CPL 2020: St Lucia Zouks beats St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, Guyana Amazon Warriors moves to top of table

St Lucia Zouks beat St Kitts and Nevis Patriots by 10 runs, while the Guyana Amazon Warriors got past Jamaica Tallwahs to move to the top of the CPL 2020 table.

Mohammad Nabi starred with bat and ball as St. Lucia Zouks beat Barbados Tridents on Thursday.   -  CPL Twitter

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2020) match between  St Kitts and Nevis Patriots and St Lucia Zouks at the Brian Lara Stadium, Tarouba, Trinidad.


In the second game of the day, the Guyana Amazon Warriors beat the Jamaica Tallawahs by 14 runs. Chasing 119, Andre Russell struck a quick-fire half century but  received little support at the Tallawahs fell short at the end.

The result sees the Guyana Amazon Warriors claim its second win and move to the top of the CPL 2020 table with two points from three games, while Jamaica Tallawahs is fifth with two points from three games.


Patriots 162/8 after 20 overs (Cottrell 10, Sodhi 6): Some late fireworks from Sheldon Cottrell. He swings hards and connects a ball wide outside off and clears the ropes. He slashes hard and gets a boundary on the deep square. McCoy bowls a slower one which Cottrell misses completely. The next one is full outside off and another swing and miss from Cottrell. However, he top edges another one and clears the short boundary over square leg. McCoy fires the last ball out of his reach to bring up the win for Zouks.

Patriots 145/8 after 19 overs (Cottrell 10, Sodhi 6): In the slot and Cottrell muscles it over the deep square-leg boundary. Patriots needs 28 off 6 balls.

Patriots 136/8 after 18 overs (Cottrell 1, Sodhi 6): Sodhi edges Kuggeleijn for a four down the third man and two off the last ball. Patriots needs 37 off 12 balls.

Patriots 129/8 after 17.1 overs (Cottrell 0, Sodhi 1): Wicket! Emrit tries to pull Kuggeleijn for a six over square leg but hits it straight to the fielder. Fourth wicket for the New Zealand pacer.

Patriots 129/7 after 17 overs; Target 173 (Emrit 10, Sodhi 1): Emrit hits McCoy for a six over square leg and top edges the next ball which falls safely between backward point and square leg. Patriots needs 44 runs off 18 balls.

Patriots 117/7 after 16 overs; Target 173 (Emrit 0, Sodhi 0): Double strike! Ramdin pulls Kuggeleijn over the square leg boundary to reduce the arrears. He completes a two with a loft over the offside but misses an attempted scoop off the next ball. He top edges the next ball sky high which is caught well by Nabi at long-on. Tanvir, who crosses over to the other end, is foxed by another short ball and edges it to Sammy at mid-on. Patriots needs 56 off 24 balls.

Patriots 110/5 after 15 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 40, Tanvir 5): Tanvir caresses Nabi's short-pitched ball behind the keeper and runs two. The Zouks will not mind few singles at this point of time. Patriots needs 63 off 30 balls.

Patriots 103/5 after 14 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 39, Powell 9): Wicket! Kuggeleijn is back into the attack as Powell swings hard on the leg side and clears the ropes at backward square. The pacer gets an outside edge off Powell which is straight to the keeper. Patriots needs 70 off 36 balls.

Patriots 95/4 after 13 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 29, Powell 5): Nabi is brought back into the attack and he is unlucky not to get a leg before for Powell. Despite the chance chase is firmly under Zouks' control.  Patriots needs 78 off 42 balls.

Patriots 89/4 after 12 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 29, Powell 5): Kesrick Williams is back in the attack. The boundaries have dried up for the Patriots as Zouks bowlers keep the length full and on the off stump. Patriots needs 84 off 48 balls.

Patriots 82/4 after 11 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 26, Powell 2): An excellent spell from Chase comes to an end as the off-spinner finishes his 4-over quota with 3-14. Patriots needs 91 off 54 balls.

Patriots 78/4 after 10.2 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 24, Dunk 5): Bowled! Chase gets his third wicket. Flatter through the air and straight, and Dunk completely misses as the ball rattles his off-stump.

