PKL 2019: U Mumba edges past Patna, Gujarat ends home-leg winless after Jaipur loss

A last minute super-raid from Rohit Baliyan helped U Mumba edge past Patna Pirates to a 34-30 win, while Gujarat Fortunegiants' misery continued as it ended its home-leg with a 19-22 loss to table-topper Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Gujarat Fortunegiants will aim to finish its home leg on a high against Jaipur Pink Panthers.   -

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live blog of this evening's Pro Kabaddi League (PKL 2019) action.

This is Dominic Richard and I will be giving you live updates as the action unfurls at the EKA Arena by Transstadia in Ahmedabad.


We will be back with live coverage in less than 24 hours. Until then, its good night from my side.

MATCH REPORT| PKL 2019: U Mumba beats Patna in thriller, Jaipur goes top after Gujarat win

So that's it for today. Tomorrow, home team Tamil Thalaivas will take on the Bengaluru Bulls in the first match of the Chennai leg of PKL season 7. Later in the evening, Bengal Warriors will take on Dabang Delhi KC.

The second match of the evening is over! Final score: Gujarat Fortunegiants 19 - 22 Jaipur Pink Panthers.

GFS 19 - 22 JPP: Vishal gets the toe hold on substitute Lalit Chaudhary and it should be curtains for the home side now. Nitin Rawal goes in for the formality do-or-die raid and he does nothing and concedes a point. BUT JAIPUR WINS!!!

GFS 18 - 21 JPP: Rohit Gulia went in for the do-or-die raid and faltered big time. Nitin Rawal took him out with an amazing dash.

GFS 18 - 20 JPP: Pavan TR successfully blocks GB More and Jaipur increases its lead. Just one minute and four seconds remaining in the Gujarat leg of PKL 7.

GFS 18 - 19 JPP: Deepak Hooda is tackled successfully for the first time today. It came in a do-or-die raid. REVIEW SUCCESSFUL - Jaipur challenged for a bonus and it gets it! One point each. Rohit Gulia gets the tackle point.

ANOTHER TIME-OUT! Three minutes to go.

GFS 17 - 18 JPP: REVIEW SUCCESSFUL - Jaipur retains its review. GB More was given two points initially but later after a challenge from the Pink Panthers it is found out that GB More had been successfully tackled by Sandeep Dhull. The lead goes back to the men in pink.

GFS 17 - 17 JPP: Two-point raid! Substitute GB More gets the better of both Amit Hooda and Vishal with a swift raid.

GFS 15 - 17 JPP: A couple of do-or-die raids here. And Jaipur is the better team during both. Firstly, Sonu is taken out by Sandeep in Gujarat's do-or-die and then Deepak Hooda gets the better of  Parvesh Bhainswal in Jaipur's buzzer raid.


GFS 15 - 15 JPP: Pankaj is a man possessed! One more raid and one more tackle point for the left-corner from Gujarat. Deepak Narwal is the player out.

GFS 14 - 15 JPP: Bonus for the substitute Deepak Narwal. Vishal gets a perfect double ankle hold on Sachin in the next raid. Lead goes back to Jaipur.

GFS 14 - 13 JPP: Ajinkya Pawar is taken out in a do-or-die raid for the Pink Panthers. Pankaj gets a HIGH 5 now with that tackle. Sachin with a brilliant raid! Gujarat takes the lead! Surprisingly Jaipur's two lead raiders Deepak Hooda and Nilesh Salunkhe are out.

GFS 11 - 13 JPP: REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL - Sonu was adjudged out by the referee. Gujarat challenged the decision and it has lost its review now. Pavan TR initiated the tackle. Jaipur gets back its two-point lead.

GFS 11 - 12 JPP: Ruturaj Koravi goes to the bench for the first time this evening. Deepak Hooda with a good touch point. Sunil with a brilliant block on Nitin Rawal after the raider had touched Parvesh Bhainswal. The Gujarat skipper has risen!

GFS 10 - 11 JPP: Sunil Kumar gets his first tackle point of the game. Nilesh is out. Rohit Gulia fallls to Deepak Hooda's thigh hold in the next raid. A tackle point each in consecutive raids for the captains of both sides.

