HIGHLIGHTS - FIO 1-2 WHU, UEFA Europa Conference League: Bowen late goal helps West Ham clinch title

FIO vs WHU: Follow for updates and highlights of the UEFA Conference League final between Fiorentina and West Ham United.

Updated : Jun 08, 2023 02:50 IST

West Ham's Jarrod Bowen scores his side's second goal during the Europa Conference League final soccer match between Fiorentina and West Ham at the Eden Arena in Prague, Wednesday, June 7, 2023. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)
West Ham's Jarrod Bowen scores his side's second goal during the Europa Conference League final soccer match between Fiorentina and West Ham at the Eden Arena in Prague, Wednesday, June 7, 2023. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic) | Photo Credit: Darko Vojinovic

West Ham's Jarrod Bowen scores his side's second goal during the Europa Conference League final soccer match between Fiorentina and West Ham at the Eden Arena in Prague, Wednesday, June 7, 2023. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic) | Photo Credit: Darko Vojinovic

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s highlights of the UEFA Conference League final between Fiorentina and West Ham United, happening at the Eden Arena in Prague.


  • June 08, 2023 02:31

    AND THAT IS IT! WEST HAM WINS THE UEFA CONFERENCE LEAGUE IN STYLE! A moment that will go down in history as West Ham secure their first major trophy in more than 50 years. The Eden Area is absolutely electrifying as West Ham fans dominate and deservedly so! European glory for West Ham as David Moyes is visibly emotional. Bowen looks absolutely ecstatic and he should be! Meanwhile, Declan Rice might have played his last match for West Ham and the skipper must be on cloud nine, after getting a farewell of this kind.

  • June 08, 2023 02:27
    90+4’ Substitution for West Ham

    OUT: Antonio, IN: Ogbonna

  • June 08, 2023 02:23
    90’ BOWEN SCORES!!!!

    BOWEN MIGHT HAVE JUST WON IT FOR WEST HAM!!! RIGHT BEFORE THE STROKE OF THE FINAL WHISTLE, HE HAS DONE IT! This could well be the first major trophy for West Ham in more than 50 years. Absolute scenes in Prague. Paqueta with a brillitant through ball towards a running Bowen, who advanced inside the box and slotted it below Terracciano to give the Hammers the lead at a very crucial juncture. FIVE ADDED MINUTES

  • June 08, 2023 02:22

    Amrabat tries for an ambitious long ranger but Areola saves it without much trouble

  • June 08, 2023 02:19

    Amrabat is shown the yellow for his sliding tackle on Emerson

  • June 08, 2023 02:17
    84’ Substitution for FIO

    OUT: Ranieri, IN: Igor

  • June 08, 2023 02:15

    Rice gets the ball just outside the box, he sends in a hopeful curler but it had more pace than intended as the ball goes out for a goal kick

  • June 08, 2023 02:14

    WHAT A SAVE! Terracciano dives full length to his right to stop Souchek’s shot

  • June 08, 2023 02:12

    Duncan, a Fiorentina player on the sidelines, gets booked for his celebrations for Bonaventura’s goal. Speaks volumes about the intensity of this tie!

  • June 08, 2023 02:10

    Gonzalez charges forward for Fiorentina on the right, he changes the passage to the left as he found Saponara, who tries to cross it but gets intercepted

  • June 08, 2023 02:09
    76’ Substitution for WHU

    OUT: Benrahma, IN: Fornals

  • June 08, 2023 02:08

    Milenkovic is shown the yellow for a rash tackle

  • June 08, 2023 02:08

    CHANCE! Mandragora curls narrowly wide as Fiorentina almost strike back-to-back blows

  • June 08, 2023 02:05

    Antonio gets the ball near the box from Paqueta, runs past the defense with just Terraciano between him and the goal but he hit it straight to the keeper, the flag goes up immediately though

  • June 08, 2023 02:00
    67’ Fiorentina restores parity

    Bonaventura pulls one back immediately!!! Fiorentina looked threatening for a while and have been rewarded for that. Gonzalez won back the posession mid air with a superb header, deflecting the ball towards Bonaventura, who struck a pin point right footer into the bottom left corner

  • June 08, 2023 02:00

    Gonzales with a dangerous run as he advances into the box before letting out a cross towards Cabral, whose shot gets blocked. Fiorentina claim for a hand ball this time but it is unsuccessful

  • June 08, 2023 01:55
    62’ WHU takes the lead

    Benrahma scores!! Cool as a cucumber! Brilliant penalty, slotted into the right top corner, the goalkeeper dives the wrong way. Benrahma has now converted 6/6 penalties for the Hammers this season!

