PKL 2019: Gujarat thumps UP Yoddha; Telugu Titans ends home-leg winless after Patna loss

A Rohit Gulia Super-10 and a Parvesh Bhainswal High-Five led Gujarat Fortunegiants to a dominant 44-19 win over UP Yoddha, while Telugu Titans ends its home leg with its fourth loss in a row, this time against Patna Pirates.

Updated : Jul 26, 2019 21:54 IST

Home team Telugu Titans will be looking to register the first win of its home leg against three-time champion Patna Pirates.
Home team Telugu Titans will be looking to register the first win of its home leg against three-time champion Patna Pirates.

Home team Telugu Titans will be looking to register the first win of its home leg against three-time champion Patna Pirates.


We will update both the match reports shortly on the site. Until then, its good night from my side.

We will be back with a double header tomorrow to begin the Mumbai leg. The 'Maharastra Derby' between U Mumba and Puneri Paltan will be the first game and it will be followed by the match between the Bengal Warriors and Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Fortunegiants and Pirates will be extremely happy with the outcome today, while the Titans and Yoddha would be raring to somehow find their first wins of the tournament. 

So, today, Gujarat Fortunegiants moved to the top of the table with a convincing win and Patna Pirates registered its first win of PKL 7.  UP Yoddha lost its second consecutive game by 25 or more points, while Telugu Titans completes its home-leg with no wins.


40' Ankit with a successful raid now. Empty raids from Jang Kun Lee and Farhad completes the game.

40' SUBSTITUTION. Jang Kun Lee comes in for Vikas Jaglan and immediately makes an impact with a successful do-or-die raid. Siddharth is the player out.

39' The Telugu Titans have two consecutive successful raids in this game for the first time. Ankit gets Mohammad Esmaeil first and Siddharth then takes out Jaideep.

38' Monu takes out the other brother now. Where was this man all day? four tackle points from three, which includes a super tackle. Suraj Desai's face tells us the story of the match.

37' Pardeep Narwal is out once again. No clue as to what's going on in his mind. He just gifted away a point to Abozar, who was low on confidence all day.

37' Monu gets another tackle point. It's 2 in 2 for him now!!! Siddharth Desai's bad day has turned miserable now.

36' SUBSTITUTION. Ankit comes in for Mallikarjun for Telugu Titans.


35' SUBSTITUTION. Monu comes in for Jang Kun Lee. And Monu gets a SUPER TACKLE on Suraj Desai right away.

34' Raider Suraj Desai at it once again. Neeraj Kumar is the player out.

33' Jang Kun Lee returns the favour on Abozar. Pirates 29 - 16 Titans.

32' Suraj Desai gets the toe touch on Jaideep. He's been an amazing find for the Telugu Titans this season.

31'  SUPER TACKLE!! Neeraj Kumar gets Siddharth with a swift tackle.

30' What's happening with Pardeep? Arun gets the toe hold on him now and he has zero points in the second half so far.

29' Again the empty raid marathon goes on and on.

28' Mallikarjun gets a hand touch on Vikas Jaglan.

27' Neeraj Kumar completes a double thigh hold on Siddharth Desai.

26' Farhad takes out countryman Mohammad Esmaeil for the first time this game. Patna 24 - 13 Telugu.

25' Siddharth Desai gets the experienced Jaideep with a toe touch.

24' Pardeep Narwal fails for the second consecutive time in the second half. Krushna Madane is at it once again. Krushna 2 Pardeep 0. He's been the Telugu Titans' best defender today.

23' The string of empty raids continue as Pardeep Narwal registers 1500 PKL raids.

22' Jang Kun Lee with a tackle point now. He successfully tackles Suraj Desai.

21' Pardeep is finally tackled in a do-or-die raid. Krushna Madane with the crucial toe hold as the rest of the team pounce on Pardeep. Is it the sign of better things for the Titans?

Second half is underway!!!

It's been an one-sided game so far, with home-side Telugu Titans heading towards a fourth successive defeat. Patna has been dominant in defence and attack today.


20' Pardeep raids successfully once more with a running hand touch on Mallikarjun. An unsuccessful raid from Siddharth Desai ends the first half.

19' A two-point raid from Siddharth Desai. Jaideep and Vikas Jaglan are out.

18' Patna leads 21-7 now.

17' Pardeep cleans out Arun as Patna inflicts second all-out on Telugu Titans.

16' Yet another do-or-die raid point for Pardeep and yet another do-or-die tackle point for Jaideep. HIGH FIVE FOR JAIDEEP.

14' Another stretch of empty raids.  

