Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 5 Highlights: India wins two more golds; medal tally rises to 13

CWG 2022 Day 5 Live: Get all the updates, results, medal tally and highlights from the fifth day of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Updated : Aug 03, 2022 19:10 IST

The Indian Men’s Table Tennis team beat Singapore to win the Gold Medal, while the Women’s Four Team secured a historic Gold in Lawn Bowls; Vikas won a Silver in Weightlifting.
The Indian Men’s Table Tennis team beat Singapore to win the Gold Medal, while the Women’s Four Team secured a historic Gold in Lawn Bowls; Vikas won a Silver in Weightlifting. | Photo Credit: Team Sportstar

The Indian Men’s Table Tennis team beat Singapore to win the Gold Medal, while the Women’s Four Team secured a historic Gold in Lawn Bowls; Vikas won a Silver in Weightlifting. | Photo Credit: Team Sportstar

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of Day 5 of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. India has won five gold, five silver and three bronze medals so far.

Here are the top 10 moments from Day 5 of the 2022 Commonwealth Games

  • India’s Women’s Fours team won the Gold Medal Match for the first time ever with a score 17-10 against South Africa.
  • India’s Men’s Table Tennis team beat Singapore in the final to clinch the Gold Medal, India’s fifth Gold in the competition so far.
  • India’s Mixed Badminton team won the silver medal with Gopichand on the Commonwealth Games podium after 24 years.
  • Vikas lifted 191 kg in his second lift in Clean and Jerk, taking his total to 346 kg and winning the Silver Medal in the Men’s 96 kg weightlifting final.
  • Sreeshankar topped the long-jump standings with 8.05m, while Anees finished eighth overall with 7.68m as both Indians qualified for the finals.
Medal Alert!
The Indian mixed badminton team (Kidambi Srikanth, Satwik Sairaj, Sumeeth Reddy, Lakshya Sen, Chirag Shetty, Treesa Jolly, Aakarshi Kashyap, Ashwini Ponappa, Gayatri Gopichand, PV Sindhu) lost to Malaysia 3-1 in the Gold Medal Match and added the second Silver Medal of the day to take India’s overall medal tally to 13.

