England vs Pakistan 1st Test Day 4 Highlights: Woakes, Buttler hand England thrilling win

England won the first Test against Pakistan by three wickets.

Updated : Aug 08, 2020 23:39 IST , Manchester

Chris Woakes stuck till the end, scoring an unbeaten 84. - REUTERS
Chris Woakes stuck till the end, scoring an unbeaten 84. - REUTERS

Chris Woakes stuck till the end, scoring an unbeaten 84. - REUTERS



It'll be a big disappointment for Pakistan, to lose the game after being ahead for much of it. Azhar credited Buttler and Woakes for the way they batted but Pakistan could have scored more runs than 169 in the second innings. That left the door open for England.

That concludes our coverage of the first Test. Join us for the second, which will also be held at Old Trafford, from Thursday, 13 August. The match starts at the usual time: 3.30pm IST (11 local time).

Until then, it's goodbye.


Of course, Woakes contributed with the ball, too, taking four wickets - two in each innings. An overall memorable Test match for him.

The player of the match is Chris Woakes. This is what he says about the decision to go for runs when he came in to bat. "That was the way to go especially after seeing the way Ollie got out." He's been working hard in the nets on his batting, he says, and doesn't know how he was out of form for so long.


Root says Buttler's innings was an "absolutely brilliant innings."

"I couldn't be prouder of the character we've shown in this Test," he says.

Credit to Buttler and Woakes. "They changed the momentum of the game," says Azhar Ali, the Pakistan captain. "We had the opportunity to bat England out of the game," rues Azhar. "But I still believe this total was enough for us."


It was a spirited comeback from England after being reduced to 117 for 5 at one point during the day. Jos Buttler and Chris Woakes turned it around with a partnership of 139 runs. They were enterprising in their approach, not hesitating to play the drive - Woakes's favourite stroke probably - and the reverse-sweep, which Buttler used to good effect.

But overall it's been a see-saw battle, with Pakistan possessing the upper hand for much of the contest due to its first-innings lead of 107.

The second-innings collapse didn't help.


. That's it, all over. It's England. Woakes gets an edge off Afridi, and it flies away to the boundary through the vacant region between gully and second slip.

Stokes lets out a roar and the England dressing room celebrates. What a win!

. Broad tries to play a sweep, misses, and it hits his back leg. It's given! He doesn't review, and walks off. England seven down. Woakes's single took England closer to the target before that dismissal. There's another lbw shout but it's not out. 273/7.

. Shaheen Afridi bowls with the new ball. Cautiously handled by Woakes. He bowls a big no-ball. Woakes plays a drive to collect two and then gets a straight delivery which he drives down the ground for four! England six runs away! 272/6.

Azhar isn't pleased with that no-ball.

The winning moment: Chris Woakes punches the air after hitting the winning runs. - REUTERS

. Two singles taken in the over from Yasir. That was the 80th over of the innings. The new ball is taken. 264/6. Thirteen more runs to win.

. Stuart Broad is the new batsman. He plays the pull stroke off Shadab and collects a boundary through midwicket. He gets a full toss and he repeats that stroke, but this time, it goes straight to the deep square leg fielder. Single. 262/6.

. A wicket, at long last for England! Buttler goes for the reverse-sweep, but misses it. It's given out, and reviewed immediately. The impact is umpire's call. Whether the ball hits the stumps or not is also the on-field umpire's judgment. Out.

Buttler departs for 75. Can there be a final twist to this tale?

. A long hop from Shadab is pulled away for six to midwicket! It brings up the 250 for England. Two singles from that over as well. 252/5. Twenty five more to win.

. A drive to extra cover off a full delivery gives Woakes a single. That's the only run scored in that over from Yasir. 244/5. Thirty-three more runs to get.

. Nearly a wicket! Off a poor delivery, too! It's a long hop. Buttler pulls but doesn't time the ball, and it doesn't carry on the full to the fielder at deep midwicket, falling just short of him. A close shave. 243/5.

. Yasir bowls his 26th over. There's a short delivery which is cut to extra-cover for two. There are three singles taken as well. 241/5.