  • June 08, 2023 01:55
    61’ substitution for FIO

    OUT: Kouame, IN: Saponara

  • June 08, 2023 01:54
    61’ Substitution for WHU

    OUT: Zouma IN: Kehrer

  • June 08, 2023 01:52

    Bowen gets a long throw inside the box towards Bowen. West Ham players are claimin a handball and VAR intervenes. Biraghi looks guilty and it’s almost certain the Hammers will get a penalty here! Bowen tried to control the ball with his chest, Biraghi runs into him and his right hand touched the ball. AND THAT IS A PENALTY. Benrahma will take the kick

  • June 08, 2023 01:48

    Dodo on the right tries to break away from Benrahma but the man marking is just on point. Fiorentina is forced to back track

  • June 08, 2023 01:47

    Aguerd is booked for the challenge

  • June 08, 2023 01:46

    Another collision! Gonzalez and Aguerd clash while fighting for a long ball. Aguerd’s elbow finds Gonzalez’ hip

  • June 08, 2023 01:45

    The match is getting more and more physical as each minute passes. Benrahma hits Amarbat on the face, as they both challenged for the ball, but gets away with it

  • June 08, 2023 01:42

    Bowen goes down inside the penalty area and stays down for a while as the ball goes away for a corner. VAR might come into play, nothing concrete as the game continues. Bowen sends a curler in but it gets cleared quite easily

  • June 08, 2023 01:42

    Dodo looks dangerous yet again but this time Benrahma and Zouma converge on to him to clear the ball away. Counter from West Ham as Antonio broke free but he is fouled and it’s a free kick for the Hammers

  • June 08, 2023 01:40

    Bright start for Fiorentina as Dodo initiates an attack on the right flank. He floats one inside the box but it is cleared away

  • June 08, 2023 01:40
    45’ Second half underway

    West Ham gets the ball rolling. Drama from the get go as Ranieri is down in pain after a challenge from Aguerd

  • June 08, 2023 01:38
    45’ Substitution for Fiorentina

    OUT: Jovic, IN: Cabral

  • June 08, 2023 01:28
    As we wait for the second half to begin, here's what Moyes said ahead of this final

    West Ham United’s Europa Conference League final against Fiorentina is the pinnacle of David Moyes’s career, the manager said on Tuesday as he called on his players to end the Premier League club’s 43-year wait for silverware. - Read the full story ​​HERE​​

  • June 08, 2023 01:27

    An entertaining half comes to an end as Fiorentina almost took the lead right at the stroke of half time until the linesman intervened. Both the teams have had a couple of chances in front of the goal but as of now, the game is equally poised.

  • June 08, 2023 01:21

    Fiorentina are denied a goal by the offside flag. Brilliant cross from Gonzalez towards Kouame, who heads it to the far corner but Areola gets his fingers on the ball as it crashes on to the crossbar, Jovic gets it on the rebound and tries a shot of his own that goes in, but the linesman rises his flag. VAR comes into play and the decision stays

  • June 08, 2023 01:17

    Bonaventura on the right lane, sends in a searching cross but Areola picks it quite comfortably. Meanwhile, FOUR ADDED MINUTES

  • June 08, 2023 01:13

    Free kick for West Ham as Emerson gets fouled at the edge of the box by Kouame. Set piece situation for the Hammers. Emerson lifts it inside the danger area but it is cleared. Coufal gets the ball on the right and tries a cross. It finds Soucek, who shoots but it is saved. By far the best chance for West Ham this half

  • June 08, 2023 01:12

    Corner for West Ham as Dodo gets a foot on Benrahma’s movement. A searching ball comes into the box, targetting Zouma who heads it but takes a deflection away for another corner. Nothing this time as well

  • June 08, 2023 01:09

    Free kick goes West Ham’s way after Kouame’s rash tackle leaves Bowen on the gorund. Nothing comes off it

  • June 08, 2023 01:08
    West Ham fans retaliate?

