RCB vs RR Highlights, IPL 2022: Rajasthan Royals beats Royal Challengers Bangalore by 29 runs; goes top of points table

RR vs RCB highlights, Tata IPL 2022: Rajasthan Royals rode on Riyan Parag's fighting half-century before a disciplined bowling effort ensured Royal Challengers Bangalore was bowled out for 115 in pursuit of 145 at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune on Tuesday.

Updated : Apr 26, 2022 23:38 IST , PUNE

Rajasthan Royals pulled off a clinical win over Royal Challengers Bangalore, defending a paltry 144 to go top of the IPL 2022 points table.
Rajasthan Royals pulled off a clinical win over Royal Challengers Bangalore, defending a paltry 144 to go top of the IPL 2022 points table.

Rajasthan Royals pulled off a clinical win over Royal Challengers Bangalore, defending a paltry 144 to go top of the IPL 2022 points table.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's HIGHLIGHTS of the Indian Premier League 2022 match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals from the Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) Stadium in Pune.




RCB 115/10 in 19.3 overs: Slower bouncer from Kuldeep and Harshal swings and misses. Good-length angling into Harshal, who has moved outside leg-stump, and he dabs behind to backward-point but doesn't run. OUT! Harshal hands it straight into the hands of Parag at long-on, who takes his fourth catch of the day. Harshal Patel c Riyan Parag b Kuldeep Sen 8(11b 0x4 1x6).

RCB 115/9 in 19 overs: Harshal swings and misses first ball off Chahal. SIX! Slightly short outside off and Harshal pulls to send it flat over the rope at deep mid-wicket. Leg-break spins wide outside off and called a wide. Tossed up at his toes and Harshal cannot get underneath it. Another leg-break, much slower and Harshal drags this from outside off to mid-on but doesn't run. Another tossed up delivery on middle stump and Harshal digs it out for one at deep mid-wicket.

RCB 107/9 in 18 overs: Prasidh with the ball. FOUR! Full, just outside off and Siraj slices and finds the boundary behind point. Well-directed bouncer, follows Siraj outside leg and he misses trying to pull. OUT! Siraj backs outside leg stump again and gets an outside edge straight into the hands of third-man. Mohammed Siraj c Kuldeep Sen b Prasidh Krishna 5(5b 1x4 0x6). Two more dots to end the over. Hazlewood the last man in.

RCB 103/8 in 17 overs: FOUR! Loose delivery outside leg by Kuldeep and Hasaranga flicks it away to the fine-leg boundary. Driven through the covers this time, the ball races away to the boundary before Boult pulls off a stunning dive at deep cover to save two runs for his team. Two more for Hasaranga as he looks to hammer this on leg-side but only gets an outside edge to deep backward point. OUT! Short, Hasaranga pulls but gets a top edge and Kuldeep settles under this easy catch. Wanindu Hasaranga c & b Kuldeep Sen 18(13b 2x4 0x6). Siraj is in at number ten. Angling into the stumps on a length and tucked away by Siraj for one. Dug in short, outside off and Harshal cuts and misses.

RCB 94/7 in 16 overs: Wide! Goes down leg-side but Samson swiftly takes the bails off but Hasaranga has his foot inside. Two dot balls follow. He drives on the off-side for a single after backing out slightly outside leg stump. OUT! Shahbaz gets a thick outside edge trying to heave this on leg-side. The ball loops up and Parag runs in from long-off to take a neat catch. Shahbaz Ahmed c Riyan Parag b Ravichandran Ashwin 17(27b 0x4 1x6). Two singles to end the over.

RCB 90/6 in 15 overs: FOUR! Hasaranga clears his front leg and drives this tossed up delivery by Chahal through covers and to the boundary. Full again, outside leg stump, Hasaranga makes room outside off and drives again for a single. Low full-toss to Shahbaz and he just caresses it to mid-wicket for a dot ball. Another full-toss and driven back to the bowler. Steps out next ball, misses the flick and collects a leg-bye after the ball trickles on the off-side. Leg-break, spins wide outside off and Hasaranga swats it for a single to end the over.

