Argentina 2-1 Australia, FIFA World Cup: Messi & Co survive late onslaught to book quarterfinal spot - ARG vs AUS Highlights

Catch the live score and updates from the Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 FIFA World Cup game at the Al Rayyan Stadium.

Updated : Dec 04, 2022 03:32 IST

Catch the live updates from Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 game.
Catch the live updates from Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 game. | Photo Credit: AFP

Catch the live updates from Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 game. | Photo Credit: AFP

  • 77’ Enzo OG | ARG 2-1 AUS
  • 57’ Alvarez goal | ARG 2-0 AUS
  • 35’ Messi goal | ARG 1-0 AUS
  • ARG XI - Martinez - Acuna, Otamendi, Romero, Molina - Enzo, Mac Allister, De Paul - Alvarez, Messi, Gomez
  • AUS XI - Ryan - Behich, Rowles, Souttar, Degenek - Baccus, Irvine, Mooy, Leckie - McGree, Duke

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s LIVE coverage of the Argentina vs Australia FIFA World Cup Round of 16 match at the Al Rayyan Stadium.

Messi after the win

“It was a controlled match that we could have sentenced. They made us a rebound goal and then the logical thing, they started to put balls. We didn’t suffer, but in the end that feeling remained. The fans are impressive. When we said we played every three days we thought it was crazy, but we wanted to be here because of what it feels like and what people transmit. We must remain united. It was a difficult day. We had very little rest time, we did not recover well. It was a very physical match. Happy for this victory and for taking another step.”

Stats: Full Time

Shots: 14-5 | Possession: 61-39 | Corners: 1-3

Full Time: ARG 2-1 AUS

Argentina saw its life flash past its eyes for the closing minutes. Take a bow, Australia! The team gave it all, even managed a chance in the very last minute of stoppage time but it was the Albiceleste that prevailed. Lautaro had the chance to make it an easy win for Argentina but he failed to convert. It is a meeting with Netherlands in the quarterfinal for the South Americans. Messi gets his next challenge at the World Cup, and it is a level up from the Socceroos. The Asian side fell short of bettering its 2006 campaign but will take heart from its stealy performance in Qatar.


Martinez with a save! That was as close as Australia can get. Kuol gets the ball in the penalty area and the Argentine custodian enlarges himself to stop the effort.


De Paul with a long clearance.


Argentina have multiple attempts. Messi, Lautaro, De Paul - all try shots but Australia manages to survive the pin ball sequence.


Messi feeds another pass to Lautaro and the striker yet again manages to miss the chance. Messi then again enters the penalty area and bends one to the right corner. Misses by a whisker!


Seven minutes of stoppage time added in the game. Australia have time to stretch it into extra time.


Oh goodness what has Lautaro done? Messi sweeps past three Australia players and opens a shot for Lautaro. He is on the left and he tries to curl it on to the right corner. But he mistimes the shot and pulls it over the goal.


Messi ruled offside while trying to chase a long ball played from the back. Lautaro then tries to enter the Australia penalty area from the left but is blocked.


The Goodwin goal has been changed to an Enzo Fernandes own goal.


Argentina have to thank Lisandro! What a block! Behich makes a daunting run down the left. He beats everyone on the way and decides to take a shot. This is where Lisandro comes in from the right and blocks the ball to send the ball away for a corner. Behich was one on one there.

77’ Argentina 2-1 Australia - Goodwin
Is there life in this game? Can Australia do it? They get a lucky goal. A cross from the left is deflected out and Goodwin takes a shot on the run. It was an audacious attempt and going off target until it took a deflection from Enzo to beat Martinez into the Argentina net.

AUSTRALIA PULL ONE BACK! The score is 2-1!


Tagliafico’s shot from the left side goes wide of the goal. Lautaro won the ball for Argentina on that attack.


Argentina: IN - Tagliafico, Lautaro | OUT - Acuna, Alvarez

Australia: IN - Kuol, MacLaren, Kararic | OUT - Duke, Leckie, Degenek


Acuna gets past Degenek and is through towards the penalty area from the left wing. The referee calls the play back terming the Argentine’s effort a foul.