Second-half begins!

It has been a low-scoring first 20 minutes. Gujarat has four raid and tackle points each, while Jaipur has five each. The Fortunegiants got one extra point and there's been nothing much to separate the two sides.

Sandeep Dhull completed 300 career PKL tackles and Nitin Rawal registered 100 PKL career raid points in the first-half.

It's going to be an exciting last 20 minutes. Gujarat will try hard to end it's home leg with at least one win, while Jaipur would want to continue its good form.

HALF-TIME IS HERE! Gujarat Fortunegiants 9 - 10 Jaipur Pink Panthers.

GFS 9 - 10 JPP: Rohit Gulia claims a bonus point and it is only a one-point lead for Jaipur now!

GFS 8 - 10 JPP:  Amit Hooda holds on to Sonu as the rest of his team pounce on the raider. Nitin Rawal gets the better of Parvesh in the very next raid. REVIEW SUCCESSFUL - Gujarat challenges the referee's decision and gets it right. Nitin had walked into the lobby without a touch so a point has been awarded to the Fortunegiants.

GFS 7 - 9 JPP: Rohit Guila fails in Gujarat's do-or-die raid. Vishal catches him off guard with a brilliant ankle hold! The skipper Deepak Hooda then gets the in-form Pankaj with a good toe touch.

GFS 7 - 7 JPP: Sandeep with another unsuccessful tackle this evening. Rohit Gulia evades his tackle attempt brilliantly. Nilesh messes it up in a do-or-die raid for Jaipur. The left-corner Pankaj is spot on yet again!

GFS 5 - 7 JPP: Sandeep Dhull comes back in and takes out Sachin. And Pankaj once again gets a tackle point. Nitin Rawal is out in a do-or-die raid.

GFS 4 - 6 JPP: Sonu bags a touch point on the dangerous Sandeep Dhull. Deepak Hooda returns the favour on Parvesh Bhainswal. Two star defenders on and off the bench now.

GFS 3 - 5 JPP: The in-form Amit Hooda gets the better of Rohit Gulia. Nitin Rawal gets a raid point next. Two-point lead for the Pink Panthers now.

GFS 3 - 3 JPP: Nilesh gets another bonus but this time, he is taken out by Pankaj, who claims his second tackle point.

GFS 2 - 2 JPP: Nilesh Salunkhe gets a bonus for Jaipur. In Gujarat's raid, Jaipur captain Deepak Hooda applies a successful ankle hold on Rohit Gulia.

GFS 2 - 0 JPP: Sachin gets a raid point straightaway. Must boost his confidence. Amit Hooda is the defender out. Nitin Rawal is successfully tackled by Pankaj.

And the second match of the evening begins!


Gujarat Fortunegiants VII: Pankaj, Sachin, Sunil Kumar (c), Rohit Gulia, Sonu, Parvesh Bhainswal, Ruturaj Koravi.

Jaipur Pink Panthers VII: Vishal, Deepak Hooda (c), Nitin Rawal, Nilesh Salunke, Sandeep Dhull, Amit Hooda, Pavan TR.

The players are out and the toss is happening now.

Next up, we move on to the match between home team Gujarat Fortunegiants and Jaipur Pink Panthers.

And the match is over! Final score: U Mumba 34 - 30 Patna Pirates.

UM 34 - 30 PP: What a game we've had!!! In the final raid of the game, Hadi gets a toe hold on Rohit but he overpowers the right corner and on his way back two more Patna players pounce on him as he crosses the mid-line with the tip of his finger. FIRST SUPER RAID OF THE MATCH. Hats off to the players from both side. So much drama throughout!

UM 31 - 30 PP: Surinder makes another mistake! Pardeep benefits from it. Rohit Baliyan with an empty raid. REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL - Patna gambles with its review and loses it. Pardeep got Sandeep but Patna wants an all-out here but that doesn't happen. U Mumba down to one man with just one raid to go and that man is Rohit Baliyan.