RCB 83/6 in 14 overs: Prasidh returns with the ball. Bouncer to Hasaranga to start with. Full on the pads and flicked behind square leg for a single. SIX! Shahbaz smashes this full one outside off over long-off. Swing and a miss this time as Harshal angles this across outside off. Gets this length ball to nip into Shahbaz and cramps him.

RCB 72/6 in 13 overs: Shahbaz was almost run out first ball after Karthik sent him back halfway down the pitch. FOUR! Karthik sweeps this with force and finds the boundary at square leg. OUT! Another mix-up and this time Karthik has to pay the price. Shahbaz this time sent Karthik back, Chahal made a mess of it however at the non-striker's end before he collected the ball again to break the stumps. Huge wicket. Dinesh Karthik run out (Prasidh Krishna/Yuzvendra Chahal) 6(4b 1x4 0x6). Two dots to end the over. Hasaranga the new batter.

RCB 67/5 in 12 overs: A dot and two singles. OUT! With the pressure building up, Prabhudessai steps out to clear the mid-wicket boundary but finds Parag in the deep and gone. Suyash Prabhudessai c Riyan Parag b Ravichandran Ashwin 2(7b). Karthik is in now. Starts off with a single. Dot to end the over and Ashwin has put RR on top here.

RCB 63/4 in 11 overs: Chahal from the other end. He spins it into Shahbaz's pads, who flicks it square for a singe. Pitched up on leg and Prabhudessai defends on the front foot. Driven back again and the ball crashes into the stumps at the non-striker's end. Prabhudessai misses the leg-break and the ball brushes his pad and trickles behind. LBW appeal turned down but Chahal wants to review and Samson goes up. The ball is missing off-stump and review lost.

RCB 58/4 in 10 overs: Ashwin to left-hander Shahbaz. Beaten first ball as Shahbaz looks to cut behind point. Defended next ball back to Ashwin. Shahbaz sweeps to fine leg for a single. Fulll on middle and driven back to the bowler. Turning into Patidar and he pushes it on leg-side off the backfoot for a couple. OUT! Bowled him and Patidar goes as the ball turns in and takes the off stump as the batters looks to run it behind to third man. Rajat Patidar b Ravichandran Ashwin 16(16b 0x4 1x6).

RCB 55/3 in 9 overs: Just two singles from the first three balls. Kuldeep Sen continues to keep it tight by varying his length and bowling at good pace. Patidar gets another single off the inside edge. Slower one this time outside off, short of a length and Shahbaz caresses it to deep cover for one more. SIX! A short one down leg side and Patidar flicks it over fine-leg for a maximum.

RCB 45/3 in 8 overs: Mitchell into the attack. Shahbaz cuts behind point for one. Full on middle and Patidar flicks it for two through leg-side. Another over-pitched delivery on the stumps and flicked to mid-wicket for one more. Good over from Mitchell. Just seven runs from it as the batters enter the damage control mode.

RCB 38/3 in 7 overs: Kuldeep Sen with the ball. Pitches it full and wide but just inside the tramlines and du Plessis lets it go. OUT! du Plessis wants to drive this over the inner circle but finds Buttler at cover. Faf du Plessis c Jos Buttler b Kuldeep Sen 23(21b 3x4 1x6). OUT! Maxwell is gone next ball. Length ball outside off and Maxwell gets an outside edge to slip as he pokes in the channe. Glenn Maxwell c Devdutt Padikkal b Kuldeep Sen 0(1b). Hat-trick ball. And almost gets Shahbaz as the batter feels for the length ball outside off. Bottom edge and a quick single for Shahbaz to end the over.

RCB 37/1 in 6 overs: Ashwin into the attack. Driven by du Plessis to cover for a dot. Driven again to the same fielder to make it two dot balls in a row. Three dots on the trot now as he pushes this length ball to mid on. SIX! Makes room outside off and lifts this down the ground for a maximum. Turning into du Plessis and he goes back to collect one on leg-side. Patidar smashes this back to Ashwin and he just cannot hold on to what would have been a stunning reflex catch.