13' Jaideep gets Mallikarjun in the Titans' do-or-die raid. Patna leads 16-7. Pardeep has registered 100 do-or-die raid points in PKL.

12' A string of empty raids is followed by a brilliant do-or-die raid from none other than the 'Dubki King' Pardeep Narwal. Patna is running away with this.

11' Suraj's brother Siddharth is out now as Hadi gets a successful tackle.

10' Suraj Desai completes an empty raid and comes back to be taken out by Pardeep, who registers yet another composed raid.

9' Star radier Siddharth Desai gets a tackle point now as he applies an ankle hold on Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou.

Telugu Titans is all-out Patna Pirates leads 11-6.

8' Abozar gets the bonus point but is taken out by Jaideep via a thigh hold as Patna completes the first all-out. 

7' Unsuccessful raid from Mallikarjun followed by a successful one from Pardeep puts Patna on the frontfoot.

6' A number of empty raids as both teams are waiting for the do-or-die raid.

Titans have three men on the mat.

5'  SUBSTITUTION. Krushna Madane comes in for Mallikarjun.

4' Pardeep takes out his opposite number Vishal and Siddharth Desai continues his lean form by getting tackled by the experienced Jaideep.

3' Captain Vishal comes to the rescue to get the Titans' first points of the day. Above all, IT'S A SUPER TACKLE on Jang Kun Lee.

3' Hadi completes a successful tackle on Suraj Desai. It's 4-0 in favour of Patna now.

2' Jang Kun Lee joins the party. He wrongfoots Farhad and comes out with a point.

1' 'Dubki King' Pardeep Narwal begins the game in style. He gets not one but two touches. Arun and Abozar are out.

The next match is underway.

The Desai brothers (Siddharth and Suraj) will be raring to go for the Titans.

Telugu Titans starting VII:  Vishal, Siddharth, Farhad, Arun, Mallikarjun, Suraj, Abozar.

Patna Pirates starting VII: Pardeep, Jang Kun Lee, Hadi, Jaideep, Neeraj, Vikas, Mohammad.

It's now time to move on to the second match of the evening. Home-team Telugu Titans will take on Patna Pirates.

FULL-TIME!!! Gujarat Fortunegiants beats UP Yoddha 44-19.

40' SUPER RAID!!! The super sub Sonu gets three points in his first raid. Gujarat now leads by 25 points. Nitesh Kumar, Ashu Singh and Amit are out.

39' Successful raid from Shrikant Jadhav.

39' SUBSTITUTIONS. Sonu comes in for Rohit and Abolfazl comes in for Sachin for Gujarat and Ashu singh comes in for Azad for UP.


38' Sumit gets his revenge on Shrikant as the Fortunegiants complete another all-out.

37' ROHIT GULIA COMPLETES HIS SUPER 10!! Azad Singh pounces for the tackle but he gets no support from Shrikant.

37' Another bonus plus one point raid. This time it's from Shrikant Jadhav. Gujarat is having trouble inflicting the third all-out on UP Yoddha. Sumit is the defender out.

36' Rohit Gulia keeps it simplae as he gets Surender with a hand touch.

35' Surender gets a bonus plus one point as GB More makes a tackle in a haste.

34' SUBSTITUTION. Raider Surender Gill comes in for defender Ashu Singh for the UP Yoddha.

34' SUPER TACKLE OPPORTUNITY FOR UP AND IT'S A DO-OR-DIE RAID!! Rohit Gulia is a man on a mission. Nitesh Kumar and Sumit are out. Rohit has eight raid points today.


33' Mohsen gets tackled in his very first raid of the evening. Gujarat 32 - 13 UP.

32' Parvesh gets another tackle point and Sachin gets one more raid point. The Fortunegiants are hammering the Yoddha here.

31' SUBSTITUTION. Mohsen Maghsoudlou comes in for the misfiring Monu Goyat.

30' Sumit gets Rohit Gulia with a double thigh hold in a do-or-die raid as the UP Yoddha defenders begin to get their act together.

29' HIGH FIVE FOR PARVESH!!! He takes out Shrikant Jadhav with ease to increase Gujarat's lead.

28' Skipper Sunil Kumar continues his good day as he gets Monu Goyat once again today.

27' Nitesh Kumar catches GB More off guard. His second tackle point of the day.

26' Parvesh Bhainswal and Sunil Kumar at it once again as they get Shrikant Jadhav via a simple and effective tackle.

25' Ashu Singh finally steps up for the Yoddha as he gets Sachin with a successful thigh hold. Gujarat leads 26-11.

24' Sachin gets a raid point for Gujarat. And Shrikant gets one for UP.

