PBL Season 5, as it happened: Awadhe Warriors 1-2 Hyderabad Hunters

Sindhu's Hyderabad Hunters will take on Awadhe Warriors in today's PBL tie from Lucknow.

PV Sindhu will face the challenge of Tanvi Lad in tonight's clash between Hyderabad Hunters and Awadhe Warriors.   -  Special Arrangement

Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the fifth season of Premier Badminton League!

Here's a brief look at the second tie of the Lucknow leg: Awadhe Warriors 1-2 Hyderabad Hunters


Men's Singles:
Sourabh Verma beat Subhankar Dey 14-15, 15-12, 15-10.

Mixed Doubles: Vladimir Ivanov/ Sikki Reddy beat Shin Baek Cheol /Christina Pedersen (Trump) 15-12, 15-14

Women's Singles: P.V. Sindhu beat Tanvi Lad 15-8, 15-8

Men's Singles: Wong Wing Ki Vincent beat Daren Liew (Trump) 15-14, 15-9.

Men's Doubles: Ko Sung Hyun/ Shin Baek Cheol beat Vladimir Ivanov/ Ben Lane 15-12, 15-8.


Final score: Awadhe Warriors 1-2 Hyderabad Hunters

Game 2: Warriors win 15-8. Vintage Hyun-Shin display here. Beautiful to watch.

Shin does it in style, in straight sets, sending a smash flaming across the court down the flank.

Monster smash from Ivanov to peg a few points here.

Matchpoint for Warriors. Ivanov can't reach on time.

Hyun's reaction time is brilliant. A slow flick along the net is cut away in a split second.

Return of serve a little short and slow from Ivanov.

Shin nutmegs Ivanov, through his legs. That was beautiful to watch

Got the distance wrong there, Shin.

Brilliant reaction times from the Koreans here. Pace is brilliant on the backhand for Hyun as well to secure two quick points.

Hyun slots it in the middle. No one there to collect, Shin does the same in the next point to set up a lead heading into the break.

Hyun goes long and Ben thinks it's out. Hawkeye says, just out after Awadhe challenges the point conceded.
Shin returns the favour.

Ben is all over this and sends a smash to the body of Shin who can do nothing

Good comeback this. Ben smashes down the court. The lead bridged to 2 points now.

5-2 Ben puts it away with ease. Goes long, but is well within bounds.

5-1 Ivanov runs around Ben to come closer to the net and get a smash across to get their first points of the game. e

5-0 Ivanov and Ben have exchanged looks now. They need to stem the leak.

4-0 Ivanov-Ben beaten again. Not a good start.

3-0 Quick points for Awadhe. Ivanov cannot connect well enough and falls short of clearing his net.

2-0 Hyun cuts the pace from Ivanov and sends a smash, looking oddly gentle, down the middle of the court

1-0 Ko Sung Hyun's backhand snap is beautiful. The former doubles World no.1 sends one smashing down

Game 1: Awadhe Warriors takes the game 15-12.

Ivanov finds the net and that's the game for Awadhe. Nicely done by the decorated partners.

Smash from Shin, cross court to the flank. Gamepoint

Shin returns beautifully to Ben and Ben's awkward stance there can't save that

Lovely cross court tap from Ivanov. He's tall and makes it look too easy from where we see it.

Long from Shin. Ben and Ivanov will not complain.

Quick points and it's all pace here at Lucknow. The smashes are coming in thick and heavy.

Too long from Ben.

Smashed down the court and neither Ben or Ivanov can get that. Hyun and Shin's experience on show here.

Hyun is relentless. Ben's defense has been amazing in this 35-shot rally. But it was all Hyun as he persistently attacks Ben to get his angle wrong ultimately.

The smashes from Ivanov have been exceptional tonight.

Ivanov smashes one in the middle across the court but Hyun can't connect right. Netted. Hunters goes into the break with the lead.

Long from Hyun. Well left by Ivanov.

Hyun keeps pegging the duo back again

Error in judgement from the Korean and they let the serve fall into empty space right up front.

Hyun manages to equalise for the Warriors.

Too wide here from the Hunters.

Ivanov manages a quick smash to capitalise on the momentum of the rally.

Lovely rally. 50 shots here. Ben went a little wide at the end of it but Hyun connects only to net it at the end.

Smashed down the court by Ivanov. Equalised.