Women’s discus throw final

  • Seema Punia and Navjeet Kaur Dhillon finish fifth and eighth respectively in the discus finals, out of medal contention.
  • Seema’s fourth throw is red-flagged and she gets down to fourth with Australia’s Taryn Gollshewsky going second now with a throw of 56.85m in her fourth attempt.
  • Navjot’s third attempt is red-flagged and she remains out of top five. Her fourth attempt (52.21m) is still less than her best throw of 53.14m.
  • Seema Punia throws 52.30m in her third attempt, but is still third in the rankings.
  • Navjeet Dhillon’s next throw sees her improve to 53.14, but she is still short of medal positions so far, at seventh.
  • Nigeria’s Chioma surpasses her with a throw of 56.42m.
  • Seema’s next attempt goes to 55.92m, taking her to second in the rankings.
  • India’s second thrower, Navjeet throws a 50.95 in her first attempt and ranks seventh in the rankings so far, below Seema, who sits sixth at the moment.
  • Seema Punia’s first throw goes to 52.28m. The Indian ranks fifth overall so far.
  • India’s Seema Punia and Navjeet Kaur Dhillon will be in action in the final. Both of them finished on the podium at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
Badminton - Mixed Team Final: India loses 1-3 to Singapore in Gold Medal Match
Match 4: Women’s Doubles: Koong le Tan, Muralitharan Thinaah beats Treesa Jolly, G. Gopichand 2-0
Malaysia wins second game 21-17: Though India earns the first point in this game, Malaysia pulls one back to draw level at 1-1 and then takes the lead.
Both the teams are keeping an extremely narrow margin of error, with India, taking a one-point lead first and Malaysia getting level eventually. The girls in yellow are building on their lead with a four-point cushion over India at the moment. The score 13-8 to Malaysia now.
India is trying to catch up, but the lead is quite comfortable for Malaysia at the moment. India forces an error by Malaysia and reduces the deficit to just three points now. India tries to make a comeback, but Malaysia prevents any space for error to win the set and secure the Gold Medal for India.
Malaysia wins the first game 21-18: India and Malaysia are going neck-to-neck at the moment, with the score 3-2 now. India earns two more points, but Malaysia is still in the lead at 6-5.
At midway, Malaysia has improved on her lead, with the deficit to three points now. The score, MAL 11-8 IND. Though Malaysia continues to have their noses in front, India is catching up close at 15-12.
Treesa forces an error by the Malaysian duo and as India edges closer to Malaysia in this game. The score 19-18 to Malaysia now. The final shot sees the cork fall outside Malaysia’s court as the girls in yellow seal the game.
Match 3: Men’s Singles: Tze Yong NG beats Kidambhi Srikanth
Malaysia wins the third set 21-16: Malaysia was leading midway in the game with the score 11-9 to Malaysia, but Srikanth has pulled two points back since, going level at 11-11 at the moment.
Malaysia is not keeping back any punches here, with Tze scoring three more points to just one by India. Errors by rikanth continues to keep the Malaysian in front, with the score 19-16 to Malaysia now. A misjudgement by Srikanth sees the cork land inside the court as Malaysia goes to 20 points now.
Tze wins the final set with Malaysia going 2-1 in front in the God Medal match.
India wins the second game 21-6: Srikanth is looking for revenge in the second game and is making the Malaysian look blunt in front of his speed and agility. India has a six-point advantage midway in tis game. The score, IND 11-5 MAL.
Srikanth allows just one more point against him and seals the second game with a comfortable margin of victory.
Malaysia wins the first game 21-19: The contest is going neck neck-to-neck with Malaysia leading at the moment at 8-7 and steals another point to improve on the lead. India makes a comeback in the match, getting back level at 10-10.
After 10 points to each side, the game can go either way, and Srikanth ekes out a point, leading 16-15 now. Malaysia’s slender one-point lead after the rally does not last long as both players get back level at 18-18 only to see Tze steal a point to go in front. Tze wins the first set after Srikanth’s reply hits the net.
Match 2: Women’s Singles: Jin Wei Goh vs PV Sindhu, Sindhu wins in straight sets
India wins the second game: Sindhu opens the game with a point, but forced errors by the Indian costs her two points as Malaysia takes the lead. Sindhu eventually gets back into the game, going level on points at 4-4.
Gho is not letting any point slip easily, but Sindhu has been able to keep the lead well enough, with her agility and speed. The score 10-7 in favour of India at the moment.
A misjudgement in receiving Gho’s shot, gives a way a point to Malaysia. But India remains in front with a three-point lead. The struggle continues for Malaysia to fight back, but India’s lead is still clear, with the score 18-14 to India at the moment.
The Indian seals the second game 21-17 to win the match in straight sets.
India wins the first game: Sindhu begins the game with an early point and improves further, taking a four-point lead in the first game so far. The Indian is proving too good for Wei Goh so far in the game, with the lead up to six points now. The score IND 8-2 MAS.
Despite the Malaysia, pulling two points back, Sindhu maintains the same deficit after another rally. Eventually, Goh pulls two points back. Sindhu, on the next rally gives her no option but to give in and leads the first game 11.6.
A few errors from Sindhu allows Wei Goh to capitalise on points as she cuts the margin to just one point now. The score 18-17 in favour of India at the moment.
Gho is making Sindhu earn every point and she does so with a fantastic smash to go ahead after the scores go level. But the Malaysian is back to level terms with the score 20-20 now. Sindhu seals the game to win it 21-11.
Match 1: Men Doubles: India loses to Singapore in straight sets
India loses to Malaysia in straight sets to go behind in the race for the Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022.
Game 2: Singapore wins the second game 21-15
India takes a 3-2 lead as Shetty lands a smash between the Malaysian pair.India pulls back a point, but Malaysia continues to establish its dominance in the game, with the lead at 17-13 now.
Malaysia has won the first set, and leads the second set 16-11 as well, at the moment.
India cuts the gap to 5-6 as Shetty hits a drop on the right side and the return hits the net.
Malaysia now leads the contest 11-7 as Shetty’s flat return smashes into the net
What was that? Shetty ran out of the court mid rally to change his racquet . India still managed to win the point but trail 10-11.
Game 1: Singapore wins the first game 21-18
After a close contest, India took the lead at 18-15. The Malaysian pair, however, hit back and won six points on the trot to take the game. The Indian duo trails 0-1.
Weightlifting - Women’s 87 kg final - Usha out of medal contention
At the end of the competition, Usha of India finishes sixth overall with a total of 205 kg.
Mary Osijo lifts 120 kg in her second attempt and goes on top of the standings, with her total at 222 kg. Clemanetine of Cameroon edges closer to her with a 121 kg lift, taking her total to 221 kg. New Zealand’s Hayley Whiting sits third so far, with a total of 209 kg, with her final lift unsuccessful.
Usha Bannur is out of medal contention, with the Indian sitting fourth currently in the standings.
Usha attempts a 110 kg lift in her first attempt and succeeds, taking her total to 205 kg, the highest among lifters so far tonight. Both of her attempts that followed were flagged red as she ended the event with the total of 205 kg.
After Eileen Cikamatana of Australia lifts 105 kg in her first attempt, Usha is out of top three in Snatch, with Mary Osijo at second and Kristel Ngarlem of Canada third.
Usha lifts 98 kg in her final attempt, but was flagged Red. So her total stands at 95 kg in Snatch, third in the standings so far, behind Nigeria’s Osijo and Cameroon’s Clementine.
Usha lifts 95 kg in her second attempt and goes on top of the standings so far, level with Nigeria’s Mary Osijo.
Usha successfully lifts 90 kg in her first attempt, but falls short to Hayley Whiting, who lifts 93 kg in her first attempt.
Chathurika Priyanthi of Sri Lanka takes the lead currently with an 81 kg lift in her first attempt. But she fails to improve on its in her second and third attempts.
The Snatch round begins with Seychelles’ Romentha Larue leading after three lifts, at 78 kg.
India’s Usha Bannur will be in action in this event and is expected to lift 90 kg in Snatch initially.

