Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 3 Highlights: India’s medal tally rises to six; Jeremy, Achinta Sheuli win gold in weightlifting

CWG 2022 Day 3 Live: Read all the highlights, results, and medals tally from the second day of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

Updated : Mar 31, 2023 14:26 IST - 12 MINS READ

Jeremy started Day 3 with a Gold Medal; Achinta Sheuli and Jeremy Lalrinnnunga won two Gold Medals for India on Day 3 while the Men’s hockey team thrashed Ghana 11-0 in its opening match at the Commonwealth Games 2022.
Jeremy started Day 3 with a Gold Medal; Achinta Sheuli and Jeremy Lalrinnnunga won two Gold Medals for India on Day 3 while the Men’s hockey team thrashed Ghana 11-0 in its opening match at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Jeremy started Day 3 with a Gold Medal; Achinta Sheuli and Jeremy Lalrinnnunga won two Gold Medals for India on Day 3 while the Men’s hockey team thrashed Ghana 11-0 in its opening match at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s highlights of Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 3. India has won three Gold medals in the Birmingham Games so far, with the latest coming from Achinta Sheuli in the Men’s 73 Kg weightlifting final.


Medal Alert
Achinta Sheuli lifts a total of 313 kg in Men’s 73 kg Weightlifting to win the third gold medal for India. India’s medal tally now rises to six, with three Gold Medals, two Silver Medals and one Bronze.
Weightlifting Men’s 73 kg
Clean and Jerk
Hidayat Muhammad tries 176 kg lift in his second attempt and fails. He is the closest to Achinta at the moment and he fails to lifts 176, which seals the Gold Medal for Achinta.
Brandon Wakeling tries to go for the Bronze Medal with an attempt of 172 kg, but fails in both his second and third attempt.
Sheuli lifts 170 kg in Clean and Jerk and takes his total to 313 kg. He sits comfortably on top at the moment, with Malaysia’s Hidayat closest to him with a weight of 303 kg.
Sheuli fails to improve on his 167 kg, and will go for his third attempt next. Achinta Sheuli of India is expected to start his lift at 166 kg and he successfully lifts it, with the total weight at 309 - a Games record.
Michael Farmer of Wales , after two unsuccessful attempts to lift 158 kg, finally pulls off the lift amid loud cheers from Welsh fans in the stadium.
Jack Oliver successfully lifts 156 kg in his second attempt to go top in total standings so far. Darsigny aims 158 in his first attempt and successfully lifts it.
Ezekiel Moses Moses fails to lift 155 kg in his first attempt and will go for the same weight in his second attempt. He fails to do so in the second attempt, but lifts it in the third. Kenya’s Anthony Libasia starts the Clean and Jerk lifting 135 kg in his first attempt.
Results after Snatch: Achinta Sheuli - India (143 kg - GR), Erry Hidayat - Malaysia (138 kg), Shad Darsigny - Canada (135 kg)
In his final attempt, he lifts 143 kg to take a clear five kg lead in the Snatch standings - improving on his Commonwealth Games record
Achinta goes for 140 kg now, and lifts it successfully again. The Indian is the undisputed in Snatch so far, with the 140 kg a Commonwealth Games record.
Achinta Sheuli of India is expected to lift 137 kg. He lifts the weight clean and goes on top of the standings.
John Lautafi of Samoa takes the lead in Snatch so far, lifting 131 kg in his third attempt. Ezekiel Moses of Nauru is second with 130 kg.
Anthony Libasia of Kenya starts off the competition with a 110 kg lift, who is followed by Jon-Antohein of South Africa, who lifts 118 kg. Antohein tries to improve with a 125 kg lift, but fails and has to suffice with 118.

Boxing Men’s Super Heavyweight Round of 16 (Over 92 kg)

  • Sagar wins the bout 5-0 to enter the quarterfinals
  • The Indian boxer wins the second round as well, again with all 10s.
  • Sagar wins the first round with all 10s.
  • India’s Sagar will face Maxime Yegnong Njieyo of Cameroon

Lawn Bowls - Men’s Pairs

India falls short in the Men’s Pairs Quarterfinals, going down to Northern Ireland 26-8.