Hyun and Shin manage to beat Ben on the flanks here for a point. It comes down to communication. The Awadhe team is an established pair and it's showing

2-2 Evenly matched so far. But, Ivanov and Ben have the advantage of throwing down stronger shots.

Match 05: Ko Sung Hyun/ Shin Baek Cheol vs Vladimir Ivanov/ Ben Lane

Match 4:  Wong Wing Ki Vincent beats Daren Liew (Trump)

What's done is done now. Awadhe Warriors come back from -1 to now settle for a 2-0 scoreline that favours the former.

This game quickly comes back to competitive terms with Vincent taking away swift points off each other, ending 15-9 in Awadhe's favour.

Vincent manages to bull back into the game and the Hunters are trying to put pressure on

Daren looks good here and Vincent is now trying to get more aggression from Daren to provoke mistakes. Paying off here, clearly.

6-7 Daren has taken the last few games with the net serving his cause.

6-5 Half smash across the court from Daren. Given out, Daren reviews and wins.

6-4 This time Vincent sends one down into Daren's body. He can't react fast enough to do anything with it.

5-4 Daren smashes down the side, Vincent connects and returns close to the net. Daren is there waiting though and a strong smash makes it to Vincent's feet, he can do nothing about it.

5-3 Daren goes wide and Vincent is happy with the point given

This game is following the vibe of the first. Vincent has the upper hand here leading Daren 5-3.

Game 1: Wong Wing beat Vincent vs Daren Liew 15-15 the previous night,

Vincent is ecstatic as is Pedersen. A nice cross court half smash finds its was flying into Daren's part of the court and he can do nothing about it. Vincent takes the first game 15013.

A scorching smash sees Daren Liwe wade is way back

Smash and that's gamepoint for the Warriors.

Daren Liew gets a clean hit to Vincent's body, Vincent returns but finds the net.

Such impressive reflexes here from Vincent as he gets one across the court to the flanks. Hawkeye reviews, it is in. Nicely done Vincent.

Smash from Daren and Vincent is on all fours to reach that one. His return finds the net. Nicely done by the Hunters here to claw its way into the game. Anybody's game from here.

Error of judgement from Vincent. Daren goes long but it's well inside the line.

Vincent is known for his netplay and he draws Daren in to play to his strengths. Daren finds the net in response.

How is that for a comeback! Lovely smash there, 256kmph, across the court from Vincent.

We have the equaliser. Vincent tries to go for the winner but finds himself shooting through under the net. This game will be won by the player who makes fewer mistakes, rather than one shining over the other. Interesting this, from the Warriors and Hunters.

Good judgement here from Daren. That floats long from Vincent. He's well and truly back into this game.

Error of judgement here from Vincent. Thinks it's going too wide but it's within bounds enough to force a loss of points.

Vincent is showing Daren how it's done. Unforced errors aplenty from Daren Liew.

Ah the official scoring seems to have a bug here. Vincent leads the tie 8-4 going into the break.

4-4 Vincent pulls back with a smash
4-3 Darren is quick and smashes one to the flank away from Vincent

Quick few points for each side with the tie standing evenly poised at 3-3.

Match 3: Tanvi Lad lost to P.V. Sindhu 8-15, 8-15.

Game 2:

No more challenge from Tanvi. Sindhu wraps up the win and seals the tie for Hyderabad Hunters. 

8-14: Sindhu challenges an in call at the baseline. Unsuccessful. Tanvi hangs in for one more point.

7-12: Tanvi catches the net attempting to return the half-smash from Sindhu.

7-10: Another 0.30s reflex return from Tanvi has Sindhu on the edge.

6-10: A good reflex return from Tanvi

5-9: Tanvi leaves Sindhu scrambling at the net with a last second lift.

4-8: A lot more rallies in the second game. Tanvi tries her best, but Sindhu's 318kmph smash a little over the limit for Tanvi to make a return. 

3-5: Tanvi's best bet looks like getting Sindhu to return from close to the net. Most of Sindhu's errors have come in that left corner.

1-4: Tanvi finally gets Sindhu to commit a mistake at the net after an 18-shot rally.

0-3: A swift cross-court backhand smash from Sindhu. That was pure class.

0-2: Tanvi goes for a smash but hits it wide.

Game 1:

8-15: Sindhu wins the first game comfortably.

8-14: Sindhu misjudges a let call.

6-14: She makes up for casual return with a beautiful diagonal smash.

5-12: Two similar net errors from Sindhu. She is playing quite casually at this point. No spot of bother yet for her.