Boxing - Rohit Tokas storms into Quarterfinals

  • With a 5-0 win, Rohit Tokas storms into the quarterfinals of the Men’s over 63.5 kg-67 kg
  • Rohit wins the second round with five 10s as the final decisive round begins.
  • India wins the first round 4-1
  • India’s Rohit Tokas is in action against Alfred Kotey of Ghana in the Round of 16 of Men’s Welterweight sategory

Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls

  • India’s Women’s triples team lost 11-24 to England
  • India’s Men’s Fours team won 14-11 against Fiji

The Indian mixed team’s final is underway. The team faces Malaysia, and Rankireddy and Shetty are on court in the first match of the fixture.

LIVE: India vs Malaysia Live Score, Badminton Final, 2022 Commonwealth Games


Here is the LIVE action from the match as the players take the court. Ghosal was up against New Zealand’s Paul Coll - the World No. 2

The Indian put up a spirited display in the opening game, but Coll proved to be too good. Ghosal now plays the bronze medal match on Wednesday at 9:30 pm.

Game 3 - The Indian loses the contest 0-3

  • Ghosal 1-11 Coll - Sheer domination by the World No. 2
  • Ghosal 1-10 Coll
  • Ghosal 1-9 Coll - The Indian reaches to a shot and guides it in the opposite direction to win his first point,
  • Ghosal 0-9 Coll - The Indian is given a let by the umpire.
  • Ghosal 0-9 Coll - Ghosal fails to reach yet another shot at the front court
  • Ghosal 0-8 Coll
  • Ghosal 0-7 Coll - A drop shot by Coll to win the point.
  • Ghosal 0-6 Coll - Coll dominated the rally from the first shot to the last.
  • Ghosal 0-5 Coll
  • Ghosal 0-4 Coll
  • Ghosal 0-3 Coll - The Indian is losing out on pace to his opponent.
  • Ghosal 0-2 Coll - The Kiwi doubles his lead.
  • Ghosal 0-1 Coll - An out-of-bound shot by the Indian.
  • And the third game begins

