Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 4 Highlights: India medal tally rises to nine; Shushila wins silver in Judo, Harjinder bags Weightlifting bronze

CWG 2022: Read all the highlights, results, and medals tally from the fourth day of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

Updated : Aug 02, 2022 11:49 IST

India won three medals on Day 4 of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2022 in Birmingham - Vijay (Bronze - Judo), Shushila (Silver - Judo) and Harjinder (Bronze - Weightlifting)
India won three medals on Day 4 of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2022 in Birmingham - Vijay (Bronze - Judo), Shushila (Silver - Judo) and Harjinder (Bronze - Weightlifting)

India won three medals on Day 4 of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2022 in Birmingham - Vijay (Bronze - Judo), Shushila (Silver - Judo) and Harjinder (Bronze - Weightlifting)

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s Coverage of the Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 4. Currently, India has won nine medals so far - three gold, three silver and three bronze.

Here is a look at all Indians in action on August 2, Day 5 of CWG 2022.

Catch all the LIVE action from Day 5 of Commonwealth Games 2022 here.

The Indian Men’s Table Tennis team, the defending champion, is through to the Final and will face Singapore in the Gold Medal match.

Table Tennis Men’s Semifinals - India into finals, confirms another medal
Game 3: Men’s Singles: G, Sathiyan vs Olajide Omotayo, IND 3-0 NGR
India wins the fourth set 11-8: In the fourth games, the players go level at six all, with Sathiyan earning a quick point then to take the lead eventually. Sathiyan builds on the lead and improves the deficit to four points. Olajide makes a comeback to 10-8 now. Sathiyan adds more control to his game and completes the win.
India takes the lead in the third set. The third match sees Nigeria and India win a set each with the third set seeing Sathiyan take a slender lead over the Nigerian. The score 10-6 now. and wins the set.
Game 2: Men’s Singles: Sharath Kamal vs Quadri Aruna, IND 2-0 NGR
India wins the fourth set 15-13. In the fourth set, The World No. 15 makes the Indian fight for every point with Sharath coming out victorious in the end after a tough contest.
India wins the third set to take the lead again. Sharath secures a win in the third set with a 11-8 score. The contest is still not over.
In the second set, India and Nigeria go neck-to-neck, with the score 7-6 in Nigeria’s favour now. Quadri wins the second set 11-7. Nigeria gets into the match, level at 1-1.
Sharath wins the first set 11-9. Sharath Kamal pips the Nigerian after a hesitation mid-set, sealing a win in the first set.
Game 1: Men’s Doubles: Harmeet Desai, G. Sathiyan, IND 1-0 NGR
India wins the Men’s Doubles 3-0 to give India the initial lead in the semifinal against South Africa. In the third set, India repeats the same success and finishes the doubles match with a win.
India makes a comeback, and wins the second set 11-7.Nigeria tries to get back into the game in the second set, leading 5-1 initially.
The Indian duo wins the first set 11-6. The contest starts with Men;s doubles. India’s Harmeet Desai and G. Sathiyan is in action against Bode Abiodun and Olajide Omotayo of Nigeria

Boxing Light Heavyweight

  • Ashish Kumar enters the quarterfinals of Men’s over 75 kg-80 kg.
  • He wins both the first and second sets with five 10s and secures a comprehensive win over the boxer from Nieu.
  • Ashish Kumar of India is in action against Travis Tapatuetoa
Medal Alert
India wins its third Bronze Medal and ninth medal overall as Harjinder Kaur clinches the Bronze Medal in the 71 kg weightlifting event. India now has three gold, three silver and three bronze.


  • 50m Backstroke Final: Srihari Nataraj of India finishes fifth with a timing of 25.23 seconds.
  • Para-swimming Men’s 50m Freestyle S7 Final: India’s Suyash Jadhav and Niranjan Mukundan finished fifth and seventh in the finals.
Badminton Mixed Team semifinals, India beats Singapore 3-0 to enter finals
India wins the second set, completing a 3-0 win over Singapore to seal its spot in the Mixed Team finals.
Lakshya is still going strong in the second set, in spite of Kean trying a comeback. The score 20-15 at the moment and Lakshya seals the win eventually, completing the victory.
India wins the first set.
After maintaining a consistent lead, Kean loses it eventually, with Lakshya taking the lead. The score 14-10 at the moment in India’s favour and Lakshya seals the first set 21-18.
Lakshya Sen steps up for the Men’s Singles match and is facing Kean Yew Loh of Singapore.
India wins the Women’s Singles, taking a 2-0 lead against Singapore.
The Indian wins the first set 21-11 to keep India in front. A win in the next set will give India a second win the Mixed team semifinals. Sindhu continues to build on her lead with the score 12-7 now. Sindhu leads the first set at the moment, with the score 5-1 against Jia Min Yeo.
India wins Men’s Doubles, taking a 1-0 lead against Singapore
India wins the second set as well, completing the win in the Men’s Doubles. India wins the first set 21-11, and is looking to build on its lead, with the score 16-10 in India’s favour at the moment The Indian doubles pair of Satwik Reddy and Chirag Shetty currently leads 8-4 against Singapore’s Yong Kai Terry and Andy Jun Liang.