Patriots 78/3 after 10 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 24, Dunk 5):  Good captaincy by Sammy. He kept on rotating his bowlers which has kept the Patriots' batsmen guessing and forcing them into rash shots which led to losing crucial wickets. McCoy, however, concedes a six off the final ball after Ramdin launches the good length delivery over the long-on boundary. Patriots needs 95 off 60 balls.

Patriots 65/3 after 9 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 14, Dunk 3): Sammy continues with Roston Chase at the other end. Ramdin and Dunk run quickly between the wickets but they need more boundaries at this point. Chase beats Dunk off the final ball as the ball narrowly misses the stumps. Patriots needs 108 off 66 balls.

Patriots 60/3 after 8 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 10, Dunk 2): Obed McCoy is the latest bowling change as the left armer bowls on the leg stump to give away six runs off the over. Pressure piles up on the Patriots batsmen.

Patriots 54/3 after 6.5 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 6, Lewis 29): GONE! A crucial breakthrough for Chase who bowls it quicker through the air and keep it straight outside off. Lewis shuffles across the stumps but gets a thick outside edge for the keeper. Ben Dunk is the new batsman.

Patriots 52/2 after 6 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 6, Lewis 29): Out of the revolving door comes Kesrick Williams and gets smacked through the covers by Lewis for a boundary. He tries to go for a slow bouncer which comes awkwardly off the pitch and goes wide. The left armer recovers well, beating Lewis' outside edge with two leg-cutters. He attempts a bouncer which Ramdin hooks for a boundary through fine leg.

Patriots 41/2 after 5 overs; Target 173 (Ramdin 1, Lewis 24): Just one off the over and Zouks' spinners are already causing the batsmen trouble with the help of extra bounce on the surface.

Patriots 40/2 after 4.2 overs; Target 173 (Da Silva 1, Lewis 24): Caught! Another bowling change from Sammy as he hands Roston Chase the ball. The off-spinner bowls it straight and gets some extra bounce which invites Da Silva into a swing over long-on and is easily caught by Kuggeleijn on the boundary.

Patriots 40/1 after 4 overs; Target 173 (Da Silva 1, Lewis 24): Scott Kuggeleijn is introduced into the attack. His introduction had worked wonders for Darren Sammy in the previous match against Barbados Tridents as the Kiwi pacer was able to break a dangerous opening partnership. But Lewis looks in good touch as heaves over the leg side and clears the mid-wicket boundary with ease. He smartly dabs a slow bouncer to the boundary behind the wicket.

Patriots 28/1 after 3 overs; Target 173 (Lynn 14, Lewis 14): Stunning! An absolute blinder of a catch by Najibullah Zadran who times his jump to perfection to take a one-handed catch at square leg and Chris Lynn departs. Nabi concedes a boundary earlier in the over, but will be happy with his compatriot taking that stunner. Joshua Da Silva is the next man in.

Patriots 22/0 after 2 overs; Target 173 (Lynn 8, Lewis 14): Zafar bowls short and Lynn quickly latches on to it beating the leg side field for a boundary. Lewis gets into the act as he smashes Zafar for two massive sixes on the offside and paddle sweeps him for a boundary through backward point.

Patriots 1/0 after 1 over; Target 173 (Lynn 1, Lewis 0): Excellent start from Nabi. He keeps attacking the stumps often pushing Lynn and Lewis off the back foot to defend.

Spinner Mohammad Nabi will open the bowling for the Zouks while Chris Lynn and Evin Lewis will open the chase for the Patriots.

Zouks 172/6 in 20 overs (Zafar 2, Nabi 35): Nabi dissects the gap on the leg side to run two singles. He digs out Cottrell's yorker for a boundary straight over the bowler's head. He muscles another six over the long on boundary after Cottrell's bowls short. Another bouncer from Cottrell takes a top edge off Nabi and the batsmen run two. Great recovery work by the Zouks at the end as 32 runs came off the final two overs. Rayad Emirt was the pick of the Patriots' bowlers starting with a wicket maiden and a conceded just 14 runs from his four overs.

Zouks 156/6 in 19 overs (Zafar 1, Nabi 20): A length ball right in the area by Tanveer and Nabi sends into the seating area on the leg side. The umpire asks for a new ball. Tanveer bowls a similar ball and Nabi dispatches it over widish long-on boundary. Fifteen from the over.

