PBL, As it Happened: Hyderabad Hunters beats Mumbai Rockets 4-3

Catch the live scores, updates and highlights from season five of the PBL as Hyderabad Hunters takes on Mumbai Rockets at the G.M.C. Balayogi SATS Indoor Stadium.

Hyderabad Hunters captain P.V.Sindhu in action against Michelle Li of North Eastern Warriors at the Premier Badminton League in the GMC Balayogi SATS Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Hyderabad Hunters captain P.V.Sindhu will take centre stage in the Premier Badminton League (PBL) once again on Saunday when her side takes on the Mumbai Rockets.   -  Nagara Gopal

Hello and welcome to the highlights of Sunday's Premier Badminton League (PBL) match at the G. M. C. Balayogi Stadium in Hyderabad.

OVERALL SCORE OF THE TIE: Hyderabad Hunters 4 - 3 Mumbai Rockets.

SCORES IN ORDER OF Hyderabad Hunters-Mumbai Rockets

So another PBL-5 tie comes to an end. See you!

Hyderabad Hunters and Mumbai Rockets are still rooted to the bottom of the PBL-5 table (sixth and seventh respectively) with 10 points each.

Both teams only have an outside chance to make the semis. With only five more ties to go before the last-four fixtures begin, the other teams in the league will be happy with this result.

Hyderabad Hunters was on a comeback trail all day. It was 0-3 down after the first two clashes of the tie but at the end of the night, home team Hyderabad beats Mumbai Rockets 4-3.

15-8: AND IT'S DONE AND DUSTED!!! One more unforced error from the Mumbai Rockets duo. Vladimir Ivanov and Sikki Reddy beat Kim Sa Rang and Pia Zebadiah 15-8, 15-8.

13-6: Pia was really cramped for room there. And Ivanov capitalises on that. Seven-point lead for him and Sikki now. Kim and Pia are clearly struggling to return those smashes from the other side.

10-5: Sikki's third review of the night. AND CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL!!! Hyderabad Hunters five points away from sealing the tie. And Ivanov follows his teammate up with a successful review of his own.

8-3: Sikki and Ivanov holding a five-point lead at the break. The Hunters clearly holding the advantage over the Rockets now.

6-2: Ivanov is cleverly mixing up his shots and above all his placements have been terrific. Sikki Reddy looks impressive as well. Kim and Pia are clearly struggling.

2-2: Two consecutive unforced errors from the Hyderabad duo. Kim and Pia level the scores after being 0-2 down.

GAME - 2

15-8: AND HYDERABAD BAGS THE FIRST GAME. Wonderful camaraderie between Skki and Ivanov gives their side the advantage in the clash.  

12-8: Four-point lead for the pair from Hyderabad Hunters now. Vladimir is outsmashing his opponents. Sikki's serves have been amazing as well. 

8-6: The Hyderabad Hunters duo lead at the break. They've made a brilliant comeback. But Pia and Kim have played well too.

5-6: Ivanov and Sikki Reddy reduce the deficit to one point now. Sikki matching Pia with her netplay and Ivanov is confidently finishing off those smashes.

2-4: Kim Sa Rang and Pia have started off well. Pia has been tricky at the net so far. She even executed a smash to the back of Vladimir Ivanov.

GAME - 1

In the final match of the tie, Hyderabad Hunters' Vladimir Ivanov and Sikki Reddy will face off against Kim Sa Rang and Pia Zebadiah of Mumbai Rockets, with the scores tied at 3-3.

Priyanshu beats Dong Keun 15-13, 15-9.

15-9: And he seals the match. The young Priyanshu Rajawat keeps Hyderabad Hunters in the tie. Mumbai Rockets' Lee Dong Keun has been outplayed by a young superstar.

13-8: Five-point lead for Priyanshu now. The crowd is totally behind him. The place is buzzing. That cross-court slice is just phenomenal!!!

10-7: This is a mammoth performance from young Priyanshu. His anticipation deserves a special credit. Lee Dong Keun looks dejected here.

8-5: What a performance from Priyanshu tonight!!!! The crowd is once again awestruck by this youngsters resilience. This is just his second match this tournament and he's won lots of fans already. His Hyderabad Hunters teammates are cheering him on. On the other hand, the Mumbai Rockets dugout looks frustrated.

4-4: Priyanshu coming up with some powerful shots here. His backhand cross-court returns look lethal. However, few mistakes from him have helped Lee Dong Keun to level the scores.

2-1: Three points and a review each already from both sides. Both unsuccessful, however, Priyanshu holds a 2-1 lead.