Swimming - 100m Butterfly Semifinal 1

Sajan Prakash finishes eighth in the semifinal with a timing of 54.24 seconds, and is out the race to the final.

Weightlifting - Women’s 71 kg
Sarah Davies lifts 229 kg in total, with both her Snatch and Clean and Jerk lifts being Games records. Harjinder, after Eze’s failed lifts, seals the Bronze Medal.
Joy Ogbonne Eze, who was second after Snatch, fails to lift any weight in Clean and Jerk and crashes out of medal contention.
In her third attempt, she lifts 119 kg, taking her total to 212 kg. Alexis Ashworth of Canada successfully lifts 123 kg to beat Harjinder to top spot.
Harjinder lifts 113 kg in her first attempt and takes her total to 206 kg now. In her second attempt, she lifts 116 kg. Her total goes to 209 kg now.
Kiana Rose Elliott, the third-placed lifter after Snatch, starts this round with a 105 kg lift, taking her total to 199 kg. After seven women, the Australian is still on top. Harjinder is expected to lift 115 kg now.
Rankings after Snatch - 1. Sarah Davies (England), 2. Joy Ogbonne Eze (Nigeria), 3. Kiana Rose Elliott (Australia)
Sarah Davies improves on her record with a whopping 103 kg lift - a Commonwealth as well as a Games record.
Joy Ogbonne Eze takes the competition to a different level, lifting 100 kg in her second attempt, while Sarah Davies sets a Games record, lifting 101 kg.
Harjinder lifts 93 kg successfully in her third attempt and goes on top of standings. Kianna Elliott beats her to the first position, lifting 94 kg now.
Alexis Ashworth of Canada successfully lifts 91 kg to go on top of standings.
In her second attempt, Harjinder lifts it successfully to go on top of standings in Snatch. Kiana Rose Elliott lifts the same weight to go joint-top.
Harjinder Kaur steps up to lift 90 kg, but fails to pull it off.
The highest weight in Snatch tonight has been 82 kg so far, with Ketty Lent (Mauritius) and Roberta Tabone (Canada) lifting it. Harjinder Kaur is expected to lift 90 kg in her first attempt.
India’s Harjinder Kaur will eye another Weightlifting Medal for India at the Commonwealth Games 2022 here.

Judo Bronze Medal Match

  • Suchika Tariyal is in action against Christianna Legentil of Mauritius, but loses the match 0s1-1s2, with India losing out on another Bronze Medal in Judo.

Judo - Jasleen Saini misses Bronze, Suchika awaits fate in Bronze Medal Match

  • Suchika Tariyal is the remaining Indian in Judo for Medal hopes tonight.
  • Her Bronze Medal match set to take place against Christianna Legentil of Mauritius.
  • The Australian beats Jasleen with the score 10s2 in his favour, as India loses out on the Bronze Medal.
  • Jasleen Saini is in action against Australia’s Nathan Katz for the Bronze Medal in the Men’s 66 kg final.
Medal Alert
Vijay beats Petros Christodouildes of Cyprus to win the second Bronze Medal for India, taking India’s medal tally up to eight now.
India’s Vijay Yadav will be in action against Petros Christodouildes of Cyprus for the Bronze Medal in Men’s 60 kg.


  • Men’s 40 km Points Race: The event, featuring two Indians Naman Kapil and Venkappa Kengalagutti, finished with both the Indians failing to finish the race.
  • Women’s 10km Scratch Race: India’s sole participant in the event did not finish and by default is out of medal contention in the race.
Medal Alert
Shushila Devi Likmabam wins the Silver Medal in Women’s 48 kg final, with a loss to Michaela, with the score 25-4 in favour of South Africa.