RCB 30/1 in 5 overs: Boult into his third over. Tucks it into Patidar on a good-length delivery and the batter misses the flick and collects one leg-bye. Angling across to du Plessis on a hard length, not enough room and du Plessis is cramped trying to cut it on the off. FOUR! Fuller and du Plessis clears his front leg and drives through mid-off for fours runs. Cut away and Parag with a brilliant save behind point, saving three runs there.

RCB 22/1 in 4 overs: Du Plessis flicks though leg-side for three runs, but it will be just two as Patidar hasn't put his bat over the line and it is a short run. Single for Patidar next ball to short third-man. FOUR! Pulled away by du Plessis with disdain and it races to the mid-wicket boundary on the bounce. Bouncer to end the over and du Plessis ducks under it.

RCB 15/1 in 3 overs: Du Plessis faces his first ball. Shoulders arms to the first ball that angles across outside off. FOUR! Driven through the covers beautifully for a boundary. Just five runs from the over despite the boundary as Boult pulls his length back a bit.

RCB 10/1 in 2 overs: Kohli feels outside off to this delivery from Prasidh and gets an inside edge onto his body. Dug in short, the ball moves away off the pitch and Kohli leaves it alone. Full on middle and off and driven straight to mid-off. Beaten again! Short one again and it shapes away off the surface and beats Kohli's attempted pull. Called wide however. OUT! Kohli is gone. Another bouncer, it goes off the top edge, loops up, and Parag leaps in front at point to complete the catch. Virat Kohli c Riyan Parag b Prasidh Krishna 9(10b 2x4 0x6).

RCB 9/0 in 1 over: Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis are out to open the run-chase. Kohli will take strike. On a length on middle and Kohli defends it back to the bowler. Fuller on the pads and flicked to square leg. Kohli yet to get off the mark. And almost gone! He flicked on the leg-side and it falls just short of square leg. FOUR! Too full on the pads and clipped off the toes and to the square leg boundary. FOUR! More luck for Kohli as this one goes off the bottom edge, beats the keeper and runs away to the boundary behind. Single to end the over and Kohli will keep strike.


RR 144/8 in 20 overs: Harshal to bowl the final over. Slower on the leg and Parag is unable to put it away. FOUR! Pulled away to the square leg boundary for four runs. Two more for him next ball and he moves to 44 off 28 balls. SIX! Full outside off-stump and Parag gets under it and hauls it over deep cover. SIX! Maximum to end the over and the innings as Parag pulls it over mid-wicket.

RR 126/8 in 19 overs: SIX! In the slot outside off and Parag kneels and smashes it over covers for a maximum. Dropped! Parag gets a top edge on the pull and drops Hasaranga drops a sitter on the off-side. Beaten! Prasidh wants to dab this to third man but misses. OUT! Prasidh is gone, run out at the non-striker's end. Prasidh Krishna run out (Suyash Prabhudessai) 2(5b). FOUR! Parag goes hacking across the line and gets an outside edge that flies over short third-man and  to the boundary. Single to end the over and Parag will keep strike for the final over.

RR 114/7 in 18 overs: OUT! Stunner from Kohli at mid-on. Boult smashes this with all his might and Kohli leaps to his left to cling on to a one-handed stunner. Lightning reflexes. Short of a length outside off and Prasidh pushes it to point for one. Shorter one again outside off but just a single for Parag at deep point. This one moves into Prasidh sharply off the pitch, kisses his bat face and DK just misses out on this catch after diving to his right. Just four runs and now it has been 44 balls since RR scored a boundary.

RR 110/6 in 17 overs: Back of a length from Siraj and Parag pushes through mid-wicket for a single. Boult looks to make room outside off, Siraj follows him and Boult has to defend it back to the bowler. A couple for Boult off the next ball. He guides to short third for a single. Driven by Parag to mid-on for one more. Single to end the over.