. Rizwan leaps again; this time to appeal for lbw. Woakes tried to play a paddle-sweep off Shadab but the ball hit his front leg on the knee roll. Azhar mulls over whether to take the review and with one second remaining, takes it. It's a waste, as the ball would be missing the wickets, and the point of impact is umpire's call. Not out. Pakistan has no reviews remaining. 236/5.

. Mohammad Rizwan leaps and shouts excitedly after Jos Buttler tries to play a cut off Yasir and misses it. Given that he was at the forefront of a decision reversal earlier in the day, could there be something? Pakistan goes for the review, but there's no edge. Buttler is safe.

Buttler gets a lifter from Yasir the next ball; it kicks off from a length and hits his shoulders. No damage done. 235/5.

. A no-ball from Shaheen in an otherwise accurate, economical over. The final delivery was a bit loose, though, it was on Buttler's pads, and he tucks it away to square leg for a couple. 233/5.

. A rare moment of excitement for Pakistan, as a delivery turns sharply away from Woakes and takes his edge. It flies to second slip, but on the bounce. Yasir can't believe it. Two singles from that over. 230/5.


. A short and wide delivery from Shaheen and Woakes cuts it to deep cover to pick two runs. Shaheen bowls a couple of yorker-length deliveries as well, in that over. But Woakes is up to the task and digs them out. He plays another nice drive off a good-length delivery but it goes to the fielder, and the batsmen run one, as it's partially stopped. 228/5.

. Three singles from Yasir's 23rd over. 225/5.

. Shaheen bowls full and straight, on Buttler's legs, and the ball races away to fine leg off Buttler's pads. Two runs taken. Shaheen may have intended to bowl to yorker. 222/5.

. Woakes steers one to cover to take a single and bring up the 100 partnership. Two more singles taken in that over from Yasir, including a sharp one after Woakes gently drives to mid-on. 219/5.

. Shaheen Afridi comes back to bowl the 65th over of the innings. He bowls full and straight for the most part, and two singles are taken. It's drinks. 216/5.

England needs 61 more runs to win. Pakistan needs five wickets. The partnership between Buttler and Woakes is worth 99 now.

Chris Woakes plays one through the off-side. - GETTY IMAGES

. Yasir back into the attack. He bowls from around the wicket to Buttler. Buttler tries to sweep first up, but misses. He, then, gets a shorter delivery and paddles for a single. Yasir switches to over the wicket to Woakes, who defends the next four deliveries. 214/5.

. Buttler pulls and takes a single. It brings up his half-century. A valuable knock. Woakes gets a short ball outside off, he reaches out for it and smashes it to cover for a four; when Naseem switches to over the wicket and presents him with a good-length delivery outside off, he plays a nice cover drive for another boundary. That brings up his fifty. Two more singles from that over. 213/5.

. Two singles from the over from Abbas. 202/5.

. An eventful over from Naseem Shah. Woakes plays a delightful late cut to get a boundary through third man. Azhar Ali has a discussion with his bowler, and they decide to employ the short-ball strategy. Naseem switches to around the wicket, and nearly pockets Woakes's wicket; the short ball is pulled by Woakes, but there's no force in that stroke, it's just a jab. Yasir Shah at midwicket dives but can't get to the ball. 200/5.

. Woakes continues playing his strokes confidently. A full and straight delivery from Abbas is crisply on-driven for a boundary. Woakes moves to 38. 194/5.

. A short-of-a-length delivery from Naseem is dispatched to deep midwicket by Jos Buttler for four. He moves to 46. 188/5.

Pakistan head coach Misbah-ul-Haq in a pensive mood. - GETTY IMAGES

. A single from the accurate over from Abbas. The last delivery was a bouncer at Woakes, who ducked under it nicely. 184/5.

. Shadab dishes out a full toss, and it's smashed down the ground by Woakes. Shaheen gets a slide in to prevent a boundary. Two more singles taken in that over. 183/5.

. A wide delivery from Abbas, and it's squirted away for a single by Woakes. Another single, taken by Buttler - via a punch to cover - brings down the number of runs needed to 99. There's a third single as well, in that over. 179/5.