Judo Gold Medal Match

  • Shushila loses to Michaela in the final and ends the her medal quest with a Commonwealth Games Silver.
  • The Judokas have arrived to the mat. India is in white, while the South African is in blue.
  • The Indian has already won a Silver Medal at the 2014 Comonwealth Games and will look to improve on her performance in Birmingham.
  • India’s Sushila Devi will be in action against South Africa Whitebooi. A medal is confirmed, but the Indian will look for the country’s fourth Gold Medal tonight.

What next for India?

  • India will play Singapore in the Mixed Team semifinal. Follow the match as it happens HERE.
  • Judoka Shushila will be in action for the Gold Medal match soon
Squash - Men’s Singles Quarterfinals, Saurav enters semifinals
India’s Saurav Ghoshal beats Scotland’s Greg Lobban 3-1 to enter the semifinals. He will face Paul Coll of New Zealand next.
India wins fourth set 11-3: Ghosal pips Greg to take a 3-2 lead early on. Ghoshal continues to build on his lead and edges closer to a victory in the third set, The score 10-3 in India’s favour. Saurav Ghoshal wins the fourth set 11-3 to win the game.
India wins third set: Saurav starts the third set with three early points, while Greg is yet to open his account in this set so far. Saurav 4-3 in the lead. Things are evenly poised at the moment. We stand at 6-6 at the moment. And, Saurav marches ahead with a 10-7 lead! Saurav clinches the set 11-7 to take a 2-1 lead.
Scotland Second set 11-8: Greg starts the second set, earning the first point and doubles it soon. India trails 0-2 at the moment. Scotland wins the second set with the score 1-1 now.
India wins the first set: The match begins and after a long rally, Greg earns the first point of the first set, with Saurav pulling one back soon. The score is level at 2-2 at the moment.
Saurav edges ahead of the Scotsman, registering a three-point lead over Greg, with the score 6-3 in favour of India. Saurav eventually seals the first set with a 11-5 win over the Scotland player.
Match Begins
Paul Coll of New Zealand beat Adrian Waller of England and will face the winner of the match between India’s Saurav Ghoshal and Greg Lobban of Scotland.

Cycling Men’s 1000m Time Trial

India’s Ronaldo Laitionjam will be in action in the final and will starts with Race Number 39. Ronaldo clocks a timing of 1:02:500 minutes, finishing twelfth overall in the final.

Final Standings: Gold -Mathhew Glaetzer (Australia), Silver - Thomas Cormish (Australia), Bronze - Nicholas Paul (Trindad and Tobago)


The Indian Men’s team will be in action against England in its second match at the Birmingham Games 2022. Follow the match live HERE.

Squash - Women’s Singles Quarterfinals, Joshna loses to Naughton, eliminated in the Quarters
Canada wins the third set: Joshna is tring to make a comeback in the match with the points level at 1-1 now. A win here for the Canadian will seals her spot in the final four. The competition is going neck-to-neck with the match ties at 3-3 at the moment. Joshna makes a comeback in the set with a two-point lead in the set. The score 7-5 in favour of India. Naughton gets back the lead eventually after the score gets level at 7-7 with the Canadian going to 8-7 now.
The contest is back to level terms with the score 9-9 now and Joshna earns a quick point to get in front.
The contest cannot get any closer with the two getting level in every rally as Naughton takes the lead 14-13 at the moment and wins the set to knock India out of the Quarterfinals.
Canada wins the second set: Joshna trails the second set against Naughton with the score 6-4 in favour of Canada at the moment. The Canadian continues to build on her lead and increases the points deficit to five points now, eventually sealing the second set 11-5.
Canada wins first set: Chinappa starts the match with her first point and continues to build on her lead with the score 3-0 in favour of India at the moment. Naughton fights back with two points, but the India continues to stay in front with a four-point lead. The score 6-2 in favour of India. Naughton makes a comeback in the game and seals the first set with a 11-9 win.
The Women’s quarterfinals will begins soon with Naughton and Chinappa in the court, warming up for the match to seal a spot in the final four. The winner of this match will face Joelle King of New Zealand who beat Lucy Turmel of England in the other quarterfinal.
The Indian Squash women’s singles player was supposed to be in action against Canada’s Hollie Naughton at 6 pm IST. But a delay in the matches have postponed the match now.
Faiza Zafar wins the fifth set and will face India’s Sunayana Sara Kuruvilla in the Women’s Singles Plate semifinal.
The match being played at the moment is Ashley Khalil of Guyana vs Faiza Zafar of Pakistan. The player from Ghana won the first two sets, but Pakistan has bounced back in the third and fourth. The sets remain tied at 2-2 now.