Men’s Middleweight Boxing - Round of 16

  • After three rounds, Sumit loses 0-5 to the Australian, getting eliminated in the pre-quarterfinals
  • In the first round, Sumit suffers a point deduction with the round continuing at the moment.
  • Sumit of India will be in action against against Australia’s Callum Peters.

Lawn Bowls - Men’s Pairs

India has earned a few points, but remains way short of Northern Ireland, with the score 23-5 in favour of Norther Ireland at the moment..

Swimming - 50m Backstroke

Srihari qualifies for the 50m finals and will be in action tomorrow.

Srihari Natraj finishes fifth in the first semifinal with a timing of 25.38 and will have to wait for the second semifinal to check if he qualifies for the final.

Badminton - India into Mixed Team semifinals
India’s Aakarshi Kashyap beats Johanita Scholtz of South Africa to help India beat South Africa 3-0. India enters the semifinals and will face either Scotland or Singapore.

Badminton - Mixed Team Quarterfinals - India vs South Africa, Women’s Singles

  • Aakrashi wins the second set sending the Indian team into the semifinals.
  • India wins the second set 21-16: Aakarshi starts the second set with the same form with which she ended the first and is enjoying a a slender lead of two points. The Indian continues widening her lead, with the difference now four points. The score 14-10 at the moment.
  • India wins the first set: Aakarshi has taken a substantial lead with the score 7-2 in her favour a the moment .She continues to keep her feet in front, increasing the point difference to eight now. Aakarshi dominates the set and seals a win the score 21-11 at the end of the first set.
  • India’s Aakarshi Kashyap will now be in action against Johanita Scholtz of South Africa. A win in this match will take India into the semifinals.

Men’s 15km Scratch Race - Finals

Vishavjeet Singh of India did not finish the race and by default, got out of medal contention.

Squash Men’s Singles Round of 16 - Saurav moves into quarters
India wins the third set 11-6: David is trying to make a comeback in the third set, with the scores level at 4-4 at the moment. Saurav Ghoshal has made a comeback in the set, to reinstate his dominance in the match so far, with a three point lead. The score stands at 10-6 in India’s favour and seals the win finally.
India wins the second set 11-2: Saurav is in the lead again, with a five point lead at the moment. The score 6-1 at the moment. The Indian wins the second set 11-2, with a comprehensive lead.
India wins the first set 11-6: Saurav Ghoshal is in action against David Baillargeon of Canada with the Indian in front in the first set so far, The score 1-3 at the moment, in favour of India. He maintains his lead throughout, sealing a victory in the first set.

Cycling: Women’s 500m trial

Mayuri Lete of India finished 18th in the final with a timing of 36.868, while Kristina Clonan of Australia bagged the Gold Medal with a timing of 33.234.

Lawn Bowls - Men’s Pairs
Northern Ireland continues to maintain its lead, with the score 21-1 in favour of NIR now. The Indian men’s team of Sunil Bahadur and Dinesh Kumar is trailing to Northern Ireland 0-6 at the moment.

Badminton - Mixed Team Quarterfinals - India vs South Africa, Men’s Singles

  • Lakshya Sen wins the second set 21-6, sealing a win the Men’s singles and giving India a two-match lead.
  • Kakora has been trying his best, but Lakshya continues to prove his mettle, edging closer to a straight set win in the second game for India.
  • Lakshya continues to keep the lead with nine-point advantage over his South African counterpart. The score 12-3 to India.
  • The second set begins.
  • Lakshya Sen wins the first game 21-5.
  • Lakshya races to an early 7-2 lead in the first game.
  • Second match begins. Lakshya Sen takes on Caden Kakora in the singles leg.