RR 104/6 in 16 overs: Hasaranga bowls out. Googly first ball and Hetmyer defends it back to the bowler. Goes back inside his crease and cuts between cover and point for a couple. OUT! Hetmyer slog sweeps and ends up handing a skier at long-on. Shimron Hetmyer c Suyash Prabhudessai b Wanindu Hasaranga 3(7b). Boult comes in and almost ends up handing a catch at short mid-on off a full-toss. Single and dot to end the over.

RR 100/5 in 15 overs: Swing and a miss from Mitchell. It is pitched on a length and just outside off-stump by Hazlewood. Not enough room for the pull or the heave and it goes through the bat swing. OUT! Mitchell is gone. Mitchell had to go for the kill and he ends up heaving this straight to the long-on fielder. Daryl Mitchell c Glenn Maxwell b Josh Hazlewood 16(24b 0x4 0x6). Shimron Hetmyer comes in next. Fuller outside off and Hetmyer's is beaten on the drive. Beaten again as Hetmyer looks to cut this to third man. Hetmyer finally connects but straight to point. Finally finds the gap on the off-side and takes a single to end the over.

RR 99/4 in 14 overs: Glenn Maxwell into the attack. The batters are still finding it hard to put the ball away with little pace to work with. Just the four singles and two dot balls. Mitchell's struggle continues as he is unbeaten on 16 off 22 balls currently. Parag on 21 off 16.

RR 95/4 in 13 overs: Harshal keeps it short of a length outside off, allowing the batters to only collect a couple of singles off the first two deliveries. Parag wants to pull through mid-wicket but gets off the top half of the bat and settles on the off-side. Harshal misses the yorker and ends up offering a full-toss on the pads but Parag manages just a single after whipping it away to mid wicket. Two more singles to end the over.

RR 90/4 in 12 overs: Wide and a couple of singles to start Hasaranga's third over. Clinical over from Hasaranga. Six singles and the wide from the over. Hasaranga keeps it tight on the stumps and offers little room to the batters.

RR 83/4 11 overs: SIX! Full on leg stump and Parag clear his front leg and smashes this over deep mid-wicket for a maximum off the first ball of the over. Mitchell drives through the covers off the backfoot for a single. FOUR! Pitched up on middle and Parag pummels this over Shahbaz's head for a boundary. Two singles to end the over.

RR 69/4 in 10 overs: Hasaranga returns with the ball for his second over. Mitchell steps out, takes it on the full and flicks through mid-wicket for a single. Samson goes for the reverse-sweeps and misses. OUT! Samson misses the reverse-sweep again and this time it hits the stumps as this one is pitched up and in line with the wickets. Sanju Samson b Wanindu Hasaranga 27(21b 1x4 3x6). Riyan Parag is in next and misses the first ball as he presses forward to defend. Full on off stump and Parag thumps it down the ground to long-on for a single.

RR 67/3 in 9 overs: Beaten! Short of a length outside off from Siraj and Samson misses trying to guide it to third-man with an open face of the bat. Dabbed to third-man this time for a single. Mitchell doesn't time this pull shot and it shoots up briefly before landing in a vacant mid-on area for a single. Samson cuts behind point and Hasaranga dives to his left to keep it to a dot ball. Short and Samson lets it go. Time out!

RR 65/3 in 8 overs: Shahbaz back into the attack. Samson reverse-sweeps in front of the stumps but straight to short-third. SIX! Samson shimmies down the track and launches this over long-off for a maximum. SIX! Two in two for the captain as he makes room outside off and pummels this into the crowds on the off-side again. Two singles from the next couple of deliveries. Shahbaz angles it down leg-side and wide called. Short and wide and Samson slaps it to deep point for a single and keeps strike again.

RR 49/3 in 7 overs: Harshal is into the attack and Mitchell flicks this leg-side delivery for a single and opens his account after six balls. Back-of-a-length delivery outside off and Samson pushes it to mid-on for one more. Another length ball and Mitchell shuffles across and tucks it off his hips for two more behind square leg. One more for him next ball on the leg side. Full this time outside off and Samson drives it straight to mid-off. Samson flicks on the front-foot for a single and keeps strike.