Jos Buttler and Chris Woakes run between the wickets. - GETTY IMAGES

. Eight runs taken from the over from Shadab Khan. Four singles and a four through extra-cover via a drive by Jos Buttler. He created room for himself to play that stroke. 176/5. 101 needed.

. We're back. Mohammad Abbas bowls the first over of the session. A single run taken from it. The keeper stood up to the stumps for the best part of that over, but moved back for the final two deliveries, after Buttler went down the other end. 168/5.

Another intriguing session, this one. Pakistan still has the upper hand, but Buttler and Woakes, with their counter-attacking play, have surely given England some hope.

England needs 110 more runs, and Pakistan needs five wickets. We'll be back in 15 minutes.

. Shadab Khan bowls the final over of the session. A forward prod results in an outside edge and Woakes gets a single through third man. The final delivery is a long hop; it's pulled by Buttler, but a fielder is stationed at the boundary at deep midwicket, so there's only one run taken. That brings up the 50 partnership. England will be buoyed by that. 167/5.

. Buttler brings out the reverse-sweep again, and gets a four through backward point. It was a full, straight delivery from Yasir and Buttler played that nicely. 165/5.

. Woakes continues to play his strokes. A good length delivery from Shaheen is nicely driven through cover for another four. And if Shaheen hadn't put out his boot to stop the ball, the previous delivery may have resulted in a four as well.

Woakes gets a short one and he pulls to pick two more runs. 159/5.

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. A full delivery outside off-stump from Yasir is driven crisply by Woakes through extra-cover for another four. It brings up the 150 for England. England needs 124 more runs to win. 153/5.

. Shaheen bowls a full delivery outside the off-stump, and Woakes plays a nice cover-drive for a boundary. A couple and a single also taken from that over. Runs coming quickly. 147/5.

. Buttler uses the conventional sweep and picks up seven runs from Yasir's over: a boundary, a couple and a single. 140/5.

. Chris Woakes comes in to bat and continues the trend of picking up the first runs via a boundary. He slashes at a short, wide one and the ball runs away to the backward-point boundary. Next ball, he clubs a short delivery to deep midwicket and picks three. 133/5 after 47 overs.

. Seven runs coming from Yasir's 17th over. Buttler gets a boundary via a reverse-sweep. There are two singles and a couple. 124/5.

Shaheen Afridi celebrates after the dismissal of Ollie Pope. - GETTY IMAGES

. One more for Pakistan! Afridi's delivery pitches on a good length and kicks up sharply; it hits the shoulder of the bat and the gloves, and balloons up to cover. Pope couldn't have done much with that delivery. He'll have to go. The first wicket for Afridi, and Pakistan's five wickets away now. 117/5.

. Yasir bowls a full, straight delivery to Jos Buttler, the new batsman, and Buttler is off the mark with a boundary. He drives confidently through extra-cover. And he drives again, but with more bottom-hand this time, for another. 116/4.

. A loud shout for lbw. Not given. Not reviewed.

. Huge turn, and then no turn. Yasir gets one to kick off a length, and travel straight to the keeper. Stokes tries to keep his bat and glove out of the way, and initially, there seems to be no harm done. The Pakistan keeper - Rizwan - and other fielders appeal excitedly, and eventually a review is taken. Ultra Edge confirms there was a small spike as the ball passed Stokes's gloves! That's out!

The umpire reverses the decision, and Ben Stokes is baffled. He'll have to go. England four wickets down. 107/4.


. Stokes gets one on his pads and plays an attractive flick, but there's no run as it goes straight to the fielder. A shout for lbw, and Azhar Ali goes for a review; the ball would be going down leg - it's a good-length delivery that hits Stokes on the thigh - and it's not out. 105/3.

. Ollie Pope is the new batsman. Pope, too, is off the mark with a four, via a flick to square leg off Naseem. Ben Stokes pulls out his reverse-sweep and gets a boundary off Yasir. A single from that over from Yasir, too, and it's 105/3.

. Good length, outside the off-stump. Root pokes at it and is caught in the slips! Naseem has his first wicket, and it's a big one. Root is dismissed for 42. England three wickets down now. 96/3.

