Harendra refutes claims of refusing junior post, with conditions

While Harendra Singh did not agree with the dismissal of Jude Felix, he tabled a few demands to Hockey India for taking over the junior team role.

Harendra Singh says he has never refused any offer that Hockey India made to him.   -  Getty Images

A section of media had reported that Harendra Singh was not interested in taking over the junior team but he has refuted any such claims.

Speaking to Sportstar, he said, “It is ridiculous that social media messages are being circulated as my decision and are used by anonymous officials as justifications for federation decisions!

“On one hand, the High Performance Committee (HPC) report says they are satisfied with the performance and development of the junior team in 2017-18 under Jude Felix. If true, then I would like to know the reason for removing him – a former Indian captain, Arjuna awardee, Olympian – and appointing me. It is not fair to Jude and it will only derail the junior development programme in place for two years now.

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“They have also said that Harendra has sought Rs 5 lakh as salary, which is true. You say I am the best in India and you feel the best is worth only Rs 2 lakh, when a foreign coach can claim upward of $10,000?

"They compare it to the likes of shooter Jaspal Rana but they have academies and earn more from state governments as advisors. Will Hockey India allow me the same freedom? They say I am a govt. employee. You give me the kind of contracts and salaries foreign coaches get and I will quit. I have never refused any offer but the ball is in their court now,” he said.

What Harendra demands:

  1. Freedom in selection of probables/finalising of Annual Calender for Training Competitions (ACTC).
  2. Consultation before appointment of support staff.
  3. Salary of Rs. 5 lakh (after taxes) per month and Rs. 10 lakh insurance cover at par with foreign coaches/staff.
  4. Single room during tours as provided to any foreign staff with the team and other facilities during camps including accommodation/transportation.
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