4-10: Back-to-back points for Tanvi.

1-10: Another long rally. Sindhu is lucky to win the point this time. With the deftest touch, Sindhu attempts a lift at the net. The shuttle gets stuck on the top of the tape before falling to Tanvi's court. 

1-9: A good rally after the break, but Sindhu knows exactly when to leave to continue her winning run.

1-8: No respite from Sindhu winners for Tanvi Lad. A totally mismatched match so far.

1-5: A win for Sindhu will effectively seal the tie for Hyderabad Hunters. Sindhu is on course for that. 

0-2 Sindhu is the overwhelming favourite to win this match.

Match 2: Shin Baek Cheol /Christina Pedersen (Trump) lost to Vladimir Ivanov/ Sikki Reddy 12-15, 14-15

Game 2:

14-15: Shin backhands catches the net. Hyderabad Hunters wins the mixed doubles game to hand a negative point for trump team Shin and Christina.  The trump team loses for the first time in the PBL Season 5. Hyderabad leads 2 - (-1). 

13-14:  Christina hits one at her opponent. Match point for Hyderabad.

13-13: Tense moments for Awadhe. Shin, who has been effective with his smashes, gets one to the net. The racquet breaks as well. That looked like a sure shot winner.

12-11: Emotions running high here. Both the pairs are celebrating every point like it's the last.

11-9: Shin sets up the point before close it with a smash right at Ivanov.

10-8: Awadhe gets a successful review on an out call. The shuttle lands just inside the baseline .

8-8: Sikki targets Shin the second time, gets it too close to the body and he is no position to return that.

8-7: Hyderabad Hunters has come back strongly after a horrendous start to the second game. Awadhe has latched on to a single-point lead in its trump match.

7-6: Ivanov with a dipping half smash for another winner. Awadhe hasn't been able to read his returns/

7-4: No, says Christina. the Awadhe player gets a return right to the no man's land to snap the streak.

6-4: Four successive point from Hyderabad. A change in momentum?

6-2: Ivanov judges a let and gets it right. It was definitely sailing out.

6-1: Ivanov finally earns Hunters its first point this game with a sharp jumping smash. The team needed that!

6-0: Christina is on a roll. No let up in the momentum as Awadhe races to a 6-point lead.

3-0: Awadhe takes a three-point lead. Both are pumped up in their trump charge.

Game 1: This is the trump match for Awadhe Warriors.

12-15: Sikki and Ivanov win the first game against the Awadhe Warriors after forcing them to crash the shuttle into the net. Two points are at stake for the Warriors.  No team has lost its trump match so far in the fifth season of PBL.

12-13: Christina returns wide after uncomfortably placed for the shot. She can only deflect it wide.

12-12: Powerful smash from Ivanov. That was an incoming missile and Christina can only duck to safety!

11-11: Hyderabad comes back by curtailing the errors. Gets Awadhe to err at the net.

10-8: Shin Cheol with a down the line smash. Ivanov's height proving disadvantageous there to make a quick turn for the return.

8-8: It's been a complete contrast to the first match of the night. Only short points so far.

8-7: Christina roars in delight after a well placed drop at the cross-court net. 

4-6: First rally of the match and Awadhe target Sikki with a body smash.

3-6: Hyderabads Sikki-Ivanov pair take the lead.

3-3: No long rallies so far. Both sides committing errors than winning points at this moment.  

Match 1: Men's Singles: Subhankar Dey lost to  Sourabh Verma 15-14, 12-15, 10-15

Game 3:

10-15: SOURABH VERMA WINS THE MATCH with a smash to give Hyderabad Hunters the first points of the tie. What a match to begin the tie.

10-14: Another amazing retrieve from Subhankar, but Sourabh was prepared for it and sends in a body smash.

10-13: How did Subhankar pick that up from the net! He is rewarded for his supreme athletic ability as Sourabh smashes one into the net.

8-12: Subhankar with an unforced error. He tries to hit a forehand cross-court, but doesn't get the elevation and catches the tape.

7-11: It looked like Sourabh had picked the shuttle after it touched the ground, but the play continues and ends in his favour. 

7-10:  A serve error from Subhankar.

If only PBL didn't have the 'first to 15' rule, we have no doubts about this match going on forever.

6-8: No match has seen as many changes in fortunes as this one in the current season of PBL. It is Sourabh Verma who is in lead in this third and deciding game.  