. The new batsman is Ben Stokes. He faces Naseem and is off the mark with a four; the ball was steered away to third man. Root brings out the reverse-sweep against Yasir to a ball that pitches outside leg-stump, and gets a boundary through point. A single through deep cover takes England to 96/2.

Yasir Shah celebrates after dismissing Dom Sibley. - GETTY IMAGES

. A full delivery from Yasir and Sibley attempts an expansive drive and edges it to slip! After having defended so many deliveries on off-stump, perhaps he thought he could capitalise on this full, slightly wide delivery. Ensnared by Yasir. His hardworking innings of 36 comes to an end.

Root, though, does well to drop his hands after a delivery kicks off from a length outside leg-stump. He lets out a smile, too. 86/1.

. Short and wide from Naseem, and Root takes full toll; he cuts and gets a boundary through third man. Yasir continues to bowl from around the wicket; the final delivery of his over is a full toss and it's clubbed to midwicket for two. 81/1.

. Naseem back into the attack. He brings out an edge, but the ball goes on the bounce to Babar Azam at first slip. 72/1.

. Sibley tucks one away to leg to pick a couple and that brings up the 50 partnership. Yasir bowled a negative line for the most part in that over, from around the wicket. 72/1.

. The ball kicks off a length and hits Root's bat on the splice. The ball disturbed the surface where it landed; perhaps that explains the extra bounce. At least, it surprised Root, who lets out a smile. Another maiden from Abbas. 70/1.

Dom Sibley steers one through third man. - GETTY IMAGES

. Another maiden. Yasir comes around the wicket for the final delivery; he bowls a negative line, the ball pitching outside leg-stump, and Sibley kicks it away. 70/1.

. Abbas tries to break free by attempting a cut, but he gets an edge and the balls short of the gully fielder. No more risk taken against the metronomical Abbas. 70/1.

. Sibley steers a good-length delivery from Yasir through third-man to collect a boundary. The next five are dot balls. 70/1.

Joe Root and Dom Sibley run between the wickets. - REUTERS

. Root gets behind Abbas's deliveries nicely and defends the deliveries from the crease. A single taken by Sibley. 66/1.

. Five out of six of Yasir's deliveries are full, and Sibley has no trouble playing the forward defence. The last one is directed towards leg-stump, and the batsman duly flicks it to take a single. 65/1.

. Root gets a slightly short one from Abbas and he cuts it nicely to collect a boundary through third man. The keeper is standing up to the stumps; three slips in place, and there's no short cover any more. A no-ball in that over as well. Root gets behind Abbas's good-length deliveries nicely and defends. 64/1.

Dom Sibley plays one through the leg side. - GETTY IMAGES

. Yasir Shah and Mohammad Rizwan have their hands on their heads when Sibley leaves alone a delivery outside off-stump. It was close to the stumps, but was it that close?

Yasir bowls a good length delivery, and Sibley comes forward to smother it, but it turns sharply away from him. There's an appeal, and it's given, surprisingly. The review is taken, and replays confirm there was a lot of gap between bat and ball. 59/1.

. Abbas to resume. He squares up Joe Root this time, with another excellent delivery! Root is neither forward nor back, and he awkwardly puts out his bat in front of him. The ball is perilously close to the bat, but doesn't take the edge.

An appeal, from the Pakistan fielders, but they decide not to go for the review.

Root decides to not stay rooted in his crease; he takes one or two steps down the pitch, and tucks one away to square leg for four. 59/1.

A good session for England, despite the loss off Rory Burns. The batsmen have shown patience, but they've been enterprising as well. Sibley could have been dismissed had the first slip been a step or two in front of where he stood when the ball came his way.

England needs 222 runs. Pakistan needs nine wickets. We'll be back in 30 minutes.

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. Four singles from the over from Yasir, and it's lunch. The score: 55/1 after 22 overs.

. Leg-spinner Shadab Khan into the attack. Sibley gets a full toss on his pads and he puts it away for three. It brings up the 50 for England. 51/1.

. A full delivery and Root gets to it before it can bounce and duly sweeps it to midwicket for a boundary. A single via a drive to deep extra-cover takes England to 47/1.

