Not considering a managerial role just yet, says Didier Drogba

Former Chelsea and Ivory Coast footballer Didier Drogba says although he idea is tempting, he isn't looking to take up a managerial role soon.

"The idea of managing is tempting, but now I am taking a break after playing for 20 years," says Didier Drogba.   -  Getty Images

Didier Drogba finds the prospect of becoming a manager to be "tempting" but is not ready to take up a role anywhere yet, like some of the players of his generation - Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard - have already. 

"That's what you guys said, I never said 'I'll manage a club in India'," Drogba said about rumours when he came to India in 2018, that he was coming to take up a managerial role in the Indian Super League (ISL).

"The idea of managing is tempting, but now I am taking a break after playing for 20 years, travelling, and I am also the ambassador of LFP," he continued.

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The former Ivory Coast forward said one reason the Ligue 1 lags behind the other European leagues could be the small budget available to a majority of the French clubs.

"It's a matter of budget," he said. "The quality is there, the young players have the opportunity to improve and become better players."

Asked if Kylian Mbappe should go and play abroad, Drogba said, "It's not for me to decide. He showed his talent in the world cup, but he can go and play anywhere he wants. The boy is really mature."

Drogba, who began his career in France, said playing in Ligue 1, for different clubs (Le Mans, Guingamp, Marseille) helped him when he joined Chelsea in the Premier League in 2004.

"My stay in France [as a footballer] really helped me to go and thrive in the Premier League with Chelsea. I started my career in France and this is also a home for me."

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Out of job currently after being sacked by Manchester United, Jose Mourinho, according to Drogba, can become a manager of a Ligue 1 club.

"Of course," he said when asked about the prospect. "We are talking about Jose Mourinho. 'Have some respect, man'", he said sarcastically, repeating the words the Portuguese manager said at a press conference after Manchester United's 3-0 home defeat to Tottenham."

The 2012 Champions League winner said Ligue 1 has the potential to become as popular as the Premier League. "Each league has its specialities. Premier League is known for its intensity. It took 20 years for the Premier League to capture the audience and become popular, and the same can happen to France (Ligue 1)," he said.

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