Cycling Women’s Keirin

Triyasha finishes second from bottom in the repechage and is out of the finals as well.

Shushikala Agashe finishes last in the repechage and is out of the final in Women’s Keirin. Triyasha Paul will compete next in the repechage.

India’s Shushikala Agashe and Triyasha Paul finished last in their respective Heats (Heat 3 and Heat 4) and have qualified for the Repechage.

Artistic Gymnastics - Pranati Nayak out of medal contention
Pranati finishes fifth overall at the end of the Vault final with a score of 12.699.
Georgina Godwin of Australia scores a 13.233, with Pranati out of medal contention in the Vault finals. Halfway into the finals, Pranati sits second in the standings, with Laurie Denommee on top with a score of 13.233.
Her average score comes to 12.699 after two attempts.
In her second attempt, with a difficulty of 4.200, Pranati earns 7.866 in execution with a 0-3 point penalty.
Pranati starts the event and with a difficulty of 5.2 and earns 8.533 points in execution with a 0.1 point penalty. Her score comes to 13.633 in her first attempt.
Pranati Nayak of India will be in action in the Artistic Gymnastics final, competing against seven other women as India looks for more medals in the Birmingham Games, with three Gold Medals already in its bag.

Squash Men’s quarter finals

Paul Coll of New Zealand is in action against Adrian Waller of England and the winner of this match will face the winner of the match between India’s Saurav Ghoshal and Greg Lobban of Scotland.

What is in store for India now?

  • Saurav Ghoshal will be in action the Men’s Singles quarterfinal against Greg Lobban of Scotland
  • Women’s Keirin First Round - Triyasha Paul, Sushikala Agashe
  • Artistic Gymnastics Finals - Vault Final - Pranati Nayak
BOXING - Featherweight - Men’s Over 54 kg - 57 kg - Hussamuddin into quarters
Mohammed Hussamuddin wins the first round of his Round of 16 bout with five 10s. Hussamuddin wins the second round as well with five 10s. Hussamudidn wins the bout against Salim Hossain of Bangladesh and enters the quarterfinals.
Mohammed Hussamuddin will take on Mohammed Salim Hossain of Bangladesh at 6:00 PM IST in the Featherweight Round of 16 bout. .
Ashish Kumar will be in action in the Light Heavyweight Round of 16 fight at 1:00 AM IST.
Vijay Kumar Yadav has won his Repechage and will be in the bronze medal match from 9:30 PM IST onwards.
Sushila Devi is now assured of a medal after winning her semifinal by ippon. She will be in action in the Final at 9:30 PM IST later today.
Sushila Devi is in action in her Women’s 48kg semifinal against Priscilla Morand of Mauritius.


  • Joshana Chinnappa will be in action in her Women’s Singles quarterfinal at 6 PM IST against Naughton of Canada.
  • Saurav Ghosal will play his Men’s Singles quarterfinal at 6:45 PM IST against Greg Lobban of Scotland.
  • Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla has won her Women’s Singles Plate Quarterfinal 3-0 against her Sri Lankan opponent.


  • Panghal blanks Berri 5-0 and moves into the quarterfinal, to be held on August 4.
  • Panghal takes the second round too and is well in the lead now.
  • Amit Panghal has won the first round against Namri Berri of Vanuatu.


  • Boxer Amit Panghal will be in action in the Men’s Flyweight category Round of 16 bout at 4:45 PM IST.


  • Jasleen Singh Saini has lost his semfinal in the men’s 66kg category and will be in action in the bronze medal match against Nathan Katz of Australia later in the day.
  • Suchika Tariyal is through to the bronze medal match after winning the Repechage.
  • Vijay Kumar Yadav loses his Men’s 60kg quarterfinal to Joshua Katz of Australia.
  • Sushila Devi has won her Women’s 48kg Judo quarterfinal and is through to the semis.
  • Jasleen Singh Saini is through to the semifinal in the men’s 66 kg category. He will be in action later today.
  • Suchika Tariyal lost her Round of 16 bout against Zambia’s Rita Kambinda in the women’s 57 kg.
Ajay Singh finished fourth in the Men’s 81kg class with a combined 319kg, lifted 143kg and 176kg in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, respectively.