RR 43/3 in 6 overs: FOUR! Samson is off the mark with a four. Waits and pushes this delivery from Hasaranga behind point. SIX! Samson muscles this one from outside off and deposits it over wide long-on for a maximum. Ten runs from the over and that's the end of the PowerPlay.

RR 33/3 in 5 overs: OUT! Buttler is gone. Flat-bats a good-length delivery from Hazlewood to mid-on. Jos Buttler c Mohammed Siraj b Josh Hazlewood 8(9b 1x4). Mitchell is in and starts off with a couple of dot balls. Mitchell is yet to get off the mark. It's four dot balls in a row. Play and a miss as Mitchell goes fetching wide outside off and misses. Maiden wicket for Hazlewood.

RR 33/2 in 4 overs: Siraj steams in and angles it into Ashwin, who defends it back to the bowler. Slightly shorter, Ashwin tries to pull but it is not short enough and ends up jabbing it to short mid-wicket. FOUR! Ashwin hangs back and cuts this short-of-length delivery behind point for a boundary. FOUR! Ashwin is acing his job as a pinch-hitter. Slightly fuller, the ball holds its line and Ashwin hacks across the line and sends it to the deep mid wicket boundary. Definitely didn't middle it but had enough power behind it. OUT! Dug in short, Ashwin goes for the pull and gets a top edge that goes high and Siraj settles under it with ease. Ravichandran Ashwin c & b Mohammed Siraj 17(9b 4x4).

RR 25/1 in 3 overs: Buttler shuffles across outside off to Hazlewood first ball and misses trying to flick a good-length ball on leg-side. Fuller next ball and Buttler defends. FOUR! Buttler gets a thick inside edge trying to slash outside off and it runs away past DK behind the stumps and to the boundary. Two more singles follow as Hazlewood bowls it on a tight length in and around off stump. Dot to end the over.

RR 19/1 in 2 overs: SIX! Full outside off and Padikkal clatters this first ball from Siraj straight down the ground and over long-off. A bit shorter next ball, angling away and Padikkal almost chops on trying to run it down to third-man. Beaten! Another good-length delivery nips away to beat Padikkal's outside edge as he hangs his bat in the channel. Loud LBW appeal and given out! Full and on middle and leg; Padikkal misses the flick and has reviewed the umpire's decision. DRS confirms it was hitting middle stump and Padikkal has to go. Devdutt Padikkal lbw b Mohammed Siraj 7(7b 0x4 1x6). FOUR! Ashwin is in at number three and starts by clipping a full ball on the middle to deep square leg for a boundary. FOUR! Two in two for Ashwin as he drives the next one through covers and to the rope.

RR 5/0 in 1 over: Jos Buttler and Devdutt Padikkal are out to open the innings for Rajasthan Royals. Royal Challengers will start with spin as Shahbaz Ahmed has taken the new ball. Buttler goes back and drives through mid-off for a first ball single. Wide down leg-side next ball. Full on the pads and flicked to square leg for a dot ball by Padikkal. Good-length ball on leg stump and tucked off his hips to short fine for another dot. Padikkal is off the mark with a single through mid-on. Buttler collects two more with a front-foot drive to long-off. Inside-edge onto Buttler's pads to end the over.


Royal Challengers Bangalore: Faf du Plessis (c), Virat Kohli, Rajat Patidar , Glenn Maxwell, Shahbaz Ahmed, Suyash Prabhudessai, Wanindu Hasaranga, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Josh Hazlewood, Harshal Patel, Mohammed Siraj.

Rajasthan Royals:  Devdutt Padikkal, Jos Buttler, Shimron Hetmyer, Sanju Samson (c)(wk), Riyan Parag, Daryl Mitchell , Trent Boult, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kuldeep Sen , Prasidh Krishna, Yuzvendra Chahal.