Game 2 - Coll takes a 2-0 lead and is just one game away from the Final

  • Ghosal 4-11 Coll - The Kiwi was clearly the better player in game two.
  • Ghosal 4-10 Coll - The Indian looks tired and hits the ball out of bounds.
  • Ghosal 4-8 Coll - A long rally followed by Coll’s backhand shot that beats Ghosal.
  • Ghosal 4-7 Coll
  • Ghosal 4-6 Coll - Coll with another cross court shot which gets him a point.
  • Ghosal 4-4 Coll - Coll feels wrongly undone there but the umpire gives the point to Ghosal.
  • Ghosal 3-4 Coll - A soft shot towards the front court and Ghosal cannot reach it.
  • Ghosal 3-3 Coll - An unforced error by Paul Coll
  • Ghosal 2-3 Coll
  • The second game is underway

Game 1 - A closely fought contest which goes the New Zealander’s way

  • Ghosal 9-11 Coll - The best rally of the match and Coll goes full stretch to dig out a point. He take the first game.
  • Ghosal 9-10 Coll - This one is going right down to the wire
  • Ghosal 8-10 Coll - The Indian recovers two game balls. Can he take the set even?
  • Ghosal 7-10 Coll
  • Ghosal 6-10 Coll - An incredibly powerful stroke to win four game balls.
  • Ghosal 6-9 Coll - A good reflex shot wins a point for the Indian.
  • Ghosal 5-9 Coll - Another cross-court shot by Coll which Ghosal has no answer to.
  • The umpire gives a let on an obstruction by Coll but Ghosal appeals for a stroke. Ghosal loses his appeal. Score remains 5-8.
  • Ghosal 5-8 Coll
  • Ghosal 4-7 Coll - A soft shot rally at the front end of the court which Ghosal wins.
  • Ghosal 3-7 Coll - Ghosal yet again hits out of bounds and drops a point.
  • Ghosal 3-6 Coll - The Indian comes in the way of Coll’s shot and the umpire awards a let. But Coll reviews and gets a stroke.
  • Ghosal 3-5 Coll
  • Ghosal 2-4 Coll - The Indian stretches but fails to reach a shot towards his left and loses a point.
  • Ghosal 2-1 Coll - A brilliant feint shot by Ghosal after another lengthy rally to take the lead.
  • A long rally to start the match. Coll leads 1-0.
  • And we’re underway. Coll to serve first

Lawn Bowls

  • Women’s Triple Sectional Play: India leads after End 1, with the score 1-0 in favour of the country.
  • Men’s Fours: India leads 1-0 against Fiji after End 1
Double Medals Alert
India wins its second Gold Medal of the day with the Men’s team beating Singapore 3-1 in the final, while Vikas Thakur won the Silver Medal in Men’s 96 kg Weightlifting.