Goodwin’s free kick delivery from the right side is collected by Martinez.


Messi’s shot from outside the box goes over the goal!


Oh Messi! His dancing boots are on. He dashes all the way from the the centre circle, twisting past multiple Australian players. Alvarez gets an opportunity to play him through on goal, he does but Messi’s shot is deflected wide.


Australia with a free kick on the left flank. Substitute Goodwin puts it in but the ball is slightly long. Argentina manage to keep the opponents out.


IN - Hrustic, Goodwin | OUT - McGree, Baccus

57’ Argentina 2-0 Australia - Alvarez
That was a howler from Matt Ryan. Australia were adamant on playing it from the back. The keeper was trying a pass to Souttar on his left but he overhits the first touch. De Paul was putting the pressure on him. As the ball rolls away from Ryan, Alvarez arrives and rolls the ball home from the right of the goal.

Alvarez! He doubles the lead for for Argentina! 2-0 now!


Martinez again asked to clear the ball as Australia mount a high press. The ball nearly gets to Messi in the final third but Ryan comes out and clears it.


Oh my my! Otamendi nearly gifts a goal to Australia. He plays a back pass to Martinez but he pushes it too softly. McGree chases the opportunity but the keper manages to clear it in time.


Acuna loses the ball as Degenek wins it for Australia close to his penalty area.


Messi’s shot saved! The move starts with him as he plays it to De Paul on the right. De Paul crosses it in and Mac Allister feeds it to Messi on the edge of the penalty area. Messi falls over and his shot gets a deflection. Ryan saves.


Argentina with the first change. Lisandro Martinez comes in for Papu Gomez.


Argentina win the ball back and keep it with its defence.


Alvarez’s pass from the left to Messi in the centre is intercepted by Mooy.

Second Half

Messi hits the ball to get it rolling for the second period.

Messi closing in on another record

This was Messi’s ninth goal in the World Cups. He is just one short of Gabriel Batistuta’s tally of 10 goals, Argentina’s all-time leading scorer at World Cups.

Stats: Half Time

Shots: 2-1 | Possession: 61-39 | Corners: 0-2

Half Time: ARG 1-0 AUS

Messi was required to score his 94th international goal to give the lead to the South Americans. Australia have stood like a wall for the major part of the half. It cracked just once, and that was all Messi needed. Yet, even with the lead, Argentina knows all too well to not rest easy on the score. Australia remain the physically aggressive side and can easily pull back from the single goal deficit. Argentina 45 minutes away from a place in the quarterfinals.


Behich tries to play a dinked pass down the left flank but the ball goes out of play. Mooy tries a final ball into the box aimed at Leckie but the ball is cleared. That is it for the first half.


Australia plays the ball from back. Alvarez tries to press high but the ball eludes him past the penalty area. Two minutes of added time.


Acuna yet again vital for Argentina in winning the ball back. He plays it back to Otamendi and Argentina keep the ball for the remainder of the minute.


Messi goes down in a heap after a collision with Souttar. He is holding his ankle but the Argentina fans heave a sigh of relief when he gets back up.


Australia seem a bit more aggressive after conceding the goal and are pressing high. Martinez keeps his composure on this moment and averts any danger.


Degenek is booked and he joins the list of Australia players banned for the next game. Messi’s goal against Australia takes him clear of Cristiano Ronaldo in World Cup goals.

35’ Argentina 1-0 Australia - Messi
He was given an inch of space and he conjures up his usual magic. The free kick was direct at goal and Ryan deflects the ball. Argentina keep the ball and Messi is in the penalty area now. He gets a deflection at his feet and he takes the shot on the first time. Argentina 1-0!

MESSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIII! He has done it again! Argentina leads 1-0!


Messi first presses to win a throw in for Argentina. Then Behich fouls Gomez in the final third on the right flank.


Argentina keep a high line and Mooy’s delivery goes long from the set piece.


Acuna fouls McGree while fighting for a lose ball. Australia have another set piece to use the height advantage.


Gomez pressurises the Aussie defence into giving away the ball. Messi gets it in the centre but his pass it deflected on its path. Argentina keep the ball but way behind in their own half.


