RCB vs PBKS Highlights IPL 2022: Odean Smith, Shahrukh Khan shine as Punjab beats Bangalore by five wickets

RCB vs PBKS live score, IPL: Get the live IPL score updates between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Punjab Kings from DY Patil Stadium.

Updated : Mar 27, 2022 23:32 IST

Shahrukh Khan, in the company of Odean Smith, took Punjab Kings over the line.
Shahrukh Khan, in the company of Odean Smith, took Punjab Kings over the line.

Shahrukh Khan, in the company of Odean Smith, took Punjab Kings over the line.

Shahrukh Khan finishes off in style. Six and a four take PBKS over the line with five wickets to spare. RCB tried their best, those two back-to-back wickets from Siraj put Punjab under pressure but Smith's assault and Shahrukh's calculated power-hitting ensured PBKS eased home with six balls to spare. That would be all from our side. Thanks for watching.

PBKS 195/5 in 18 overs: Odean Smith has taken Siraj to the cleaners this over. Three sixes and a four as PBKS clobbers 25 in six balls. Just 11 needed in 12 balls.

PBKS 170/5 in 17 overs: Harshal. Make or break over. Odean Smith is the new man in. Interesting over. Rawat drops Smith, a relatively easy chance that should've been taken. Nearly a run out at the non-striker's end but Smith makes it back in time. A couple to end the over.

PBKS 162/5 in 16 overs: Shahrukh keeping PBKS in the hunt. Smacks Hasaranga over his head for six. 44 needed off 24 now.

PBKS 156/5 in 15 overs: Akash Deep into the attack. Very crucial over for RCB. Shahrukh gets a single first ball. Livingstone collects a couple next ball before slamming the next ball over the bowler's head for six. He follows it up with a couple next ball. Akash Deep gets his man at last! Livingstone is out courtesy a brilliant catch by Anuj Rawat.


PBKS 145/4 in 14 overs: GONE! Md. Siraj provides the breakthrough. Rajapaksa holes out for a 22-ball 43. That wicket will give RCB some breathing space but PBKS still have their noses in front.  GONE! Bawa out for a golden duck and Siraj is turning the game on its head. In comes Shahrukh Khan to face the hat-trick ball, which has been given wide. Follows it up with yet another wide. Couple of singles to end the over. Excellent from Siraj - 6 runs and 2 wickets.

PBKS 139/2 in 13 overs: Here's Hasaranga again. His Sri Lankan teammate is getting stuck into him. Two sixes for Rajapaksa in this over as PBKS plunder 17.  Punjab need 67 off 42 balls.

PBKS 122/2 in 12 overs:  Harshal back into the attack. RCB need another wicket here. Dhawan collects a couple off the first ball before holing out! The bowling change works. Liam Livingstone is in next. End of a very good over. 6 runs including a wide and a wicket from it.

PBKS 116/1 in 11 overs:  Punjab making a run for it. Dhawan tonks Akash Deep for a maximum over deep backward square for six. Rajapaksa piles further misery with a four off the third ball. Rajapaksa collects a brace off the penultimate ball, Harshal Patel saving 2 runs. Next ball, Rajapaksa goes big over deep square for six. 19 off the over. Punjab need 90 in 54 balls.

PBKS 97/1 in 10 overs: Hasaranga continues. Dhawan takes a single first ball before Rajapaksa goes downtown next ball. Follows it up with a sweetly timed sweep for four. 2 singles and a dot to finish. 13 from the over.

PBKS 85/1 in 9 overs: Harshal Patel into the attack for the first time this night. Rajapaksa hoicks one over deep square for six. Gets a single next ball. A couple of singles to end the over.

PBKS 75/1 in 8 overs: Hasaranga into the attack and strikes straightaway. Agarwal holes out and that's a big wicket for RCB. They needed a breakthrough and they've got one. Rajapaksa comes in at 3. Excellent over from Hasaranga. Just four from it and a wicket.

PBKS 71/0 in 7 overs: Akash Deep into the attack. Dhawan collects a boundary. Eight from the over. Punjab need 135 from 78 balls.