    The agitation from the West Ham fans could be because of what happened before the match. Police detained 16 Fiorentina fans after they were caught attacking West Ham supporters

    More on that HERE


  • June 08, 2023 01:06

    Fiorentina captain Biraghi is left bleeding as the crowd threw plastic cans from the stands, one of which hit the number 3. West Ham players go towards their end to advice their fans against such acts. The play has been stopped and Biraghi is getting medical assistance

  • June 08, 2023 01:04

    Wonderful run on the right from Gonzalez as he decieves Rice first and then Emerson. He advances into the final third before getting intercepted via a diving tackle

  • June 08, 2023 01:02

    Benrahma is booked for diving

  • June 08, 2023 00:59

    Bowen gets the ball adjacent to the box on the right, he floats one inside the box, towards Benrahma but Terraciano moves proactively to catch the ball

  • June 08, 2023 00:58

    Antonio is yet again pushed down on the flank, this time by Melankovic but the referee is unmoved. Another protest breaks from the West Ham players but nothing changes

  • June 08, 2023 00:57

    Melankovic gets the ball from the corner from Biraghi, he tries to head it in but overcooks it as the ball goes flying past the goal

  • June 08, 2023 00:56

    Melankovic goes down near the half line, Fiorentina continues to attack and the referee plays an advantage. Soucek and Benrahma link up to advance into the final third, Coufal gets the ball and tries a low kept right footer but the ball gets deflected for a corner

  • June 08, 2023 00:52

    Superb passage of play from Fiorentina. Bonaventura lets out an inch perfect short ball towards Kouame, who links up to Jovic inside the box. He is intercepted by Emerson but the ball comes back to Jovic who shoots from an awkward position that makes it a bit easier for Areola to save

  • June 08, 2023 00:49

    Antonio is pushed down on the right flank by Milenkovic but the referee says play on. Some West Ham players protest but give up on it quickly Fiorentina got ready for a counter

  • June 08, 2023 00:47

    Antonio breaks free and sprinted towards the box but three defenders ambush him to clear the ball

  • June 08, 2023 00:46

    SO CLOSE! Rice fires a right-footed half-volley at the first attempt but skews just wide to the left of goal.

  • June 08, 2023 00:44

    Dangerous counter from West Ham. They yet again regain posession on the flank as Amrabat tried a long ball on the right flank. Bowen got the ball on the right in the final thrid, Antonio and Benrahma rush into the box, Bowen tries a cross but it gets cleared

  • June 08, 2023 00:42

    Dodo and Benrahma collide with each other in an attempt to win a long ball. The Fiorentina number 2 is down and in pain. Medical team rushes into the pitch to check for potential concussion but he’s up in no time

  • June 08, 2023 00:39

    West Ham’s defense is testing the Fiorentina attack. The Italian side has always been superb on the flanks but this time they are not able to progress on either sides

  • June 08, 2023 00:38

    Amrabat initiates an attack as he finds Dodo on the right flank. He turns towards Gonzalez who plays it in towards Mandragora but Zouma cuts and clears the ball to safety

  • June 08, 2023 00:35

    Gonzalez is down inside the box as Rice intercepts and collects the ball from him. Replay shows Rice’s hand unintentionally brushing Gonzalez’ nose, nothing serious

  • June 08, 2023 00:33

    Counter from West Ham, who are donning whites, as Antonio tries a long ranger. But it goes straight into Terraciano’s hands

  • June 08, 2023 00:32

    Fiorentina starts left to right. Quick attack from the Serie A side as they take the ball inside the opposition’s box but gets dispossesed in the final third.

  • June 08, 2023 00:25
    Kick off soon!

    Just under 10 minutes for kick off. The players have lined up inside the tunnel and are ready to take the field!

  • June 08, 2023 00:15
    The inception of Conference League

    The UEFA Conference league was inaugurated just 2 years ago in 2021 and Roma clinched the title by beating Feyenoord 1-0 in the final.