UM 31 - 28 PP: Rohit Baliyan executes a perfect jump to evade Neeraj Kumar. And Pardeep gets just his fourth raid point today after a quick touch on Young Chang Ko. But Rohit Baliyan revives a player yet again. Mumbai just holdong on to the lead.

UM 29 - 27 PP: Maghsoudlou gets the do-or-die raid right. Fazel makes the long walk back to the bench. Rohit Baliyan raids and claims a touch point but it is not given. Mumbai has no reviews left! And Maghsoudlou gets one more touch point with a scorpion kick. U Mumba down to two men!

Another time-out. Three minutes to go! Patna has to take that extra risk to come out victorious in this game.

UM 29 - 25 PP: Surinder has zero points and five unsuccessful tackles to his name today. Athul gets a bonus according to the main referee. But after consultation with other officials Athul is sent to the bench in a do-or-die raid.

UM 29 - 24 PP: Athul gets eighth raid point of the evening. Maghsoudlou claims another two-point raid. Surinder looked to have executed an amazing tackle but the Iranian has the last laugh. Sandeep is also out.  

Jang Kun Lee registers 450 PKL career points, Sandeep completes 500 PKL career tackles and Pardeep has now registered 1600 PKL career raids. A little over seven minutes left on the clock now.

UM 28 - 22 PP: Jang Kun Lee gets it right in a do-or-die raid. Surinder is the defender at fault now. Official time-out has been taken.

UM 28 - 21 PP: Athul gets a touch point and bonus for Mumbai. He got Ravinder pretty easily there.

UM 26 - 21 PP: ALL-OUT!! Pardeep gets an easy raid point first and then Jaideep gets an amazing ankle hold on Surinder to complete the formalities. Four straight points for Patna and it's game-on!

UM 26 - 17 PP: Sandeep Narwal makes a mess of a super tackle opportunity. He steps out before tackling Jang Kun Lee. U Mumba down to one! But Arjun Deshwal gets the better of Hadi and also gets a bonus.

UM 24 - 16 PP: Jang Kun Lee gets a point in Patna's do-or-die raid. Fazel is out! Rohit Baliyan is successfully tackled by Ravinder in the very next raid. Patna is making a comeback.

UM 24 - 14 PP:  Rohit Baliyan got a bonus. Pardeep is out once again! Sandeep Narwal with the tackle. Athul is then successfully tackled in Mumbai's do-or-die raid.

UM 22 - 13 PP: A two-point raid! Maghsoudlou gets two defenders this time. He touched Surinder first and and got Chang Ko on the retreat. Four straight points for Patna now.

UM 22 - 11 PP: SUPER TACKLE! Arjun Deshwal is taken out by Ravinder with an amazing double thigh hold.

Second-half begins!

U Mumba stuck to the basics and after faltering early on, it turned into a force to reckon with. The team just needs to keep doing what it did in the first half to win this game. 

In the first half, Sandeep Narwal completed 500 career PKL points and 200 career PKL raid touch points.

Patna started the game well and was leading in the first five minutes. But it has itself to blame for letting the advantage go. The defenders have been horrendous and Pardeep Narwal, the man with the most points in the history of PKL, has failed to deliver and has spent a lot of time on the bench.

AND IT'S HALF-TIME! U Mumba 22 - 9 Patna Pirates.

UM 22 - 9 PP: Pardeep once again again goes to the bench, thanks to Fazel. Patna losing the plot here. Arjun Deshwal gets a point in the last raid of the first 20 minutes.

UM 20 - 9 PP: Rohit Baliyan and Sandeep Narwal come away with easy touch points on Hadi and Jaideep respectively. Mumbai running away with the game now. Patna's coach must have a lot to tell his players during half-time. Sandeep also got a bonus. Brilliant!

UM 17 - 9 PP: Raider Purna Singh comes in for Hadi for Patna. AND IT'S AN ALL-OUT! Fazel gets another tackle point. Purna bags the bonus. Two extra points for U Mumba. Patna started the match well but has fallen apart now.

UM 14 - 8 PP: Jang Kun Lee got a bonus for Patna. In the very next raid, Athul completes a two-point raid. Amazing stuff here! He touched Jaideep first and got the only raider on the mat Jang Kun Lee on the retreat. 