Mohammad Abbas successfully appeals for an lbw verdict to dismiss Rory Burns. - AP

. Naseem pitches up for once and Sibley doesn't let go of the opportunity. He leans into the drive and steers it past gully for a boundary. A single as well, from the over. 42/1.

. A single - via a drive off an overpitched delivery - from the over from Yasir. 37/1.

. Edge, and doesn't carry! Sibley gets an edge to a delivery from Naseem and the ball flies to first slip but falls just short - inches short. Is the fielder standing too deep?

A shout for lbw but there was an inside edge, and the ball may be going over anyway. 36/1.

. Lots of turn on the penultimate delivery in Yasir's over. Pitched on a good length, it turns sharply away from Root. Earlier in the over, an overpitched delivery that is driven to extra-cover gives Root a single. 35/1.

Rory Burns has a word with the Pakistanis as he walks back after being dismissed. - REUTERS

. Naseem squares Sibley up with an excellent delivery. No edge, though, but nearly a wicket. It was a good-length delivery, just outside off-stump, and Sibley didn't know whether to play or leave it; he eventually just awkwardly puts his bat in front. The ball flies past him. A maiden over. 34/1.

. Yasir into the attack. He replaces Abbas. Three singles from that over. On the penultimate delivery, Root, attempting to cut a short delivery, nearly edges behind. He gets a similar delivery the next time and decides to leave it alone. 34/1.

. Root gets a delivery on his legs and he helps it away to square leg to move to 5. Another innocuous over from Naseem Shah. Deliveries are left alone outside off. 31/1.

. Joe Root, the new batsman, gets off the mark with a single. Sibley gets a delivery on his pads and helps it away to long leg for a four. 27/1.

Dom Sibley gets an edge and the ball flies through beyond the diving gully fielder to the third-man boundary. - AP

. Abbas strikes! That he could seam it both ways made him a potent bowler and he profits with it. He gets a delivery to pitch on a good length, on off-stump, and the ball comes into the left-handed Rory Burns and hits him on his thigh of the back leg. Will it be going over? Umpire Richard Kettleborough gives it out!

Burns opts for the review, but it doesn't save him. 'Umpire's call'. It's 22/1.

. Naseem Shah into the attack. An innocuous over to Sibley, who lets the deliveries go by without much trouble. 22/0.

. Abbas finally manages to bring out the outside edge off Sibley's bat but the ball doesn't carry on the full to gully and it goes through the congregated fielders for four. Sibley gets a good-length delivery on middle stump and he tucks it away for a single.

The fielder at short cover has moved further closer to the batsman. It could be to dissuade the batsman from leaving his crease to cover the swing. 22/0.

. Sibley gets an overpitched delivery outside off and reaches out to it but cannot execute the drive well as he gets to far inside the steer it through extra cover; the ball catches the inside half of the ball and trickles ahead.

On the next delivery, though, he makes no mistake. It's a similarly full delivery and Sibley leans into the drive and collects three through extra-cover. 17/0.

. Burns is more at ease facing Abbas. A good line and length and Burns solidly gets behind the deliveries and defends them. A maiden again. 14/0.

. Afridi settles into a line going across the right-handed Sibley. Sibley doesn't have much trouble, though; he carefully leaves them alone. A short cover is in place as well, for Sibley, to create some pressure probably. A maiden. 14/0.

. Sibley is vulnerable facing Abbas. The good-length, outside off-stump line is troubling him; Abbas nearly induces an edge twice. When it is on off-stump, though, and if it's back of a length, he gets behind it nicely to defend. On the final delivery, he helps the ball to fine leg to collect a single and keep strike. A probing over. 14/0.

. Burns drives again off a full delivery, and it's a misfield at cover-point by Shan Masood. Burns comes back for two. 13/0.

Shaheen Afridi reacts after bowling a delivery. - GETTY IMAGES

. Mohammad Abbas is getting his deliveries to seam away or into the batsmen. Both ways, so it's getting difficult for Dom Sibley to negotiate. He nearly produces an edge on the penultimate delivery. Perfect line and length, and seams slightly away.

A couple taken through midwicket off an inside edge earlier in the over gave Sibley his first runs. 11/0 after 4.