GAME - 2

15-13: Priyanshu Rajawat wins the first game 15-13. The youngster has once again proved a point here. The crowd is absolutely pumped up now.

14-11: Stunning stuff from world No. 284 Priyanshu Rajawat here!!!! Absolutely effortless from the teenager. He is facing world No. 49 Lee Dong Keun and dominating him. He is finishing off the long rallies with ease. 

11-9: What a sublime touch from Priyanshu on that drop shot!!! He takes a two-point lead now. The body language and movement of Priyanshu on the court have been phenomenal tonight. The Hyderabad Hunters player has been good in both attack and defence so far.

8-8: Priyanshu you beauty! The Indian youngster has absolutely dominated Lee Dong Keun to win the last four points. One big smash plus enough anticipation to close out points has been the mantra for Priyanshu tonight.

4-8: Lee Dong Keun takes the lead heading into the break. He's played some brilliant badminton so far. Meanwhile, Priyanshu's unforced errors also helped. Priyanshu hasn't missed by much but its still out. He has to be spot-on from here.

2-3: Priyanshu is continuing his good work from the match against Lakshya Sen in the season opener. He actually replaced Sourabh Verma in the line-up today. So he has big boots to fill.

GAME - 1

The 18-year-old Priyanshu Rajawat of Hyderabad Hunters will take on Mumbai Rockets' Lee Dong Keun in the second men's singles match of the tie next!

15-10: And Sindhu wins her trump! Reduces her side's overall deficit in the tie to one. The injured Shreyanshi did put up a better fight in the second game.

12-9: CHALLENGE UNSUCCESSFUL FOR SHREYANSHI. Sindhu finally breaks Shreyanshi's serve. She would be hoping to close it off now.

11-7: Shreyanshi making a comeback here. Sindhu with a few unforced errors. Shreyanshi's backhand returns had wrongfooted her opponent a couple of times as well.

8-4: PV Sindhu holds a four-point lead over Shreyanshi Pardeshi heading into the break.

6-4: Sindhu's lift darts long.

5-2: Service error from Shreyanshi, whose serve shoots long.

4-2: This time, Sindhu errors at the net.

4-1: Another gigantic PV Sindhu forehand down the line smash for a winner.

GAME - 2

That was easy work for the world champion. Shreyanshi, who is not completely fit as she has a groin injury, is braving her way through.

15-5: Sindhu closes out the first game with ease as Shreyanshi's drop falls wide on the right hand side of the court.

14-5: Shreyanshi's lift drags long and numerous game points to Sindhu.

13-5: Quick, flat exchange at the net and Sindhu's return smashes into the net.

13-4: First big rally of the match, 28 shots long, and it goes Sindhu's way. It ends with Shreyanshi hitting the birdie wide.

12-4: Sindhu running away with the game as Shreyanshi's  tumble finds the net and falls back in

11-4: Great drop shot from the baseline and completely outfoxes Shreyanshi.

9-4: A monstrous smash down the line from Sindhu and Shreyanshi has no answers.

8-4: Shreyanshi with the first point after the break as Sindhu's forehand is wide.

8-3: Good work from Sindhu to reach far to her left and return the birdie back in. She drops it close to the net and Shreyanshi tries it lift it high, but ends up finding the net.

7-3: Overhead drop from Shreyanshi goes falls wide/

5-3: Great wrist work from Sindhu, who reaches low and ahead on the backhand and flicks it over the net with the right amount of pace and weight for a winner.

3-2: The approach, the anticipation is brilliant from Sindhu, who is ready at the net for a simple tap for a winner.

2-2: Lovely half-smash from Shreyanshi down the line, but it's called out. She challenges it and the replay shows that the shuttle is marginally out.

1-1: Sindhu is on the board as Shreyanshi's lift travels long.

0-1: Shreyanshi wins the first point of the match with cross-court drop.

GAME - 1

Next up, the woomen's Singles between PV Sindhu, who has called the Trump vs Shreyanshi Pardeshi.

Parupalli takes the match 15-8, 15-13 vs Daren Liew.

13-15: Parupalli Kashyap finally wins a match in PBL season five!!!!! He beats Daren Liew of Hyderabad Hunters 15-8, 15-13. Mumbai Rockets gets two points from its trump match.

13-14: Terrific end-to-end play from both shuttlers. There have been some really long rallies in this outing.

10-12: Kashyap gets a two-point lead now. The Mumbai Rockets star has come up with delightful winners here. Daren Liew's error-prone night continues.