Badminton - Mixed Team Quarterfinals - India vs South Africa, India starts with a Doubles’win

  • India wins the second set and starts the QF with a doubles win.
  • The Indian pair has looked the better duo so far in the game and the score shows why. India is marching to a straight set victory, with the score 18-10 in India’s favour.
  • Ashwini’s smash seals the eighth point for India and at midway, India is ahead 11-7. South Africa goes level at 3-3, but India soon takes a lead to go two-point ahead at 6-4.
  • The second set begins and India has not allowed South Africa to open its account, notching up three early points.
  • India wins the first set.
  • In the first game, India takes an early lead and continues to build on it, with score 6-1 in favour of India at the moment. The Ponnappa-Reddy duo has maintained the lead midway into the first game, with the score 11-4. India has looked completely in control in the first game, and seals an easy win with a score of 21-9
  • Sumeeth Reddy and Ashwini Ponnappa of India are playing Jarred Elliot and Diedre Jordan of South Africa
  • India is set to face South Africa in the semifinals, with the first match being the mixed doubles
India enters Lawn Bowls semifinals for the first time
The Indian Women Fours team beat Norfolk Island 9-17 in the quarterfinal to enter the semis. The Indian team comprises of Lovely Choubey, Rupa Rani Tirkey, Pinki and Nayanmoni Saikia

Cycling: Women’s 500m trial

Mayuri Lete of India will be in action in the final, with Kelsey Mitchell of Canada leading at the moment.

Follow India vs Ghana Commonwealth Games 2022.

India vs Ghana Men’s Hockey Group B Match
India continues to punish Ghana in the Group B match, with the score 8-0 at the moment. And it is just the third quarter. Follow the match as it happens on the link above.

Artistic Gymnastics

Ruthuja Nataraj finishes the final ranked 15th in the standings, with a total score of 43. She scored 12.95 in the Vault, 10 in Uneven Bars, 10.25 on the Balance Beam and 9.8 in Floor Excercise.

Lawn Bowls Quarterfinals - Women’s Fours

India still sits on top with the points deficit down to five points against Norfolk Island. After 11 ends, the score stands at 13-8 in favour of India.

Follow India vs Ghana Commonwealth Games 2022.

India vs Ghana Men’s Hockey Group B Match
India is leading in its opening match in the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham with a comfortable margin of 5-0 against Ghana. You can follow the match live on the link above.

Lawn Bowls

  • Norfolk Island narrows India’s lead to 12-7 after End 9.
  • India is leading 12-4 Norfolk Island in the women’s fours quarterfinal after End 7.
Events up next
9:02pm: CYCLING - Mayuri Lute - Women’s 500m time trial
10:00pm: BADMINTON - India vs South Africa - mixed team quarterfinal

Triathlon Mixed Team Relay Final

India finished 10th with a timing of 1:31:43, over 15 minutes more than host England, which bagged the Gold Medal (1:16:40), followed by Wales (1:17:26) and Australia (1:17:29).

Artistic Gymnastics

Ruthuja Nataraj scored a 10.25 on the Balance Beam after a 10 in uneven bars and sits 18th in the standings at the moment. Alics Kinsella leads the standings with 13.85 in the Vault and 13.7 in Uneven Bars.

Weightlifting Women’s 49 kg - Popy Hazarika out of Medal Contention
Popy Hazarika finishes seventh in the standings with a total of 183 kg and is out of any chance to win a medal in the event. Rafiatu Lawal sits on top with a total weight of 205 kg - a CWG record.
Darsigny and Brown take the fight to the wire, with the Canadian lifting 107 in her second attempt, surpassing the English lifter, with a total of 194 kg.
Jessica Brown lifts 107 in her first attempt to go on top of the standings at 193 kg. Tali Darsigny, the second ranked weightlifter in Snatch, lifts 105 kg in her first attempt, taking her total to 192 kg.
Hannah Crymble lifts 103 kg in her third and final attempt to go on top of the standings with a total of 186 kg.
Popy Hazarika steps up for her first attempt, trying to lift 102 kg, but fails. In her second attempt, she tries to lift 102 kg and successfully lifts it. Her total gets to 183 kg.
Tenishia Thornton of Malta, just 16-year-old, lifts 100 kg in her first attempt, to take her total to 178 kg. In her second attempt, she fails to improve her total.
Su En Sarah Ang starts the Clean and Jerk round with an 85 kg lifts in her first attempt. She improves on the same with a 90 kg lift, but fails on her third attempt, going for 95 kg. Her total stands at 163 kg.