Souttar jumps over Otamendi and heads the ball from the corner but the attempt goes into an Argentina player’s feet. Danger clears.


A throw in for the Socceroos in the final third which they convert to a corner.


Australia has seen slightly more possession in the last few minutes. But nothing to really threaten the Argentina goal.


Mooy puts the ball in and Otamendi jumps the tallest to clear the ball. There is a follow up delivery but that has too much power and goes long.


A corner for Australia. They build a long attack from the left and Duke finally wins the set piece.


Argentina win the ball back and start the process of trying to break the Aussie defence yet again.


First meaningful spell of play by the Socceroos. Irvine and McGree build an attack on the left wing. De Paul with a physical tussle to fight the Australian player out of play.


Messi plays to Gomez on the left. He cuts in and takes a long range shot. The ball misses the goal by miles.


Messi plays to De Paul, from the centre to the right but there is no space to work the Aussie defence. Argentina keeping patience though.


Acuna fouled by Irvine on the left wing. He is booked for the offence and will miss the QF if his side makes it.


Duke loses the ball while trying to control a pass from the right wing. Argentina happy to keep it in the defence for the moment.


Alvarez tries to run past Rowles but the Aussie defender stands tall and denies any chance.


Argentina dominating the possession 73-19 in the first 12 minutes of the game.


Otamendi plays the ball from defence to Alvarez but the striker fails to collect it in the box and the ball goes out for goal kick.


There was a pull back on Mac Allister’s shirt and the referee calls play back for the foul.


Even in cases where Argentina give away the ball, they reclaim possession in no time. They have absolutely dominated the possession so far.


De Paul’s through ball for Molina goes out of play. Throw in for Australia in their own half.


Messi fouled by Baccus as he tries to play the ball forward.


Acuna plays a ball down the left flank but Degenek is able to prevent any danger from Gomez.


The check is complete and there is no penalty for the offence. Enzo fouled near the centre circle.


Loud appeals for handball as Gomez put a cross into the box from the left. No reaction from the Polish referee. VAR check underway though.


The ball remains with Argentina as Australia denies any space to the South Americans in the final third.


A throw in for Argentina near the mid way mark on the pitch. The ball stays with the backline who look for space to play the ball.


Australia start on the front foot straight away. They win a throw in but Argentina get the ball back.

Kick Off

Australia starts the half from the centre circle. The second Round of 16 game is underway.

00:28 - Before the game starts, have you say:

00:27 - The referee for the Round of 16 game is Syzmon Marciniak. On the VAR, will be his Polish countryman Tomasz Kiatkowski.

00:25 - The national anthems get underway as the teams line up in front of the stands. Argentina’s anthem followed by Australia’s.

00:23 - The teams are waiting in the tunnel, all set to walk out on the field.

00:20 - Argentina’s second goal against Poland:

The second goal Albiceleste scored against Poland in the 2-0 win was a culmination of 27 passes. A record for Argentina.

00:16 - Argentina’s form in the Qatar World Cup:

Lost 1-2 vs Saudi Arabia

Won 2-0 vs Mexico

Won 2-0 vs Poland

00:15 - The Socceroos underway with their training:

00:10 - The Argentine team arriving at the stadium:

00:05 - Messi’s record for the spot:

Lionel Messi missed a penalty against Poland in his side’s last group stage game. Here is how he fares from the 12-yard spot.

00:00 - Argentina’s record in penalty shootouts:

The nerve-wrecking penalty shootouts will be in play from the Round of 16 matches. Argentina though have a brilliant record at World Cups.

23:57 - Australia coach Graham Arnold before the game:

“We will give everything tonight. We appreciate the support of the fans. The Socceroos have united the nation. We’ve given smile to people back home and hope we can do that today as well.”

23:55 - Australia’s World Cup Form:

Lost 1-4 vs France

Won 1-0 vs Tunisia

Won 1-0 vs Denmark

23:47 - The winner of today’s game will face?

Netherlands beat USA 3-1 in the first Round of 16 match earlier today. The winner between Argentina and Australia will face Oranje.

23:40 - Australia’s shot at history:

The Socceroos have never made it past the Round of 16. A win over Argentina could be their first-ever quarterfinals.