9-9: Kashyap levels the scores. Daren Liew has 10 forehand unforced errors tonight. Kashyap is happily benefiting from that.

6-7: Daren Liew with the lead now. The Hyderabad star is throwing some smashes at Kashyap here. Still pretty close in the second game. REMINDER: Kim Sa Rang executed the fastest smash (402kmph) tonight.

4-4: Kashyap is displaying an aggressive approach now. He came up with a 384 kmph smash.

GAME - 2

8-15: Kashyap wins the first game! The Mumbai man playing the trump today is at his best tonight. He is finally getting the better of pressure in PBL season five.

7-13: Six-point lead for Kashyap now. He is not trying anything extra and sticking to the basics. However, at the other end, in an attempt to make a comeback, Daren Liew is sending his slices and cuts long.

6-11: Kashyap looks so confident here. He is happy with playing out long rallies because he knows exactly how to finish off points. This Kashyap was missing all tournament.

6-8: Daren Liew is not letting Kashyap run away with the game here. The Hyderabad player is making his opponent run all over the place. Kashyap has made some unforced errors as well.

4-6: Kashyap's lead reduced to two now. Daren Liew with some lethal cross court smashes. Kashyap still looks good with his movement on the court.

2-5: Great start from Kashyap, who is chasing a first win this PBL season. Some amazing serves from the Indian veteran. He is keeping it simple and cashing on Liew's mistakes.

GAME - 1

Next up, it is Mumbai Rockets' trump match. Parupalli Kashyap will play for two points against Daren Liew in the men's singles.

8-15: MUMBAI TAKES THE OPENING MATCH OF THE TIE! The Kims have played some high-quality badminton.

8-13: The Rockets pair are drawing their opponents into making mistakes here. Ivanov and Lane have been absolutely outplayed tonight.

7-11: Few more consecutive points for the Kims. Same pattern as the first game. Ivanov gets a warning from the chair umpire for changing the shuttle without her concern.

7-7: Close second game so far. Some similarity in the scoreline. It was 7-7 in the first game as well. These two bottom-placed teams (6th & 7th) need to win big tonight to have any chance to make the semis.

5-5: Some unforced errors from the Mumbai duo gives the Hunters an opening. Ivanov is pumping up the crowd a bit.

3-4: Wonderful smash from Ivanov. That one was set up by Ben Lane though. They had a bit of luck on their side as well as the shuttle just brushed the end line there.

1-3: Another set of top notch smashes from the Kims. Ivanov and Lane are struggling to return here. They have to improve their service game to make a comeback in this match.

GAME - 2

10-15: AND MUMBAI TAKES THE FIRST GAME! CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL FOR THE ROCKETS AS WELL. The final shot was called out but the Kims immediately challenged it and got the decision in their favour much to the frustration of Ivanov and Lane.

8-14: Mumbai is close to sealing the first game. Hyderabad had started off in bright fashion but now are close to conceding the opening game. Kim Sa Rang's jump smashes are just delightful to watch.

7-12: Seven straight points for the Kims now. There's nothing much Ivanov and Lane can do here because their opponents are playing some flawless badminton.

7-9: AND MUMBAI TAKES THE LEAD! Kim Sa Rang has amazing reflexes. After the serve, he is anticipating the returns to perfection.

7-7: SCORES LEVEL!! A couple of poor serves from the Hunters duo here. The Kims from Mumbai are a delight to watch. They were partners in the BWF circuit for long and that shows on the court.

6-4: Still a two-point lead for the home side. Kim Gi Jung and Kim Sa Rang are complementing each other well. Ben Lane has exhibited a good net game at the other side as well.

4-2: Much deserved lead for Hyderabad. Ivanov is putting his height advantage to good use. He is ab;e to come up with smashes out of nowhere.

GAME - 1


The men's doubles encounter will open the tie!


1) Men's Doubles: Ben Lane/Vladimir Ivanov vs Kim Gi Jung/ Kim Sa Rang.

2) Men's Singles: Daren Liew vs Parupalli Kashyap (Trump Match).

3) Women's Singles: PV Sindhu (Trump Match) vs Shreyanshi Pardeshi.

4) Men's Singles: Priyanshu Rajawat vs Lee Dong Keun.

5) Mixed Doubles: Vladimir Ivanov/Sikki Reddy vs Kim Sa Rang/Pia Zebadiah.

Where to watch Premier Badminton League Season 5?

The Star Sports Network will telecast all the PBL 2020 matches live. Hotstar will be providing the live online streaming.