Triathlon Mixed Team Relay final

India, in spite of getting past Barbados and Namibia, loses its ninth spot to Namibia and is back at 10th.

Lawn Bowls Quarterfinals - Women’s Fours

The Indian women’s team, represented by Lovely Choubey, Pinki and Nayanmoni Saikia, leads Norfolk Island 8-0 at the moment

Rankings after Snatch:

Rafiatu Folashade Lawal - Nigeria - 90 kg

Tali Darsigny - Canada - 87 kg

Jessica Gordon Brown - England - 86 kg

Weightlifting Women’s 49 kg - Snatch
Rafiatu Lawal successfully lifts 90 kg in her first attempt, sets a Commonwealth Games reacord and goes right on top of the standings in Snatch. The Nigerian fails to lift 94 kg in her second attempt and goes for 95 kg in her third attempt. However, she fails to lift that as well. Lawal still sits on top of the standings with a CWG record in Snatch.
Darsigny improves herself in the next lift, and successfully lifts 87 kg .Popy fails to lifts 86 kg on her third attempt
Brenna Kean lifts 85 kg and goes joint-third in Snatch, which means Popy is out of the top three.
Popy Hazarika lifts 81 kg in Snatch. In her second attempt, she goes for an 84 kg lift, but fails to pull it off. She is third at the moment in Snatch, with Canada’s Tali Darsigny on top (85 kg) and Hannah Crymble second (83 kg)

Hockey: The Indian men’s hockey team will be in action against Ghana in its first pool match of the Birmingham Games 2022. Know more about the match here.

Artistic Gymnastics

Ruthuja Nataraj scored a 10 in uneven bars and sits 18th in the standings at the moment. Ondine Achampong of England sits on top (13.9).

Triathlon Mixed Team Relay final

  • India’s position has not improved so far with Barbados almost two minutes ahead of the Indian team.
  • India currently sits 10th behind Barbados.
Squash Round of 16 - Joshana Chinappa into quarters, beats Kaitlyin Watts; IND 3-1 NZ
India wins the fourth set 11-6: Joshana takes an early lead and is still ahead of Watts with the score 2-3 in favour of India. The contest is going neck-to-neck at the moment, with the score 6-6. India is edging closer to a win, with a three-point cushion at the moment. The score 6-9 to India. Chinappa wins the third set 11-6 to enter the quarterfinals.
India wins the third set 11-4: Joshana has the lead at the moment with Watts, just a point away. The score 3-2 in favour of India. Joshana continues to build on her lead with the deficit to six points now. IND 10-4 NZ. Joshana seals a win in the third set to take a lead in the game.
New Zealand wins the second set 11-9: The second game begins. Watts takes an early lead, something she did in the first game as well, but Joshana earns a point back, The score 2-1 for now, in favour of New Zealand. Watts continues to build on her lead and increases the deficit to three points now. Chinappa makes a comeback and sits one point behind the New Zealand player at 6-7 and finally gets level at 8-8 again.
Watts, however, does not let her lead slip and secures a win in the second game.
India wins the first set 11-8: Joshana Chinappa of India and Kaitlyn Watts of New Zealand are getting ready for the match to seal a spot in the quarterfinals. The match begins and the Indian, after initially trailing, makes a comeback to 8-8 and seals the win in the first set 11-8.

India vs Pakistan Women’s cricket: Smriti Mandhana scores her half-century with a six as India edges closer to a win against Pakistan. The score at the moment is 76/1, with Mandhan on strike.