23:35 - Argentina’s most notable absence today:

Angel Di Maria will be on the bench today. This was after the team said it will take a late call on his fitness. Here is the injury his faced.

23:30 - The first Argentina vs Australia match:

The first match between the team was in 1988 at the Bicentennial Gold Cup. Australia won the match 4-1 in Sydney.

23:26 - Argentina vs Australia Head to Head Record:

Played: 7 | Argentina: 5 | Australia: 1 | Draw: 1

23:20 - Australia starting XI:

Ryan - Behich, Rowles, Souttar, Degenek - Baccus, Irvine, Mooy, Leckie - McGree, Duke

23:16 - Argentina starting XI:

Martinez - Acuna, Otamendi, Romero, Molina - Enzo, Mac Allister, De Paul - Alvarez, Messi, Gomez

23:10 - Messi’s stats in his 999 appearances:

23:08 - Here is how Australia ended its group stage:

Position Teams Matches Won Drawn Lost GF GA GD Points
1 France (Q) 3 2 0 1 6 3 3 6
2 Australia (Q) 3 2 0 1 3 4 -1 6
3 Tunisia (E) 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 4
4 Denmark (E) 3 0 1 2 1 3 -2 1

23:04 - Here is how Argentina ended its group stage:

Position Teams Matches Won Drawn Lost GF GA GD Points
1 Argentina (Q) 3 2 0 1 5 2 3 6
2 Poland (Q) 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
3 Mexico (E) 3 1 1 1 2 3 -1 4
4 Saudi Arabia (E) 3 1 0 2 3 5 -2 3

22:58 - Landmark for Messi:

Lionel Messi will be making his 1000th appearance today. He has played 773 games for Barcelona, 53 for Paris Saint Germain and 168 for Argentina. Tonight’s match will be his 169th.

22:52 - The business end of the tournament

Argentina made it to the Round of 16 after an early scare against Saudi Arabia. Australia too lost its opener against France. Two shining performances in the following matches saw them make the knockouts.


Argentina are hot favourites to beat Australia on Saturday in pursuit of Lionel Messi’s dream of winning a first World Cup, but they more than anyone have learned not to underestimate an underdog, especially the hard-battling Socceroos.

The South Americans suffered one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history with their opening defeat to Saudi Arabia, but recovered their poise to swagger past Mexico and Poland into the last 16.

Australia, ranked 35 places below Argentina, have already surpassed expectations in winning twice to earn their place at Qatar’s Ahmad bin Ali Stadium this weekend for one of the biggest games in their history.

Reaching the quarter-finals would be dreamland for Australia, but for Argentina it is a bare minimum national expectation as they seek a third World Cup trophy.

Messi, on his fifth and final quest to win the World Cup and match his great predecessor Diego Maradona in the No. 10 shirt, is enjoying a harmony with fans like never before and will be relishing the chance to delight them further against Australia.


When will the Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 match kick-off?

The Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 will kick-off at 12:30AM IST, December 4.

Where will the Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 match kick-off?

The Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 match will kick-off at the Al Rayyan Stadium.

Where can you watch the Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 match in India?

The Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 match will be telecasted live on Sports18 and Sports18 HD. On Android and well as iOS, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be live streamed on JioCinema.

Where can you watch the Argentina vs Australia Round of 16 match outside India?

Argentina – Live Stream: Telemundo

United States – TV: FOX, Telemundo; Live Stream: fuboTV, Fox Sports app, Telemundo Deportes En Vivo

Canada – TV: CTV, TSN; Live Stream: fuboTV, TSN app

United Kingdom – TV: BBC One; Live Stream: BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport Website

Australia – TV: SBS; Live Stream: SBS On Demand

New Zealand – TV: Sky Sports; Live Stream: Sky Sport

Malaysia – TV: RTM, Astro; Live Stream: Astro Go

Singapore – TV: Mediacorp Channel 5; Live Stream: StarHub TV+, IPTV, Singtel TV

Hong Kong – TV: BeIN Sports, ITV; Live Stream: Now TV, ViuTV

Nigeria – SuperSport and Showmax Pro.

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