Amidst all the talk of air pollution, India’s bowling coach Bharat Arun highlighted the fact that Virat Kohli did not have any trouble when batting during his career-best knock of 243.

“Virat batted close to two days, he didn't need a mask! We are focussed on what we need to do. The conditions are same for both teams. We aren't too bothered about it. Kohli’s absolute focus is one thing and attention to detail is the key. In terms of fitness and game preparation, he is spot on. He is an example of what you need to be as a cricketer.”

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He also did not agree the declaration was forced. “Not really. We were looking at a total of 550 and it was pretty close to that. So we thought we might as well declare.”

‘Not too worried’

On the issue of pollution, Arun felt, “I think pollution is everywhere in our country. These pollution levels are serious in our country. I don’t think we were too worried about pollution. The BCCI schedule these matches and our job is to get the best out of our team. Focus is more on that.”

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According to Arun, India coach Ravi Shastri was keen on uninterrupted play. “Ravi’s take was pretty simple. He said 'please get on with the game, you don't need to stop. You take a decision and just get on with the game,” said Arun.

On his own view on the stoppages, Arun added, “I think the umpires and the Match Referee have a job on hand and it’s not up to the players to go and protest. They know what they are doing. When the play was unnecessarily being stopped, we just wanted to get on with the game because our focus is to win this Test match.”