  • Don Opeloge od Samoa lifts 210 in his second attempt to set a Games record of 381 kg and seals the gold medal.
  • Vikas fails to lift 198 kg in his final attempt, but secures the silver medal. Report.
  • Vikas lifts 191 kg in his second lift, taking his total to 346 kg, the second best in the event.
  • Taniela of Fiji lifts 188 kg in his second lift to pip the Indian with a total lift of 343 kg.
  • Vikas starts the Clean and Jerk with a successful lift of 187 kg in his first attempt, taking his total to 342 kg. He leads at the standings now.
  • After three lifts, it is Ridge Barredo of Australia who is in front with a total lift of 306 kg.
  • The Clean and Jerk round begins.
  • After Snatch, India sits joint-third with Fiji’s Taniela.
  • Don Opeloge of Samoa sets a Commonwealth Games record, lifting 171 kg in his third attempt, pushing Vikas to third, with Cyrille Tchatchet II of England sits second with a lift of 158 kg.
  • He goes for 155 kg in the third attempt and lifts it easily to go back on top.
  • Vikas sits second in the standings so far.
  • Anotnis steps up for his second attempt and fails to lift it, but Taniela lifts 155 kg to go on top.
  • Vikas Thakur successfully lifts 153 kg in his second attempt and goes on top of the standings for now.
  • Vikas successfully lifts 149 kg in Snatch in his first attempt, taking him to second in the standings. Taniela Tuisuva of Fiji and Antonis of Cyprus lead with lifts of 150 kg so far.
  • Vikas Thakur will be in action for India in the 96 kg final.
TABLE TENNIS MEN’S TEAM FINAL - India beats Singapore 3-1 to win the Gold Medal
Match 4: Zhe Yu Clarence vs Harmeet Desai, India wins 3-1 to seal the Gold Medal
Third Game: Desai looks to complete the match and contest sooner, with the score 3-5 in India’s favour at the moment. Singapore is trying to come into the match, from trailing 5-1 to 5-4 now. A cautious Harmeet continues to build on the lead steadily to seal the Gold Medal for India.
India wins the second game 11-5: The game has started exactly like the first game, with Singapore stealing two early points and Desai catching up to him and taking the lead. The score 5-4 in India’s favour at the moment. Desai continues to build on the lead, with the lead up to five points now. The Indian finally wins the third set to take a 2-0 lead in the match.
India wins the first game 11-8: The winner of the first singles game starts with a slender lead, but Desai is trying to get back into the match, reducing the margin from 4-2 to 5-4 in India’s favour now. The Indian continues to build on the lead and secures a win in the first game.
Match 3: Yew En Pang vs G. Sathiyan, IND 3-1 SGP
India wins the fourth game 11-4: Sathiyan continues his tempo in this set as well, with a two-point lead in the game so far. The score 3-1 in India’s favour. He continues to be the better player of the two in the game, earning six more points to just three by Pang. Sathiyan seals a win eventually to give India a 2-1 lead.
India wins the third game 11-7: Sathiyan looks relentless initially in the third game, taking a 6-1 lead over Singapore at the moment. At time-out, Sathiyan has built on the lead, but Singapore has tried to come into the match. The score 5-8 in India’s favour. Sathiyan earns the first point after time-out and then earns a game point and wins the game 11-7.
Singapore wins the second game 11-7: After narrowly missing the first game, Singapore wins the second set, not giving much away to Sathiyan, with the score 11-7 in the end.
India wins the first game 12-10: The Indian is trailing in the first set with the score 9-6 in Singapore’s favour in the first set. Sathiyan makes a comeback to level the score 9-9. Finally, he wins the game 12-10 to give India a 1-0 lead in this match.
Match 2: Sharath Kamal vs Zhe Yu Clarence, India loses the first Men’s Singles
Singapore has won the third game 11-3 and takes a crucial lead in the TT final Men’s Single match. Sharath tries to make another comeback in the game, with the fourth set at 10-9 at the moment. Yu, however, seals the game, bringing Singapore in the match.
India wins the second game: Sharath Kamal makes a comeback in the match with a 11-7 win over the Singapore player. India is level in this match at 1-1 now.
Singapore wins the first game: Both the players stand level at 1-1 initially, with Singapore taking the lead eventually, taking the score to 3-1 in favour of Singapore. Sharath pulls a point back to 2-3. Zhe has moved into an 8-5 lead. Five game points for Zhe. Sharath saves two but the fate eventually helps Zhe as the ball takes a deflection off the net and drops dead on the Indian’s side. Zhe Yu Clarence takes first game 11-7.
Men’s Doubles: India wins to take a 1-0 lead
India wins the third game to win the match 3-0: Sathiyan and Desai secure the win with an 11-5 victory in the final set. The duo of Harmeet Desai and G. Sathiyan leads the third game 7-3 at the moment, with four more points needed for the duo to seal a win in this game.
India leads the Men’s doubles set 2-0 at the moment.
The India duo wins the first set 13-11 after conceding a game point.
Harmeet and Sathiyan begin the final with a doubles fixture.
Medal Alert
The Women’s Fours team of India won a historic Gold Medal in Lawn Bowl to take India’s Gold Medal tally to four an overall tally to double figures.

