the challenge for a marginal call and wins it. Restores a two-point lead.

3-1 Sindhu takes the first point.

3-0 Ying goes for a smash and it is on the border and follows it up with another winner as the No. 1 takes the early lead.

1-0 A mishit from Sindhu gives Ying the first point.

First game begins


Earlier, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo wrap up the men's doubles title with a 21-12, 21-18 win over over Mads Conrad-Petersen and Mads Pieler Kolding.

The players walk out and are warming up. A short rally between the two players as they set themselves ready for the big challenge.

Sindhu was the only Indian in the knockout stages after Saina Nehwal, H.S. Prannoy and others lost their respective matches, while Kidambi Srikanth gave the tournament a miss due to injury.

On Saturday, Sindhu defeated Ratchanok Intanon in the semi-final. Incase, you missed, you can read the report here.

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