Lawn Bowls updates: India Men’s pair sectional play team into quarters
The Indian team, represented by Sunil Bahadur (lead) and Dinesh Kumar (skip), beat Jamie Walker and Sal Tolchard of England 18-15 to qualify for the quarterfinals.
It will face Northern Ireland in the Lawn Bowls quarters.

Upcoming events in the Commonwealth Games 2022

  • Squash: Joshana Chinappa vs Kaitlyn Watts in Round of 16
  • Weightlifting: Popy Hazarika - Women’s 59 kg final
  • Artistic Gymnastics - Women’s all-round finals

Cycling - Men's 15km Scratch Race - Qualifying

Naman Kapil finished 11th in Heat 1 and failed to qualify for the final

Vishavjeet finishes 6th in his heart and qualifies for final, which will take place at 11:12PM tonight.


  • Doubles (G Sathiyan and Harmeet Desai vs R Bawm and M. Ridoy)- India leads in the quarterfinals vs Bangladesh 3-0 (11-8, 11-6, 11-2 ). the manage to win the first game and make the first step towards semifinals.
  • Singles (Sharath Kamal and M Sabbir)- Sharath wins first set 11-4. He also wins the next to sets with utmost ease as he beats Sabbir 3-0 (11-4, 11-7, 11-2)
  • Singles (Sathiyan and Mohutasin Ahmed Ridoy) Sathiyan dominates the proceedings as he wins 3-0 (11-2, 11-3, 11-5). AND INDIA QUALIFIES FOR THE SEMIS!  THEY WILL FACE NIGERIA IN THE SEMIS.

BOXING- Men’s Light Welterweight round of 16- Shiva Thapa vs Reese Lynch

  • Round 1- Thapa lands in backhand punches accurately. Lynch falls down as Thapa attacks aggressively. Thapa gets five 10s, Lynch gets five nines.
  • Round 2- Shiva defends in the second round as Lynch gets aggressive. The last 10 seconds sees Thapa being extremely attacking. Thapa gets four nines and a 10, Lynch gets four 10s and one nine.
  • Round 3- Both are aggressive, but Thapa needs to giddy up to win the third round. The Indian fires back. LYNCH WINS IN A SPLIT DECISION 4-1.

WOMEN’S LIGHT FLYWEIGHT ROUND OF 16 Nikhat Zareen vs Helena Ismael Bagao

  • Round 1- Nikhat Zareen in the red corner. Match starts as Nikhat starts attacking relentlessly. She pushes he opposition to the corner. NIKHIT WINS FIRST ROUND WITH THE FIVE JUDGES SCORING 10S, WHILE HELENA GETS FOUR EIGHTS AND A NINE.
  • Round 2- Helena tries to close the gap between the two. Nikhat uses both her hands to corner Helena. NIKHIT WINS SECOND ROUND WITH THE FIVE JUDGES SCORING 10S, WHILE HELENA GETS FIVE EIGHTS.
  • Round 3- Nikhat defends herself with ease as she moves out of Bagao’s way. Referee counts till 10, but Bagao doesn’t give up. At the end Nikhat doesn’t let go of the opportunity and gets a point by Knock Down.

Lawn Bowls-After three ENDS India leads 4-2 in the men’s pairs event. India gets two more points after four ENDS as they lead 6-2.

SWIMMING- Sajan Prakash defeats Kieren Pollard in the 200m butterfly show-off and will be the first reserve for the finals.

LAWN BOWLS-England leads 1-0 against India after END 1 in the men’s pairs.

Gymnastics- Yogeshwar finishes 15th with 74.700 points as England’s Jake Jarman takes gold in the men’s all-around finals.


WEIGHTLIFTING: Jeremy wins India its second gold medal as he lifts 140kg in snatch and 160kg in clean & jerk, setting a new games record!


FOLLOW LIVE UPDATES ON WEIGHTLIFTING: Jeremy eyes India’s second gold medal

Artistic Gymnastic- Yogeshwar scores 11.500 in floor exercise. Currently ranks 15th among 18 competitors.