Women’s Hockey

  • The host piles more misery om India, scoring its third goal in the last quarter, The score 4-0 to England.
  • England, having scored its first goal in the first quarter, doubles on it with its second in the third quarter. The score IND 0-2 ENG
  • India Women is playing England in the Group stage match, with England leading 1-0 at the moment. Follow the match as it happens HERE.
India wins the Gold Medal Match with the score 17-10 in its favour and makes history, winning the first ever Gold Medal in this event.
After 14 ends, India has taken its lead further, with the team five-points ahead of South Africa now. The score 15-10 to India.
After 13 ends, India takes the lead with a two-point lead now. The score 12-10 in India’s favour.
After 12 ends, India and South Africa sit level at 10 points each.
And India has levelled again at 10-10 after End 12 with three more to go.
The two teams are locked in an intense battle with End 11 still underway.
India falls behind 8-10 now after End 11. Totally 15 Ends will be played.
India and South Africa are now level 8-8 after End 10. This is going down the wire.
South Africa stages a comeback and narrows India’s lead to 8-6 after End 9.
Table Tennis - Men’s Team Final - India vs Singapore (6:00 PM IST)
Women’s Hockey - India vs England (6:30 PM IST)
Weightlifting - Men’s 96kg - Vikas Thakur (6:30 PM IST)

The Men’s Table Tennis Team will be in action against Singapore in the Final from 6:00 PM IST. Follow LIVE action here.

India is inching closer to a historic gold medal in the Lawn Bowls final. It has opened up a huge lead against South Africa.

Dutee Chand is 27th overall in the standings and will not advance to the semifinals.
Dutee finishes fourth in her heat in 11.55 seconds. Michelle-Lee Ahye tops Heat 5 in 11.14 seconds. Dutee’s chances of making the semifinals look bleak after that performance. Her slow Reaction Time of 0.168s - the slowest in her Heat - didn’t help Dutee’s cause either.
Dutee Chand will be in action in Round 1 Heat 5 shortly.
After End 8, India is still ahead by 8-4.
India is up 8-2 after seven Ends and is primed for the gold. A historic one at that.
India takes a huge lead now, going up 7-2 after six rounds of play.
India extends its advantage in End 5, taking an overall lead of 4-2.
India has its nose ahead now after End 4 with a lead of 3-2.
India draws level as the scoreline now reads 2-2 after End 3.
A bit of a setback for India as South Africa takes a 2-1 lead after End 2.
India leads 1-0 after End 1. Lovely Choubey, Pinki, Nayanmoni Saikia, Rupa Rani Tirkey in action for India.
Live action has begun as India takes part in its first Lawn Bowls final at the Commonwealth Games.
Kushagra Rawat finishes fourth in Heat 2 in 15:47.77s and eighth overall. Advait is seventh overall and both Indians qualify for the finals.
Advait Page finishes fourth in Heat 1 in 15:39.25s.