Zouks 141/6 in 18 overs (Zafar 0, Nabi 6): Another good over by Emrit. Just four runs off it.

Zouks 137/6 in 17.1 overs (Zafar 0, Nabi 4): Run Out! Straight and slow on the middle stump by Emrit as Nabi is dabs it straight back to the bowler. Emrit spots Cornwall was already midway across the pitch and takes off the bials.

Zouks 137/5 in 17 overs (Cornwall 16, Nabi 4): Cornwall might not be the quickest between the wickets but he sure can muscle the ball a long way. He picks up Cottrell's bouncer and clobbers it over the sight screen. The right-hander attempts a scoop off the next ball but misses it completely. He expertly drives a full toss through the covers for a two.

Zouks 127/5 in 16 overs (Cornwall 6, Nabi 4): Rahkeem Cornwall, who retired hurt earlier in the innings, walks back to the middle. He survives a run out attempt by Emrit after being harried by Nabi for a quick single but manages to hit him for two runs with a drive down the wicket.

Zouks 123/5 in 14.4 overs (Sammy 4, Nabi 1): GONE! Brilliant bowling from Tanveer. The Pakistan pacer pitches outside the off, this time the ball moved away from the right-handed Sammy and gets an edge, landing safely in the keeper's gloves.

Zouks 119/4 in 14.2 overs (Zadran 28, Nabi 1): Wicket! Tanveer fires one on the fuller length as the ball shapes into the Zadran and gets an otuside edge for a simple keeper catch. Zouks captain Darren Sammy is the next man in.

Zouks 117/3 in 13.3 overs (Zadran 28, Nabi 0): OUT! Chase is confounded by Jagsaar's extra bounce as the ball takes a top edge and lands safely for keeper Denesh Ramdin. Key wicket for Patriots.

Zouks 110/2 in 13 overs (Zadran 21, Chase 4): Sodhi keeps it full and cramps up Chase as the batsmen runs six singles.

Zouks 102/2 in 11.4 overs (Zadran 16, Chase 0): OUT! Jagsaar finally gets his man. Fletcher's superb innings as he miscues his pull on the leg side which is straight at Kieran Powell at deep-square leg.

Zouks 101/1 in 11 overs (Zadran 16, Fletcher 46): Sodhi offers Fletcher room on the off side and gets punched off the back foot for a boundary. The spinner bowls a wide which brings up Zouks' hundred. Patriots needs more wickets to pull things back.

Zouks 91/1 in 10 overs (Zadran 15, Fletcher 40): Emrit attempts a slow bouncer but Zadran was waiting for it as the Afghan batsman pulls it over long-on. The Zouks has a chance for a big total from here.

Zouks 83/1 in 9 overs (Zadran 9, Fletcher 38): Dropped! Zadran makes up for the first four dot balls as he reverse sweeps Sodhi for two boundaries. Fletcher is given another life by Sohail Tanveer at gully, who jumps one-handed into a catch but fails to hold on.

Zouks 73/1 in 8 overs (Zadran 0, Fletcher 37): A wicket maiden! Emrit's changes in pace is troublesome for Zadran who is unable to connect.

Zouks 73/1 in 7.1 overs (Zadran 0, Fletcher 37): OUT! Patriots captain Rayad Emrit takes the ball and immediately gets a the breakthrough. A slower ball , hit on the half-volley by Deyal but fails to clear Sodhi at mid-off who spills the catch but manages to hold on to it.

Zouks 73/0 in 7 overs (Deyal 30, Fletcher 37): Kiwi spinner Ish Sodhi is brought into the attack and gets a shout for LBW when Deyal misses an switch hit. However, he picks up the length off the next ball and sends it long way beyond the mid-wicket boundary.

Zouks 64/0 in 6 overs (Deyal 22, Fletcher 36): Anything short for these batsmen is a gift. Jaggesar gets a hint of turn off the first ball but lands it short on the second ball and Deyal smokes it over the deep mid-wicket boundary. The left-hander gets two more singles to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Zouks 55/0 in 5 overs (Deyal 14, Fletcher 36): Short and outside off by Tanvir, easy pickings for Fletcher. The opener punches it through the offside for four. Tanvir bowls short and wide again which Fletcher smashes it through long-off for another boundary. Good going by the Zouks.