Swimming- Srihari Nataraj qualifies for the semifinals of 50m backstroke after finishing second in the heats clocking 25.52.

Gymnastics- Yogeshwar Singh scores 12.700 in the horizontal bars.

Swimming- Sajan Prakash will be a reserve for the 200m butterfly event after he clocks 1:58.99 finishing fourth in his heats.

Cycling- Ronaldo has qualified for the men’s sprint 1/8 finals with a timing of 10.012 .

Lawn Bowls- Tania Choudhury defeats Shauna O’Neill 21-12 after 19 ENDS. She fails to qualify for the quarterfinals after losing the first two matches.

Weightlifting- Jeremy Lalrinnunga lifts 136kg in his first snatch attempt, 140 kg in his second attempt. However, he fails to lift 146 kg in his third try, but manages to beak the Games record in his first two tries.

Gymnastics- Yogeshwar scores 12.050 in his third round in parallel bars.

Gymnastics- Yogeshwar scores 13.200 in his second round with pommel horse. A 4.8 level of difficulty and execution of 8.400.

LAWN BOWLS-Tania leads 17-8 against Shauna after 15 ENDS

Gymnastics- Yogeshwar Singh finishes his round one performance in the rings and scores 12.350 with an execution of 8.150 and difficulty of 4.200.


LAWN BOWLS- After 4 ENDS, Tania Choudhury of India trails 2-3 against Shauna O’ Neill.


After Day 2, here’s how the medals table looks like.

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JULY 31 (All timings are in IST - Indian Standard Time)

1 PM (Lawn bowls)

Women’s singles- Tania Choudhury

1:30 PM (Artistic Gymnastics)

Men’s all-around final: Yogeshwar Singh

2:00 PM (Weightlifting)

Men’s 67kg: Jeremy Lalrinnunga

3:07 PM (Swimming and Para Swimming)

Men’s 200m butterfly heats- Sajan Prakash

3:30 PM (Cricket)

India vs Pakistan

3:31 PM (Swimming and Para Swimming)

Men’s 50m backstroke heats- Srihari Nataraj

4:00 PM (Table Tennis)

Men’s team quarterfinals: India vs Bangladesh

4:00 PM (Lawn Bowls)

Men’s Pairs- India vs England

4:20/4:59 PM (Cycling)

Men’s 15km Scratch Race Qualifying

4:45PM (Boxing)

Women’s Light Flyweight round of 16- Nikhat Zareen vs Helena Ismael Bagao

5:15PM (Boxing)

Men’s Light Welterweight round of 16- Shiva Thapa vs Reese Lynch

6:00 PM (Squash)

Women’s singles round of 16- Joshana Chinappa vs Kaitlyn Watts

6:30 PM (Weightlifting)

Women’s 59kg- Popy Hazarika

7 PM (Artistic Gymnastics)

Women’s All-Around finals- Ruthuraj Nataraj

7:01 PM (Triathlon)

Mixed team relay final

7:30PM (Lawn Bowls)

Women’s fours quarterfinal: India vs Norfolk Islands

8:30 PM (Hockey)

Men’s hockey- India vs Ghana

9:02 PM (Cycling)

Women’s 500m time trial final - Mayuri Lute

10 PM (badminton)

Mixed team QFs- India vs South Africa

10:30 PM (Squash)

Men’s singles round of 16- Saurav Ghosal vs David Baillargeon

11 PM (Weightlifting)

Men’s 73kg- Achinta Sheuli

11:37 PM onwards (Swimming)

Men’s 50m backstroke semifinals (Srihari Nataraj) (subject to qualification)

11:58 PM onwards (Swimming)

Men’s 200m butterfly final (Sajan Prakash) (subject to qualification)

12:15 AM (August 1 Boxing)

Men’s Middleweight- Sumit vs Callum Peters

1 AM (August 1 Boxing)

Men’s Super heavyweight- Sagar vs Maxime Yegnong Njieyo

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