PBKS 63/0 in 6 overs: Shahbaz Ahmed into the attack. He will bowl the final over of the PowerPlay. Pace hasn't worked thus far. Dhawan dances down the track and launches one over the bowler's head for four more. DROPPED! DK drops a tough chance. Dhawan gets a reprieve. Got to the ball but couldn't quite latch on to it. That's the second missed chance for DK, after the botched stumping. 6 from the over.

PBKS 57/0 in 5 overs: Agarwal getting stuck into Willey, upper cuts one over point for six. Single next ball. Dhawan collects a boundary to fine leg. DK misses a stumping chance off the fifth ball. Dhawan finishes the over with a four.

PBKS 42/0 in 4 overs: Agarwal goes for a lofted shot through mid-on but the ball stops in its tracks after dipping just beyond the 30-yard circle. Siraj goes for the cross-seam, hoping to extract uneven bounce off the surface. However, he ends up bowling a fuller delivery which has been dispatched into the stands by Mayank. 81m! A Nataraja-esque pull from Mayank again. Four more.

PBKS 28/0 in 3 overs: Willey continues. Tidy over. Just six from it.

PBKS 22/0 in 2 overs: Siraj to share the new ball. Agarwal on strike. Two dot balls later, Siraj bowls one too short and down leg, ball flies over the keeper - 5 wides. Beats Agarwal with a couple of balls before conceding a boundary off the fifth ball, Agarwal finding the point boundary. And he concedes 5 wides, again. Expensive over. Single to end the over.

PBKS 7/0 in 1 over: Mayank and Dhawan to open the innings. Mayank will be on strike. One slip. David Willey has the new ball. Agarwal gets a single first ball. A couple of singles and a boundary to end the over - Willey goes full and slightly wide, Dhawan steps out and drives through extra cover for four.


Punjab need 206 to win. Be back shortly.

Kohli gets a single first ball. DK dealing in sixes - another maximum followed by a four takes RCB to 200. Dot off the fourth ball is followed by another boundary off DK's bat. A bye to finish, RCB end on 205/2. DK unbeaten on 32 off just 14 balls. Kohli 41 off 29.

RCB 189/2 in 19 overs: Smith into his fourth. The misery continues. DK collects a six and a four off the first two balls. 1 leg bye to DK off the third ball. Single to Kohli off the fourth. DK turning on the heat at DY Patil - Smith having a forgettable night as Karthik tonks him over long-on for six. 18 off the over. 4-0-52-0: Smith tonight

RCB 171/1 in 18 overs:GONE! Faf falls to a sensational catch by Shahrukh. He goes for a 57-ball 88. 17 balls left in the innings. Arshdeep with the breakthrough. Dinesh Karthik comes to the crease. Three runs and a wicket from the over.

RCB 168/1 in 17 overs: Sandeep is into his third over. Faf flat bats it to long-off for four more. Single off the next ball. Four off the last three balls. Three overs to go.

RCB 158/1 in 16 overs: Arshdeep Singh back into the attack. du Plessis and Kohli take a single each off the first 2 balls. du Plessis has set his sights on hitting maximums. Hammers this slower ball down the ground for six. 150 up. Gets a single next ball. The 100-run stand's up. Single to Kohli off the fifth ball. And a six from Faf to end the over. Seventh maximum for him. 16 off the over.

Time out.

RCB 142/1 in 15 overs: Chahar into his fourth. Goes for six including a wide. RCB going at nearly 10 an over.

RCB 136/1 in 14 overs: Brar into his third. Faf greets him with two back-to-back sixes. Kohli says 'hang on, I'm batting too!'. Smacks one over long-off for six more. Huge over. 21 from it.

RCB 115/1 in 13 overs: Smith is back into the attack. Kohli starts the over with four. Bowls a wide next ball. Kohli collects a single off the second ball. FOUR! Faf upping the ante as he drives handsomely to collect another four. He follows it up with a pull shot for six. Meanwhile, these two have put on a 50-run stand. And Faf reaches his 50 with yet another six, paddles it over fine leg. RCB getting a move on. Single to finish.

RCB 92/1 in 12 overs: Here's Livingstone. Kohli gets a single off the second ball.  du Plessis collects a brace of 2s off the third and fourth balls. Livingstone bowls a wide.  du Plessis goes downtown and collects six over long-on. Single off the last ball.