Lawn Bowls - India women’s fours team confirms a medal, will fight for gold

  • This will also be India’s first medal in the sport. Great bowling by the Indian quartet.
  • HISTORY! - This is India’s first finals appearance in the women’s fours format of Lawn Bowls.
  • India will face South Africa in the final on Tuesday.
  • India takes the game 16-13 and is assured of a medal.
  • That is a massive round for India. Rupa Rani Tirkey with brilliant shot dislodges New Zealand’s closest bowl.
  • New Zealand take the score to 13-12 and take a slender one point lead.
  • India fights back. India take two points to level the scores at 12-12 after End 13.
  • New Zealand break into a two-point lead over India. The Indian quartet trails 10-12.
  • New Zealand fights back with three points from End 11. Scores level yet again. This one might go right down to the wire.
  • Some accurate throws from India help them get three points from End 10. India lead 10-7.
  • New Zealand are dominating from End 10. The Kiwis have three bowls placed close to the target.
  • New Zealand do not allow India to build on their lead and pick up a point from End 9. Score is level at 7-7.
  • India has taken the lead in the contest with two points from End 8. The score is: India 7-6 NZ.
  • India take another point at End 7. The score is now 6-5 in favour of New Zealand.
  • Another end goes India’s way. The deficit is just two points now. India 4-6 NZ.
  • A reminder that India is just one win away from a historic medal in Lawn Bowls.
  • India cuts down the deficit to just three points. India trails 3-6.
  • New Zealand takes the point for the closely fought fourth end. India trails 1-6.
  • A close contest between the two teams on End 4. This one could go either way.
  • A brilliant shot by the Indian Skip to take a point for India on the last attempt on End 3.
  • New Zealand extends lead to 5-0 after 2 ends of play.
  • Women’s Fours begin as New Zealand strike the first leaving India behind 0-3 after End 1.

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India’s Sajan Prakash finished seventh in heats of men’s 100m butterfly with a timing of 54.36. He is out of contention for the finals.



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The Commonwealth Games  2022 in Birmingham take place from July 29 to August 8 with Indian athletes competing in events across 15 sports. Here are all the events Indians will be participating on Day 4 in Birmingham.

AUGUST 1 (All timings are in IST - Indian Standard Time)

1 PM (Lawn Bowls)

Women’s Fours Semifinal - India vs New Zealand

2 PM (Weightlifting)

Men’s 81kg- Ajay Singh

2:30 PM onwards (judo)

Men’s 60kg round of 16- Vijay Kumar Yadav vs Winsley Gangaya

(quarters, semis, finals)

Women’s 48kg quarterfinals- Shushila Devi Likmabam vs Harriet Bonface

(semis, finals)

Men’s 66 kg round of 16- Jasleen Singh Saini vs Maxence Cugola

(quarters, semis, finals)

Women’s 57kg round of 16-  Suchika Tariyal vs Rita Kabinda

(quarters, semis, finals)

3:51 PM (swimming)

Men’s 100m Butterfly Heats- Sajan Prakash

4:30 PM (squash)

Women’s singles plate quarterfinals - Sunayna Kuruvilla vs Chanithma Sinaly

4:45 PM (boxing)

Men’s Flyweight round of 16- Amit Panghal vs Namri Berri Van

6:00 PM (squash)

Women’s singles quarterfinals - Joshana Chinappa vs Hollie Naughton

6:00 PM (boxing)

Men’s Featherweight round of 16- Hussam Uddin Mohammed vs Md Salim Hossain

6:32 PM (cycling)

Women’s Keirin First Round - Triyasha Paul, Shushikala Agashe

6:40 PM (artistic gymnastics)

Vault finals- Pranati Nayak

6:45 PM (squash)

Men’s singles quarterfinals - Saurav Ghosal vs Greg Lobban

6:52 PM (cycling)

Men’s 40km points race qualifying - Naman Kapil, Venkapa Kengalagutti

8:02 PM (cycling)

Men’s 1000m time trial final - Ronaldo

8:30 PM (hockey)

Men’s match- India vs England

9:37 PM (cycling)

Women’s 10km scratch race final Meenakshi

10:00 PM (badminton)

Mixed team semifinals - India vs Singapore

11 PM (weightlifting)

Women’s 71kg- Harjinder Kaur

11:30 PM (table tennis)

Men’s team semifinals - India vs Nigeria

12 AM (Aug 2) (swimming)

Men’s 100m Butterfly semis (subject to qual)

12:46 AM (Aug 2) (para swimming)

Men’s 50m Freestyle S7 Final- Niranjan Mukundan, Suyash Narayan Jadhav

1 AM (Aug 2) (boxing)

Men’s Light Heavyweight round of 16- Ashish Kumar vs Travis Tapatuetoa

1:07 AM (Aug 2) (swimming)

Men’s 50m backstroke final- Srihari Nataraj

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