  • India and South Africa will lock horns in the Women’s Fours Final at 4:15 PM IST. This is a historic first appearance in the Lawn Bowls final for India at the Commonwealth Games.
Shreeshankar topped the long jump qualification with 8.05m and secured direct qualification for the finals while Anees Yahiya finished eighth overall with 7.68m for his qualification. Manpreet Kaur registered a best of 16.78m and was seventh in the standings and thus qualified for the Women’s Shot Put finals. In a huge disappointment, Punam Yadav failed to register a legal lift in the Clean and Jerk in the Women’s 76kg category after recording the second-highest lift in the Snatch.
Punam’s challenge is not successful and she doesn’t have a single clean lift in the Clean and Jerk and is out of the competition.
Punam’s third attempt is also unsuccessful as she puts the weight down too early. She is not happy with the decision and challenges the decision.
Punam fails to clear 116kg in her first attempt. She goes again and is unsuccessful again on the second attempt. She has one final attempt to register a score in the Clean and Jerk.
Punam will start with 116kg in the Clean and Jerk, the second most after Laylor, who has opted for 120kg.
After the Snatch, Punam is second with 98kg while Maya Laylor of Canada leads with 100kg.
Punam Yadav clears 98kg in her third attempt and ends Snatch with a best of 98kg.
Punam Yadav fails her first attempt of 95kg but does it on her second attempt.
Three lifters clear 90kg in the Snatch in their first attempts.
Salt and Agata Herbert of Scotland in the lead with 86kg in the Snatch. Punam still to have a go.
Amy Salt of Wales begins with 70kg and lifts it with ease.
Punam Yadav will be in action shortly. She will start the Snatch with 95kg - the joint-highest entry weight.

Follow the India vs South Africa Women’s Fours Final LIVE

Manpreet continues to improve and registers 16.78m in her third attempt. She finishes seventh overall and qualifies for the finals. The top three in the standings secure direct qualification with throws of 18m+.
Manpreet throws 16.68m, improving on her first throw, and moves up to sixth.
Manpreet Kaur has slipped to the ninth position in the overall standings. Only the top 12 qualify for the finals.
Manpreet registers 15.83m in her first attempt, way off the direct qualification mark.
Manpreet Kaur of India will be in action in the qualifying round. She is placed in Group B. The direct qualification mark is 18m or the top 12 performers.
Sreeshankar tops the standings with 8.05m, while the Laquan Nairn of Bahamas is second with 7.90m. Anees finishes eighth overall with 7.68m and qualifies for the finals.
Sreeshankar has forfeited his remaining attempts after securing qualification in his first.
Sreeshankar continues to lead the pack with his 8.05m jump and nobody so far has breached the 8m-mark.
Anees jumps 7.49m again in his third and final attempt and ends with 7.68m. He is placed first in Group B and sixth overall.
Sreeshankar leads the pack with 8.05m and is the only one so far who has breached the direct qualification mark.
Anees registers 7.68 in his second attempt and is currently sixth in the overall standings.
Sreeshankar has done it in his first attempt with 8.05m and has gone past the direct qualification mark of 8m.
Anees is second after Mitrevski of Australia registers 7.10m.
Archibald of Guyana surpasses Anees with 7.59m.
Anees is warming up and registers 7.49m in his first jump.
Anees will get the proceedings underway in Group B. Qualification-mark for the final set at 8.00m or top 12.
Muhammed Anees and Sreeshankar will be in action shortly.
Srihari Nataraja finishes third in his 200m backstroke heat in 2:00.84 seconds and ninth overall. He narrowly misses the eighth spot by 0.19 seconds and will be the first reserve for the final.
India beat New Zealand 15-11 in the Women’s Triples Round 1 match while the India pair of Lovely Choubey and Nayanmoni lost 9-18 to the Kiwis.
  • The Indian pair has lost to New Zealand 9-18 while the Indian trio wins 15-11.
  • The Indian pair trails 9-14 after End 15 while the Indian trio maintains a narrow lead of 12-10.
  • India stages a comeback of sorts and now trails 8-9 after 11 Ends while the Indian trio is well ahead by 10-6.
  • The Indian pair is 5-9 behind after End 10 while the Indian trio is back in the lead with 6-8.
  • India 5-8 behind in the Pairs event and a big setback for the India trio too with the score level 6-6.
  • The India pair trails 4-8 now after End 8 while New Zealand narrows the gap as India leads 6-4 in End 8 in the Women’s Triples event.
  • India eads 6-3 after End 7 in the Women’s Triples event while the Indian duo is 4-7 behind after seven Ends.
  • Choubey and Saikia now trail 4-6 after End 6 while the Indian trio continues to lead 6-2 after six Ends.
  • A setback for the Indian duo as New Zealand fights back to level at 4-4 after End 5.
  • The Kiwi trio finally scores put India still in front by 5-2 in End 5.
  • The Women’s Pair surging ahead with a 4-1 lead in End 4 while the Triples Team is 5-1 in front after four Ends.
  • Choubey and Saikia go 3-1 up after End 3 and India now ahead in both fixtures.
  • Choudhury, Pinki and Tirkey extend their lead to 4-1 after End 3 in the Women’s Triples event.
  • India leads 2-0 after End 2 in the Women’s Pairs match.
  • The Triples team now bounces back with a 3-1 lead after End 2.
  • The Women’s Triples team trails New Zealand 0-1 in its first round match.
  • India leads New Zealand 2-0 after End 1 in the Women’s Pairs Section B Round 1 Match.