RCB 78/1 in 11 overs: Chahar into his third, Faf and Kohli keep the scoreboard ticking. These two are very quick between the stumps.  Lots of diving from Faf as these two continue to pinch the ones and twos. A couple to finish the over, 8 from the over.

RCB 70/1 in 10 overs: Brar continues after the break. A couple of braces off the first 2 balls followed by a monstrous six over long-on by Kohli. Single off the fifth ball. Wide off the last ball and the batsmen run a single. He will have to bowl that one again. Dot to fiinish.


RCB 57/1 in 9 overs: Chahar continues. Faf and Kohli will look to rotate strike. Punjab spinners have kept a lid on the scoring rate. The scoring through middle overs has been an achilles heel for RCB in the past. Wonderful from Chahar. Just three from it.

RCB 54/1 in 8 overs: Kohli joins Faf. Harpreet Brar into the attack. Faf and Kohli collect a single each off the first 2 balls. A single to Faf off the third ball. Kohli takes a single off the fifth ball. Dot to finish.

RCB 50/1 in 7 overs: Rahul Chahar into the attack. Faf on strike. Two off the second ball followed by a single. A couple for Rawat off the fourth. 4 byes conceded off the fifth ball. GONE! Chahar strikes. Rawat is clean bowled!

RCB 41/0 in 6 overs: Smith continues. Three dot balls later, Rawat absolutely thumps a cover drive but Shahrukh puts in a terrific effort to save 2 runs for his team. Next ball, Rawat pulls a short ball over deep midwicket for four. Rawat goes big again, this time, slaps it over cover for four more.

RCB 31/0 in 5 overs: Arshdeep Singh back into the attack. Rawat gets a single first ball. Next ball's a wide. Faf collects a couple off the second ball. Faf collects a risky single off the third ball. Six from the over.

RCB 25/0 in 4 overs: Odean Smith inside first six. Faf steals a single first ball. DROPPED! Faf gets a life, dropped at midwicket by Shahrukh Khan. Should have been taken! Just 2 off the over.

RCB 23/0 in 3 overs: FOUR! Beautiful pickup shot from Faf for four. Half volley on leg stump from Sandeep and duly punished. Rawat joins the party - launches one over long-on for a maximum.

RCB 12/0 in 2 overs: Arshdeep Singh to share the new ball. Concedes 5wides first ball. Faf on strike. Concedes 4 leg byes off the second ball. Wayward start from the left-armer.  Good comeback from the youngster. A wide off what would've been the last ball. Dot to finish.

RCB 1/0 in 1 over: Faf du Plessis and Anuj Rawat open for RCB. Sandeep Sharma with the new ball. Tidy start. Four dots. First runs off the bat for Faf as he guides the fifth ball to third man for a single. Dot to finish.

TOSS UPDATE: Mayank Agarwal has won the toss and Punjab Kings will bowl first.


PITCH UPDATE: " Fair amount of grass on the pitch, so it won't help the spinners much. It also sounds hard, so it should be good to bat on with good varry. The par score would be around 165," reckon Darren Ganga and Deep Dasgupta.

First IPL game at DY Patil in 11 years. Toss just around the corner.


Will a new captain revive its fortune in the Indian Premier League (IPL)? Punjab Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore - the two perennial underachievers in the T20 league - will be hoping for an affirmative answer to the lingering question while taking each other on in their respective IPL opener on Sunday night.

While RCB fans will be keeping their fingers crossed for Faf du Plessis to carry forward his rich legacy from the CSK yellows to Bangalore’s red and golden jersey, Punjab will be hoping for the Karnataka captain-coach combination of Mayank Agarwal and Anil Kumble to start its 2022 sojourn on a winning note.


Despite Virat Kohli, having given up the captaincy after leading RCB for nine editions, and du Plessis hogging the limelight, it will be interesting to see how RCB copes up with the absence of its Austrlian trio for the first two weeks.

Glenn Maxwell, Josh Hazlewood and Jason Behrendorff will miss the opening part due to their international commitments. Punjab will be without Nathan Ellis since he, too, is in Pakistan.

The game will also witness the return of IPL action to the Dr. DY Patil Sports Stadium. Having hosted two of the first three IPL finals, the Navi Mumbai stadium last staged an IPL game in May 2019.

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