The Apex Council of Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA), which met at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium on Thursday, resolved not to show any haste in resuming cricketing activity before November.

At the end of the meeting, chaired by president Mohammad Azharuddin, the council came to the conclusion that they can't expose players and staff to risk for the next couple of months given the grim scenario on the coronavirus pandemic front.

“Though we felt that some sort of activity could be had since the BCCI had announced the Ranji calendar, Azhar emphasised on safety issue. He says there is no way the HCA can make a move which could expose the players and the staff to any risk as there are a lot of procedures to be in place before thinking of even starting coaching camps,” secretary R. Vijayanand informed Sportstar .

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“So, effectively, any cricketing action is unlikely till November,” he said.

The council, however, took some other decisions like appointing a Constitution Committee comprising three club secretaries to study the possible amendments to HCA Constitution within the purview of the Justice Lodha panel guidelines like the appointments of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Ombudsman, Ethics Officer.

“The annual general meeting (virtual) is tentatively fixed for September third week where some of the decisions will be debated and approved,” he added.

Azhar and other members also felicitated former cricketer M.V. Satya Sai Karthik who secured a rank of 103 in the All India Civil Services exam recently.