Raptors are bringing back their classic 90's dino jerseys

The jerseys feature stripes in multiple colors and Toronto's signature red raptor on the front, a style sported by the franchise in 1995-96.

Toronto Raptors   -  (Getty Images)

The Raptors are bringing a blast from the past into 2019-20, as they've hopped onto the throwback jersey wave a few other NBA teams are riding this offseason.

Toronto announced Friday that it's rolling out the classic dinosaur jerseys players wore in franchise's inaugural 1995-96 season for its 25th NBA season.

The jerseys feature stripes in multiple colors and Toronto's signature red raptor on the front.

The Raptors posted a dreadful 21-61 record in their first NBA campaign, but they'll look back fondly after a landmark 2018-19.


Throwback | Design choices of the Toronto Raptors are sure to take fans back to the nineties.   -  Getty Images

After all, they dethroned the Warriors and won the 2019 NBA Finals in six games this summer, claiming the franchise's first title.

The defending champions have a lot to be happy about after their historic run, and they'll attempt to win their second straight in style.

Other teams that have unveiled throwback jerseys for the upcoming season include the Jazz, Grizzlies and Trail Blazers.

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