We have an announcement:


6-4: Subhankar's strength would his attacking smashes and astonishing court coverage. He is employing both to good effect now to take control of this deciding set.

4-3: It's happening again. Subhankar is on a roll now with three consecutive point. Also, no end to long rallies from the two.

1-3: After a long shot, Sourabh comes up with a 368 kmph smash to get back the serve. That's a lot of power packed into that smash.

0-2: Rallies continue. But Sourabh continues his winning streak.

Game 2:

12-15: Sourabh takes it to the decider.
One of the longest men's singles match we have seen so far. It is 46 minutes into the tie already and we still have a game to go.

12-14: A cross-court smash to set up a game point from Sourabh. He is on a freakish winning run now. Not giving an inch to Subhankar.

12-13: A quick reflex smash from Sourabh to take the lead.

12-12: Sourabh with another soft play to get the net winner. He flicks it from the net to the cross court side. Subhankar was nowhere near that to pick it up.

12-11: Another change in pace as he jumps to execute a drop at the net. Soft touch for the win.

11-10: Yet another beautiful rally from the two. As usual, Sourabhh on the offense and Subhankar managing to retrieve whatever is thrown at us. But Sourabh gets the bragging rights for this one with a body smash.

10-9: Sourabh sets up the point with net play and smacks it to the back of the court. He is already a game down and is doing all he can to close the gap.

9-8: A desperate Sourabh goes for a 320 kmph smash to bring an end to Subhankar's 6-point streak.

8-7: Uh ho. It's a repeat of the first game. subhankar gets Sourabh to err at the net.  It is eerily similar to the kind of points Subhankar gained in the first game.

6-7: Subhankar came back strongly around this time in the first game. He is continuing the trend in the second game as well.

3-7: A deceptive angled drop to the forecourt from Sourabh has Subhankar glued to a spot. Sourabh, the higher ranked player among the two, is flaunting his skills at the moments. A variety of shots for the points so far. Totally unpredictable. 

3-5: Sourabh Verma with two clinical smashes to build a two-point lead.

1-3: A smash down the line, a cross-court drop from the net and an away shot from Subhankar - Sourabh back in business in the second game. He did lead for most of the first game and yet conceded it with some costly misses. He wouldn't want to repeat that.

1-0: A great deep smash down the line from Subhankar to kickstart what promises to be a fiery second game.

Game 1:

15-14: Another drop shot attempt, another error from Sourabh as Subhankar takes the first game despite trailing for the first half of it. Subhankar lifted his game when it mattered. 

14-14: Net play goes wrong for Sourabh, not enough force for the shuttle to cross the net.

13-14: Sourabh sets up gaime point.

13-11: Great pickup from Subhankar off a sharp smash to keep the shuttle in play. The rally stretches to 43 shots and Subhankar wins for his perserverance.

12-11: Sourabh gets a forehand winner and then induces a net error with a full smash to level the scores.

11-9: Subhankar, gaining in confidence, gets quick points to level scores and then move ahead.

8-9: Dey with yet another challenge. He is taking whatever comes his way and going for it. But drift helps the ball land just in from the baseline.

6-9: Verma misses the smash after being in complete control through the rally. He even had Dey on the floor with a sharp return.

5-8: Sourabh and Subhankar engage in a 32-shot rally. As has been the trend in the game so far, Sourabh gets the crucial point.

4-7: Unsuccessful challenge from Subhankar on a tramline call. Sourabh gets it bang on the line to break the flow from Subhankar. 

4-6: Back-to-back offensive winners from Subhankar Dey to gain some confidence.

2-5: A soft cross-court placement from Subhankar to break Sourabh's momentum.

1-3: Sourabh Verma is moving well, makes a strong start.

Order of Play:

Awadhe Warriors vs Hyderabad Hunters

Men's Singles: Subhankar Dey vs Sourabh Verma

Mixed Doubles: Shin Baek Cheol /Christina Pedersen (Trump) vs Vladimir Ivanov/ Sikki Reddy

Women's Singles: Tanvi Lad vs P.V. Sindhu

Men's Singles: Wong Wing Ki Vincent vs Daren Liew (Trump)

Men's Doubles: Ko Sung Hyun/ Shin Baek Cheol vs Vladimir Ivanov/ Ben Lane

Pune 7 Aces, which began its campaign at the Lucknow leg of PBL on Saturday, earned a 5-2 win over Mumbai Rockets.