TOSS: RCB wins toss and elects to bowl. Rajat Patidar replaces Anuj Rawat and Faf du Plessis confirms that Virat Kohli will open the batting. Two changes for Rajasthan Royals - Daryl Mitchell and Kuldeep Sen come in for Karun Nair and Obed McCoy.

PITCH REPORT: Same pitch as the Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders game where Pat Cummins took the tournament by storm with his batting. The square boundaries are 63m and 67m. There is a covering of grass and the wicket is quite flat but it is a bit abrasive under the layer of grass which may lead to the ball gripping a bit.


Average first innings score: 177

Highest first innings score: 210/6 (RR vs SRH)

Highest successful run-chase: 170/7 (GT vs CSK)


GT beat CSK by three wickets (April 17)

Punjab beat MI by 12 runs (April 13)

RCB beat MI by seven wickets (April 09)

KKR beat MI by five wickets (April 05)

GT beat DC by 14 runs (April 02)

RR beat SRH by 61 runs (March 29)


RCB beat RR by four wickets (April 5, 2022)

RCB beat RR by seven wickets (September 29, 2021)

RCB beat RR by 10 wickets (April 22, 2021)

RCB beat RR by seven wickets (October 17, 2020)

RCB beat RR by eight wickets (October 3, 2020)


Royal Challengers Bangalore:  Anuj Rawat, Faf du Plessis (c), Glenn Maxwell, Virat Kohli, Shahbaz Ahmed, Suyash Prabhudessai, Wanindu Hasaranga, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Josh Hazlewood, Harshal Patel, Mohammed Siraj.

Rajasthan Royals:  Devdutt Padikkal, Jos Buttler, Shimron Hetmyer, Sanju Samson (c) (wk), Riyan Parag, Karun Nair, Trent Boult, Ravichandran Ashwin, Obed McCoy, Prasidh Krishna, Yuzvendra Chahal.


After a disastrous outing a few days ago, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will be keen to course correct when it takes on Rajasthan Royals (RR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune on Tuesday.

An inept batting display saw RCB fold for 68 against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Saturday, leading to a crushing nine-wicket defeat. The form of RCB’s star batter Virat Kohli, who averages 17 in eight outings, is under the scanner. Kohli has been dismissed for two consecutive golden ducks, and will be desperate to turn the corner with a big knock on Tuesday.

Dinesh Karthik, who has excelled as a finisher this season, may be required to play saviour yet again.

Australian fast bowler Josh Hazlewood, who has made an impact in his limited appearances thus far, will lead the RCB attack.

The Royals enter this encounter full of confidence, having notched up victories in their previous two games. Opening batter Jos Buttler is in great touch, with centuries to his name in the last two outings. The consistent trio of Sanju Samson, Devdutt Padikkal and Shimron Hetmyer will be expected to provide support to the marauding Buttler.

On the bowling front, leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal and Bengaluru pacer Prasidh Krishna have been among the wickets.

RR and RCB are level on 10 points, but RR has a match in hand.


Royal Challengers Bangalore: Faf du Plessis (c), Anuj Rawat, Virat Kohli, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Sherfane Rutherford, Shahbaz Ahmed, David Willey, Wanindu Hasaranga, Harshal Patel, Akash Deep, Mohammed Siraj, Siddarth Kaul, Karn Sharma, Chama V Milind, Rajat Patidar, Mahipal Lomror, Finn Allen, Suyash Prabhudessai, Aneeshwar Gautam.

Rajasthan Royals: Jos Buttler, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Devdutt Padikkal, Sanju Samson (c) (wk), Shimron Hetmyer, Riyan Parag, Ravichandran Ashwin, Navdeep Saini, Trent Boult, Yuzvendra Chahal, Prasidh Krishna, Karun Nair, James Neesham, Rassie van der Dussen, KC Cariappa, Daryl Mitchell, Obed McCoy, Tejas Baroka, Kuldip Yadav, Anunay Singh, Kuldeep Sen, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Dhruv Jurel, Shubham Garhwal.


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