23' Monu Goyat is out. Sunil goes for the block and Parvesh complements him well to complete the tackle.


23' Rohit Gulia completes the second all-out of the day. Gujarat extends the lead.

UP Yoddha has two men on the mat now.

22' Do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha. GB More gets a thigh hold on Azad Singh and Sunil Kumar comes in for the support.

21' Two empty raids to begin the second half of 20 minutes.


Just two tackle points for the UP Yoddha from 10 tackles. Poor from its side so far.


20' An empty raid from Azad Singh ends the first half.

20' G B More gets two in a do-or-die raid as Nitesh Kumar fails with an ankle hold. More overpowers Nitesh and gets Ashu Singh on the retreat.

19' Parvesh Bhainswal gets Shrikant Jadhav with a well-calculated tackle.

18' Nitesh Kumar officially becomes the fastest to 150 tackle points (46 games). He beat Manjeet Chillar and Surjeet Singh to the mark (both 47 games). On the other hand, Rohit Gulia completes 100 PKL career raid points.

18' Captain Sunil Kumar gets Monu Goyat. Gujarat leads 16-9 now.

17' Sachin is successfully tackled by the debutant Sumit as he successfully executes the ankle hold.

16' Big error from Parvesh Bhainswal. He gifts Azad Singh a point as he rolled past the mid-line.

15' Rohit Gulia is having a dream game today. He deceives Monu Goyat with a reverse toe touch.

14' Monu Goyat gets a bonus point for the Yoddha.

13' GB More with a raid pont now. It's 14-5 in favour of Gujarat now.

13' Parvesh Bhainswal executes a glorious left thigh hold as Gujarat is running away with the tie.

UP Yoddha is all-out.

12' UP Yoddha is down to one man. And Rohit Gulia cleans up UP skipper Nitesh Kumar with an easy raid.

11' SUBSTITUTION FOR UP YODDHA.  Raider Surender Singh Bhola is in.

10' SUPER TACKLE OPPORTUNITY FOR UP YODDHA. But Rohit Gulia proves his worth as he executes a perfect jump to dodge Narender.

9' Azad Singh is out. Good work by GB More, who gets good support from his teammates.

8' Sachin targets the debutant and gets Monu Goyat as well. 300 successful raids for Sachin in PKL.

7' Monu Goyat doesn't have the bonus ine as Gujarat has only five players on the mat.

6' Azad Singh gets a bonus plus one point as Rohit Gulia goes for a silly tackle.

5' Ankit steps out as a point is gifted to UP Yoddha.

5' Sachin is successful in a do-or-die raid as he gets Shrikant Jadhav.

4' Excellent work by Ankit and GB More as Gujarat gets the first tackle point of the day. Monu Goyat is the player out.

3' Empty raid by Shrikant followed by another empty one by Sachin.

2' Rohit Gulia now gets a bonus for Gujarat.

1' A brilliant bonus point for Monu Goyat.

1' Sachin with the first raid of the evening. He looks for the bonus pont and ends up getting a running hand touch. Narender is the defender at fault.

Match 10 live from Hyderabad is finally underway.

UP Yoddha wins the toss and has chosen court, so Gujarat will raid first.

Nitesh Kumar needs just one more point to become the youngest player to reach 150 tackle points in PKL history.

Sumit replaces Sachin Kumar for the Yoddha.

UP Starting VII: Monu Goyat, Narender, Amit, Azad Singh, Shrikant Jadhav, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit

UP Yoddha players jog out next.

Gujarat Starting VII: Sachin, Sunil Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, GB More, Rohit Gulia, Ankit, Sumit

The Gujarat Fortunegiants come in first.


Tomorrow the action shifts to the NSCI Dome in Mumbai and India national cricket team captain Virat Kohli will be witnessing the ‘Maharashtra Derby’ clash between U Mumba and Puneri Paltan.

READ| Virat Kohli to attend PKL opener in Mumbai

We are 20 minutes away from live action.

Telugu Titans has three losses from as many matches at home and it will be looking to at least end its home-leg with a win and five points. On the other hand, Patna Pirates narrowly lost its opening game against Bengaluru Bulls.

UP Yoddha suffered a huge loss against the Bengal Warriors in its opening game, while Gujarat Fortunegiants beat defending-champion Bengaluru Bulls convincingly in its first match.

It's the final matchday of Week 1 of Pro Kabaddi League season 7, which also means the Hyderabad leg of the tournament ends here. Today, UP Yoddha takes on two-time finalist Gujarat Fortunegiants in the opening game and home-side Telugu Titans will face three-time winner Patna Pirates in the second match.

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