UM 12 - 7 PP: Pardeep fails again! His opposite number Fazel takes him out with ease in Patna's do-or-die raid. REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL - U Mumba loses its review after Sandeep Narwal unsuccessfully challenged a touch on Jaideep.

UM 11 - 7 PP: Athul gets another do-or-die raid right as Neeraj Kumar is the defender to complete the unsuccessful tackle.

UM 10 - 7 PP: Athul and Pardeep get a point each as U Mumba still enjoys a three-point lead over Patna Pirates.

UM 9 - 6 PP: Vikas Jaglan gets the better of Young Chang Ko. The Korean went in for a silly tackle and paid for it. Patna hanging on here.

UM 9 - 5 PP: Arjun Deshwal evades Mohammad Maghsoudlou and increases his side's lead to four points now.

UM 8 - 5 PP: Another super tackle! Jang Kun Lee walks into the lobby without touching an opposition player and gifts two points to Mumbai.

UM 6 - 5 PP: Sandeep Narwal gets a bonus point for U Mumba.

UM 5 - 5 PP: Scores even now! SUPER TACKLE! Young Chang Ko applies a perfect thigh hold on the 'Dubki King'. Both skippers on the bench now.

UM 3 - 5 PP: REVIEW SUCCESSFUL! Rohit Baliyan was tackled successfully by Hadi but Mumbai claims a bonus point here and the team has taken a review and in the end it gets the point.

UM 2 - 4 PP: A silly shirt pull from captain Fazel. Pardeep Narwal gets away with a do-or-die raid. Poor stuff from the Mumbai skipper, who goes to the bench.

UM 2 - 3 PP: Athul gets a bonus but on his way back he has been taken out by Hadi Oshtorak.

UM 1 - 2 PP: A much-needed bonus point for Rohit Baliyan who hasn't had a season to remember so far.

UM 0 - 2 PP: Arjun Deshwal is successfully blocked by the star defender Jaideep. Patna at it once again.

UM 0 - 1 PP: And Pardeep Narwal strikes first up! And he gets a big fish in the form of Surinder Singh. Great start for Patna.

The players are out and it's toss time. And the match begins!

U Mumba Starting VII: Arjun Deshwal, Surinder Singh, Young Chang Ko, Athul MS, Rohit Baliyan, Sandeep Narwal, Fazel Atrachali (c).

Patna Pirates Starting VII: Pardeep Narwal (c), Neeraj Kumar, Vikas Jaglan, Jang Kun Lee, Mohammad Maghsoudlou, Hadi Oshtorak, Jaideep

Gujarat Fortunegiants (GFS) hasn't won a single home game this season and it will be aiming to finish the leg on a high against the Jaipur Pink Panthers (JPP). Gujarat is at seventh place with 19 points in eight games, which includes three wins and five losses. Jaipur, on the other hand, has been flying high this season with 25 points from six games, including five wins and a solitary loss.

U Mumba (UM) is currently sitting at eighth place with 18 points in the 12-team points table. It has three wins and four losses from seven games. Meanwhile, Patna Pirates (PP) is at 10th place with 16 points and it has the same win-loss record as the team from Mumbai. A win will definitely take one of the teams back into the top 6. So both sides have a lot to play for today.

Yesterday, a team effort enabled Jaipur Pink Panthers register its fifth win to earn five points against Puneri Paltan in the Pro Kabaddi League 2019 at the Eka Arena. Skipper and playmaker Deepak Niwas Hooda came up with another superb showing tagging opponents with ease, but his team-mates Nitin Rawal, Vishal and Nikesh Salunkhe also chipped in as the Panthers posted a 33-25 victory.

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It's the last matchday of Week 4 of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season 7, which also means the Ahmedabad leg of the tournament begins today. In the first game of the evening, 2015-winner U Mumba takes on three-time champion Patna Pirates. Next up, the inaugural-victor Jaipur Pink Panthers will face the home side and two-time runner-up Gujarat Fortunegiants in the second match.