Zouks 42/0 in 4 overs (Deyal 10, Fletcher 27): Double life! Jon-Russ Jaggesar is into the attack and the spinner poses problems for Deyal as the left-hander edges the ball towards Chris Lynn at first slip, who lets it through his fingers. Fletcher then pulls one over the leg-side where Kieron Powell takes a catch, loses his balance, but stamps on the boundary rope. Unfortunate for Patriots.

Zouks 31/0 in 3 overs (Deyal 7, Fletcher 20): Mark Deyal is the new man and dispatches Cottrell's short-pitched ball for a six over square-leg. The pacer offers too much width on the offside and gets punished twice by Fletcher. 15 off the over.

There seems to be some trouble for Cornwall as he takes off his helmet and walks off the field. Not exactly sure what the issue is.

Zouks 16/0 in 2 overs (Cornwall 4, Fletcher 12): Sohail Tanvir runs in with the new ball. He keeps it on the mid and leg stump for the first half of the over but pitches it short outside off on the fifth ball. Fletcher gets on his knee and cuts it past the extra-cover boundary. Steady start from the Zouks.

Zouks 8/0 in 1 over (Cornwall 3, Fletcher 5): Good fielding from Joshua da Silva on the deep square-leg boundary. Fletcher flick off the pads was headed towards the ropes before da Silva swats it back as saves three runs for the Patriots. Cottrell fires a yorker to Cornwall which the opener manages to hit through mid-off and runs two. Cottrell strays his line on the final ball as Fletcher caresses it through the point for a boundary.

Rahkeem Cornwall and Andre Fletcher will open the innings for the Zouks while left-armer Sheldon Cottrell will open the bowling for Patriots.

Playing XIs

St Lucia Zouks: Rahkeem Cornwall, Andre Fletcher(w), Najibullah Zadran, Mohammad Nabi, Daren Sammy(c), Mark Deyal, Roston Chase, Scott Kuggeleijn, Kesrick Williams, Obed McCoy, Saad Bin Zafar

St Kitts and Nevis Patriots: Chris Lynn, Evin Lewis, Joshua Da Silva, Ben Dunk, Kieran Powell, Denesh Ramdin(w), Sohail Tanvir, Rayad Emrit(c), Ish Sodhi, Jon-Russ Jaggesar, Sheldon Cottrell

TOSS UPDATE: Patriots wins the toss and elects field.

CPL 2020 Points Table

Trinbago Knight Riders22004
Guyana Amazon Warriors21102
St Lucia Zouks21102
Jamaica Tallawahs21102
Barbados Tridents21102
St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots20200

- Sunil Narine’s all-round display propelled Trinbago Knight Riders to the top of the Hero CPL table with a comfortable seven-wicket victory over Jamaica Tallawahas. (Report)

- Nepal spinner Sandeep Lamichhane set a precedent for the spirit of cricket when he helped Pakistan batsman Asif Ali with English translation at the presentation ceremony on Thursday. (Report)

- Keemo Paul and Shimron Hetmyer played a starrring role as Guyana Amazon Warriors logged its first win of by beating St Kitts & Nevis Patriots by three wickets.  (Report)

- St. Lucia Zouks coach Andy Flower has said the players switch on their competitive spirit once on the field and they forget the stands are empty. Read the full interview here.

The Carribean Premier League (CPL) is the world's first major T20 league to be held since the Covid-19 pandemic brought international and domestic cricket to a standstill.

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St Kitts and Nevis Patriots: Chris Lynn, Evin Lewis, Nick Kelly, Denesh Ramdin(w), Ben Dunk, Jahmar Hamilton, Rayad Emrit(c), Dominic Drakes, Ish Sodhi, Jon-Russ Jaggesar, Sheldon Cottrell, Sohail Tanvir, Imran Khan, Alzarri Joseph, Joshua Da Silva, Colin Archibald

St Lucia Zouks: Rahkeem Cornwall, Andre Fletcher(w), Najibullah Zadran, Mohammad Nabi, Daren Sammy(c), Mark Deyal, Roston Chase, Scott Kuggeleijn, Kesrick Williams, Obed McCoy, Saad Bin Zafar, Kavem Hodge, Zahir Khan, Chemar Holder, Kimani Melius, Javelle Glen, Leniko Boucher

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