  • June 07, 2023 23:58
    Leading the Hammers towards glory - The Declan Rice story

    The captain’s armband at West Ham United has been worn by legendary players in the past, such as Bobby Moore, Paolo Di Caneo and the 24-year-old Rice has thrived under that pressure. Read the full story by our correspondent Anish Pathiyil

  • June 07, 2023 23:48
    Competition form

    Fiorentina: W-W-W-L-L

    West Ham: W-W-W-D-W

  • June 07, 2023 23:42

    Fiorentina will take on West Ham United in the final of the UEFA Conference League at the Eden Arena in Prague on Thursday (IST).

    West Ham and Fiorentina haven’t won a European trophy for more than 50 years.

    The drought will end for one of them when they play out the Europa Conference League final on Wednesday in Prague.

    West Ham earned its lone European title in 1965, the old European Cup Winners’ Cup. Alan Sealey scored twice to beat 1860 Munich 2-0 at Wembley Stadium.

    The Hammers reached the final of the same competition in 1976. En route to this, West Ham’s third European final, forward Jarrod Bowen contributed four goals and can’t wait to play it.

    “I’ve played for England, but I think achieving this with your teammates who you’ve been with together to get to a final and you have the opportunity to win a trophy together, it will be a massive moment,” Bowen said.

    “We’re all excited about being in the final of a European competition and this will be the pinnacle for a lot of players. It will certainly be the biggest game of my career.”

    Fiorentina’s only European trophy was also the Cup Winners’ Cup, the first one back in 1961 when it defeated Rangers in a two-leg final 4-1 on aggregate.

    By reaching the second finale of the Europa Conference League, Fiorentina has become the first club to contest a final in four major continental competitions.

    Fiorentina was defeated by Real Madrid for the 1957 European Cup (the forerunner of the Champions League), and by Juventus in the 1990 UEFA Cup final. It also failed to win the Cup Winners’ Cup back to back, losing the 1962 final to Atletico Madrid.

    Fiorentina has had a good buildup. It played the Italian Cup final two weeks ago and was beaten by Inter Milan 2-1. That’s the only loss for the Florence-based club in its last six matches. The last warmup for the Conference final was beating Sassuolo 3-1 last Friday for an eighth-place finish in Serie A.

    “We needed this victory,” Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Italiano said. “Now we have a mountain to climb but we will be aiming for the summit in Prague.”

    Despite struggling to a 14th-place finish in the English Premier League, West Ham has been a European title contender for a second straight year under manager David Moyes.

    Following a campaign to the Europa League semifinals a year ago, West Ham marched to Prague as the only undefeated team in the third-tier Europa Conference League. West Ham won 13 games including qualifying, and was held by Gent to 1-1 in the first leg of their quarterfinal. The Hammers were the first club to win all six group stage encounters.

    At Eden Arena in the Czech capital, West Ham will face a team that scored the most goals in the campaign, 36, led by forward Arthur Cabral’s seven.

    The reward for the winner of the final is not just a trophy but also a berth in the Europa League next season.

    The first Conference final was won by José Mourinho’s Roma against Feyenoord 1-0 in Tirana, Albania a year ago.


  • June 07, 2023 23:23
    Starting lineups

    Fiorentina: Pietro Terracciano; Dodo, Nikola Milenkovic, Luca Ranieri, Cristiano Biraghi (capt); Giacomo Bonaventura, Sofyan Amrabat, Rolando Mandragora; Nicolas Gonzalez, Luka Jovic, Christian Kouame

    West Ham United: Alphonse Areola; Vladimir Coufal, Kurt Zouma, Nayef Aguerd, Emerson; Tomas Soucek, Declan Rice (capt), Lucas Paqueta; Jarrod Bowen, Michail Antonio, Said Benrahma

  • June 07, 2023 22:59
    Streaming information

    When does the UEFA Conference league final between Fiorentina and West Ham start?

    The kick-off of the UEFA Conference league final between Fiorentina and West Ham is at 12:30am IST.

    Where can I watch the UEFA Conference league final between Fiorentina and West Ham live?

    The UEFA Conference league final between Fiorentina and West Ham can be streamed live on the Sony LIV app/website. The match will also be telecast on the Sony Sports Network.

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