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Long jumpers M. Sreeshankar and Muhammed Anees will compete in the Qualifying Round at 2:30 PM IST.

Two-time Commonwealth Games medallist Vikas Thakur will be in action at 6:30 PM IST in the Men’s 96kg class.

India begins Day 5 with Lawn Bowls, when Lovely Choubey and Nayanmoni Saikia face New Zealand in the Women’s Pairs Section B Round 1 Match at 1:00 PM IST.

In other news, a legend will be in action for the final time at the Commonwealth Games. Hoping for a fitting swansong.

Here are the top 10 moments from Day 4, in case you missed the action trying to cope with your Monday blues.

In case you are still wondering what Lawn Bowls is all about, here is a quick primer on one of the oldest sports at the event.

Another action packed day ahead of us as the Games move into the fifth day. India is assured of winning three medals today with the India Women’s Fours Team taking on South Africa in a historic final, the Badminton Mixed Team facing Malaysia in the summit clash and the Table Tennis Men’s Team locking horns with Singapore for the gold medal.


1:00 PM (Lawn Bowls)

Women’s Pairs- India vs New Zealand

Women’s Triples- India vs New Zealand

2:00 PM (Weightlifting)

Women’s 76kg- Punam Yadav

2:30 PM (Athletics and Para Athletics)

Men’s Long Jump Qualifying - M Sreeshankar, Muhammed Anees Yahiya

3:04 PM (Swimming)

Men’s 200m Backstroke - Srihari Nataraj

3:30 PM (Athletics and Para Athletics)

Women’s Shot Put Qualifying - Manpreet Kaur

4:10 PM (Swimming)

Men’s 1500m Freestyle Heat 1 - Advait Page

4:15 (Lawn Bowls)

Women’s Fours Finals - India vs South Africa

Men’s Singles - Mridul Borgohain vs Shannon Mcilory

4:28 PM (Swimming)

Men’s 1500m Freestyle Heat 2 - Kushagra Rawat

5:17 PM (Athletics)

Women’s 100m Round 1 Heat 5 - Dutee Chand

6:00 PM (Table Tennis)

Men’s Team Final - India vs Singapore

6:30 PM (Hockey)

Women’s Pool A Match - India vs England

6:30 PM (Weightlifting)

Men’s 96kg - Vikas Thakur

8:30 PM (Squash)

Women’s Singles Plate Semifinals - Sunayana Sana Kuruvilla vs Faiza Zafar

8:45 PM (Lawn Bowls)

Men’s Fours - India vs Fiji

Women’s Triples - India vs England

9:15 PM (Squash)

Men’s Squash Semifinals - Saurav Ghosal vs Paul Coll

10:00 PM (Badminton)

Mixed Team Gold Medal Match - India vs Malaysia

11:00 PM (Weightlifting)

Women’s 87kg - Usha Bannur NK

11:45 PM (Boxing)

Men’s Welterweight - Rohit Tokas vs Alfred Kotey

12:52 AM (Aug 3) (Athletics and Para Athletics)

Women’s Discus Throw Final - Seema Punia, Navjeet Kaur Dhillon

The 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games will be aired LIVE on the Sony Sports Network. The LIVE stream will be available on the SonyLIV app.
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