. A full delivery outside off, from Afridi, and it's driven to extra-cover for a couple. Burns bent both his knees to get leverage on that stroke. Afridi bowls full and straight for once, but it's angling down the leg-side, and Burns helps it on its way to fine leg for a boundary. There's a no-ball as well, in that over. 9/0.

. A maiden over from Mohammad Abbas. He bowls in the corridor, on a good length or fuller. 2/0 after two overs.

. And swing straightaway. Afridi bowls a good-length delivery outside off, and gets the ball to swing away from the opener Rory Burns. Burns drives on the fourth delivery, and picks up a couple. 2/0 in one over.

. Shaheen Afridi to begin proceedings in the fourth innings. England's target: 277.

. The 33 he scores is Yasir's fourth-highest score in Tests. He scored 113 against Australia in Adelaide last year, 42 against Australia in Brisbane, and an unbeaten 38 against West Indies in Rosea in May, 2017.

He's scored 33 before as well, against Australia in Brisbane in 2016.

Clearly, Australia seems to be his favourite opponent as a batsman.

. Mohammad Abbas has the same strategy - see ball, hit ball. He doesn't time it, though, as he swings his bat mightily to a full delivery from Archer. The ball balloons up and falls in no man's land beyond mid-off. Two runs.

A sharp single, and then a short delivery directed to the shoulders. The batsman tries to evade it, it touches his shoulder and flies away for another boundary. Leg-byes.

And it's all over. It's a slower delivery pitched up to the batsman. He misses it, and it hits the stumps. 169 all out.

Yasir Shah slogs en route to his 33. - REUTERS

. 150 up for Pakistan in the second innings as Yasir slaps a delivery from Stuart Broad to midwicket for another boundary. And then he clears his front leg for a mighty slog when it's pitched up to him, but he didn't time it, the ball travel to a fielder on the off-side nearby, on the bounce.

He repeats the stroke on the next ball, and crack! It hits the sweet spot of the bat and goes all the way for six beyond deep midwicket.

And he lives by the sword and dies by it. Another full delivery, outside off, and Yasir tries to smash it, gets an edge through to Jos Buttler. He goes for 33. Pakistan nine wickets down.

No. 11 Naseem Shah gets off the mark with a boundary; off a full delivery on middle stump, he hits it straight back past the bowler. No fuss. 162/9.

. Right, we're ready for the all-important Day Four. Archer to begin. And runs straightaway, as Yasir Shah picks up a couple through leg. Then he is said hello to with a bouncer, and Yasir pulls it well to get a four through midwicket. And there's more - an upper cut this time, again for four. A single taken, too, and it's 11 runs from the over. 148/8.


- Yasir Shah is currently batting on 12. He is, of course, a lower-order batsman, but he can score runs. He has a Test century - against Australia in Adelaide. Pakistan will not expect him to hit his second Test century, but some runs from his bat will be valuable.

- Day Four could see the end of this Test, a nip-and-tuck contest. After some late wickets in the final session on Day Three, England may fancy its chances if it gets rid of the tail quickly.

- Shan Masood, the opener, got out for a duck after his career-best 156 in the first innings. How many ducks has he scored in his Test career? This was his fourth, and first against England. He has two ducks against South Africa, and one against Sri Lanka.

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- We've had two full days virtually without any rain interruption. What's the forecast like for Day Four? "Sunny intervals and a gentle breeze," says  BBC .

- Yasir Shah registered a four-wicket haul in the first innings on Day Three. This was his 13th four-wicket haul in Test cricket, and his fifth against England.

- Two wickets remain to be taken to put an end to Pakistan's second innings. Pakistan's seamers had been disciplined and potent in the first innings; can they produce an encore to take their team to victory? We'll find out.

- Meanwhile, here's the report from all the action from Day Three.

- And if you want to go through the talking points, here's our in-house correspondents discussing the Day Three action .

- Where and when can you watch Pakistan vs England LIVE?

- Pakistan vs England will be aired LIVE only on SONY SIX channels from 5 August 2020, 3.30 pm onwards. It will be available for live streaming on SONY LIV.

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